Dreams Related To Grave

A grave in general

The image of a grave in dreams often portends negative news. In general, graves symbolize physical handicaps or upcoming illness. Pay close attention to your health and well-being in order to avoid contracting diseases. Alternatively, it can also be a reference to difficulties and challenges ahead. Your peaceful routine may soon be disrupted by untoward incidents and complications.

A freshly dug grave

A freshly dug or newly excavated grave in dreams often convey ominous messages. Often, this type of dream vision portends impending difficulties and suffering usually caused by self-interest and deception. A trusted individual may end up betraying you or turning his or her back on you just when you need a helping hand. This can also point to unexpected accidents or threats to your well-being, so keep your guards up.

A freshly dug grave could also point to a pleasantly surprising encounter with acquaintances or even virtual strangers. Circumstances could push you to spend quality time with coworkers, neighbors or other individuals you met in passing. While you would not ordinarily choose to hang out with those groups, it would turn out to be an overall memorable and productive experience for you because it could potentially open your eyes to ideas and insights you may not get from your usual social circle.

Your own grave

Dreaming of your own grave could be an indication that your enemies are plotting something serious against you. They may be intent in undermining your skills or tarnishing your reputation in order to snatch opportunities away from you. If you are digging your own grave in the dream, then it means that they are going to strike soon, so keep your guard up. On the other hand, if you finish digging your own grave in the dream, then there is a high possibility that you can defeat your detractors.

A number of graves

Encountering more than one or multiple graves while dreaming is an ominous message. This type of dream vision typically means that you may have to deal with a series of misfortunes or unfortunate circumstances in the waking world. This terrible turn of events could come in quick succession, so make sure you do not neglect your health as the stress could take its toll on you. Perhaps turning to prayers as well as the support of close friends and loved ones could help you remain motivated and strong enough to overcome this trying period.

Walking around graves

If you find yourself walking around graves or wandering through a graveyard, then it means that there is a possibility that you would be disappointed sometime soon. Perhaps your attempts of wooing someone would sadly fall through or someone else gets the promotion you have been eyeing for a while now. This frustrating turn of events may make you feel hopeless and pessimistic about life.

Covering a grave

Covering a grave in a dream, whether you or someone else is putting soil over the fresh grave, is a positive message. If you have been particularly distressed over a bunch of different issues in the waking world, then this dream vision means you would leave those problems behind. In this auspicious type of dream, buried underneath this grave are negative emotions and difficulties you have been grappling with as of late.

An empty grave

Seeing or looking down into an empty grave in a dream conveys an ominous message. There is a possibility that a close friend or relative would meet an untimely death. On the other hand, it is also likely that the empty grave is a metaphor for the loss of a friendship or the severance of your bond with a loved one. A major disagreement may lead to an eventual fall out.

An uncovered grave

An uncovered grave generally conveys an ominous message in dreams. Whether the grave contains a corpse or appears completely empty, this dug up piece of land is usually a metaphor for unwelcome news. You may soon receive surprising and shocking news about someone very close to you in the waking world. The uncovered grave can also be an allusion to uncovering a secret or an unsettling piece of information.

A grave of your relative

Seeing the grave of a relative in a dream is a bad omen. If the relative happens to be alive and well, then this dream vision portends the possibility that you could contract a disease or come down with a serious illness. Alternatively, if the relative is sick in reality, then this dream could be an indication that their condition would worsen and possibly even cause his or her early demise. To be on the safe side, try to be more available and caring towards this relative just in case things take a turn for the worse. Watch out for your own health and wellness as well, especially if the condition is genetic or contagious.

Buried alive in a grave

Dreaming of being buried alive in a grave actually bears a positive message. This is especially auspicious for dreamers who have had some financial setback. This dream vision heralds a professionally and financially prosperous period. The thicker the layer of soil over you, the bigger the boost in your finances. You may get your blessing from an unlikely inheritance. Perhaps a relative or a rich benefactor would leave you with a substantial amount of assets as part of their will.

Digging a grave for someone

Digging someone's grave in a dream portends losing something financially or sentimentally valuable to you. If it is the grave of someone you know, then there is a likelihood that you would put this individual in peril. If it is an unknown person's grave, it may be a general message of warning about your tendency to disregard other people's feelings or well-being. It could be helpful if you become more circumspect in your actions.

Alternatively, digging a grave for someone could suggest the likelihood of triumph after being buried in a pile of obstacles, conflict and overall difficulty. Finally, you would attain the peace and prosperity you have always longed for. The grave you are digging may be a metaphor for burying the negative aspects of your existence. In its place would be a more optimistic outlook and a desire for more meaningful connections and experiences.

Someone inside a grave

Dreaming that you see someone you know is in a grave could be a warning. This individual may be at risk of encountering a threat or becoming involved in dangerous situations. You may have sensed that this individual is undergoing some difficulity in reality which is why your mind is urging you to be more sensitive and observant. Perhaps it would help if you warn this person ahead of time to be extra cautious or extend a helping hand in case it is needed.

Desecrated grave

To come across a vandalized or desecrated grave in a dream usually reveals the dreamer's humility, perhaps to a fault. Your simplicity and no-frills approach to almost everything may inspire the respect and fondness of others. However, your down-to-earth personality may have its downside. There may be some unscrupulous personalities who would take advantage of this. Perhaps you would be dismissed or disregarded not only during social occasions but you may end up not privy to certain information within your social circle.

A broken gravestone

Seeing a cracked gravestone or when it is broken into pieces conveys a negative message. It means there is a rough patch ahead of you. The difficulties and struggles you would experience in the near future could be a direct result of mistakes you committed in the past or your inability to follow through with your plans. This trying time could undermine your self-confidence and make you more pessimistic.

An abandoned grave

Seeing an a neglected or abandoned and nameless grave in dreams may be an indication of upcoming losses and failures. Despite doing your best to plan and plot out your path, you would be greatly disappointed in your inability to achieve certain goals and aspirations. There is a positive side to this, fortunately. Meeting a generous and wise individual could turn your luck around. Your optimism and determination would be restored, thus pushing you to pursue your dreams once more. This time, you would have the wisdom and the experience to avoid committing the same mistakes.

Sleeping next to graves

I was singing with some worshipers, then I went to sleep, when I woke up, one of them said, you are too strong to sleep in such a place, she wondered, but when I turned on my right, I found myself sleeping near three graves piled with stones.

Dreaming about yourself singing psalms at a church often is a positively charged symbol. Namely, it could represent a good-quality home environment. That is, you always feel that you belong and are loved, respected and understood by your household members. Overall, an ambiance of peace, harmony and mutual understanding reign inside your house. Another interpretation for the same vision could be a reflection of your hopes or attempts to receive inheritance or get a hold of material or financial means as a result of someone's will after they pass away. But the imagery of three graves laid with stones at the end of the dream could also mean some major obstructions, either physical or moral, which would prevent you from achieving what you want, possibly to the benefit of other members of the family or other eligible heirs.

A mass grave

Dreaming about a mass burial or seeing a mass grave could be an indication of your gullible nature. Perhaps you are too trusting for your own good. It is also possible that you are not diligent enough to check facts and verify information so you tend to believe in gossip and unverified news. This could be catastrophic as your own credibility may be put in question if you unwittingly become an active agent of spreading false information.

A tree on a grave

Dreaming of a tree growing on a grave, or near it, alludes to finding happiness and contentment. You would find clarity and wisdom from your previous experiences and past relationships. On the other hand, if the tree is broken or split apart, then the symbol refers to hardships and troubled times ahead of you. It is possible that you are repeating old patterns and mistakes which would cause more problems in the present and in the near future.

No corpse in the grave

Seeing a grave without a corpse or a missing corpse in a dream is a bad omen. The missing corpse means something bad is about to happen. You may receive tragic and shocking news in relation to someone near and dear to your heart. This upsetting piece of information could be hard to accept. As such, the fact that the corpse is nowhere to be found could be an allusion to the subsequent sense of loss and sorrow you may experience following the bad news in the waking world.

Sleeping in an open grave

Dreaming about sleeping inside an open grave does not bode well for your social connections. There may be a particular friend or confidante with whom you would have some sort of issue or disagreement. This conflict, if not managed well, could snowball into something more serious. If you are not careful, your bond and friendship may end up irreparably damaged if not altogether finished. Alternatively, this same dream vision could also be an allusion to problems and complications about to arise at your workplace or in relation to a client. Take care not to antagonize others when you are not in the best mood.

Examining gravestones

A dream wherein you are closely examining gravestones could be an allusion to upcoming responsibilities. Whether you are reading the names of the deceased or the dates when they passed, the nature of the tasks you may have to take on in reality could be similarly tedious and demanding in nature. You may have to be extra careful and focused in order to avoid undue mistakes. For example, you could be tasked to do extensive research on a project, get involved in complicated court proceedings or tend to the well-being of sick individuals.

Grave and light

The amount of the light which you see in and around a grave in dreams has a lot of bearing on its interpretation. For instance, seeing light coming through a grave is considered lucky. It means there is light at the end of the tunnel, hence you would receive a lot of blessings after experiencing hardships. On the other hand, a grave that is bathed in darkness or dimly lit symbolizes difficulties and upcoming obstacles.

A grave covered with vegetation

Seeing a grave covered in grass or any kind of vegetation means there would be some clarity in one of your social connections. You may come across an enemy or a rival whom you regard with a certain degree of enmity. The more lush the vegetation, the more likely it is that your impression of this individual is off base. In fact, your assumption that he or she has some animosity towards you would be the opposite of their actual feelings toward you.

Jumping into a grave

Dreaming of jumpinng into a grave is a bad omen. There is a possibility that you would get involved in illicit activities which could get you incarcerated. Your subconscious could be warning you against reckless and thoughtless actions because they may have dire consequences. In addition, if you get injured or die as a result of jumping into an open grave, then you would likely have to pay a huge price for your mistakes. You could even end up spending your remaining years in prison.

A grave with a monument

If you see a grave with a monument or a statue on it, then there is a possibility that you would cross paths with someone who would become an instrumental character in your existence. This individual could be a romantic prospect or someone you can truly rely on. While it may not be evident at the beginning, overtime this individual would prove to be very caring, generous and supportive.

A door into a grave

To see a door which leads or opens into a grave is actually a lucky symbol in dreams. This built-in door in the grave often represents new opportunities and blessings about to come your way. After dealing with rejection and possible failures, your luck is about to turn. In the coming weeks and months, you can expect lucrative deals and projects which would improve your current financial state.

Picking a tombstone for your grave

Selecting a tombstone for your own grave in a dream is generally a positive indication pointing to possible improvements in your current existence. It means you are taking stock of your choices and decisions with a clear vision of the path you wish to take moving forward. This same message is applicable to dreams of walking around tombstones or coming across tombstones in a cemetery with feelings of peace and serenity.

Dead body dug out of a grave

Dreaming of a dead body freshly dug out of a grave means you are responsible for your own feelings of loneliness. Instead of swallowing your pride and admitting your own mistakes, you tend to blame others for your suffering and alienating your loved ones in the process. Your own sense of paranoia is feeding your anger which you tend to direct towards people who actually care about you. To avoid becoming a bitter, old person, you need to make yourself more vulnerable and accept criticism so you can grow into a better version of yourself.

Steam coming out of a grave

I saw a grave with steam coming out and suddenly it opened like an explosion and more steam came out.

The grave from your vision predicts receiving some sort of bad or disheartening news that would upset you greatly. The cause of your pain is likely related to the symbol of the steam, a sign connected with disappointment in those you love. You may soon find yourself in a situation where one of your friends has betrayed your trust or your sense of morals. This could lead to some emotional conflict because you would need to reconsider the relationship. The second explosion of steam may point toward multiple pieces of disappointing news that would add insult to injury.

An old and ramshackle grave

Visiting or coming across an old and neglected grave in a dream is generally an indication of illness. The signs of decay and dilapidation may be a warning about someone's declining health. Try to remember whose grave it was in order to properly warn that individual about his or her unhealthy habits. The warning could also be related to finances and personal turmoil. Either way, your subconscious may be telling you to be more sensitive about the needs of others in order to extend a helping hand.

Visiting someone's grave

To visit someone's grave in a dream portends a significant occasion, especially if it is the grave of a friend or loved one who is alive in reality. Perhaps the person envisioned to be in the grave in the dream would share news about a personal milestone or invite you to an important event, such as a wedding or a celebration for a professional achievement.

Flowers blooming on a grave

Seeing flowers blooming on a grave in a dream conveys a very positive message. It means you would find fulfillment and satisfaction throughout your existence. You would mostly find yourself in the company of optimistic and supportive individuals. They would willingly extend a helping hand when you are in need and you would return the favor. This mutual trust and respect from you and your close circle of friends and loved ones would attract more peace, contentment and kindness.

A casket emerging from a grave

The horror-movie scene of seeing a casket emerge from a grave is actually a positive symbol in dream visions. This particular imagery means the dreamer is about to experience a period of happiness and contentment. No matter how hard and miserable you may have been, the gray clouds would part and you would be blessed with a great group of friends and loved ones who would help usher in a more positive and hopeful future.

Spitting on your spouse's grave

Spitting on a grave or desecrating a grave in any way is a sign of your humility and peace-loving nature. You avoid conflict like the plague, so spitting on your spouse's grave means you are usually the one who backs off from a fight or apologizes first. Unfortunately, being a pacifist has its downside. If you always give way to the demands of others just to appease them, then they will start abusing your good nature. Your own significant other could cheat on you knowing full well that there is a high likelihood that you would look past their bad decisions.

Mother kneeling over a grave

My mom kneeling on all four over a grave with a cross marker.

You have not specified whether your mother is alive, and if she is, the image of her being near a grave means that she is about to receive a news or other type of information from very far away. If the grave in this dream was freshly dug up and open, the news would be extremely negative and upsetting for her. If the grave was covered with earth or had a tombstone, it could predict upcoming health issues or sickness, affecting either her or someone else inside your family circle.

Graves on the rooftop

I saw myself in a town where I have never been before, and then I saw I'm at my sister's place. The house I saw in the dream is not the place where she actually lives in real life. I said to her "I am going on the rooftop". The staircase seemed to be never-ending, taking me higher and higher. Where the staircase ended at the very top of the rooftop were two graves. One grave was built behind a small door. I read the tombstone, it was the grave of some young girl. The other grave was ordinary.

Being in a new town and finding yourself in an unfamiliar house could predict meeting someone who has a great desire to be part of your life. This could be someone seeking a romantic entanglement or an individual interested in a joint business venture. Walking up the stairs to reach the rooftop suggests that your partnership with this person could be very beneficial either socially or materially, especially given the seemingly endless nature of the climb. However, the graves at the top of the stairs could represent these benefits causing you trouble in some form unless they are managed or divided up carefully.

Family digging a grave

I dreamt about my family digging my own grave. They invited a known person to me, to pray for the grave. I entered the grave to see if I would fit in the grave and later came out. I went and asked my mum why they had to dig for me a grave while I am alive and she said its a norm (in the dream). What's the interpretation of this dream?

Dreaming that your family is digging a grave for you reveals your resentment towards your loved ones. You are starting to carve your own path in the world, yet you feel like your own family does not support you and this is affecting your self-esteem. The known or familiar personality tasked to pray for your burial represents some high expectations and strict standards you are struggling to reach. If you keep trying so hard to make your family proud and gain their approval or respect instead of doing what you love, you would just end up feeling miserable and resentful in the end.

Father's grave filled with water

I saw a dream today. I went to graveyard and I digged the grave of my father just to see him. After digging a bit from feet side I saw the grave is containing water. I cried a lot. I miss my dad. Then my uncle asked my cousin to close the grave back?

Digging someone's grave usually means losing money or something that holds sentimental value. In your case, since it is the grave of your father, this signals your own guilt or sense of regret. You are slowly losing your connection to your own father and this makes you feel bad. If he has passed in reality, then perhaps a part of you feels responsible for his demise. It is also possible that you are trying to dig up past issues and refusing to move on. Unfortunately, the water filling up the grave means if you keep dwelling in the past, you would be overwhelmed by sorrow. It is essential for you to make peace with past mistakes and errors because those are only holding you back from building a better and brighter future.

A vandalized baby's grave

Someone's baby grave is vandalized and I myself and the mother of the child confronted who we led to believe did it.

A desecrated or vandalized grave denotes humility. While this can be seen as a positive trait, it also has its downside. For instance, crooked people could take advantage of you by taking credit for your work or undermining you so they can bolster their own image. Since the desecrated grave belongs to a child, it means you also have a tendency to be naive. This innocence combined with your down-to-earth personality makes you an easy target. The confrontation at the end is telling you to be more assertive. You can be humble without being a pushover.

Standing by your mother's grave

Standing alongside the grave of your mother alludes to fear surrounding the death of your parents or older loved ones. Having to bury anyone you love is hard, but just because someone is dead, it does not mean they are gone for good. Every life they have touched and every memory you have keeps them alive. This thought should help you recover your peace of mind and feel more at ease with this passing.