Dreams Related To Hands

A palm of the hand

Dreaming about the palm of the hand, whether it belongs to you or someone else, is a prophetic sign. It indicates receiving fateful news or information that could be of significance to you or someone close to you. Alternatively, for women, seeing a palm in a dream indicates a chance meeting with a stranger, who might in turn become a romantic partner.

Insects climbing up the hand

A number of unknown insects climbed on my hand when I inserted my hand into a vessel.

When insects swarm on the body in a dream, it usually portends coming into money or valuable possessions quite suddenly and unexpectedly. The source of this wealth would likely have never crossed your mind before. However, the notion that they covered your hand could mean you would have to complete some tedious tasks to receive the money, such as filling out endless paperwork or jumping through red-tape and loopholes.

Washing your hands

Dreams about washing hands, particularly your own, are a sign that someone is watching over you. This guardian angel will protect and guide you, and therefore is someone who is either very authoritative or well-connected. The result of this relationship could mean less stress and more peace of mind. Water running over the hands is also symbolic of a reprieve from the mundane rut of everyday life, possibly meaning a day off or a short vacation.

Dreaming of clean, beautiful hands is a sign of good things to come. If your hands are well-cared for or manicured, it signifies long life and good luck. This might mean being very healthy while aging, or possibly just having luck at avoiding accidents and other problems. On the other hand, observing dirty, unclean hands is a sign of deceit and cheating, especially in a relationship or marriage. This type of dream can also be a warning that rumors are being spread behind your back.

Your own hand injured

Dreams involving injury to your own hands are a prediction that some difficult situation could cause you to give up something very important to you, either something of emotional or of material value. Like being physically forced to let go of something you were carrying, injuries to your hands can symbolize dropping something, though they can also be taken as a sign that you might split with someone or a group of people close to you, such as friends or colleagues, usually through circumstances or events that are beyond your control.

Burning your hands

Dreams about burnt hands are an ill omen. Hands covered in blisters or burnt flesh are a sign of losing something in the pursuit of other ventures. While this endeavor may seem profitable or lucrative on the surface, it is likely to turn out to be completely worthless, resulting not just in the failure of the venture, but in some other loss of great value or importance to you.

The left hand

Dreams about seeing or observing the left hand, especially your own, are an ill omen of coming betrayal. The types of betrayals indicated by visions of the left hand usually are related to a lover, partner or spouse, the most common form being cheating. The result of this deceptive tryst might cause a rift in the relationship or physical separation, which in turn could lead to a period of time filled with loneliness and heart-break.

Hands bigger than usual

Dreams containing visions of hands distorted in size to much larger than normal or average is an extremely positive sign and very auspicious. Large hands usually point to great success in recent or upcoming goals, dreams, or endeavors, especially those that you care about deeply. The achievement of this great purpose will serve as motivation to keep working hard and living a good, full life.

Unattractive hands

Dreams involving ugly, unattractive hands, whether they are your own or belong to someone else, are a sign of disruption, symbolizing some evil reaching in to wreak havoc on your life. Misshapen or deformed hands mean that some unpleasant or disappointing event could occur in the near future, usually caused by an outside force. This unexpected event (or events) may lead to disturbances or inconveniences in your daily life.

Beautiful hands

Dreams involving beautiful hands, whether they belong to you or someone else, are a sign of talent and grace. It means that you will become skillful either in a new endeavor, or become successful in some trade with which you are already involved. The fruits of these labors will earn you prestige and the respect of your colleagues and peers.

Holding hands with a loved one

Dreams involving holding hands with a spouse, lover or significant other predicts coming trials. You may be put through a trial, together or separately, about your love or commitment to each other, particularly in a test or some difficult situation. The results could show how much the relationship might grow with time or be an indication of future happiness.

The right hand

Dreaming about seeing or looking at the right hand, especially your own, is a sign of overcoming existing or potential adversity. Dreams about the right hand show triumph over difficult, negative or chaotic situations that are casting a shadow on certain aspects of your life. This type of dream can also indicate being able to rely or place trust in others, be they old friends or new acquaintances.

An amputated hand

Dreaming of an amputated hand signifies misunderstanding and arguments. It usually predicts an altercation with someone close to you, particularly someone you are dating or a spouse. The result of this misunderstanding could begin with a small quarrel, but might result in break-up, separation or even divorce with this significant other. Loss of a hand could also be a sign of being taken advantage of or being double-crossed.

A hand by itself

Seeing a hand separated or apart from the rest of the body in a dream is a symbol for helplessness or a lack of control in a given situation. Disembodied hands mean wanting help to do something or wishing to be able to do something, but being unable to take control or receive support from those you would normally count on.

Swollen hands

Dreaming of hands that are swollen or enlarged is a sign of unexpected events leading to a positive outcome. Usually, puffy hands in a dream mean having no control over a certain event or series of events but still benefitting in some way, usually financially. This could include receiving money, valuable favors or a great return on an investment.

Bloody hands

Dreams about blood-covered hands are a sign of exclusion or blame. Whether they belong to you or to someone else, hands enveloped in blood could be a sign of forthcoming alienation by those around you, possibly family or close friends, most likely in order to avoid association with you, no matter if you are guilty or if it was something beyond your control. This type of imagery in a dream could also symbolize your unjust treatment or blame of someone close to you due to their behavior, what they have done or what they have failed to do.

A hand grabbing at something

Dreaming of hands that are reaching for or grabbing at something usually means irrational fear. It symbolizes being afraid of things that are highly unlikely or improbable, usually related to great injury or death. Dreaming of something just beyond your reach could also mean losing or having to let go of things that are valuable, whether they are physical objects, people or long-held beliefs.

Hands grabbing you

Feeling hands grabbing at you in a dream vision, be they physical appendages or ghostly substitutes, represents the different tasks, worries and responsibilities that are pulling your mind in different directions. Freud's interpretation of this symbol suggests the dreamer who sees it needs to let go of some things in order to lighten their mind. This may mean putting some projects on the backburner or delegating some assignments to other family members or co-workers.

Trying to wash hands without soap

Dreaming of trying to wash dirty, grimy hands without soap is an indication of a present situation where you are working on some goal or dream which is important to you without having anyone to trust or rely on if things become too difficult to handle alone. Just like soap makes cleansing the hands easier and more effective, having assistance in your endeavors will help ease the burden. Without a friend or partner, however, you would have to take precautions and think more carefully about how you will accomplish your aims. If you do not, you may run out of time or find yourself in a bad situation.

Washing hands in cold water

Dreams of washing hands in cold water, particularly your own, is a good omen. It can be interpreted as having positive events and experiences in your future, especially related to those you consider close friends and family. This vision could predict a large family gathering where you can meet those you have not seen in a long time, organizing a party or game night with a group of friends, or being invited out for drinks or shopping.

Washing my hands

Dreaming of washing or cleaning your hands with soap is seen as a good omen. This vision indicates having positive events and experiences ahead of you that center around your friends and family. This likely hints at a family gathering and meeting people you have not seen in a long time, a night out with your friends, or being invited to a party and making new acquaintances.

Tied hands

Dreams showing hands tied with a rope, especially your own, is a sign of coming hardship in your life. Bound hands show a lack of control in a given situation, leading to complications, disorder or confusion. This type of dream could also indicate losing interest in something that once sparked your curiosity or captured your attention, such as a hobby, an activity, or even your faith. Finally, if within the dream you are able to escape your bonds, it means you will be able to rein in an out of control situation before things make a turn for the worse.

Gloves with spikes on your hands

Seeing spiked gloves in a dream vision, be they on your hands or on the hands of another person, is a positive sign indicating improvements in your life, particularly in the workplace. Most often this symbol is associated with promotion, but could also mean a raise or wide recognition of your skills or performance leading to improved relations and greater respect. Gloves with spikes can also predict improvement in other areas of your life, especially in your relationships with your family. This could mean the settling of a disagreement or the learning of something new and exciting about the lives of your loved ones.

Hands emerging from the ground

Hey, I am a female and 20 years old. I saw that I am returning back from a party and in a totally happy mood in a school rickshaw. I saw two hands visible from the layer of earth like someone was buried inside. I started crying and shouting while the colony people call the police.

The vision of hands covered in dirt and appearing to emerge from the ground likely means you are neglecting your loved ones. Your tendency to focus on your own needs and issues may cost you the love and support of those who care about you the most. It can also mean that your spendthrift behavior could get you into serious debt. Earth and soil symbolize upcoming loss of money or possessions, so manage your finances wisely.

White and big hands

Dreaming about large, white hands, especially when they belong to you, has a mixed meaning. For rich, well-off individuals, white or pale hands that are larger than normal usually indicate the creation of a valuable social network or the meeting of someone important or influential who could be a valuable ally. Those who are wealthy might also become involved in a rewarding, happy relationship, be it dating or an affair. However, if poor or struggling individuals experience visions of enlarged white hands in a dream, it usually represents a decrease in the standard of living, possibly indicating loss of money, work or security of life.

Getting a manicure for your hands

Dreams about manicuring your hands, whether you are having them done professionally or doing it yourself, are a happy sign predicting satisfaction and being able to take care of yourself, especially if the dreamer is a woman. By having something nice done for yourself, your subconscious is showing that you are able to satisfy your needs through your own abilities, namely through your intelligence or winning personality.

Hands tied

Having your hands tied in the dream realm, like you are a prisoner or captive of some sort, is a symbol of hardship and misfortune. Looking at the symbol literally, the bound hands imply a lack of control or self-determination for your own future. This also suggests a certain amount of confusion and apprehension about circumstances that are affecting you that you may not be completely aware of. If you were able to disentangle yourself from your bonds, you may yet gain control and be able to decide your own fate. Remaining tied up, however, suggests you would remain at the mercy of outside forces.

Adversaries holding hands

Dreams about enemies or rivals holding hands usually serve as an indication of an upcoming major conflict, especially between the two parties depicted. While this tumultuous event is a clash between two of your adversaries, and therefore does not directly or necessarily involve you, it could cause inconveniences or more serious negative consequences in your daily life.

Hands pressed together

Dreaming of hands held or pressed together is a sign of conflict, albeit not necessarily deep or life-altering. Hands clasped tightly together, when envisioned in a dream, are symbolic of becoming entangled with someone who is jealous of you. This envy could spring from recent achievements or positive events in your life or it could be the result of their coveting some material possession or social advantage and dominance.

Reaching up to shake a hand

Dreaming of reaching up to shake someone else’s hand could be a premonition of coming competition. This type of dream indicates that future ventures you are planning, be they personal or professional, could face competition from someone working against you or be challenged by those you work or live with. While a situation without full support or when facing obstacles sounds unpleasant, there is a silver lining. If the hand you were shaking was gloved, it usually means you will be able to navigate the challenge by diplomatically handling those who oppose your plans.

Hands holding tablet stones

I had a dream 12 years ago about bare hands holding two tablet stones of ten commandments and stroke it in my face as a lightning.

Dreams with religious symbols or images usually reveal the dreamer's tendency to question his or her own faith. In your case, perhaps there have been recent instances which made you question the main tenets of your religion. In addition, you could have been tempted to behave in a way that violates certain religious beliefs or even your own personal values. The Ten Commandments represent rules for moral behavior, so maybe your subconscious is reminding you that following rules and etiquette will have a positive impact on you and, perhaps, this is what you need to renew your faith.

Holding hands with enemy

Dreams involving holding hands with a rival, enemy, past friend or ex-lover signify a series of events or a certain, special occasion which could bring about a restoration of friendly relations between the two parties. A situation which would allow for fence-mending and forgiveness could also lead to more inner peace and the loss of a heavy burden from either guilt or holding on to bad feelings for too long. However, like many things in life, what you get out of such a reconciliation largely depends upon how much effort is put into repairing the relationship.

Cutting your hand off

Dreams about cutting off a hand, particularly your own, is a symbol related to upcoming loss. It usually indicates someone leaving you suddenly, such as the ending of a relationship or the passing of a loved one, or possibly without a clear reason, like a sudden rejection from a friend. If the removal of the hand seemed to cause pain in the dream, it tends to mean someone closer to you, while lack of pain represents someone not as close, such as distant family or just an acquaintance.

Shaking hands with someone you know

Someone I know gave me a left-handed handshake that was very sharp and quick. Very brief left-hand shake.

The brisk handshake in your dream refers to closing deals and starting something new. If you are trying to tie up loose ends in reality, then this dream means that you are about to close these chapters and move on without a lot of fanfare. On the other hand, the left hand is oftentimes associated with betrayals. Make sure everything is in order before you wrap up projects or sign agreements. Alternatively, if the individual in the dream is female, the left hand could represent feminine qualities and the handshake may mean forming a romantic bond with someone. Perhaps when you see her, there would be an instant connection.

Someone kissing a hand for females

Dreaming of having your hand kissed, for women, is a little warning for more discretion in your love life. Someone gently lifting your hand to their lips for a kiss is a very gentle and loving act, but it is also a public show of affection. Therefore, when dating or trying to attract someone of the opposite gender, you should try not to be showy or obnoxious.

Strong hands

Dreaming about strong, brawny hands is a positive sign, especially in regard to a profession or hobby. Rugged, well-worn hands are an indication of success, possibly in a project or assignment, or victory, potentially in a competition or tournament.

Examining your hands

Dreams involving close examination of the hands predict being busy, particularly in problem-solving or other tedious work. Scrutinizing minute details on the palm usually means becoming occupied with taking care of problems or pushing towards goals that are important to you or your family. This type of dream could also indicate future health issues caused by external forces.

Hands colored with henna

Seeing your hands covered with paint or designs in a dream, such as henna or temporary tattoos, is typically a negative sign symbolic of death. This type of dream predicts becoming involved in some type of killing or murder plot, though whether it is premeditated or accidental is not clear. Seeing painted symbols on your hand in a dream can also serve as a warning. If you are in the process of fulfilling a major life goal or important work project, you may face worry, anxiety or great disappointments.

No one lending a hand

Having a dream of no one lending a hand in a difficult, frustrating or dangerous situation is an ill omen. It is usually associated with future troubles in which you would not be able to find someone to assist you, often resulting in negative consequences and disappointment. It might also predict going through a conflict or disagreement with someone close to you, such as a friend or loved one, which in turn may reveal new aspects or dimensions to the relationship, though whether for better or for worse is unclear.

Able to carry fire in your hands

Having a dream about carrying fire in your hands is an amazingly positive sign. Being able to hold leaping flames without becoming burned or injured shows that you can do a difficult task without losing or falling behind. Therefore, this type of dream often indicates speedy accomplishment of tasks, leading to respect and fabulous success.

Dreaming about hands my own or other peoples meaning

Using makeup on hands

I had a dream that I was using makeup on my hands and then lying to my projections of that dream about using it. Also, when I looked again at my hand, it looked ugly.

Hands in dreams symbolize relationships. Therefore, to see an ugly hand in a dream means there is a disruption in your current existence which could have negative repercussions for your social connections. Specifically, the makeup suggests you may be concealing or overcompensating for your shortcomings. Perhaps to hide your insecurities, you came up with a way to inflate your ego and exaggerate confidence. Unfortunately, this coping mechanism could make you appear aggressive, insensitive or even demanding towards friends, colleagues and your romantic partner. Maybe you are subconsciously aware that you are projecting your fears and frustrations onto your loved ones, which is why your hands appeared ugly. It may be in your best interest to confront and deal with your inner demons to avoid inadvertently hurting others.

Hands smaller than usual

Dreams about seeing or having hands distorted in size to much smaller than normal or average are a sign you are meek or conservative. They should act as a sign to be more ambitious or take the initiative in advancing your agenda, either personal goals or business endeavors. While this imagery has a positive meaning, there is also a possible negative meaning. Small hands can sometimes be a warning that you are being betrayed or taken advantage of, possibly by someone close to you.

Adoring your hands for females

Having a dream about adoring your hands, for a woman, is an indication that many potential suitors are headed your way. Love for yourself is often associated with being loved by others, and these loving and sincere men will treasure you just as you have treasured your own hands. However, if you are adoring someone else's hands in your dream, this predicts romantic involvement with an envious or controlling man who will demand all your attention and love.

Holding hands with a fictional character

Dreams involving holding hands with a fictional character usually indicate meeting a character of a person in real life. This could be a very creative, artistic individual, someone with a very interesting job or hobby, or someone with a unique personality quirk. Your role in the relationship will most likely have to do with mentoring or counseling, and your involvement will be the crucial factor in making this relationship grow and last.

Hands covered with dirt

Dreaming about dirt covered hands, especially your own, is a sign of lack of care on your part. It means you frequently are inclined to mistreat those around you, especially those who need your love and support the most. Dirty hands show you have not been attentive to their needs of those who rely on you for protection and safekeeping. Hands caked with earth and soil can also signal an upcoming loss of money or possessions, or in the case of business, decreasing profits.

Dirty hands in a dream also signify involvement in illegal activities, usually related to fraud or embezzlement. Becoming entangled in this web of deceit could lead to disappointment in yourself for not doing the right thing at the time, or even guilt and shame. The consequences of your actions may have lasting impacts on your life and relationships. Alternatively, this sign in a dream might also indicate unreliable friends, or worse, disingenuous or back-stabbing ones.

A handy person

Dreaming of meeting a handy or technically savvy person is a very positive sign, especially if he or she is offering or willing to assist you in some task. This type of dream vision predicts a meeting with or being introduced to someone who could be useful to you, either personally or professionally. This could include being helped with a physical task like moving, receiving emotional or financial support, or making further, valuable connections through networking. Dreaming of a handy person may also symbolize a difficult or tricky situation which you can overcome easily, perhaps with your own hard work and creativity.

Hands by themselves

I saw just 2 hands appearing and vanishing... Then those hands started to hold and leaving my hands too.

Seeing a hand or hands separated or apart from the rest of the body in a dream is a symbol for helplessness or a lack of control in a given situation. Disembodied hands mean seeking help to do or complete something or wishing to be able to do something, but being unable to take control or receive support from those you would normally count on. Based on the last part of this dream vision, you might have been asking around for help or assistance, but to no avail so far.

Hands covered with hair

Dreams about your own hands covered in thick, dense hair could have different meanings. On one hand, thick patches of hair could symbolize the presence of strong and efficient business partners who would help you make good business decisions or increase your productivity and profitability. On the other hand, it could mean that you might face adversary in the form of savvy and cunning business rivals. The symbolism of hair-covered hands could also act as a warning against toying with or taking advantage of those who look up to you or rely on you for protection, support and assistance.

Dreaming of hands covered in hair, for a woman, is a positive sign regarding pregnancy. It means that the child she carries will be beautiful or handsome and that the child will have a happy, fulfilling life. However, if the dream includes visions of hands that are covered in animal fur rather than hair, it indicates being involved with illegal activities, resulting in future run-ins with the law or possible jail time.

Holding a stranger's hand

Dreams involving holding hands with a stranger or someone you are not acquainted with is often associated with volunteer efforts and activities. It could indicate soon joining a charity or doing volunteer services, or it could mean becoming involved with a larger philanthropic organization. Looking at the hands of a stranger within a dream is also a sign of receiving assistance, whether it is emotional, physical or financial support, in a time of great need or distress.

Kissing someone's hand

Dreams about kissing someone's hand, whether it belonged to a close friend or an acquaintance, are usually associated with embarrassment or humiliation. This type of dream can be taken as a sign of a period of disgrace caused by someone else's words or actions against you, as played out through the lowering or yourself (and your position) to kiss the hand of another, higher-ranked person.

Shaking someone's hand

Having a dream about shaking someone’s hand in a friendly, relaxed manner is usually a positive sign indicating the receiving of help or favors from those close to you, especially family and good friends. This might be physical help, financial assistance or emotional support. A comfortable grip on someone’s hand means being the beneficiary of sound advice or aid, particularly in projects that are of current importance to you.

Having a dream about shaking someone’s hand in an agitated, unfriendly manner is usually associated with a more negative meaning. It indicates a disagreement or series of arguments with someone you are close to, be they family members or a good friend. Dreaming of a rough handshake could also indicate sickness, an accident or the early passing of this individual.

Being taken care of by someone's hands

Dreaming of hands taking care of you, like when a mother cares for her child, is symbolic of receiving aid in a dire situation. This might include being taken care of during a serious illness, receiving financial assistance during a time of need or having a shoulder to cry on during an emotional trial, such as the passing of a loved one. This person who supports and cares for you will most likely be someone you have wanted to rely on or be supported by all along.

Hands pressed together as in prayer

Dreaming of hands pressed together in prayer, whether they belong to you or to someone else, is usually indicative of being in the thick of problems that are difficult to solve. These issues need to be taken care of in order to move on to another duty. Palms forced together are also a special sign for doing your best and giving your all to a certain cause or task, leading to a happy and fulfilled existence.

Dreaming of hands pressed together can be taken as a sign of thankfulness for having received some favor. Prayers, while usually indicative of wanting something, are also used to express gratitude. Normally, in this type of dream, the favor or help was received not from a physical person, but from a higher, supernatural power or an external force.

Hands with warts

Dreams where warts appear and grow on the hands, especially your own, are an ill omen. This type of dream has a number of possibilities. Warts covering the hands could be a sign of relationship problems in the future. This could be with a family member, a friend or a lover. It could also indicate disruptions in your life, leading to difficulties finishing projects or accomplishing goals.

Shaking hands with a celebrity

Dreams about shaking hands with a celebrity or famous person are a positive sign pointing towards becoming a social butterfly in the near future. Social gatherings are a great place to meet and mix with others and work on networking. A possible result of your attention to this aspect of your life could be the addition of some interesting personalities to your group of friends and acquaintances, including people who could help and support you in the future.

Shaking hands with someone shorter

Shaking hands with someone shorter than you, whether they are naturally short or distorted so, in a dream, is a sign of being well-liked. When people look up to you in a dream, it is a sign of being respected and adored in reality, especially for your personality. This adoration is likely the result of your care and consideration for someone who needed your help in a difficult situation, with your kindness being recognized and reciprocated.

Giving someone's hands a manicure

Giving a manicure to someone with dirty, broken or worn nails is a sign of being on the quest to complete some project or meet some goal. However, as indicated by the nails being in a state of disrepair, not all is as it seems. In order to meet your objectives, you may have to betray the trust of someone you care about or love, leading to the formation of major rifts in the relationship.

Licking someone's hand

Dreams about licking the hand or palm of another person predict becoming influenced or controlled by someone either now or in the near future. Tasting of digits in a dream shows that someone has power or sway over you, often in a negative way. This bad influence could cause some trouble in the future, and this dream is a warning to take heed and get out before it is too late.

Children's hands

Seeing the tiny hands of a child or baby in a dream is a happy sign. This type of dream has positive connotations either about the present situation or for the future, indicating current happiness and complacency with your life or the reaping of blessings in the future. These developments could take the form of improvements in physical health, financial security or general well-being as well as receiving good news.

Itchy hands

Dreams about itchy, irritated hands predict the coming to a head of some conflict. Hands that need to be scratched at, in a dream, usually mean that some confrontation may soon take place, although whether it is verbal or physical in nature depends on the participants. The person with whom you are having the disagreement likely is short-tempered or easily provoked to begin with. Itchy hands in a dream are also associated with an unexpected accident or injury, though occasionally also have the more positive meaning of suddenly receiving a sum of money, usually from an unexpected or unknown source.

Someone pouring water on your hands

Having a dream vision of someone pouring water over the hands, whether it is from a bowl, a faucet or a hose, is an indication of the goals and dreams which preoccupy your thoughts but which you do not readily share with others. Dreams where water covers the hands, either through simple washing or during some sacred ritual, represent the obscuring of things important to you from others, perhaps to the detriment of those relationships. This type of dream indicates that your secret goals or backup plans may cause a rift if this information is discovered by or revealed to others.

Being a right hand to someone

Having a dream of being the right hand to someone, particularly a very powerful or influential person, is a prediction of possible disappointment in the future. This type of dream points out the existence of extremely ambitious goals or unlikely dreams that may not be realized or rewarded as you may hope. However, this dream does not only have a negative possibility. Being the primary assistant to someone important in a dream could also indicate being involved in negotiations or a debate which would end to your advantage, or it could predict having a dream or wish come true.

Imprints of dirty hands

Seeing the imprints of dirty hands in a dream vision symbolizes upcoming troubles and difficulties, particularly in your social life. Dirty, grimy handprints left about, such as on walls, countertops, or mirrors, indicates becoming the victim of vicious gossip or terrible rumors, potentially damaging the relationship between you and others. This type of dream could also predict the upsetting of a peaceful life or disciplined routine by chaos or the uncertain future, just as dirty fingerprints left about disrupt the order of a clean, orderly household.

Hands falling off

Dreaming that your hands are falling off, such as from a deep cut or a mysterious affliction, means you are unwittingly alienating yourself from your friends and family. Hanging out with a group of people which your friends and family dislike will damage your relationships with loved ones. The changes will be subtle, from curt conversations to unanswered calls and messages resulting in not getting invited to special celebrations or events. You have to decide whether your new friends are worthy of burning bridges with your loved ones.

Holding hands with a dead person

Holding hands with someone who has already crossed over to the other side is often considered an ill omen and a harbinger of pain and misfortune to come. It alludes to long periods of suffering or inconvenience, likely caused by those who do not like you in wake life. Your enemies may be trying to take advantage of you or just find ways to ruin your day to day existence.

Hands cut off because of lying

I had a dream that my father cut my hands off because he believed I had lied to him. In my dream I knew I had not lied but he punished me by cutting my hands off.

Being accused of lying in the dream world actually conveys the opposite interpretation in reality. It means that you are likely dealing with a deceitful personality in your social circle or even within your family. This individual is probably turning the tables and making you look bad in the eyes of your parents, particularly your father. Furthermore, cutting off your hands as a punishment alludes to the damaged bond between you and your father due to this massive misunderstanding. In order to patch things up with him, you may need to convince him that you are innocent of any perceived wrongdoing.