Dreams Related To Hand

Severed hand

In Jungian philosophy, dreaming of a severed hand carries special significance. The severed hand can represent carrying a burden, indicating that you're grappling with troubles or challenges in wake life. This dream could reflect strains on a friendship or a sense of disconnection from someone you were once close to. As it alludes to various mysteries, the hand's physical detachment in the dream can also be the result of unresolved emotional issues in reality. The imagery may prompt you to explore subconscious troubles affecting various relationships. Much like Jung's theories on dreams as symbolic expressions, this dream could be a manifestation of unspoken concerns. Every action you take is vote for the type of person you want to become. Therefore, taking the time to analyze the source of your troubles and working towards improving that area is one way you can increase your social rating or public status.

Hands reaching down to a school cafeteria table

I'm at my childhood elementary school in the cafeteria under a table and a pair of hands are trying to grab me and I try to run out from under the table, but my vision gets cloudy and everything starts getting dizzy.

This vision that you saw suggests that you are currently under a great deal of stress. The notion of the school gives a general feeling of pressure or stress, while the hands trying to grab you and drag you from your hiding spot further suggest that you are being forced to do something or act in a way that is against your wishes. The cloudy vision you experienced at the end of the dream could be interpreted as a sign of monetary troubles, so it may be that you have to work somewhere you loathe because you need the money. There is no good answer to this problem. You just have to be patient until the time is right to find something new and better for you.

Hand bitten

Grim Reaper bit my hand.

This vision in the dream could be an indication of some powerful or authoritative person trying to control or manipulate you. If the bite in this dream was somewhat painless, you could expect that someone might try to interfere with or create obstacles in the way you are trying to undertake some important projects or activities. Be careful how you communicate with or present yourself to this individual.

Holes in the palm of the hand

I dreamed that i was looking at the palm of my right hand and there were holes cut out in it in a curving line starting at the base of my hand ending at my thumb. And a single hole on the right ring finger, so I put a band-aid on that finger.

Seeing a pattern on the palm of your hand could mean that you are concerned about a series of complications of difficult situations which have recently taken place in your life one after another. You could be at the stage in your life where these adverse situations are at their peak (as indicated by the symbolic vision of the pattern ending at the thumb). However, the notion that this was your right hand which you were examining could mean that you are quite capable of overcoming these existing or potential adversities. Dreams about the right hand usually show triumph over difficult, negative or chaotic situations which are casting a shadow on certain aspects of your life.

A hand under the bed grabbing and pulling

I had a dream both yesterday night and tonight that a gray hand was reaching from under the bed trying to grab me and pull me under the bed.

Your dream might be a reflection of your anxiety over being forced to do something you don't feel you are ready to do, a task for which you deem yourself ill-equipped to tackle and yet see no alternative but to perform. Instead of trying to go against the current, you should let things take their intended course and make yourself prepared or available as best as you can. It might be beneficial for you in the long run, even though you think it is a big nuisance at the moment.

Hands reaching and touching from underneath

I was laying down on a table or bed. There were hands all around me reaching up from beneath this table or bed pulling at me from the sides head and foot. I couldn't just wake up right away, even though I tried.

Despite the dark tone of your dream, the hands reaching around and pulling from the sides represent a positive omen. These hands can be interpreted as receiving help from unexpected sources when you most need it. You might receive a loan during a financial crisis or have a shoulder to cry on during a time of emotional turmoil in your life. Remember to be appreciative and grateful to those willing to lend a hand in a moment of need.

Insects inside hand

I had a infection in my hand. Was making the skin peel off. Wet and gross skin. Peeled it back and there were little flying bugs crawling around and laying eggs inside my hand.

Dreaming that your skin peels off to reveal bugs crawling underneath and laying eggs portends the start of a new job or project. This new activity could be linked to a new mode of transportation for you. It may force you to start using the train, bus or some other method to reach your destination. It could also involve having to travel, and thus be away from home, for long periods of time.

Having deformed hands and dizziness

My hands were red and swollen, with no finger definition and spike-shaped blisters and I was dizzy.

Red and swollen hands in dreams suggest unexpected events which would lead to positive outcomes. Puffy hands generally refer to a lack of control over certain circumstances and yet managing to benefit from the events in some ways, possibly in financial terms. The dizziness represents confusion and being off-balance due to the unexpected nature of these events. Once you gain your footing and find your bearings, you can begin to find joy in the surprising turn of circumstances you are about to face.

Having an extra hand and warts

I had a dream that I had another hand on top of my right hand. And in between the two there were many many large warts.

Dreams about the right hand reveal triumph over difficulties and negative or chaotic situations. The extra hand situated on top of the other speaks of forces or individuals keeping you from achieving success or overcoming challenges. These oppressive forces are wreaking havoc in your life, as symbolized by warts, possibly making you lose hope in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds. To triumph, you need not only prevail in the presence of adversaries but also overcome your own negative feelings and insecurities.

Hands with spikes in them

I can't really remember my dream. All I remember is that I was with a guy I think he was a friend I can't remember his face, but we ended up in the hospital because my hand was full with big spikes. Can you please tell me what that means?

Envisioning yourself as an injured patient with spikes in your hand is an embodiment of being overburdened with tasks and responsibilities in the real world. Perhaps you have been overworking to the point of sickness. A friend in this dream, even if you cannot remember his face, is a representation of your busy daily life and multiple interactions with others. Conceivably, seeing this friend in your dream suggests that you need to take some personal time off and delegate some unimportant tasks which do not need your direct intervention to others, if possible.

Mehendi on hands

I dream of putting mehendi on my both hands and it was beautiful. It's a morning dream and today is Ram Nawmi.

Body arts such as tattoo and mehendi or mehndi are often allusions to a spiritual awakening. They can also signify insights and good luck. As such, you may find yourself blessed with a unique opportunity to enter a new phase in your personal journey. Perhaps you would meet your soulmate in the near future. Alternatively, the patterns on your hands can be a reflection of your readiness or desire to embrace your personality and become more empowered. After all, once you learn to love yourself, you begin to attract positive energy and like-minded individuals become drawn to your glowing light.

Holding hands with a disabled person

Dreams about holding hands with a disable person whom I love.

More often than not, dreams about holding hands are a sign of an upcoming trial. This circumstance would be a catalyst for measuring the depths and sincerity of your dedication and commitment to each other. Things resulting from such event could be an indication of how your relationship will grow and the happiness it entails in the future. Holding hands with the disabled person whom you love connotes how much commitment you are willing to provide for this person. This person's vulnerability, both physical and emotional, could be driving your need to strengthen the bond, so you can overcome any obstacles you may face together or separately in the future.

Two cuts on the hand

Jun. 23, 2017. Female. Two deep cuts in my hand with no blood.

Cutting your hand in the dream world may be the symbolic representation of loss, particularly that of someone you were once close too. Just like friends and family are sometimes considered an extension of yourself, so does this vision suggest you are about to go through a separation or even a complete cut off from someone you know. The idea that you did not bleed, however, can be taken as a sign that this distance would probably be good for you in some way. Perhaps the absence of this individual would make your life easier or allow you to do things you never thought you could before.

Having only one hand

Having only one hand in a dream may have varying interpretations depending on which part you saw missing in this vision. Primarily, the image of having only the right hand implies the resolution of an existing problem you are facing. Generally speaking, dreaming of the right hand signifies victory over misery. On the other hand, the image of the left hand portends a stroke of bad luck. This indicates the likelihood of being a victim of deception or fraud. If you are in a relationship, this warns of a possibility of cheating either by you or your partner. Overall, the image of the left hand suggests a period of unhappiness in your life.

Lending a hand to someone

Offering help to someone in the dream symbolizes the assistance that you are also getting in the real world. The support you are getting from people brings you satisfaction and contentment. Similarly, this is a sign that you are channeling this support to people who need your encouragement as well. You believe that doing so will help strengthen your relationship with the people around you.

A dog biting my right hand

Dreaming of a dog biting your right hand in particular indicates a loss of control in your life. Generally, the arm and hand are often associated with power and action, and being hurt in this area can signify feeling powerless or helpless. Overall, this dream is an omen that someone or something has taken control away from you, and it may have spiritual implications.

White dog biting my hand

White dogs are cute, but if a white dog bites your hand in a dream, then it can have a symbolic meaning related to your current activities or projects in waking life. You feel like someone or something is taking control over things you're doing, leaving you feeling hurt and powerless. It also holds spiritual symbolism, pointing to a deeper mystery or spiritual lesson you're currently facing. In essence, this dream encourages you to reflect on areas in your life where you feel like you're losing control and seek to regain your power and agency.

Cutting someone's hand off

The act of cutting someone else's hand off predicts someone in your life is about to go through some separation between themselves and their god, particularly those of the Islamic faith. Another possible interpretation indicates that secrets are keeping you from creating a meaningful and deep connection with another person, possibly because of a misunderstanding or a decrease in quality of time spent together.

Cuts on palm of hand

Dreaming of getting deep cuts on the palm of your hand can have both physical and symbolic connotations. The comfort or discomfort you feel in the dream is depending on the intensity of the cut and your emotional state which could be reflecting a feeling of vulnerability or being hurt by something in your waking life. It's possible that there's an issue or situation that is causing you emotional damage. On a more spiritual level, the palm of the hand is often associated with energy centers or chakras, so it might be a sign to address inner wounds that need healing and attention.

Left hand being cut

Dreaming of your left hand being cut carries a significant interpretation. This symbolizes severed opportunities or relationships, indicating self-sabotage due to unaddressed shortcomings. The cut serves as a metaphor for undermining your potential by not learning or growing in areas that could be valuable. Your dream signals that you're shooting yourself in the foot and hindering your own progress. Without a major change of heart, this pattern could have dire consequences. Embrace this negative message as a call to action, urging you to address your weaknesses, enhance your skills, and make significant shifts in your mindset before the consequences take a greater toll on your life's path.

Writing on your hand

Dreams of writing on your hand often convey a message of importance or a need to remember something vital. Your subconscious may be highlighting an essential task, detail, or idea that you should not forget in your waking life. The act of writing on your hand suggests a desire to remember something specific or a need for better organization and memory. Pay attention to what you were writing and the context of the dream, as it may hold clues to specific areas of your life where you need to be more mindful or diligent.