Dreams Related To Griffin

Griffin eggs

i was walking through the forest when I came upon a group of eggs. I kept one and it hatched into a baby griffin like from Greek mythology and was female. I kept it and years later she and my Chihuahua were about the same size, they were best friends and liked to curl up and sleep together. More years later they died. I remember living through it all the laughs and the happiness.

Dreaming about finding eggs in a forest means you may soon receive an inheritance or monetary endowment from a distant relative or friend. This money would be quite unexpected, as you would neither know this individual had money to bestow nor that they considered you worthy enough to receive it. However, the presence of the griffin that hatched from those eggs indicates you have strong traditional values. This suggests the reason this individual has chosen to share their life's wealth with you is related to your moral character and upright behavior. If for some reason you have been lapse in your attention to these details, perhaps it is not too late to put a few of the simpler tenets into practice, such as limiting the use of coarse language and serving others before yourself.