Dreams Related To Gum

Chewing gum stuck in mouth

Getting a gum stuck in your mouth, for example between your teeth, indicates indecision. You may be exhibiting frustration in a particular situation because you are unable to find a definitive way forward. This could mean pulling all-nighters at work because you cannot solve a problem in a task assigned to you. This dream scenario might also imply powerlessness, especially if there is a person with full or a major control over your decisions. If you manage to spit out the gum, then it means you will eventually get yourself unstuck in a tricky situation.

Chewing gum and teeth falling out

To have rotting teeth fall out while chewing gum means you are likely in a powerless disposition. There are powerful personalities around you who are making you feel like you are losing out on good opportunities. According to Freud, the path to wellness is in decoding the symbols in your dreams. In this case, breaking the cycle of feeling powerless would require introspection and improving your self-confidence in order to assert your needs.