Dreams Related To Harassed

Being sexually harassed

According to Freud, being sexually harassed in the dream world can have different interpretations depending on if the dreamer is male or female. For women, envisioning this scenario may be related to post-traumatic stress caused by sexual harassment in the workplace or at home. It may also be the result of less threatening but more annoying situations, like being cat-called, whistled at or asked to smile. For men, this vision could be the result of experiencing an awakening to the less than acceptable way you or other men in your life treat women. Perhaps you realize the error of your ways, suggesting your conscience is urging you to make amends for bad behavior in your past. This could be in the form of giving a formal apology to a specific woman, standing up for women being belittled or generally getting involved in the feminist movement.

Being harassed by a woman

I dreamed a woman (I had felt threatened by her) took over his job while he went on a comedy tour. In real life she is a parent of his players. During the season she "poked fun" at me for coming. In the dream she befriended me, cut her hair short, and became coach. She came to my house, laughed that I carried this torch. She said he didn't want me, that many other women were bedding or paying him. I pretended to be his gf, but the rest of them knew he wasn't dating.

This vision is rather disjointed and has mixed symbols, but there are a few points which stand out. This woman who takes over and moves in on the guy you are pretending to date could be the manifestation of fears related to intimacy and relationships. In a sense, she is playing the part of the devil on your shoulder, warning you that there are many fish in the sea, and the guy you like could choose to be with any of them. Furthermore, her threatening aura could mean you are not confident in the qualities you possess or worry that they would not complement the guy you are interested in. While voices in the back of our head can be helpful, it is also wise to know when to ignore them and try to make your desires a reality.