Dreams Related To Hearing

Hearing voices but no one around

Someone yells "Stone mountain" in my ear and I hear a whole lot of people talking but no one is around.

Hearing sounds while finding yourself alone suggests recent feelings of isolation or rejection, most likely from a family member or close friend. It may be that you wanted to hang out when they were busy or that you got into some small disagreement. If the sounds made you feel uncomfortable, sad, or scared, it may indicate feelings of guilt and regret for the part you played. However, if the sounds had no effect or made you happy, it may reflect a tendency to hold your opinion higher than other people's ideas.

Unable to hear someone's plea for help

I had a dream that my brother-in-law was trying to tell me something but I couldn't hear him clearly. He was also asking me for help that only I can help him. And a friend of his by the name Andrea was holding him from being happy.

Being unable to hear your brother-in-law clearly, either because something is preventing sound from entering your ears or because something is wrong with his voice, indicates putting off and eventually losing a chance to do something related to your family. Just as being unable to hear well causes problems in communication and delays in your ability to accomplish tasks so does this dream indicate the passing of a once in a lifetime opportunity because of using delay tactics to avoid doing a task. Because your brother-in-law was asking for your help specifically, it means this issue was likely connected to one of his relationships, possibly some help or a favor you meant to do, but did not get around to. While your procrastination may not affect you directly, it is likely to cause some friction between you and your brother-in-law in the near future.