Dreams Related To Gynecologist

Having a gynecologist appointment

I saw that I had to go to the gynecologist with my mother, getting with in the doctor's office and waiting in the hall. I realized I was wearing my eyeglasses. Left on the couch was a man sitting with a grey suit. He had a mobile phone and asked me something and I looked that the number "535" appeared in the mobile and I answered him by telling this number. He was excited when I told him and said "Bravo! That's right!" The door of the gynecologist's opened and she was a famous Greek singer and I got inside.

Your visit to the doctor's office with your mother may represent a similar situation in reality. While you may not need to see a gynecologist in particular, you may need to consult a doctor about another illness or injury that occurs in reality. This is also supported by the image of your eyeglasses, a symbol commonly associated with injury or accident. Although it is unlikely you would be at fault, you could suffer under these circumstances. The specific number you gave to the man in the gray suit reveals that not all hope is lost, however. While you may be in pain, other parts of your life could be falling into place. For instance, your need for care could prompt loved ones and neighbors to spend more time with you, allowing you to strengthen your bonds with them. This would bring you great peace of mind and satisfaction in the long run.