Dreams Related To Hail

Eating hail

It's hailing in the courtyard of my mother's father's house. I am with them looking at it. We are happy to see it. Hails are big and small. I took a piece and eat it. It was not like hail. That piece was like ordinary ice.

Seeing hail falling from the sky in a dream vision portends difficult times ahead. You and your loved ones could experience a rough patch sometime soon. Disagreements and opposing ideals could create conflict among yourselves. On your part, you may choose to distance yourself from the others or become emotionally unavailable for your self-preservation. In addition, eating hail may be an allusion to becoming emotionally cold and aloof. Perhaps building a wall in order to avoid getting hurt is not the best thing to do during sensitive situations. Your subconscious could be telling you to reflect on your coping mechanisms and try to find more suitable as well as healthier ways to deal with family concerns and conflict in general.