Dreams Related To Harp

Sound of harps

Hearing pleasant but nostalgic sound of harps in your dream is a foretelling of a plan that will not go the way you want to. A venture or project that you are undertaking at the moment is doomed to fail or will not be as beneficial to you as you had hoped. Now is the perfect time to do something about it and avert any possible major damage.

Broken harp

A broken harp signifies severe illness. You will soon fall ill and this will linger for a very long period of time. If you see this in your dream, try to take the necessary precaution to care for your health. Go see a doctor or a specialist if you are feeling something different.

Playing harp

If you are playing a harp in your dream, it shows that you are being naive in the way you handle affairs in your life, particularly when it comes to romance. You are easily fooled and have the tendency to fall into the trap of undeserving people. This makes you vulnerable to others. Try to be more cautious and think first before you get involved with someone.

Unable to play harp

If you are unable to play the harp, it is telling you that you do not believe in being pleased through casual sex. You are a firm believer of the importance of love in order to find pleasure in sex.

You will find out that a lot of people believe differently about sex than you do. This may cause some arguments among your peers because of the way you value love highly in relation to sexual pleasure. Because of other people's influence on your thinking however, you might be tempted to giving up your personal belief and succumb to your physical needs instead.

Vigorously playing harps

Vigorously playing harps indicates caring for a loved one or other people who are sick. You will devote a lot of your time watching over them either in the hospital or their home. Your compassionate side will be enriched through this experience.

Trying to break a harp

Trying to break a harp is a warning that you will have a long-standing conflict with someone who means a lot to you. Because of this conflict, your relationships with other people will also be affected and you are in danger of severing ties with significant people in your life.