Dreams Related To Grapes

Dream about eating grapes or grape vines and leaves

Grapes hanging on the vines

Dreaming that grapes are hanging on the vines, for instance when you see yourself visiting a grape farm or plantation and you see an abundance of grapes hanging on the vines in clusters, could pertain to favorable times of you becoming more successful and prosperous, providing you with more means to live and make others around you happier and content in their own lives. Rejoice in this vision as you are finally reaping the rewards that you rightfully deserve. If you are a woman and you had a dream of grapes hanging on the vines, it could also signify your most coveted desires manifesting or coming true in waking life.

Being offered grapes

To dream that your are being offered grapes, for instance when you are on the beach with a group of friends and someone is offering you to eat freshly picked grapes, could indicate possible romantic encounter in the real life. This might not, however, live up to what you would expect or turn out to be something that you truly wanted, in that you would not know if the encounter would yield good or bad outcomes. You could exercise some patience for what you truly desire to materialize because everything comes to you at the right time.

Red grapes for women

If you are a woman and had a dream about red grapes, such that when you see yourself buying a bunch of grapes with the color of sparkling red, it could be associated with an episode of great fear or concerns for your safety and well-being. These could pertain to acts of harassment, intimidation or worse a possibility of rape in reality. You should take extra precaution and protect yourself from any potential harm by removing yourself from any shady situations that would lead to endangering you in the process.

Grapes as raisins

Having a dream of grapes as raisins, for example when you visit a factory and tons of grapes are being processed to be sold as raisins, could allude to upcoming big responsibilities and potential losses, both tangible and intangible, due to your inability or unwillingness to juggle multiple tasks simultaneously. Stay flexible and you could figure out which tasks to prioritize so as not to be overwhelmed. At the same time, the vision could be symbolic of memorable moments and experiences during interactions with your friends or newly met people and acquaintances.

Eating grapes

To dream that you are eating grapes, such that when a vendor approaches you and sells you fresh grapes and you immediately grab one stalk and start eating to sample the fruit, could predict upcoming big challenges or responsibilities which are meant to make you a better and stronger person. The process of going through these adverse circumstances may help you further build your character. For women, the vision could mean episodes of distress or frustration accompanied with tears due to inability to control the difficult situation.

Grapes are symbolic of pleasurable experiences or encounters in general. Therefore, eating grapes in a dream could signify you placing a big role, importance or emphasis on your conquests and sexual or intimate relationships with certain people in your life. On the other hand, you could find this perception deceiving that does not necessarily define you as a person and thus could play against you at some point in the future. It all depends on what meaning you associate with the vision that would serve your best interest at heart.

Green grapes

Dreaming of green grapes, such that when it is time to harvest the grapes from your farm and they are with the unusual green color, could signify your tendency to live off other people's energy or feeding on their weaknesses or overflowing emotions. If this negative practice does not stop, you could be risking of going through your own emotional breakdown or instability as a way of bad karma. You should try and stop this selfish pursuit just to gratify your ego so as not to attract the same negative vibe into your life. A meaningful life trumps a shallow one.

If you envisioned yourself eating ripe grapes in the dream, for example when the grapes are crisp and ripe for picking and you eat several of them with gusto, it could refer to joyful and memorable occasions, pleasurable experiences, and becoming prosperous and wealthier in real life. Eating unripe grapes on the other hand, if they still look green and not ready for picking, could carry a positive sign of accumulating profits or being able to successfully solve upcoming difficulties or challenges effortlessly in the waking life.

Black grapes

To dream of black or dark purple colored grapes, for instance when you go to this far flung village and see that their grapes are darker and richer in color black or purple unlike from where you came from, could be an indication of your ability to make contact with a more influential or respectable person with a wide reach of network in reality. This person could help you propel your ambitions further and make them materialize sooner than expected. It may also be a sign of an upcoming party or celebration that you would be attending or make an appearance at.

Grapes for married

To dream of grapes if you are married, for example when you and your partner are buying grapes at a nearby fruit stand, could pertain to a surge of energy or burst in activity allowing both of you to accomplish something previously thought impossible in a short period of time. This is a good sign to push through whatever you and your partner could be trying to accomplish in real life. Maintain this drive and motivation and you could gain greater heights in your dreams and ambitions.

A garden with grapes

I saw a big garden full of grapes cultivation.

Grape cultivation in dreams could be a sign of anticipated profit and wealth, you may have been waiting for your projects to come into fruition or you want them to help you attain a more prosperous life. However, since you did not dream about actually harvesting the grapes, it could also mean that you are a bit concerned or dissatisfied with the results of your work, and subconsciously wanting to make some changes or work harder to get to where you want to be in waking life.

Grapes for singles

If you are single or not married at the moment and you had a dream about grapes in general, for instance when you see the fruit displayed vividly in a store or shown on television, it could indicate a lucky chance to succeed in something important in your life. This could be in the form of succeeding in a college or job application or a possibility of encountering someone to start a relationship with. Either way, the vision could bring you good luck and positive vibrations that you deserve in your waking life.

Blossoming grape plants

To dream of blossoming grape plants, such that when you visit your country farm and the grape vine you planted is starting to grow some leaves and blossom, could be symbolic of exceptional health and physical shape in the real life. If the plants were well taken care of in the dream like when the leaves are stark green and not withering, it could allude to success and favorable developments in ambitions you are currently trying to pursue or accomplish. Do continue taking care of your overall well-being and this will carry over to or reflect on other areas of your life.

Crushing grapes

To dream that you are crushing grapes by accident, such that when somebody placed a plastic bag of grapes in the car seat and you accidentally sat on them causing the juice to flow, or you crushed grapes intentionally using a juice maker for drinking, it could be symbolic of becoming triumphant in dealing with your rivals, competitors or enemies standing in your way. This could be a euphoric moment for you when claiming victory over your adversaries who have caused you much worry in your life. Nothing or no one can stand in the way of a determined person.

Heavy grape vines

To dream of heavy grape vines, such that when you make your usual rounds in checking the rows of grapes and you see that several thick vines were forced to the ground in disarray, could be a hint that you have to exert a lot of effort or spend a lot of time in order to accomplish something you are interested in pursuing in real life. You could employ some sort of time management plan to better allocate your energy and effort to your different priorities. Try to clear your mind and find a way to work smarter and not harder so as not to experience burnout.

Eating grapes off the vine

To dream that you are eating grapes off the vine, for example when you cannot help yourself and pluck a handful of ripe grapes off the crawling vine while visiting a grape farm and gleefully eat them while roaming around, could indicate of your dreams coming true in reality. These could include romantic prospects or career aspirations. If you did not like how the grapes tasted in the dream, like when they tasted bitter or sour, it could mean unfounded fears and uncertainties on the way to achieving success but being able to eventually overcome them.

Harvesting grapes

Dreaming that you are harvesting grapes, for example when visiting a grape plantation and you eagerly grab a huge basket and start harvesting the ripe fruit, could pertain to your ideas and thoughts at the workplace that could potentially push you further to greater heights. The only thing you should worry about is how to present these in front of your supervisors or people you think could be interested in hearing about them in your waking life. Stay true to yourself and your ideas will shine through effortlessly.

Collecting grapes fallen on the ground

I saw someone trying to open the window to get inside our house but he stops when he saw me. Then I went outside found out a tree of grapes that fell down and we were playing with the fruit of it by throwing. I was collecting the grapes after in a basin and washing it. Again I went to get more but the fallen branch of grapes was already down the river shore. I saw some of my relatives swimming in the river then water suddenly becomes high and we tried to go out of the water as fast as we can.

Dreaming of witnessing someone trying to enter your house portends potential problems. These issues could be related to the lack of respect for boundaries or privacy. These might affect your household, your close family or you personally. You subconsciously see yourself as a protector and you would immediately react to such invasion. However, you would soon dismiss the situation as harming. Hence, you might find yourself confronting the intruder on less private grounds, outside the household. The symbol of grapes has multiple meanings. Nevertheless, collecting or washing this fruit usually indicates the existence of a growing set of issues which need to be dealt with in a timely fashion. Moreover, dreaming about someone swimming or trying to swim in fast water currents or bad weather often is a sign of upcoming dangerous developments. You could soon find yourself in a seriously threatening situation or experience health-related issues. The dream alerts you to be careful. It is possible that something that you dismissed as a non-threatening situation can subsequently develop into a set serious difficulties. You should not get discouraged. The dream also suggests that, most likely, you would be able to successfully overcome those issues. This success would be consequent of your diligence and ability to anticipate things. Your instincts and reactions ensure the safety of your close family and personal belongings.

Aged grape vines

To dream of aged grape vines, such that when you are going around a grape plantation and you notice that most of the vines at the farthest part of the land which grew over the years and were neglected have already withered and are dying, could allude to existence filled with unforeseen difficulties and challenges ahead in reality. If you are harvesting grapes from the aged vines in the dream, it could predict an avalanche of responsibilities and tasks which would overwhelm you and make your life unbearable. Stay strong and you could forge a winning mental fortitude to withstand these upcoming upheavals.

Stepping on grapes

To have a dream that you are stepping on grapes accidentally, for instance when you suddenly wobbled wearing your high heels as you stepped on a few leftover grapes on the floor making it a bit slippery, or when you see yourself intentionally stepping on the grapes, could be symbolic of your determination or resolve to achieve victory to topple you enemies. The vision may be manifesting due to your burning desire to win over your adversaries at any cost. Rejoice for this victorious moment may be nearer than you think in reality.

Picking grapes randomly

To dream that you are picking grapes randomly, for instance when you find yourself going through the vertical rows of grape vines to pick all those that are ripe for eating and selling, could predict a possibility of a well-paid career or good financial investment coming your way in reality. This could lead to your dreams and ambitions coming true as a result of this good fortune. Be always on the lookout for opportunities that would take you to the next level and pave the way to the manifestation of your hopes and ambitions in life.

Hiding in grapevines

Dreaming that you are hiding in grape vines, for example when you and some friends are playing hide and seek and you hid behind the thick wall of grape vines in your backyard, could signify a warning to be extremely cautious at the moment in your waking life. There might be people who want you to fail or prevent you from succeeding in whatever undertakings you may have. You should watch your steps and manage risks to prove to those who are watching your every step that you can make it on your own no matter what.

A gazebo entangled in grapevines

Having a dream that a gazebo is entangled in grape vines, such that when the white columns are already fully covered with the fruit's crawling vines giving it a Grecian style, could indicate wealth, prosperity and good relationships within your family or household in the real life. This may mean a harmonious existence within your inner circle that you should nurture as much as possible. It is always best to maintain great familial relationships as these are the people who could always provide you unconditional support in your life endeavors.

Eating spoiled grapes

Dreaming that you are eating spoiled grapes, such that when you eat few pieces of grapes you bought from a grocery store and you tasted a sour and squishy fruit rather than the usual fresh and crisp grapes you are used to, could be a reflection of your constant fears, low self-esteem or personal reservations preventing you from achieving more in reality. Do not let these anxieties prevent you from doing what you need to do. Instead of giving in to analysis paralysis, you could try to meditate and focus your energy in attaining your heart's most deepest desires.

Drinking grape juice

If you are drinking grape juice in a dream, like when you are attending a children's party and the host is serving grape juice to the guest which you drank thirstily, it could be symbolic of good luck and massive fortune which are on your side at the moment. Seize this chance as this could probably be the perfect time to move forward with your plans, projects or intentions. That said, you could also make your own luck and push forth with your dreams and ambitions with nothing but positive thoughts about anticipated outcomes.

Stained by grapes

To dream of having been stained by grapes, for instance when a kid playfully squirted you a ripe fruit and stained your white shirt in the process, could allude to shameful experiences in your life ahead or being discovered and shamed for your past indiscretions or thoughtless acts committed in real life. You should not let the past define you or your present life in any negative way. Steer away from these negative thoughts and proceed to embrace life with joy and self respect. You are what you choose to be today and not what you have chosen to be before.

Planting grape vines

Dreaming that you are planting grape vines, for example when you see yourself kneeling within a vast expanse of a field in a countryside holding a grape seedling and a shovel to plant it directly into the well-cultivated soil, could signify a whirlwind or head-spinning success or career growth for you if you start and act immediately. You may want to grab opportunities right away and not postpone things, meetings or offers for the success to materialize soon. As the old adage says, the early bird always catches the worm.

Rotting grapes

Dreaming of rotting grapes or grape vines, for instance when there is a foul smell from the plant that was just planted and it is showing decay, could be a hint to re-assess your current plans or ideas in the real life because they are destined to fail no matter what you do. Additionally, collecting these rotten grapes using a basket may be warning you that further efforts you apply to save the venture would ultimately be unsuccessful. You could try looking for other ideas and create new ventures from what you have in the present.

Dead or dried grape vines

Dreaming of dead or dried grape vines, for example when you check the rows of grape vines on your farm and you see several lifeless, withered and dried vines lying on the ground, could be symbolic of unpleasant or uncomfortable experiences on the horizon. This vision may also pertain to frustrating sequence of events in your waking life that would be characterized by dramatic episodes of anger and crying. Brace yourself and you could try to maintain a peaceful heart and demeanor to withstand and overcome this type of frustration.

Grapes of a very small size

To dream of grapes in very small sizes, for instance when your neighbor gives you a sample of their homegrown grapes and you see that they are so small much like the size of a pea, could predict a possibility of meeting or encountering a person or a group of people whom you are interested in getting to know further. These people may hold some sort of value and importance to you in some way, like leveraging them to get ahead with your ambitions or attaining something you desire in life. Try to forge this connection and see how you could collaborate with them, so it would be beneficial for both sides.

Grape wine

Dreaming of grape wine, such that when you see yourself visiting a wine region in Europe to watch the grape wine making process, could be symbolic of a wonderful life and abundance, either in you current or future life. If someone is offering you grape wine to drink in the dream, it could mean that you can rest assured that you would be able to get the necessary help and support from your inner circle of friends and family whenever the situation calls for it. It pays to nurture your close relationships to have the emotional support you may sometimes need in your life.

If you see yourself making the grape wine yourself in the dream, for example when you take part in the process of converting the grape into wine, it could be also a sign of being able to achieve tremendous success and prosperity in life. You could also become more financially independent and amass great wealth and you would eventually earn respect and reverence from people surrounding you in your waking life.

Gathering grape leaves

To dream that you are gathering grape leaves, for instance when you are tending the grape farm and you start to harvest or gather several grape leaves that fell to the ground for a creative project during fall season, could be an indication that you tend to neglect or not to value kind and generous people in your life. You should try and reciprocate these generous acts as these people only want the best in the world for you. It is never too late to express your gratitude or show appreciation to those people who matter to you and constantly support your efforts.

Unable to reach grapes on the vine

If you are dreaming that you are unable to reach grapes on the vine, such that when you are trying to reach for the grapes already ripe for the picking and you need a stool to do that, it could indicate that your current efforts to accomplish something in life would not be successful. You should not however, blame yourself because the failure could be due to external forces beyond your control. Do not be disheartened if unforeseen circumstances are preventing you from getting where you want to be. You might just need to persevere to achieve your heart's desires.

Grape vines without grapes

To dream of grape vines without grapes, for example when you are surprised that the grapes you planted are still not bearing fruits after a long period of time of taking care of them, could mean that you would be subjected or currently being subjected to acts of betrayal or deception. Someone could mislead you with the goal or intention of eventually taking advantage of you and your kindness. You could try to listen to your gut when it comes to dealing with the people you connect with in your life to prevent this from happening.

White grapes

Dreaming of white grapes, for instance when a grape connoisseur gives you a bunch of white grapes which are modified genetically thus the unusual color, could be a reflection of your gullibility or being inexperienced in some subject matters, affairs or topics which surround you in the waking life. Alternatively, this imagery could pertain to your innocent nature or virginity in general at a subconscious level. The vision of your naivety could also mean that you have a long way to go in terms of learning about life and its complexities.

Offering grapes to the opposite gender

Offering grapes to the opposite gender in a dream, such that when an attractive man or woman appears in your path and you eagerly share the grapes you are eating with him or her like a love sick puppy, could lead to big disappointments in romantic affairs in reality. It could be telling you of your inability to impress or court the members of the opposite sex successfully no matter how hard you try. Just continue to be authentic and true to yourself and you should be able to attract the right person in no time.

Grapes for men

If you are a man and you have a dream about grapes, for example when you see lots of grapes being sold in the market while looking for food to buy, it could allude to big challenges and difficulties on the horizon. This could be most likely due to struggles in the waking world pertaining to maintaining overall happiness and providing stability for your family. You could trust that everything would work out and try to be optimistic to attract only good things in your life. Happiness comes from within and you could see it in the little details of your life.

Pressing grapes to make wine

Dreaming that you are pressing grapes to make wine, such that when your family has a wine business and you happily help out in pressing grapes using a wooden container, could refer to a bad relationship with a boss or superior at work that you have been struggling with in reality. If you press the grapes using some container made of clay in the dream, it could mean a just and a fair superior who may be providing oversight in your office. If, on the other hand, you happened to be pressing grapes in a stone-made container, this could allude that you would be working under supervision of a strict, controlling or domineering supervisor whom you are trying avoid subconsciously.

Collecting grape juice in big jars

If you are collecting grape juice in big jars in a dream, for example when you are letting the grape juice flow through big earthen jars from the wooden container they were pressed in, it could be a favorable sign of receiving extraordinary profits or revenues at work much to your delight in real life. This good fortune could be a result from good investment strategies that yielded more results than you initially expected. Continue to employ these effective tactics so that abundance will continuously flow into your waking life, so you never feel deprived.

Selling grapes

To dream that you are selling grapes, for instance when you see yourself as a grape vendor selling various type of grapes in the market and entertaining customers, could signify successfully overcoming things that have been bothering you lately or served as a reason for constant worries, disappointments or frustrations in reality. You could end this right away by focusing on your inner peace and mental fortitude that would make these unfounded worries go away. Meditation goes a long way such that any external factors could no longer affect you negatively.