Dreams Related To Head

An injured head

A dream in which you happen to see or have an injury to the head, regardless of whether it was your head or someone else's, is traditionally considered to be a symbol foretelling hard labor and exhausting duties in the upcoming future. Most likely, these overwhelming developments would be related to your work or personal business and require tremendous time and efforts to be finally completed. Do not get fooled if your current state of affairs is relaxed and laid back, as this dream suggests that everything could change sooner than you think.

Your own head

A dream in which your own head strikes you as an important detail or focus of attention, such as when you comb your hair or try to find a fitting hat, is usually considered to be an alarming sign. This vision could be the harbinger of an upcoming ailment or any other kind of health issue. Additionally, if you have envisioned your head apart from your body or maybe even covered in blood, brace yourself for upcoming challenges and hardships in your routine duties and tasks, eventually resulting in significant frustration and anxiety for you. Lastly, the same vision is often interpreted as a friendly suggestion to enhance your position in life, mostly through acquiring new skills and valuable knowledge related either to your current job or a dream you plan to seize.

Hitting the head against the floor

Seeing a dream featuring a person hitting his or her head against the floor, regardless of whether this was an intentional act as when during a passionate prayer or absolutely accidental as when slipping on a patch of a wet floor, is a somewhat alarming sign. This vision could be reflecting that you have invested titanic efforts into reaching an important goal and eventually found yourself deprived of the energy and enthusiasm to carry on with your conquest. One of the possible explanations to this change in attitude could be that you have recently gotten a misleading impression from the people around you who initially seemed to appear ready and willing to support you, but eventually turned out to be quite indifferent to your cause.

Decapitating someone and having the head injured

Hi, last night I had a dream I was in a haunted house, it turned out that Jason was killing everyone, so a lot of people ran away and I hid under a car. He found me and he had a knife. I grabbed it and started cutting off his head until it was completely off. I ran to the corner just like in shock. I keep having dreams with "head". The day before I had a dream I had cut my cheek open and when I asked my mom to help me stitch it up, but when I looked it was my head that was cut. It was stitched but bleeding.

When you have dreams about dismembering or decapitating someone, such as cutting off Jason's head in your dream, it could be a very bad omen, meaning you could be in real danger in your waking life, such as becoming either the witness or the victim of a violent crime. Since you then dreamed about your own head being injured or cut, it could also signify a possibility of becoming sick or transmitting a serious disease. The imagery of your head being cut and bleeding is also a reflection of your daily life getting more and more chaotic, probably as your subconscious anticipates bad things to happen.

Cutting up a decapitated head

Female. Someone needed to get rid of a decapitated head, the evidence, and I stepped in to do it. I waded into water under a pier and reached through boxes. I had to cut it into small pieces so that fish would eat it and no one would find it. It was bloated and waterlogged, no blood. The face came off and I was cutting it in a metal bowl. It was tough, the knife wasn't sharp, but I did it. Someone saw me under the pier afterward.

This gruesome dream foreshadows a moral dilemma. The decapitated head refers to a bad decision which you will make due to a poor mental state. Arguing with your significant other or misunderstandings with friends could cloud your judgment and result in rash actions or irrational behavior. In addition, conspiring to a murder through the vivid imagery of cutting up the severed head reveals your capacity to commit unethical deeds when driven to desperation. The pier symbolizes your conscience, meaning your involvement in an illicit activity will rack you with guilt. This guilt is further illustrated when you got caught at the end of the dream. You may decide to come clean or turn in yourself as well as your co-conspirators to clear your conscience.

Standing on the head

Flipping onto head, staying on head, then flip back lying on the ground.

Dream visions of standing or flipping on your head may symbolize the challenges you're facing in completing a project or achieving a stated goal. The unconventional act of standing on your head suggests a desire to approach things from a different perspective, indicating a need for creativity or innovation in your approach. The difficulties you experience in the dream may mirror real-life obstacles hindering your progress. Consider the details of the dream and the emotions it evokes to gain insights into specific challenges or areas of your life that require a fresh perspective.

Being inside your own head

I have a reoccurring dream where I am locked in a control room in my head and memories and dreams are playing on screens overlapping and then there's a high pitch whine and a pounding door and I wake up.

Being locked inside a room is often thought to represent the feeling of being trapped or confined in reality. For example, you might think you are in a situation from which there is only one, likely undesirable outcome. Alternatively, you may be feeling pressured to live a certain lifestyle due to the expectations of your family or the constraints of your budget. The memories you saw could have different interpretations depending on if they were happy or sad ones. Pleasant and uplifting images may point toward trying to distract yourself or look for the silver lining in difficult situations, while sad or depressing images could reflect the hopelessness of your situation. The knocking on the door you heard is a highly negative symbol that suggests you are about to lose something. This may be a physical theft of your possessions or the loss of some comfort, security or trust you once had. It would be wise to brace yourself for the coming changes.

Hair on a head

A dream in which you pay a lot of attention to the hair on someone's head, possibly up to a point when this becomes the only detail from your dream you can recall in the morning, has drastically different interpretations depending on the peculiarities of the vision. For example, if the head in your dream had a short haircut, this symbol could be a harbinger of approaching hardships, bad luck and trials of all sorts. A bald head is often interpreted as a recommendation to be more careful in the nearest future and pay exceptional attention to even the minor events happening around you in order to avoid possible misfortunes. On the other hand, if the head in your dream was generously covered in long and thick hair, this vision could be foretelling significant victories, acknowledgment, and success in the upcoming future. Another peculiar dream related to hair on someone's head is seeing it neatly combed or braided, often interpreted as a sign of approaching love and romantic vibes between you and a certain person who is already present in your waking life.

Hitting someone in the head

To hit someone's head, with a slap or using a blunt instrument, indicates a level of frustration with your loved ones. Your clairvoyant abilities could be telling you that someone you love is making a big mistake, be it with a romantic partner or a business undertaking. Your subconscious awakening is urging you to take action by telling this person to avoid making rash decisions because there could be serious consequences based on your premonitions.

Shaving head

Completely shaving your head in a dream vision is a symbol traditionally associated with great loss and desolation. In some cases, it can refer to the loss of material possessions and money through sudden expenses or a lack of income. Alternatively, it could also refer to the passing of a loved one due to accident or disease. No matter the circumstances, you would feel very hopeless and lost during this time.

A head of grey hair

A dream in which a head of grey hair strikes you as an important or memorable detail, such as the head of an old person or a head covered in ash from a fire, is usually interpreted as a rather unfavorable omen. It foretells an approaching period marked with gloomy vibes, depressive thoughts, general sadness and, most likely, a recurrent feeling of regretting a certain event in your life that either happened or was hopelessly missed due to some external forces which you were unable to put under control.

Breaking through a wall with the head

A dream in which you happen to witness someone dashing through a door or wall in a violent collision using their head as if it was a battering ram is usually interpreted as a strong suggestion to be careful with the consequences of your recent deeds, words and general behavior. Even if you did not intend any harm whatsoever, it is very likely that your latest actions somehow managed to disturb the balance in your life and now demand your careful attention. Failure to do so would eventually bring forth long-running hardships and exceptionally unfavorable developments that would later demand significant efforts to be repaired.

A similar dream in which you envision someone repeatedly beating their head against the wall, such as during an episode of severe depression or extreme emotional pain, is usually interpreted as a rather alarming sign regardless of whether you are familiar with this person in your waking life or not. This vision foretells upcoming disagreements and quarrels between you and someone you hold dear to your heart. Most likely, these conflicts would require a lot of inner determination and unshakeable resolve on your part to be successfully defused without any major consequences in the long run. Alternatively, this dream could be a suggestion to pay more wholehearted attention and provide care to the people you love and never hesitate in coming to their rescue in times of need.

Someone headless walking toward you

You will be surprised to know that a dream in which you happen to witness the gruesome image of a headless person walking in your direction, such as a zombie or an undead creature brought to life by macabre magic is actually considered to be an auspicious vision foretelling all kinds of beneficial developments in your life. Joy, happiness, material profits and prosperity, harmony in your household and victories at work are just the tip of the iceberg. Most likely, this vision marks the onset of an extremely successful period in life both for you and the people whom you hold dear.

Washing your head

Envisioning a dream in which you are in the process of washing your head is to be considered as an indication that in the upcoming future you would embark on a journey of fulfillment and personal growth through exceptionally productive undertakings and projects. The successful outcome of said actions would be ensured by your natural ability to connect with the people around you and eventually figuring out how they could aid you in achieving your goals. Most likely, you are a thoughtful and very considerate person, and these personality traits would soon bring you the rewards you had wished for in so long.

Half of head hair cut badly

I saw myself in mom's bedroom and I was feeling hot and I had scissors in my hand. I cut my hair half. Half my hair was still long and the other half was cut. I felt very bad as I have long hair in dream and in real life too. I was feeling upset until my mom came and told me that there is a way to cover my hair. I tried to tie it in a rubber band but my hair was badly cut (some small, some large) that I was not able to tie it. Then I tied it in a towel and went out. Then I saw my true friend after a long time (happily).

Cutting your hair unevenly in the dream world is typically associated with financial problems that you may start experiencing in the near future. You may find yourself in a situation in which you would need to borrow money from someone close to you. While hardly ideal, if you swallow your pride and maintain a reasonable attitude, you should be able to get through these troubling times. Meanwhile, seeing a true friend or ally, especially if he or she is a childhood friend, alludes to a yearning for simpler and less complicated times. You may be dreaming of an idealized past because of the difficulties you face in the present. There could also be a lesson you attach to this friend which you could apply to your present or upcoming predicament.

Disembodied head

The image of a disembodied head can serve as an indicator of how others feel about you in reality. If you found the expression or visage of the head memorable in one way or another, it could reveal the way certain individuals regard you. For instance, a calm, peaceful looking head may mean others have no qualms with how you have handled a recent situation. Alternatively, a grotesque head that appears to be in anguish could mean you have deeply offended someone or caused some emotional damage to a fellow human being.

Half shaved head

A half shaved head dream meaning depends on your circumstances in reality and other symbols within the vision. In general, however, it is a symbol associated with losing something, if only partially. It has a rather esoteric meaning, so let us consider a few examples. One way this dream may manifest in reality is in your relationships. You may still be in contact with someone you consider a close or even your best friend. However, both you and this individual have moved on to a point where you cannot be considered so close anymore. In this case, you have not lost the friendship entirely, but the depth of connection has diminished. Similarly, you may have to downsize your living situation due to money or going somewhere, like a university dorm, where space is limited. You would have to get rid of or store some things that have value to you but are simply not practical in your new living arrangement.

A headache

A dream in which you find yourself suffering from a headache, especially if it was something intense like a migraine or the aftermath of a bad hit to the head, is often interpreted as a symbol of the bothersome issues that could be terrorizing you at the moment. Most likely, they are minor in magnitude, but extremely irritating and persistent nonetheless. However, if your waking life is calm and organized at the moment, without real worries or problems, be aware that this dream foretells upcoming hardships related to the aspirations you are currently trying to fulfill.

Having multiple heads

A dream in which you happen to have multiple heads as if resembling the mythical Hydra or some similar otherworldly creature could be an indicator of your current position in life. Most likely, you are successfully maintaining a strong attitude and keeping an unshakeable reputation among people who know you. To a great extent, this is a result of your unique ability to notice the true nature of things around you, thus promptly noticing favorable opportunities and preparing beforehand for any problems that come your way.

A tiny head

If you happen to see a dream which features yourself having a ridiculously small head, know that this vision is a reflection of your keenness to blame other people and external circumstances for your problems and all unfavorable developments in your life. Most likely, you harbor serious doubts about your personal traits, talents and skills, thus often dwell in pessimism. This dream is to be considered as a reassurance that your life could be significantly brighter and much more fulfilling if you gather the courage to assume a more determined attitude.

A head facing backwards

Dreaming of your own head facing backwards, such as when you see it reflected in a mirror behind you or see a photo picturing yourself looking back over your shoulder, is usually interpreted as a vision indicating upcoming roadblocks and challenges in your routine tasks or general productivity. Additionally, the said symbol could be a reflection of your keenness to pass a lot of time dwelling on memories from times long gone even though they have little relation and impact on your present state of affairs. It could be wise to perform a shift of focus and pay more attention to current events in order to not regret the missed opportunities in the future.

A covered head

If you happen to see a dream in which you notice a covered head, regardless of whether it was your head or someone else's, be aware that this could be an extremely unfavorable omen foretelling financial hardships up to a point of absolute bankruptcy and complete impoverishment. The head in your dream could have been covered by a shawl, scarf, hat or any other form of headwear but this does not change the initial meaning of this vision. It is impossible to tell how soon the possible disaster could take place, so it is recommended to immediately take action and do your best to alleviate the impact.

Sawdust coming from the head

The peculiar dream in which you envision heaps of sawdust flying out of a head, regardless of whether this was your own head or someone else's, could be a symbol indicating that you often work with unreliable individuals who tend to break deadlines or fail to mobilize themselves before the face of unexpected events and urgent changes of plans. Be it just bad luck on your part or a recurrent tendency, most likely this often results in yourself being stressed out by the results of the collective work within your team or company. Naturally, such a tendency also compromises your individual success both at work and life in general.

Someone walking on heads

The disturbing dream of seeing someone walking on the heads of other people, such as on top of a dense crowd or even piles of bodies laying on the ground could be an alarming reflection of your exorbitant envy or jealousy regarding the success, status, happiness or material possessions of other people. Most likely, you often feel as if you are much more deserving to be the one resting under rays of glory and acknowledgment than these individuals around you, thus often feeling unbearable frustration as a result. This dream, therefore, is a friendly suggestion to stop blaming life and other people for your own status and achievements and start focusing more efforts on actually seizing you aspirations no matter what.

Your head from a distance

A dream in which you happen to see your own head from a distance as if you were observing it from outside your body or seeing it reflected in a distant mirror could be a sign foretelling upcoming disease and all sorts of similar health issues. Taking into account that the nature of said ailments is impossible to foretell precisely, it could be wise to make an appointment with your family doctor and perform a detailed check-up in order to minimize the risk of serious problems or alleviate their eventual impact.

Having two heads

As the saying goes, two heads are better than one. Luckily, envisioning a dream in which you happen to have two distinct heads is also considered to be a positive sign foretelling upcoming improvements and favorable developments of all sorts. They could be related to the ambiance in your household, the productivity and profits in your work, the major aspects of your health or even your life as a whole. It is likely that said improvements could serve as a solid base for future progress and growth, so seize the opportunities. Last but not least, know that the same interpretation is often attributed to dreams featuring imagery of a swollen or enlarged head, as well as the head of a child.

Snake biting in the head

The image of a snake biting you in the head is highly ominous and should be regarded with great caution. It means that your loose lips and tendency to talk without censure may be used against you by jealous rivals or competitive peers. A good example of this may by a thoughtless video on SnapChat or TikTok. While you may be joking around or just trying to get a rise out of people, your enemies may use this as evidence of your lack of character and poor judgement. You could be looked over for an award or even punished for your behavior. It would be wise to keep a lid on any ideas or thoughts you have that could be considered controversial unless you want to open up a potential can of worms.

A head spinning

A dream in which you happen to experience what is known as vertigo or, in layman's terms, a spinning head is often interpreted as the harbinger of upcoming success. The tremendous victories that could be waiting for you resemble a high peak that, when conquered, would cause your head to spin around after witnessing the heights of your excellence. Most likely, you would be able to achieve a lot of things in rather short time, as well as get ahead of your competitors significantly, thus becoming the undisputable leader in your niche, company or social group.

On the other hand, several sources interpret a dream featuring a spinning head as a sign foretelling future discord among the members of one's household or significant material losses due to some unexpected developments in life. Additionally, the described dream could be indicating that the upcoming future would be riddled with hardships, conflicts, financial losses and roadblocks in the way of your personal business as a result of recently performed shady transactions or flaws in official documentation. It is impossible to foresee the overall magnitude of the described developments, so it could be wise to prepare for the worst-case scenario beforehand.

Carrying a head in your hands

A dream in which you envision yourself carrying a human head in your hands regardless of the circumstances that resulted in this gruesome situation is usually considered to be a symbol of your inclination towards performing the tasks and duties of other people. Most likely, you are not happy about this attitude but still regularly take other people's responsibilities on yourself even though this is not exactly required or demanded from you. However, if the head in your dream was your own, this vision foretells an approaching period marked by the redemption of past sins and correction of former mistakes. It is quite possible that you would have to invest a lot of time and efforts into straightening the outcomes of recent events you have lost control over.

A head with big ears

A dream in which you envision a head with bizarrely large ears, whether it was your head or someone else's, is considered to be an exceptionally favorable omen. This vision foretells approaching fame and acknowledgment for your victories, achievements and general attitude. For example, the company where you work at could experience a huge growth in profits thanks to your professionalism and thus decide to give you a raise and express their gratitude in public. If you are a freelancer or own business, you could start seeing outstanding results from your recent and current work. All in all, this vision is a strong recommendation to continue giving your absolute best to whatever project or work you are currently engaged in, as these efforts would eventually pay off.

A humming or ringing head

A dream in which you happen to find yourself suffering from tinnitus, which is an unpleasant sensation of incessant ringing, humming, hissing or buzzing in your ears and head, is traditionally considered as a dreadful sign of upcoming displeasure and frustration. This could be related to your work or personal business, as well as stem from the status quo in your household. Alternatively, this vision could be foretelling you would become indifferent and apathetic towards something that had previously sparked your genuine interest and passion. Last but not least, the described dream could be the harbinger of an accident in the upcoming future, most likely involving a heavy blow to the head or even a concussion.

Someone without head being chased

I saw headless men and some of them were trying to run away from someone trying to cut off their necks and one neck was cut off by a man.

Despite the gruesomeness of this dream vision, it is an indication of your recent real-life experience when you witnessed or learned about someone making a huge progress and achieving a lot in a short period of time. You could be concerned, or just bothered, by this person's success and recognition by others. You could also be making constant comparisons and analyze your own abilities and talents, in hopes of adopting some of the aspects of this success story to improve your own life.

Striking your head

Dreaming of hitting your head, whether by accident or on purpose, is a projection of a looming misfortune. You could be working on something important that takes most of your time and effort, yet you are not witnessing tangible developments. As a result, you might resort to asking for help from people in your field or someone knowledgeable, only to be disappointed by their rejection, which could lead to even more drawbacks.

Someone's head

A dream in which you happen to focus on someone’s head, for example, when you are a stylist or barber giving this person a neat haircut, is usually interpreted as an exceptionally favorable sign foretelling an auspicious encounter. It is very likely that in the upcoming future you would get acquainted with a resourceful individual with plenty of connections, power and influence. If you play your cards right, this new ally could help you in solving certain problems you are currently dealing with, blaze the trail for new opportunities and improve your quality of life in general, be it directly or indirectly.

The dream vision of finding the head of someone you know apart from the rest of their body, such as after a devastating accident or an execution through decapitation, could also indicate that you are keen to get carried away by things that do not have any real meaning, matter or value. Although innocent by nature, this tendency to pay excessive attention to secondary things could be, in reality, a great roadblock on your path to success, distracting your mind and energy from the elements of your life and work that directly impact your well-being. On the other hand, if the detached head in your dream was the head of a stranger, it could be pointing at a certain skill you have mastered or some knowledge you have accumulated, but are not putting into action, thus missing all possible benefits you could reap from it.

An animal's head

The head of an animal, regardless of the particular species, is traditionally considered an ominous sign to envision in a dream. This symbol strongly suggests that you should pay more attention to the matter of whom you allow into your life and choose wisely the people to whom you devote your heart. Most likely, you are currently in a situation where even a minor mistake on your part would trigger a nasty chain reaction in some people of your closest circle, eventually resulting in regrets and hardships for you.

Someone's head cut off

Envisioning a dream featuring a severed head is widely considered to be an indicator of the acknowledgment, respect and admiration that other people feel towards you. Regardless of whether you are a famous innovator or just an honest ordinary person, your whole life inspires those around you and fills them with reverence towards your persona. Most likely, your words, actions and general attitude shine like a beacon, guiding a lot of people throughout their lives.

Having an animal's head

The strange dream of witnessing yourself having an animal's head instead of your usual one, as if after some sort of magic ritual or as the result of a bizarre medical experiment, is actually considered to be an extremely favorable sign despite the horrendous impression it can leave. This vision foretells you would be able to quickly get ahead of your competitors and reach fundamentally new levels of success in what seems to be a relatively short time.

Having a horse's head

Dreaming of yourself bearing the head of a horse on your shoulders instead of your usual human head as if a result of some wicked magic or a bizarre biogenetic experiment is usually considered to be a highly unfavorable omen. Traditionally, it is interpreted as a sign foretelling blazing confrontations and violent clashes between you and your ill-wishers, rivals or opponents. Alas, the said conflicts would most likely reveal the darkest side of all participants including yourself thus making almost impossible to reach a peaceful agreement or a mutually beneficial compromise for all parties.

Washing someone's head

A dream in which you see yourself washing someone else's head, such as when you are a hairdresser getting ready to give this person a haircut or when this act is a gesture of affection towards someone you love greatly is, in reality, a vision foretelling your relationship with this person is about to end for good. Most likely, all connections, interests and feelings between the two of you would be severed and left behind due to a relocation or drastic change in life priorities.

Pulling objects out of head

I had a dream. I pulled two or three cigarette butts and a lead pencil out of the top of my head, then I woke up. What does this mean?

This dream could be an indication of your worries and concerns about your well-being or privacy. You could also currently be preoccupied with solving some important dilemma or facing a difficult choice in life. Judging by the nature of the objects you saw in this dream, this could be a precarious situation which you should approach carefully and thoughtfully. It could also symbolize some out-of-the box idea related to your health, your work or your sexual life. Finally, you may be feeling that others are taking up your personal space, infringing on your freedom or over-controlling you. You would want to get ready for such undesired influence and proximity.

A man with his head on fire

I dreamt that a man's head accidentally starts burning. I am in the presence of my ex-boyfriend and with a shirt I bought him in real life. I put out the fire. The skin sizzles and there's burns all over the man's head-rear and face. I think it's OK, but then his face-skin starts melting off. Even though he still seems alive, the skin melts and underneath is white thin noodle-like layer. I can't remember if noodles or worms, I think short noodles. It's a horrific sight. Then I woke up. Please help!

This vision seems to be related to the subconscious emotions you have harbored for your ex-boyfriend, at least until recently. In general, visions including a past lover or partner suggest you have been thinking about them or still hold some feelings for them deep in your heart. However, the man's head that was burned predicts overcoming difficulty and challenges. Symbolically, using your ex-boyfriend's shirt to put out this fire can be interpreted as a sign that you are literally overcoming your feelings for him and moving on. Perhaps you have become interested in someone else, or maybe you are just ready to let go of the weight that has held you down for so long. The melting face you saw at the end of the vision could point toward getting involved with someone more dangerous or wild, so it would be wise to exercise some caution and think carefully about your choice of companions in the future.

Cutting off someone's head

A dream when someone's head being cut off meaning.

The image of a head that has been cut off is actually a positive symbol to perceive in a dream despite the potentially gruesome imagery. It means that other people in your sphere of influence like and respect you. This may be because you are someone who accomplishes great and extraordinary things, but it is also possible that you are an everyday hero, someone who is honest, trustworthy and kind.

Being beheaded

A vision of a decapitated head suggests the possibility of losing a good relationship with someone because of your actions or rash decisions. This might also indicate a subconscious feeling that something bad is going to happen to you, which could involve a significant person in your life. On the flip side, this image might also represent the respect and honor you are getting in real life. Thus, paying attention to specific elements is important to tell whether this dream is good or bad.

Carrying heavy load on head

Carrying a heavy load on your head, like a basket of fruit or a bag of materials, reveals that you are someone capable of handling multiple responsibilities and burdens in wake life. As such, you are considered a reliable person by those you live and work with. These people hold you in high esteem and value your abilities.

Bodiless head

A head without a body, as in on that has been severed via decapitation, means that you are in a losing battle in your own head and heart. Your logic and emotions my feel at war with one another. In this case, it is often that the heart wants something that the mind knows is a terrible idea. Your conscious mind, while brutally rational, is only concerned with your well-being. It would be wise to consider things carefully before making a decision you cannot easily undo.

Something falling on your head

Something landing on your head and injuring you in the dream realm can be a distressing experience indicating an accident or lack of attention in some aspect of your life. It is a common dream that may evoke feelings of fear or vulnerability. Also, the heavy objects falling represent an injury, either physical or emotional, that you may be facing or it could be a person or situation that is weighing you down. Overall, this dream serves as a reminder to pay more attention to your surroundings and take steps to prevent accidents in your waking life.