Dreams Related To Gun

Any type of gun

Dreaming about any type of gun is a warning that someone from your immediate surroundings or people you know may represent a great threat or danger to you.

This dream can also signify your desperate attempts to exert control over the situation you are in or try to build relationship with others based on a great deal of authority and cruelty you exhibit in your behavior, this can include violence and mistreatment of other people. This dream can also indicate a potential threat your family, your city or your homeland may be facing soon. It can also be a sign of anxiety and sadness in the face of a looming danger.

Firing a gun

Dreaming about firing a gun symbolizes periods of good mood and carefree existence awaiting you in your future.

This dream can also be a sign of committing adultery and separating from a love one because of this behavior. It can serve as a bridging element between your aggressive behavior in your sexuality. It can also signify a great loss you are about to experience.

Obtaining a gun

Seeing yourself getting an access to or obtaining a gun for some reason means that you will be treated with honor and respect in everything you try to accomplish.

Carrying a gun

Experiencing a dream about you carrying a gun is a sign of despondency and indifference you tend to stick with in your real life.

A salon being robbed with a gun

I dreamt that I was working in a salon when a kid came in. He tried to rob the place, when I stopped him. The kid had a gun and shot at me but missed and hit the floor. I punched him in the stomach a couple times. The owner was surprised and wondered what had brought this little kid to rob her. I remember the kid staying in the shop for awhile, and I remember trying to sell his gun but it broke.

Dreaming of working in a salon reveals your concerns about appearances. You could feel pressured to keep up with the same kind of lifestyle as your peers, even though you do not necessarily enjoy it or you do not have the financial capacity to sustain it. In this context, the kid with the gun represents your conscience. The more you try to fit in, the more you are reminded of your principles and value system. This conflict between how you are living your life and being your authentic self is causing a lot of internal turmoil. The attempted robbery also alludes to a self-defeating attitude. Your insecurities could be pushing you to seek other people's approval and convince yourself you are happy even when you are struggling inside. This is telling you to evaluate your priorities and whether all the superficial things are worth it.

Hearing sounds of gunfire

Dreaming about hearing sounds of gunfire foretells receiving news about a member of your close family passing away.

This dream can also be a warning about slander and disrespect coming from your enemies with some minor impact on you. If you're in love this dream can also predict betrayal or cheating coming from your loved one, or some type of sophisticated revenge they are planning against you. For people involved with commercial activities this dream can mean big losses due to some fraudulent activities or tainted business practices coming from people you work with.

People armed with guns

Seeing people armed with guns surrounding you in your dream is a good sign of unexpected joy and happiness you are about to experience.

Random shooting with a gun

Dreaming about shooting randomly or with no particular target is a warning against frivolous or careless behavior you may express towards others without realizing negative consequences of your actions.

This dream can also express your fear towards something or somebody needing to be taken care of in order to change your life for better. It can also signify the need to pay attention to slander and abusive behavior coming from people who dislike you or try to put you down.

Being held hostage and threatened with a gun

I dreamed that I met this beautiful and handsome man who started to hold me against my will. I can tell he was insecure but he never hit me, he only pulled a gun out on me and I wanted to leave but he wouldn't let me go and he took me to numerous family members' houses and they acted like what he was doing was OK. He kept taking my phone and I wanted to escape but I couldn't escape how I wanted to because my little brother was there and I was afraid of what he was going to do to him if I ran away.

The handsome man is actually a dream symbol for positive developments in the romance department. If you are already in a relationship, then expect more quality time together which will deepen your bond even more. This could also be a sign of settling down soon and getting married. If you are single, then you could soon meet your perfect mate. This person could be the one who completely complements your personality. Meanwhile, the gun represents the less attractive qualities of your partner. In particular, he probably has a bad temper which stems from deep-seated personal issues. If you want to strengthen your relationship, there needs to be open communication between the two of you and his willingness to address these concerns.

Buying a gun

Dreaming about buying a gun is a warning to be cautious and mindful not to fall prey or becoming a victim of burglary or robbery which may potentially affect your household.

Receiving a gun as a gift

Dreaming about receiving a gun is a gift is an indication that you will not be able to succeed when you attempt to reach your goals using criminal or wrongful ways in achieving them.

Menacing type of gun

Seeing a machine gun, a grenade launcher or any other type of menacing gun is a sign that one of your loved ones may turn into a real tyrant and make your life a misery or a nightmare, when you will be dominated and deprived of your own opinion.

Getting a gun from someone

Dreaming about getting a gun from someone, either by purchasing or borrowing it, signifies possible conflict and periods of unrest inundating your life and causing some big issues.

Mother threatening with a gun

I'm female. It started with me in the backseat of a car with my cat and my mother in the driver's seat. She parked outside a store and turned around with a gun in her hand. I asked her to not kill my cat because he was the most important thing in my life and to kill me first. Then things got blurry and the next thing I remember was sitting in an apartment with my cat gone and my mom sitting in a chair across the room with the same gun, I couldn't breathe and it went on like that until I woke up.

The overall dream scenario is an ominous symbol of repression. Being in the backseat with your cat reveals your submissive nature. Your avoidance of conflict can often lead to a lack of power and control over your life. The cat also alludes to femininity and independence, so a threat to their life represents a threat to your own freedom. In this context, your gun-toting mom suggests the presence of an aggressive and controlling maternal figure in your life. This person is likely imposing their values on you and you are unable to express your individuality in the process. Dreaming about this means your subconscious is encouraging you to assert yourself or at least communicate with this person that you feel stifled. Perhaps they are not aware of the extent of their influence over your life.

Shooting with a gun at a close range

Seeing yourself shooting with a gun at a close range signifies your tactless and indifferent attitude towards others in your personal or social life as well as in relation to your family leading to some disagreements or conflicts which may negatively affect your life.

Carrying a gun without ever shooting or using it

Having a dream about charging, carrying, keeping or holding a gun without shooting it suggests that you need to focus on one particular goal you have in mind in order to achieve better results in your life.

Ancient gun

Having a dream about an ancient gun predicts that a long-standing debt or money loaned to someone will be repaid to you very soon.

This dream can also indicate possible anger and distrust you will be faced with while dealing with people in your close circle.

Shootings and weapons in a dormitory

I seem to be having a theme to my dreams dealing with guns. In my first two dreams I was actually shot by someone, once in the neck in the first dream and in the second dream by the rapper 50 cent. Below is my most recent dream. I was living in a dorm room and I opened up my door to a crossfire of bullets. I looked to the right to see that person was shooting at another person. Then I looked to the left and watched that person shoot at the other. I somehow managed to escape my dorm room to the adjacent room next door to the left, but as I entered the room there was a machine gun waiting for me on the floor. I did not want to touch that gun or stay in the room. I felt scared and left the room to go back to my dorm room. Can you explain this dream and the theme of guns I seem to be having?

Dreaming that you are caught in a shootout or a crossfire between two sides means you could experience a predicament in real life. On the one hand, the predicament could be a result of your own actions or decisions. Gunfire also represents aggression and anger, so you may find yourself caught in the middle of disagreements or conflict between close friends or loved ones. In that context, the machine gun may symbolize your dilemma. Perhaps being surrounded by a lot of anger and resentment makes it tempting to join the fray and release your own pent-up frustrations. All the negative emotions from your social circle may be inciting irrational urges and destructive ideas within you. On the other hand, guns are also seen as phallic symbols. Hence, the crossfire may represent romantic propositions from several admirers and the machine gun points to your decision-making process whether to reciprocate any of your suitors' affections.

Cleaning a gun

Seeing yourself cleaning a gun in your dream represents a call for action or a need to defend yourself very soon. Defending yourself could be an honorable act, but at the same time you may want to take a good look and try to analyze your actions to be prepared before such needs arises.

A gun with a long barrel

Seeing a gun with a long barrel in your dream signifies phallic symbols your mind may be preoccupied with, it can also be a sign of excessive pragmatism and unnecessary aggression towards others.

Shooting targets straight on with a gun

Having a dream about yourself shooting targets straight on with a gun is an indication of your concentration on certain things in order to achieve your goals.

A gun with blood stains

Dreaming about a gun with blood stains is an indication of periods of alternating happiness and sadness accompanying your life depending on the actions you choose to take.

Choosing a gun

Dreaming about selecting or choosing the right type of a gun at a shop advises you that you are better off to let go of the feeling of being offended when someone tells you about your behavior or actions. Chances are you are taking a wrong turn in the relationship when somebody told you about the truth you didn't really like to hear.

Possessing a gun

Finding yourself in possession of a gun symbolizes your readiness to face life circumstances while relying on your subconscious mind and being empowered by your instincts.

Bullets not fitting the gun

Dreaming about bullets which are too large or small for the gun when you try to use it is a symbol of sexual disparities or physical mismatch between you and your sexual partner.

Hunting gun

Seeing yourself buying, handling or using a hunting gun means that you will have genuine interest in pursuing something that you like to do or are fond of.

Rapid gun rounds

Dreaming about seeing or hearing rapid gun rounds is an indication of your masculine nature and the strive to express your male libido or overpower those around you.

Rifle as a gun

Having a dream about seeing a rifle portends domination by the will of others and succumbing to their wishes and desires to your own disadvantage.

Holding your gun

Dreaming about having your fingers on your gun, as in being threatened or in danger, indicates following your basic instincts and physical pleasures rather than satisfying your spiritual needs. This dream can also be a warning for a woman when she rejects true love for the sake of non-lasting passion she will regret later in her life.

A real gun firing like a toy gun

A real gun which fires like a toy gun, causing no real damage to the target, suggests your initial impression of someone could be completely wrong. You may think the shifty, menacing appearance of a person makes them threatening or dangerous. Perhaps you would wrongfully accuse this person of being a drug addict, a criminal or a bad influence in general. In reality, they may only be putting on an act to conceal their social anxiety or insecurity.

Carrying a gun as part of your duty

Dreaming about being on duty and carrying a gun is a sign of being protected from adverse or menacing circumstances which may threaten your life. This kind of protection can be coming from a person or agency you are somehow related to.

Someone asking for a gun

Seeing someone asking you for a gun in your dream is a good sign of being able to counteract and successfully deal with plots by your enemies or competitors threatening the outcomes of your business or project.

Wounding someone when using a gun

Having a dream about wounding someone while using a gun points out your extreme state of introversion or timid nature which can easily be affected by the opinion of others.

BB gun

Dreaming about seeing or handling a BB gun predicts some family conflicts or disputes you will have to deal with for quite some time.

Double-barreled gun

Experiencing a dream about seeing a double-barreled gun is a sign of death wish directed at two aspects, one being directed towards the person who makes your life miserable, and the other onto yourself expressed as some kind of suicidal thoughts or impulses.

Hearing a clank of a gun

Having a dream about hearing a clank of a gun foretells delightful and surprising news coming your way.

Arsenal of guns

Having a dream about seeing an arsenal of guns signifies receiving news about undergoing unwanted changes or a need to drastically change your lifestyle.

Using a gun in an unusual way

Dreaming about yourself using a gun in an unusual way is an indication of your internal conflict which involves practical and creative sides of your individuality, as well as aggressive and destructive motives you tend to express as part of your personality.

Silencer for the gun

Seeing a silencer for the gun you have in your possession is a symbol of your prudence and ability to make right decisions when you are confronted by questionable situations or challenges.

Arming yourself with a gun

Dreaming about arming yourself with a gun is a warning to be cautious and pay attention to things happening around you, which may require due diligence and being on constant alert.

Unable to use my gun like in real life

Your inability to use a gun, like you would in real life if you possess firearms, represents your lack of awareness of your own capabilities. You are playing it safe and staying in your comfort zone, perhaps because you fear failure or avoid rejection. However, to build character and develop as a person it is essential to face your fears. You can dip your toes into the great unknown by socializing more. Meeting new people at parties, getting a gym membership or volunteering will make your life richer and more exciting.

Using a laser gun

Having a dream about using a laser gun reveals your propensity for destructive or mindless behavior or uncaring attitude towards people around you.

Looking at a picture of a gun

Dreaming about looking at a picture of a gun signifies your internal conflict with your subconscious mind and inability to make a connection between the conscience and the visions projected by your subconscious mind.

Ammunition for the gun

Looking at ammunition for the guns you have, such as selecting bullets for the type of gun you have, foretells successful completion of the business you have started, or the project you have been working on for a long time.

Loaded gun standing or hanging

Dreaming about a loaded gun standing on its own or hanging on the wall is a bad sign of possible conflicts and disagreements you are about to experience which may involve your close friends or coworkers.

Giving birth to a gun

My wife gave birth to a gun and we were treating it like a real baby. I just want to know what it means. She is currently pregnant and I'm curious.

The meaning of this dream about your wife giving birth to a weapon would depend on your attitude and personal opinion toward guns in waking life. If you approve of having guns around as a way to protect yourself and your family, it could mean that presently you have heightened urge to protect and safeguard the well-being of the mother and the child to be born. If you, for some reason, oppose the idea of having guns around, you could be subconsciously projecting fears and concerns about the safety of you and your family in the light of gun-related tragedies witnessed either personally or in the media. Treating the gun as a real baby, however, is somewhat concerning because it could indicate your excessive focus on and preoccupation with the whole gun issue, regardless which side you belong to.

Laser gun

Seeing a laser gun in your dream means that someone in your close circle may take advantage of your openness and kindness. Do not reveal your secrets, especially to people you have doubts about.

Looking at guns in an armory

Seeing yourself looking at various types of guns in an armory in your dream is a sign of receiving some bad news related to wars, social unrest or conflicts in your neighborhood.

A collection of ancient guns

Looking at a collection of ancient guns in your dream is a prediction of your ability to successfully manage things around you and share positive attitude and motivation in order to accomplish common goals while working as a team.

Having no gun during a war

I dreamed that I was in war with no gun.

Dreaming about fighting in a war or being in a war zone suggests you have not been paying enough attention to your health recently. You may be ignoring some warning signs of a more serious illness or pushing yourself too hard when exercising or working. Finding yourself without a gun when you need it suggests having difficulty accomplishing your goals, letting down yourself and others who believe in you. This is most likely because you cannot meet the physical demands of your tasks. You may need to give your body and mind some time to recuperate before trying again. Investing in your health is the best way to protect your future.

Fastening silencer to the gun

Dreaming about yourself fastening silencer to the gun you have is a symbol of your extraordinary ability to achieve your goals and aspirations because of your talents and your natural strive for success.

Cannons as guns

Seeing cannons as guns in your dream, but not firing them, can be a sign of your unwarranted struggle to defend yourself and inability to resist those who are trying to attack or degrade you.

Selecting a target with a laser gun

Dreaming about selecting a human target with a laser gun is a bad sign of developing distrust or deceit with a person or persons you know well.

A faceless guy with a gun

There is a guy putting gun behind me. I did not see his face.

To envision yourself being a victim of a murder in a dream could be a warning. You should be very careful in order not to fall into the traps set for you by your enemies or people who dislike you. Moreover, the attacker was a man without a face. This could symbolize envy and pretense potentially coming from anyone close to you. This individual could be preparing to strike. Alternatively, this dream is telling you to be watchful of your own actions or behavior. You might make the wrong move and ruin your image or reputation. An alternative interpretation suggests that you might be currently under a state of fear. You would not be quite aware of its source, i.e., of what was causing you such anxiety. Hence, you subconsciously projected this fear by seeing an unidentifiable face in this dream.

Machine gun

Guns, in general, carry precautionary symbolism. Dreaming of a machine gun signifies that someone close to you poses a danger in your life. This person might bring you harm by deceiving you or ruining your reputation. On the other hand, this can also be a positive omen, especially if in the vision the gun wasn't touched at all. This could indicate that you need to focus on a goal and start acting on it, for it will bring a positive change in your life. Yet, if you happen to receive the gun as a gift, then you should be careful on how you act on this goal, for any wrongful ways could bring you a great downfall.

Being killed by gun

Getting shot or killed by gun violence is a common vision to perceive. This symbol is associated with multiple interpretations according to the works of Miller. However, the main point that stands out is that someone is trying to hurt, humiliate or undermine you in reality. As such, you should be wary of those who would benefit from your failure.

Pulling a gun out in a restaurant

My boyfriend was in a restaurant and he and this dude got into an argument and were fighting my boyfriend pulled out a gun and out of nowhere, I got in front of him when he was about to shoot him and took the gun out his hands because someone in the restaurant had called the police. Then I got my boyfriend out of the restaurant before he could get caught.

Seeing your boyfriend fighting with another man in this dream and pulling out a gun could represent your feelings that he is not dedicating enough time to deepening his relationship with you and your family. Waving a gun without firing it usually suggests a lack of focus on the important things in life, so you may be disappointed that your boyfriend spends more time on his friends, video games, cars, etc., and not on building your future together. You may need to talk to him seriously in order to convey the gravity of the situation.