Dreams Related To Hair

Curling your hair

Dreaming that you are curling your hair is a sign of deceit and betrayal. People you think you can trust are going behind your back and you are left in the dark about what is happening. Try to evaluate the people in your life and look for continuing relationships with those who deserve your trust.

Hair as a nice hairdo

Dreaming that your hair is a nice hairdo or that you have beautiful hairstyle is a promising sign. You will garner much success in your projects or undertakings whether at work or elsewhere. You will not have any difficulties along the way and you will accomplish your plans effortlessly.

Black curly hair

Having black, curly hair tells you that you will soon be tempted into entering a love affair, possibly one that is forbidden. You will find it very hard to resist the temptation and might be so drawn to it that you will be entangled in this emotional web for some time.

Hair falling out

Dreaming that your hair is falling out tells you of unwanted changes in life. Your life will change for the worse, due to external or internal forces, and this will be very discomforting for you.

Dreams about having long hair or cutting hair short

Having long hair

I dreamed I have long hair.

Dreaming about having long hair if you usually have short hairstyle in waking life, is an indication that you tend to commit reckless and thoughtless acts, either in relation to your own life, when you deem this trait as a personal flaw or weakness, or toward other people, in which case you automatically expect similar kind of treatment from others or they slowly distance themselves from you as much as possible. This side of your personality could stem from paying little attention to the consequences of such behavior or plain disregard for possible negative outcomes in the future.

Washing hair

Dreaming about washing your hair is commonly interpreted as a sign of entering a period of great uncertainty related to upcoming challenges and bringing stress in your life. The act of washing may symbolize a desire for cleansing or renewal, but in this context, it implies that the uncertainties ahead may bring worries, stress, and agony. The dream serves as a cautionary message, encouraging you to brace yourself for a challenging time and to develop resilience to navigate through the difficulties that may arise.

Someone touching my hair

Someone touching your hair in the dream world could be a sign that one of your friends or family members is in need of help or emotional support. If you recognized the individual touching your hair, it could mean that them or someone in their circle needs your assistance. Alternatively, if you did not recognize the person it could mean you need to look for signs or ask directly to find who is silently suffering.

Cutting hair

Cutting your own hair or someone else's hair in a dream vision suggests change. If you are cutting your own hair, it means there would be a drastic adjustment to your existence. You may go through a career change or break up with someone if you are currently in a relationship. However, if you are cutting someone else's hair, then perhaps you are dissatisfied with one of your relationships, possibly with a sibling, a partner or a colleague. You could be contemplating on cutting them off from your life.

Fluffy voluminous hair

Dreaming of having fluffy, voluminous hair is a happy sign. You will experience much joy and satisfaction in life, and this will lead you to find contentment in your personal well-being.

Hair braided by a stranger

A faceless man braided my hair.

Interpreting dream symbolism, the vision reflects a compelling urge to restructure one's thought process and carefully reconsider prevailing objectives, potentially indicating a pivotal juncture in one's life's journey. This dream impels the viewer to thoughtfully arrange their mental landscape and reassess their existing strategies, as they stand at a crucial intersection of choices and possibilities. By analyzing this dream's message, individuals may uncover a subconscious call to harmonize their ideas and devise a more coherent roadmap, given the current significant crossroads they find themselves traversing.

Golden hair

Having golden hair signifies that you have chosen a good partner in life. Your significant other is someone you can be proud of, a dignified and brave person who deserves your affection and trust.

Wads of hair

Seeing wads of hair in the sink or bathtub indicates losing balance and life energy. You expend too much energy on other things in life that you neglect yourself in the process. You need to recharge and restore your inner balance and regain inner strength by slowing down and enjoying life more.

Dark brown hair

Dreaming that you have dark brown hair tells you of conflict. There will be some issues in your workplace that will lead to tensions or misunderstanding between you and your coworkers.

Gray hair

Having gray hair or seeing some on your head in the mirror is an indication of misfortune. It tells you that you are about to face difficulties and trials in life. You should find a way to deal with them because it can also result in financial losses or worsening of your health condition.

Blond hair

Having blond hair in your dream tells about your kindness and generosity in helping others. You will be able to gain a lot of friends in the process, and the goodness you have shown to them along the way will be returned to you. These people will be able to help you achieve a lot in life.

A snake in the hair

I vividly remember this dream but for some reason everyone was talking about their hair (my cousins, siblings) and I went through my hair and a scarlet kingsnake fell out, at first we were scared but then we just stared at it.

Seeing other people talking about their hair in your dreams may reflect your jealousy at other people's accomplishments in reality. While it is possible that you are envious of some of the people you saw in your vision, in this case your family, it is also possible that they are standing in for other people you would normally compete against in reality, like co-workers or neighbors. The snake that was in your own hair reveals that the reason you are not seeing the same levels of success as these other individuals is that you focus too much on less important, trivial matters. Instead of looking at the big picture, you play around too much with unimportant details. Once you learn to put emphasis in the right places, you should see some improvement in your ability to get things done and in a high-quality manner.

Chest hair

Seeing somebody else's chest hair is a symbol of great physical health. You will achieve and maintain good physical condition because of your healthy lifestyle and wise choices when maintaining your well-being.

Someone doing my hair

Dreaming that someone else is doing your hair could mean you would soon be deceived in reality. If you recognized the individual from your dream, it is even more likely that you would be tricked or embarrassed, although not necessarily by this individual. For instance, if your best friend was doing your hair, it is possible that any member of your social circle could be out to backstab you. It would be wise for you to be on your guard and not trust anyone's word at face value.

Long red hair

Long red hair can take on two seemingly opposing interpretations depending on your circumstances and the other symbols within the vision. On one hand, this symbol can represent passion, particularly romantic feelings or intimate emotions. You may have a certain someone in mind or are on the hunt for your future other half. Alternatively, this image of long red hair can predict getting caught up in drama or being ridiculed for your behavior in reality.

Long black hair

The mystery behind seeing long black hair in a dream has to do with idiomatic expressions of the hair being your crowning glory. In Biblical sources, long black hair shows good judgment and well developed strength of character. You are able to use your experience and major part of your knowledge to make sensible decisions in your day-to-day life. You are also likely known for being reliable, consistent, and fortunate enough to be someone who can feel the pain of others and give good advice to them.

Shaving your hair

Shaving your hair on any part of your body is a symbol of loss. You might lose material possessions or wealth, or even someone very dear to you due to severe illness or circumstances that are beyond your control.

Hair loss

Hair loss or dreaming that you are losing your hair is oftentimes associated with a loss of self-confidence. Your hair may represent masculinity or femininity, depending on your gender, so losing your crowning glory could be an indication of your insecurity about your appearance or general attractiveness. Alternatively, this may also reveal your anxieties about ageing and all the negative aspects you may associate with getting older.

Out of control hair

Dreaming that you have out-of-control hair symbolizes having conflicts within the family. You are about to face some disagreements with your family members due to unexpected circumstances or unforeseen events.

Combing your long hair

Combing your own long hair is an indication that you have come to terms with your own careless behavior. You are being open to your weaknesses as a person and finally accepted that you were reckless on certain occasions.

Braiding hair of another person

Braiding someone 's hair.

Dreaming of braiding someone else's hair is a sign of distress. You may have too many things on your plate at the moment, making it hard for you to balance things well. Because of this, you could be experiencing a lot of stress and difficulties.

Flowers in hair

Having flowers on your hair or on somebody else's head is a symbol of trouble. You will be met with problems in life that may be short in duration. However, you should not worry about them too much for you will be able to hold yourself up well during this time and because of this, they will not have a significant impact on your life.

Sister with the hair styled

Dreamed I saw my sister, she has short grey and silver hair. In the dream, she had just had it styled, it looked good. She had gold highlights throughout the hair. What does the gold highlights mean? Thank you.

Dreaming of your sister with shiny golden highlights in her hair is a sign that you have a good friend by your side for life. She is someone who you are happy to support and love, as she is trustworthy, loyal and honest. Sisterhood is a beautiful thing, and your lifelong connection would continue to bring you much happiness and satisfaction.

Unwanted hair

Dreaming of having unwanted hair on your body, particularly if you are female, tells you that you tend to be selfish and self-absorbed. You focus your energy more on your personal needs and take every effort to satisfy them, even to the point of stepping over people or sacrificing your values.

Growing hair

Having growing hair or that your hair is emerging rapidly tells you that you are handling your business or personal life with dignity. People trust you and look up to you because of the way you manage to maintain integrity in all your undertakings.

Cutting your hair strands

Cutting your hair strands is a sign of burning bridges with someone who is close to you. You are about to have a major disagreement with somebody who is dear to you and this conflict will break your friendship apart for the rest of your life.

Hair falling out in clumps

Hair falling out in clumps predicts unpleasant developments in the real world. This esoteric symbol could point to unwanted changes in your own life or the general state of society. For example, your relationship with your significant other could deteriorate due to differences in priorities. Another suggestive interpretation points to societal decline due to global recession or a failure in governance.

Hair in throat

Dreaming about hair which is stuck inside your throat implies that others are working on holding you back from self-improvement. These people are probably not inclined to let you progress because they are on a different level and changes do not take place in their life. This symbol indicates that you are suffocating because you sense this setback, and it is exhausting you. You could be suffering from a lack of inner stability and seeking to become a stronger person, which implies a challenging period of your life.

Snow white hair

Dreaming of having snow-white hair refers to receiving great pleasure. You will either have wonderful news coming your way, go on new adventures while on a trip, or make new friends. Whichever comes, this dream is a sign of good things that are about to happen.

Dirty or frizzy hair

Dreaming that you or someone else has dirty or frizzy hair is an indication of bad luck. You are about to experience misfortune, whether in terms of career, material possessions or in your personal life, and this will lead to difficulties in your life.

Dying your hair

Dreaming that you are dying your own hair tells you that you will experience a state of emptiness and confusion. This period in your life may be short or long in duration, but it will be a very disconcerting time.

Slick gelled hair

Having slick gelled hair or a hairstyle that is combed with gel or mousse is a symbol of new friendship or beginnings. You are about to make new friends and these people will enrich your life. This could also refer to entering a different chapter in your life and it will lead to greater improvements or growth for you.

Hair trimmed very short

Having your hair trimmed very short that you are not quite happy with it, is a dire warning about your finances. You should rethink the way you spend your money because you may be spending beyond your means. You should change the way you manage your finances or you might have big problems down the road.

Arm hair

Dreaming of having arm hair can serve as a message urging you to learn the art of life planning. It's a signal to establish both short-term and long-term goals, fostering a sense of direction for your future. Just like preparing for rainy days, this dream emphasizes the importance of strategic thinking and preparedness for potential challenges. Embrace the foresight to create a roadmap for your life, ensuring a balanced and well-prepared journey ahead. By interpreting this dream as a call to action, you are encouraged to proactively shape your destiny, making informed decisions for a more fulfilling and secure future.

Hair growing very fast

Having hair that is growing very fast tells you that you are chasing an unreachable dream. Your aspirations are not realistic and are not bound to come true. This can also mean you are about to meet someone who will be displeased with you and this will create a lot of tension between the two of you.

Pulling hair out in clumps

Pulling out your own hair in clumps is often considered a harbinger or misfortune and bad luck, especially by traditional and shamanistic sources. This symbol means that something bad is going to happen, and you are likely in some way responsible for the trouble. For instance, you may get into a fight with a loved one because you are not listening to their needs. Alternatively, you may find yourself in a tight situation money-wise due to poor spending habits.

Different shades of hair

Having different shades of hair or streaks of different colors on your head or somebody else's refers to internal struggles. You tend to be indecisive and unsure when making decisions. This dream tells you to be more careful when it comes to decision-making.

Hair was cut

Dreaming that your hair was accidentally cut by a sharp razor, or intentionally cut with scissors against your will, means somebody is trying to lower your self-esteem or confidence. This individual may be jealous or envious of your success or your romantic prowess that this person would try to sabotage your personal or professional undertakings. This could also point to an identity crisis which would be a result of a failure or an act of betrayal.

Hair growing long

Using the associative method, it is possible to interpret the symbol of your hair growing long to mean that you are missing something important in reality. This is not talking about an experience or benchmark, however. Rather, this symbol suggests you do not spend enough time on the details or thinking your actions all the way through. The result is that you can thoughtlessly insult others or overlook the signs that someone in your life is suffering.

Meeting a guy with long hair

Well two guys were on a wooden walkway, second guy following first. First one I had seen earlier in the dream and even then I felt like I knew him from somewhere. Long dark blond hair pulled back. When he saw me he stopped and held out his hand to shake mine, I felt my heart flutter in my chest and I held out the wrong hand to shake his. Ended up holding his hand with both. Told him my thoughts, uncertainly he said he didn't think so. Walking away (he is working) he said "You are cute". "U2". I am a girl, like guys with long hair.

This vision of meeting an attractive stranger is not very promising, as dreams where unfamiliar men are present spell disaster for your social life. You could soon find yourself in a situation where you could become the center of some scandalous, if not life-threatening series of events. The attractiveness of the long-haired blonde man you seemed to favor suggests you tend to look for or be around men who seem to be successful, rich or better off compared to yourself. However, only paying attention to wealth and perceived success rather than other important qualities, such as loyalty, kindness or even love, may backfire and cause you more trouble in the end. Your dream is telling you to step back and re-evaluate existing or evolving events, especially when romantic or intimate relations are concerned.

Being covered with hair

Being covered with hair all over your body is a sign of forgiveness and help. Someone you have wronged in the past will forgive you for your misdeeds and would even go out of his or her way to assist you in an undertaking you are involved in.

Pulling hair out

Pulling out your own hair, such as when you are combing it with comb or brush, is a highly negative symbol to see in your dreams. Traditional sources suggest that this symbol is a harbinger of misfortune and loss. By itself, however, it does not indicate whether this loss would be material or personal. You should guard your heart and prepare to receive some terrible news in the near future.

A man braiding my hair

For women and girls, the sensation of a man braiding your hair, even if it would normally be too short in reality, carries a fairly positive interpretation. It suggests that while others see and appreciate your external beauty, their affection is not limited to your appearance. This ancient symbol comes from a time when the plait and the number three were interwoven to carry a special interpretation related to finding order in chaos, answers in questions and love in a community.

Pulling your own hair

Pulling your own hair is a negative sign. It refers to experiencing either material or personal loss. Either way, it will definitely be something significant and will result in a lot of hurt or stress.

Fake hair

Fake hair, like a braided wig or clip-on extensions, is a negative sign to see in a dream. It suggests that the dreamer is lacking something in reality and is trying to cover up this deficiency with something artificial or fake. However, hiding the problem does not actually fix it. Your misfortune would likely continue until you deal with the root of the problem.

No hair

Having no hair or being bald can refer to either a gain or loss in material wealth. You might lose some of your material possessions, or acquire unexpected wealth or prosperity through unexpected events or circumstances.

Hair breaking or falling out

Dreaming that your hair is breaking or falling out, because of too much chemical damage or as a result of a disease, refers to possible unwanted changes in your life. Things could worsen at home or at work because of various external and internal forces that are likely beyond your control. The hair loss actually symbolizes stress and negative physical manifestations that would stem from the situation that involves unexpected and unwelcome adjustments.

Losing hair

Losing hair, while brushing your hair or as you look at yourself in the mirror, is an allusion to your deteriorating health. You need to keep your immune system up or else you will be susceptible to viruses in your environment. Your hair can also allude to your self-esteem. Similar to the Biblical scenario where Samson loses strength after Delilah cuts his hair, the hair is also a metaphor for a personal issue which is holding you back from pursuing your goals. Instead of comparing yourself to others and feeding your insecurity, play to your strengths and focus on self-improvement.

White hair turning blue

Ancestor's white hair turning blue.

Dreaming about observing someone's hair turning from white to blue could be symbolic of new opportunities which will open previously closed doors and bring you great happiness in the near future.

Receding hair

Having receding hair in your dreams means you will devote a lot of your material resources and time to help in charitable organizations or volunteer for certain organizations. Sadly though, your efforts to help will be in vain and it will only lead to financial losses.

Facial hair on a woman

Seeing a female with a beard, mustache or similar facial hair indicates an unexpected event that will likely be unpleasant. However, your ability to manage this situation is entirely up to you. Faced with an unfamiliar situation, do you succumb to helplessness and merely let nature take its course or do you take it as a challenge that may lead to enlightenment or awakening?

Deciding to grow hair long

I am in a dark room with a friend I don't recognize, we keep inviting people over to the large dark room. We listen to music I like but all the people there I barely recognize from my real life. Then the setting changes and I'm in my best friend's kitchen and a music number breaks out and I ask my mom to grow my hair and we get hair. Of course it's impossible, so we get hair extensions. I have very short hair at the moment so with the hair extensions my hair gets very long.

This vision seems to portend a roller coaster of emotions in wake life. The beginning of the dream, where you did not recognize the friend you were with, could reveal success and prosperity in the future. The pleasant, familiar music reinforces this idea by suggesting something that has been difficult for you would suddenly become easy. The path to get there, however, may have some minor challenges and inconveniences unique to itself. This is seen both in the image of your friend's kitchen and your unusually long hair. The source of your troubles could be related to reckless or irrational behavior on your part.

Thick hair growing on one leg

I dream that my two year old grand son has one leg that has really thick black colored hair on it. In the dream I look at his leg and notice it that's all. Thank you.

Seeing somebody else's, in this case your grandson's hair, black in color and growing in an unusual place, could be symbolic of his excellent physical health and well-being. The healthy lifestyle and wise choices you and his parents provide for his well-being are probably the most likely explanation. However, the vision of the hair showing only on one of his legs could indicate that he has to endure or is subjected to opposing views on what is best for him, this could be the difference in opinions between you and his parents, or just between them. Therefore, you can expect soon going through emerging arguments or disagreements in regards to the ways to raise him the best way possible, if not already experiencing them.

Someone cutting my hair

Dreaming that someone else has cut your hair represents the breaking of the bond between you and that individual in wake life, especially if you are close. The act of having your hair cut by this man or woman means that you would have some internal conflict or outward problem that puts strain on your closeness. For instance, if you dream that your friend has cut your hair and you have a crush on his or her romantic partner, the stress of keeping that infatuation to yourself may cause you to lash out and destroy the friendship. If you really want to maintain your connection, you may need to work on expressing yourself more clearly and diplomatically.

Hair grips stuck in the skull

I was taking hair grips out of a bun, and one was stuck in my skull (which seemed like for a long time), which I pulled out, felt come out my brain and through my skull.

This dream could be an indication of your existing worries and concerns about losing control over some important aspect of your life. You could be also preoccupied with solving some important dilemma or making a life-changing decision. Judging by the nature of the objects you saw in this dream, this could develop into a very precarious situation which you should approach carefully and thoughtfully.

Free-flowing hair

Having free-flowing hair in your dream can mean potential problems. You will be faced with difficult situations in life and you will be preoccupied with solving them for a while. They may be caused by external forces that could involve people around you or could be a result of developments in your workplace or your personal life.

Pulling out a long black hair

I dreamt I had a course black hair on the cheek of my bottom... I kept pulling it and beneath the surface it was white... It was 17 meters when it finally all came out.

The image of coarse and black hair growing out of your body could indicate that you have been receiving praise or being admired by others for something you have not accomplished. You could have made it look as if you had put a lot of time and effort into achieving a goal, task or assignment, but it was only because the circumstances at the time were in your favor. If you do have feelings of regret or shame, this dream vision could be telling you that it is high time now to come clean-or put these things behind you.

Ruining perfect curls in the rain

I had a dream that I had perfect blond curls. I stepped into the rain and realized if I stayed, my curls would be ruined. Whoever the female was that I was talking to coaxed me to keep walking in the rain. My curls were then ruined and it seemed to upset me, but I felt better moments later. In real life, my hair is dyed blond so this wasn't a surprise to me.

There is some contradiction in this dream. Curly hair often signifies that you may be tempted into a relationship that is not good, perhaps with someone who is not available or interested. However, the fact that your hair was getting wet in the rain is a prediction of having a lot of fun with friends. Your friends may invite you to a party that does not immediately appeal to you, but you should seriously consider going. If your hair was blonde in the dream, this means that you are a kind and generous person to other people, you help them without asking much in return.

Hair falling off

I had a dream where my hair split in half around the area where the hair tide would be and fell off. It was not my whole hair, just a portion of it. What does this mean?

Dreams with images of hair falling out could contain predictions of upcoming unwanted changes in life. Your life may soon change for the worse, due to external forces or your actions, leaving you upset and devastated. At the same, focusing on little details about the loss of hair, such as its location and quantity, could be telling you that you are already aware of some of the negative developments taking place in your waking life, so it is not too late to avert their potentially damaging effects rather than wait for worse things to happen.

Hair being unbraided

In the dream I asked the one I love to finish unbraiding my hair.

Braided hair is symbolically linked with the idea of having too much to do and not enough time to do it. In one sense, it is like you are "tied up" in everything you have to accomplish. Asking the person you are romantically interested in to undo your braid, then, can be interpreted as a sign that you desire a partner (although not necessarily a romantic one) to help you get things done and ease some of the stress you are under.

Someone cutting your hair

Those who have dreamt of someone else cutting their hair often wake to a feeling of discomfort or discombobulation. This is because the activity of cutting hair is associated with growth and change. To see someone else cutting your locks suggests that you want to change but are looking for an outside force to push you into changing, similar to a shortcut. However, change comes from within. If you do not take ownership of your growth, you are unlikely to end up where you want.

Burning your hair

Accidentally burning your hair in a dream is a positive symbol, indicating your ability to conquer life's challenges. It suggests that you will triumph over the obstacles and hardships that you might encounter in the near future. This dream serves as a reassuring message, encouraging you to remain resilient and confident in your capability to overcome adversity and emerge stronger from difficult situations.

Bugs in hair

Psychoanalysis of this symbol can reflect some major issues affecting your mental state. Envisioning bugs in your hair can be considered the manifestation of negative thoughts or pessimistic outlooks about the future. It is also associated with feelings of guilt and dirtiness, for example, after doing something you consider immoral or sinful. While a certain amount of remorse is healthy, this imagery suggests you may be heading down a dark road. Perhaps you should seek the advice of a spiritual leader or counselor to relieve some of the burden you carry.

Black hair turning gray

I saw my black hair in my dream turning to gray hair. Completely turned white. What does that mean?

Having gray hair on your head in a dream is oftentimes an indication of misfortune. It tells you that you are about to face difficulties and trials in waking life. You may have to find a way to deal with them because it can also result in financial losses or worsening of your health condition. However, things could be naturally headed towards resolution and relief, as indicated by the white head of hair you had towards the end of the dream. It means that after all the challenges and difficulties you would face throughout your personal journey, you would gain wisdom and insight from those experiences. Those valuable lessons are key to becoming more financially stable and having a balanced lifestyle.

Cutting someone's hair

Dreaming of cutting someone's hair is a warning about worsening life conditions or quality of your life. You may soon face some negative situations which can alter your life significantly, and bring you much disappointment and pain.

Running fingers through someone's hair

Running your fingers through someone's hair symbolizes meeting someone special. You will soon find somebody new in your life through a date or a chance meeting, and you will eventually be romantically involved with this person.

Braiding your or someone else's hair

Braiding your or someone else's hair is a sign of distress. You have too many things on your plate at the moment, making it hard for you to balance things well. Because of this, you are experiencing a lot of stress and difficulties.

Combing someone's hair

Combing someone's hair in your dream with a brush tells you that you can easily overstep boundaries with other people. You have a tendency to be domineering and sometimes give unsolicited advice, irritating and annoying people in the process.

Hair growing everywhere

Seeing hair growing everywhere on your body is a sign of failure when coping with the realities of life. You may be having difficulties dealing with the sad facts of life and this is making you somewhat apprehensive. Because of this, you might be pushed into cowardice and commit an act that you will regret later on.

Unable to tell whose hair it is

Being unable to tell whose hair it is that you are seeing in your dream is a warning of difficulties ahead. You will have a challenging time accomplishing projects or undertakings at work or in your personal life. These ventures will eat up a lot of your time and energy before you can achieve your desired results.

Cutting of my hair

A vision about cutting your hair in a dream implies you are about to experience a change, and it suggests a radical improvement in your waking life. It is very likely that you are about to live through a shift in your occupation or develop new and fresh feelings toward a person you are in contact with at the moment. Cutting your hair is traditionally a positive sign that can appear in a dream.

Someone else's hair falling out

Seeing someone's hair fall out, whether from an illness or a mysterious and supernatural force, suggests negative developments in your life. John Paul Jackson associates hair with wisdom which means receding hair implies the erosion of wisdom or the loss of rational thinking. You might make really bad decisions which could snowball into other negative consequences. You have to be extremely careful before making a big commitment or accepting a big responsibility because you may come to regret it.

Someone pulling my hair

I had a dream in which somebody pulled my hair forcefully and cut my hair.

Dreaming about someone pulling your hair is a negative sign. It could portend experiencing material losses or grief caused by the person. Seeing your hair being cut in the same dream could translate loss of personal power. It could also represent the great significance of your loss or of the offense that was caused to you. The person or people that would harm you are not necessarily those that appear in the dream. However, thinking back about the relationship you had with the person in your dream can help identifying who that individual might be.

Seeing someone's hair falling out

Someone's hair falling out.

Dreaming about observing someone's hair falling out could be an indication that someone close to you in wake life is going through some unwanted changes in his or her life. You are probably being a witness to this person's life slowly and gradually hitting rock bottom because of some external circumstances or of their own actions. Your subconscious mind is indicating that this person's condition is really discomforting making you feel utterly concerned. Alternatively, you could be seeing someone aging in a very fast progression because of their lifestyle, bad habits, or high levels of life stress. Note that this person could be yourself as well, as adverse or unwanted transformations of your own body and appearance could be just a projection onto some other person in this dream.

Someone helping wash hair

I can't remember who it was helping me wash my hair, but I was being very particular on how to wash it.

Washing your hair in a dream is indicative of uncertainties in your life. At the moment, there may be a lot of things up in the air, making it difficult to plan for your future. Envisioning someone helping you with this task and being particular about how they do it, possibly telling or showing them how it should be done, suggests you are spreading yourself too thin and have your fingers in too many pies. If you keep focusing on tasks that are not directly related to your goals, you may become a jack of all trades, meaning you would be able to handle a variety of different jobs, but you may end up not having the expertise or experience to get to where you really want to be.

Pulling a long hair from the stomach

I dreamed I pulled a long hair out of my mouth that was attached to my stomach lining.

Pulling long pieces of hair out of your mouth is symbolic of the imbalanced life you lead, indicating you tend to waste time doing or worrying about things that do not matter instead of focusing on tasks and plans that are relevant to your future. This is also supported by the hair's origin in your stomach, which is the center of your being. You may need to step back and plan your course of action, perhaps with the help of others who are more experienced, before deciding on a new path.

A female friend suddenly growing body hair

Hi, I saw my friend (girl) who had black hair growing on her face and body (saw only shoulders and back). Half of her face was clean, as she had a shaver in her hand. And I helped her to shave part of her shoulder.

Dreaming of having hair growing in places where it should not be growing is a sign of acceptance and forgiveness. Somebody that you have wronged in the past may forgive you for your misdeeds and could even go out of his or her way to assist you with something. It is likely that the friend you saw in your dream will facilitate this reconciliation.

Hair growing on the bottom of the foot

I had a dream where suddenly beautiful, long, wavy light brown hair began growing out of the bottom of my left foot. There were people all around me. I knew they were there, yet I could not see them. I wanted to remove the hair because it should not have been growing there and thought of using scissors, but I was moving too quickly to be able to stop to cut it. I also thought of using a razor, but could not because of the same reason.

The focus on feet in a dream symbolizes being grounded. As a counterpoint, light, wavy hair suggests a tendency to get entangled in complicated affairs. This hair that keeps growing out of the bottom of your left foot represents the increasingly uncontrollable and unpredictable consequences of a decision you have made or are about to make. This action may set into motion a series of troublesome encounters and possible problems that you would have difficulty trying to nip in the bud. Perhaps your business could incur losses which may take time to recover, or the promotion at work could be delayed due to a project's underwhelming results and issues. This hairy predicament may keep your career or personal life at a standstill because of the many complications that may transpire.

Growing a hair patch after girlfriend leaves

While talking to this girl I was ordering a product. She started looking funny at me and she left like in a hurry. I then noticed I had grown a hair patch that looked like a racing stripe down the side of my face that ended with a longer piece at the corner of my mouth that was not there when we first started talking.

Dreaming about a new patch of hair growth, especially in an unusual place or with a strange pattern, is the manifestation of selfish or self-centred tendencies. This means you usually put your needs and wants before those of others, even to the point of hurting or using others to achieve your goals or desires. Because this appeared while in conversation, it may suggest that others are becoming aware of this personality trait and could start avoiding you or treating you differently if they feel wronged.

Advice to hide long hair

I had very long hair and there were 2 Muslim teachers in my kitchen which I know them. One of them was telling me to hide my hair and was holding my hand. I was very angry.

Long hair in dreams is associated with attraction and sexuality, especially for females. Being told to hide your hair reflects limitations and conservative beliefs surrounding you. You may be feeling restricted and chastised in reality for expressing any kind of vanity or feminine sensuality. It makes you feel angry and frustrated whenever others try to control your actions and behavior. You may be in the process of trying to assert your independence and this is making your elders uncomfortable. Perhaps you need to strike a balance of getting a degree of freedom whilst respecting your traditions and values.

A dead relative losing hair

Dreaming of a dead relative who is losing her hair.

The appearance of dead relatives in dreams usually reveals lessons to be learned from your past, but it could also be a reflection of your sense of mortality. The latter interpretation seems more relevant for your dream scenario because hair often represents health and vigor. In that sense, seeing your deceased relative losing her hair could indicate the deterioration of your own health and well-being or of someone close to you. You may be witnessing the downward spiral of a friend or family member due to unhealthy habits or self-destructive behavior. Ultimately, this is a wake-up call for a radical lifestyle change in order to avoid an early demise.

Needing to wash hair because of things in it

I dreamed I had nasty little things in my hair, it needed washing. I was splashing water over my shoulder onto my back. My husband was wiping it off for me. I noticed things in the bottom of my hair, I told him I needed to take a shower and wash my hair.

Finding bugs or other nasty little things in your hair is often interpreted positively in dream visions. It suggests that you would be able to improve your economic situation through work or that you might receive money from an unexpected source. However, getting rid of the insects may forecast some unfavorable occurrences, such as a period of sickness or lethargy. Furthermore, washing your hair in a dream usually alludes to some uncertainty in reality, which would cause you stress and concern. Perhaps the money you receive would be connected to this illness or unhappiness, alleviating some of your financial worries but causing others.

Hair cut against your will

Dreamt of people whom I don't know forcing me to cut my hair. They used scissors to cut my hair, the cut was unusual and I wasn't happy about that. One of those strangers was a woman wearing a white wedding dress.

To understand this vision, we should look at the symbols in reverse. The woman wearing the white wedding gown represents an upcoming event or function you would need to participate in. While this in itself is not a problem, the bad haircut you got suggests you would receive some unwanted attention, possibly from a suitor or recruiter. The symbolism behind the scissors means that there could be some success were you to go down a path with the individual. However, just because you would succeed does not mean you would be happy. For instance, a wealthy man or woman may try to encourage you to marry them. While there are certain to be financial benefits from such a match, the truth is you do not and never can love them. The haircut itself, then, represents cutting this individual out of your life to avoid temptation.

Treating unhealthy hair

Perceiving your hair damaged signals your need for affection and guidance in real life. Specifically, if you happen to be in line at a salon to apply an oil product or shampoo onto your scalp in this vision, it suggests that you are trying to move forward in life and not dwell on negative emotions. This dream also provides a way for you to repair any broken relationship you have that is caused by certain actions you did in the past.

Cutting your own hair

Cutting your own hair in a dream is an enlightening symbol associated with growth. In essence, the activity of a haircut represents changing or transformation. As such, cutting your own locks refers to direct actions you are taking to ensure your growth as a human being. The person you were in the past is not the same person you are now. In the same way, the person you are now will not be the same person a month, a year or a decade from now. Your strength, skills and patience, among other traits, are all in a transformative state at the moment. Use this time wisely to become who you were meant to be.

Someone plaiting your hair

Envisioning someone plaiting or braiding your hair is a very intimate act. According to dream workers who specialize in spiritual matters, this symbol reflects the time and care you put into beauty and your physical appearance. When you look good on the outside, you feel good on the inside. This allows you to feel like you are enough and a valuable person in your own right. You also believe in advocating for others and making them feel stable and secure. The interpretation of this symbol paints you in a positive light as someone who is working not to be thanked but for the glory it would bring your life and your future life in the next world.