Dreams Related To Hallway

A boy and a dog in the hallway

I had a dream of a little boy and his dog walking in the hallway and the dog was pooping.

This dream has a few negative images. Small boys usually represent negative emotions while dogs that follow someone indicate danger lurking nearby. This seems to predict someone working in the shadows to bring you down or at least cause trouble in your life. This is further supported by the image of the defecating dog, which suggests childish behavior on the part of the aggressor. Most likely this person is jealous of you and does not have a mature way to deal with their emotions.

Snakes in the hallway

I was in a room and a snake came to me and led me down the hall where it attacked another snake then ate it. Then I was outside on a sunny day watching a little boy walk through the grass holding his mother's hand.

A dream in which you see a snake approaching you and then attacking and eating another snake could be interpreted as a wake-up call for you. This dream symbolizes the need for a change in your everyday life. Falling into monotony or some other bad habits could stunt your growth as a human being. Unless you find a way to change things for the better, you could end up unable to reach your goals. The dream already has the answer for you to help finding a brighter and more fulfilling future, as the image of a little boy led by his mother suggests.