Dreams Related To Grizzly

Shooting a grizzly bear inside the house

I shot a big grizzly bear in my house to protect my family.

Killing a grizzly bear signifies the end of harmful or destructive habits and behavior. This grizzly bear in your vision is actually a representation of your negative attitudes and patterns that are causing conflict in your household. Fortunately, shooting the bear means you are determined to put a stop to your wayward ways to protect your family as well as to maintain peace and harmony. You have attained self-awareness which would push you to become better for the sake of the people who love and care about you.

A grizzly bear attacking

I have been constantly having this dream about a large grizzly bear that roams around my neighborhood and keeps attacking my friends and loved ones. It seems that whenever someone tries to run from it, it attacks. I have not yet been attacked, nor am I ever afraid in the dreams, but it is very eerie. Whenever it attacks it is very brutally.

This recurring dream of an aggressive grizzly bear incessantly hunting down your friends and loved ones but never coming after you could be considered a subconscious representation of certain concerns you may have. You may be too worried about or preoccupied with receiving immediate gains, whether at work or when studying. Simply put, patience may not be one of your strongest qualities. You should think of the bigger picture and what can be accomplished in the long run.

Being stalked by a grizzly bear

Everywhere I go, I catch the attention of a grizzly! Regardless if I am in a car, walking the street, or in the house! The grizzly would find where I am regardless of who or what it has to go through to get me. It has tried to snatch the car door off, it has tried trapping me, and it has tried to knock on the doors down I hide behind! But I have not been physically attacked by one. Just haunted. And I usually wake up before the worst could happen.

Bears generally represent strong enemies or rivals determined to take you on in a fight. The grizzly in your dream, following you around, may mean that rivals are already making plans against you, trying to find your weaknesses, or turning your friends against you. As it appears in your dream, your detractors seem intent on getting you backed up in a corner. Perhaps you are feeling bullied or trapped in reality. You may want to remain vigilant for any suspicious activity and take precautions to defend yourself if needed.