Dreams Related To Guitar

I keep dreaming about musical instruments like guitars what is meaning

Acoustic guitar

An acoustic guitar has a special and esoteric meaning in the context of dream visions according to the works of John Paul Jackson. It is a sign that you would learn something that would bring you and your family great happiness. Your loved ones would feel a certain sense of content from this information. You would be especially pleased to know how much comfort and relief you would be able to provide to those who rely on you.

Broken guitar

Envisioning a broken guitar symbolizes that you are experiencing disappointment or loss in your life. The guitar, being a musical instrument, represents your own creativity and the way you express yourself. A broken guitar string also refers that you feel like your ability to express yourself is hindered or damaged. In essence, it indicates a feeling of lack or incompleteness in your emotional life and is a reminder to make yourself more disciplined.