Dreams Related To Hanging

Someone hanging upside down

Someone hanging upside down in your dream, whether they are alive or dead, suggests that the ones you love in reality with go through an event that figuratively turns their world upside down. Some shocking situation or dramatic turn of events would totally upset the balance of those around you, making you hurt and ache for their pain and confusion.

Hanging a person and going down the stairs

I am hanging sometimes another person... and I am walking down the stairs.

Hanging in dreams is a sign of complicated issues or challenges troubling you in your waking life. This sign, coupled with that of walking down a flight of stairs, could represent the distance you put between yourself and your goals in life. It could also be interpreted as letting your problems dictate the direction your life takes. You need to take control of your life again, but do not be afraid to ask for help from your friends or family if you are unable to do it alone.

A boy hanging another boy at school

So there was this boy and he went to I guess it was a private school with all kinds of different kids. But everyone was standing outside and this boy threw this other boy on a rope and hung him in front of everyone out of a window.

The private school aspect of the dream means a big secret is a about to be revealed to you. This secret will prove to be helpful since you can use this as a leverage if and when you find yourself in a difficult position. Having this bargaining chip gives you an opportunity to pull away from your rivals, whether it is landing an important project or getting closer to a romantic prospect. Furthermore, seeing a person hanging suggests a dilemma which will force you to throw someone under the bus, so to speak. This could end a wonderful friendship, but it is up to you whether your interests and aspirations are more important than maintaining some of your relationships.