Dreams Related To Group

Groups of people while semi-awaken

Lately as I'm falling asleep, I'll only be half asleep when I start seeing a group of people, all spread out into little groups, and I'll say hi and they look at me shocked and say "How do you see us? Can you hear us too?". And then I wake up but the weird thing is that when I'm dreaming that, I'm not fully asleep yet. Only like half asleep if that makes sense? When I wake up I think to myself "Why did I think that?" not "Why did I dream that?" because it felt more like a thought rather than a dream.

Being half asleep and seeing groups of people is an indication of social media addiction. You are spending far too much time checking your socials that even in a state of semi-consciousness your mind conjured images of congregating people symbolizing gossip and trending topics. The barrage of information on your Facebook or Twitter timeline is filling your mind to capacity, so your mind cannot fully rest. In addition, this could also indicate boredom. You have nothing else to do with your time, so you automatically reach for your mobile or sit in front of your computer to surf the web in order to fill your idle time. To clear your mind from unnecessary concerns and clutter, allowing you to focus on more important matters, you need to think about going on a digital detox or cultivate a hobby which takes away from too much screen time.