Dreams Related To Grandfather

A smiling grandfather

A smiling grandfather, probably directly at you with a look of pride or maybe just enjoying the moment within the context of your dream, is a positive dream symbol which means you are on the right track. The grandfather's smile symbolizes approval and validation for all the choices you have made which got you to where you are now. In addition, if someone owes you a significant amount of money in reality, then this vision means you would be happy to know that this debt would soon be repaid in full.

Talking with deceased grandfather

Seeing your deceased grandfather alive and talking to him in a dream vision is usually a harbinger of bad things about to befall on you. This talk or conversation with your deceased grandfather could be a passing scenario in your dream or an entire conversation which sticks to you even after you wake up. Regardless of the length of the talk or the context in which it happens, it means you would have to struggle with a tumultuous period that is characterized by an avalanche of problems and difficulties requiring all your focus and attention. All the effort your exert means there would be little time for leisurely pursuits.

Presence of deceased grandfather in the room

I am a 15-year old boy, and in the dream I kept seeing a dark figure in the back, and it was a white-colored room with a bunch of random people wandering around, and in my mind I kept thinking that the figure was my grandpa who recently passed away. And I guess I don't know what if it meant something or not. Thanks.

Dreaming about the presence of a dark figure near you should be considered a negative omen which is about to manifest itself in your waking state. You could be at risk of having some bad luck or misfortune, such as experience a significant loss, sickness or some other kind of unavoidable hardship or accident. Therefore, your dream vision should be taken as a warning for you to be more watchful of your surroundings, especially people you may encounter or become involved with after having this dream.

An already deceased grandfather

Dreaming about your deceased grandfather is usually a bad omen. In these kinds of dream visions, the grandfather usually appears alive and well, perhaps spending quality time with you or being present at a family reunion. Despite his comforting presence, however, this dream symbol carries a tragic message. Often this narrative is a warning that a serious concern or tragedy would befall your household. Additionally, if your grandfather is inviting you or other members of your family to visit him, then there could be accidents or fatalities involving your loved ones.

This could also be an indication of an impending promotion. While this may not be necessarily formal, it does entail additional responsibilities on your part. Perhaps this is merely to test your ability to take on more tasks and handle more challenging projects before officially promoting you if you pass the test. This could also apply to your familial obligations. If they are asking more from you, then maybe it is because they trust your judgment. Ultimately, this latest spate of challenges would help you grow both personally and professionally.

Wanting to live with deceased grandfather

I dreamt about my grandfather who died 12 years ago. In my dream, I saw him on the road and I hug him with crying and request him I want to live with him. He answers me that I can live with him after taking my exam. I am 28 years old and I don't have any exam.

Seeing your deceased grandfather is often thought to be a message from beyond warning you of trials to come. While you may seek comfort or solace in his presence, he is in your vision to give you insight into what difficulties are in your future. In this case, mentioning the exam is the key symbol, as it represents stress and anxiety. Perhaps something in the near future would result in a lot of pressure, leading you to feel stressed out. With advance warning, however, it is possible you can practice breathing techniques or meditation to help you get through this period or find someone who can help you shoulder the burden.

A sad or concerned grandfather

Envisioning your grandfather appearing sad or concerned, perhaps slumped over with furrowed brows or with a faraway look on his face, suggests you are missing an important detail or aspect in your life. You may have become consumed by inconsequential tasks and issues that you have lost sight of your priorities. Forgetting the main reason for your hard work and perseverance could cause a lot of regrets down the line. There may also be other symbols or elements in the dream that would provide further details about what you seem to have overlooked in reality.

Furthermore, a grandfather with a worried look on his face carries a word of warning about possible hasty actions or bad decisions you would make in your career. You could get entangled in something unethical because of your office connections or friends at work or you could suffer the consequences for an error in judgement. Alternatively, this can also be a subliminal warning or caution against big expenses or large investments in property or assets. Before lending someone a huge amount of money or entrusting your life savings to a financial advisor, try to weigh your options carefully.

An angry grandfather

An angry grandfather in dreams, when he may be yelling at you because he is not happy about something or he may be directing his anger at someone else in the dream, means there are things not quite going your way in reality. You may have committed mistakes or made some bad decisions that got you offtrack. More specifically, if your grandfather wanted to physically punish you, then unfortunately whatever mistakes you have made are probably beyond repair at this point. You are just going to have to deal with the consequences.

A complete stranger as grandfather

Dreaming that a complete stranger is supposed to be your grandfather, and you just realized this when you woke up or maybe it was very clear to you that the person portraying your grandfather is a stranger, means something bad is about to happen. You could receive an upsetting or disturbing news about a loved one which may put you into an emotional rollercoaster. In extreme cases, a loved one could pass away without warning and coping with the loss could change you, either in good or bad ways.

Grandfather for men

For men, dreaming about their grandfather reveals their level of maturity, especially if in the dream you are standing side by side with your grandfather. It means you are fully capable of handling tremendous responsibilities because of your ability to make wise and sound decisions. You would likely receive due recognition and validation for your efforts in reality, possibly with a promotion or an award of sorts. Even your own family would show their respect by valuing your opinions on important decisions.

Grandfather who looks unfamiliar

An unfamiliar grandfather or a grandfather who is a stranger to you, likely when seeing him in passing during a dream scenario or the stranger posing as your own grandfather, is an auspicious dream symbol associated with success and wealth. If you have been having trouble completing your tasks or projects, then this vision means you would soon successfully accomplish this feat. In addition, you may get unexpected help from a colleague or a friend who would be instrumental in you success. Alternatively, you may receive a bonus or incentive for your exemplary work.

Grandfather lighting a candle

I dream that my grandfather was lighting a candle that look like a light post.

While you give no indication whether your grandfather is still living or not, seeing him, in general, symbolically represents always having a safe, warm environment to return to after dealing with the stress of everyday life. This is likely related to a relationship you have with a significant other, whom you may recently have been having issues with. Both candles and light posts point toward needing to communicate your needs to your partner to get what you need out of the relationship. If you can do this, you may find more satisfaction and contentment while spending time with this person.

Meeting with your grandfather

If your grandfather is alive and well, dreaming of meeting him portends upcoming hardships and difficulties. You could be having a normal conversation with your grandfather or meeting up with him in one of his favorite restaurants or spots. Though this foretells issues coming your way, there is a silver lining to it as well. So long as you accept the fact that you cannot solve everything on your own, you would find people who are more than willing to help you out in your time of need. Alternatively, this could also be an indication of a looming deadline for outstanding debts. Pay your dues and you would have less to worry about.

Grandfather visiting you

Being visited by your grandfather, whether or not your grandfather is alive or dead, usually points to past regrets that are likely going to resurface. Your grandfather symbolizes old wounds or pain that you may have inflicted on someone, maybe a childhood friend or a past lover. Thus, the visit in your vision means you would be confronted by the consequences of your previous actions or mistakes. Perhaps you have not properly made amends or owned up to your wrongdoings so you are being given another chance to tie loose ends.

Trying to help a disabled grandfather

Just repeatedly with both my dad and grandfather, and I was helping my grandfather to get in a wheelchair and I was calling for emergency help and couldn't get through.

Dreaming about being with your family suggests you are close to them and rely on them for help. This is especially the case with your father and grandfather, possibly because they have taught you some life lessons that ring true in your life. Calling for help on behalf of someone else predicts getting help when you need it, most likely from either your father or grandfather. You should listen to any advice they are willing to dispense, as it may serve you well in the future.

Grandfather with his grandkids

To see a grandfather with his grandkids, maybe someone else's grandfather in reality or a grandfather who is unfamiliar to you, reveals your desire to have your own family. This may not be evident to you in reality or perhaps you are still in denial, but somewhere inside of you there is a longing to settle down and have kids of your own. Alternatively, if you already have a family with kids, then perhaps you are thinking of adding another member to your brood by trying to get pregnant again or via adoption.

Having a conversation with your grandfather

Having a heart-to-heart talk or conversation with your grandfather, perhaps about your personal issues or regrets that you have kept all these years, bears a negative dream meaning. This usually portends a death in the family or someone very important to you. This sudden and unexpected loss may involve a family member, a close relative or even a dear friend. In this context, the conversation suggests an existential crisis or a period of introspection you would enter following this untimely death.

Yourself as a grandfather

Envisioning yourself as a grandfather who may be accompanied by a granddaughter or grandson, especially if you do not have grandchildren in reality yet, means you need to evaluate your next steps or plans carefully. Appearing older than you are or being elevated into grandfather status in the dream is likely your subconscious admonishing you for your impulsive ways. Snap judgments and careless decision-making could get you into more trouble, so perhaps this grandfather appearance means you need to wise up.

Sitting at the table with grandfather

Sitting at a table with your grandfather, perhaps a picnic table or the dining table in your house, means you can expect a long and complicated life with a lot of curveballs heading your way. It would not be all positive or negative, but it will certainly keep you on your toes. After going through a lot of hoops and getting your shares or success and failure, you would be able to look back and realize all your work and the experience would be rewarded so long as you work on things one step at a time.

Grandfather giving a present

Dreaming that your grandfather is giving a gift, maybe to you on your birthday or to someone else in your dream vision, signifies material acquisition in reality. You may receive blessings in the form of property or monetary gains. Perhaps your own grandfather would make you heir to a significant amount or property upon his death. It is also possible that this financial boost would come from an unlikely source, maybe a relative of yours or someone from your past with whom you have lost contact.

Great grandfather

Envisioning your great grandfather is an auspicious dream symbol. The dream scenario may be mundane like an everyday scene or it could be set in an exotic location perhaps during a vacation. Regardless of the context in your dream, the appearance of your grand grandfather or great grandfather means your luck would turn for the better. Once fate is on your side, you can experience success in your ventures or even win money if you decide to take a gamble. This would be the perfect time to take risks since they would pay off.

Grandfather's house

Dreaming about being inside your grandfather's house, possibly visiting your grandfather or packing up his things, portends a death in the family. It could be a member of your immediate family or someone from the extended side of the family. The loss of this relative or family member would inevitably bring everyone together for better or worse. As with all family-related events, positive or negative, personal issues with one another would ultimately cause some conflict when clashing personalities come together even if it is to grieve.

Grandfather wanting something from you

To dream that you are conversing with your grandfather and he says he wants something from you, whether it is a tangible object or more of an act or a favor, means you would soon have a pleasant encounter in reality. This generally means making a new friend through a random event or situation that would allow you to get to know each other. For women, this could mean a new suitor or a date. Maybe you would hit it off the first time you meet and you decide to go on a romantic date to test your connection.

Grandfather with a beard

Envisioning a grandfather with a beard, maybe your own grandfather or a bearded grandfather who may not be related to you, is a message of spiritual and religious renewal. You may have been lost lately and have become quite cynical about other people and the world around you, so you are looking for an anchor or some guidance to find peace within yourself. As such, this dream is encouraging you to turn to God or strengthen your belief in your chosen religion or faith. Renewing your faith and belief system would allow you to navigate the seemingly chaotic space around you.

Grandfather in general

In general, a grandfather as a dream symbol usually reflects the dreamer's current attitude in relation to your finances and your career in general. You could be gearing up for long-term plans and growing professionally. If your actual grandfather is already deceased, then it means you could get a lot of good advice from whatever he says in this dream vision. Following his advice would likely get you closer to your dreams or give you a good idea about how to achieve your goals.

Dead grandfather smiling

The smiling face of your dearly departed grandfather may represent your hope that he and your other ancestors approve of your lifestyle, work or other important choices. Perhaps you seek this affirmation because of self-doubt or due to the comments of others. You should rest assured that as long as you are truly happy and able to support yourself, others would eventually accept you and your decisions.

Dead grandfather luring to follow him

HI, last night I saw a dream that my mother and brother were fighting with me and they were shouting at me very badly. Then I packed my bags and left the home. Suddenly I saw my maternal grandfather is sitting on bed in another room who had passed away 2 year back. He told me to come with him and I was ready to go with him, we both left the home. As soon I left I heard somebody was calling me, I looked back and I saw my boyfriend was standing there and told me not to go with my maternal grandfather. Then I was not going with my grandfather.

To dream about seeing yourself being lured by a dead person (grandfather) to follow him somewhere and agreeing to follow the person is a sign of imminent danger you are about to be faced with, a sign of a serious sickness approaching, or a sign of possible tragic events which may lead to death. The vision of of your boyfriend urging you not to follow the deceased grandfather can mean he will be helping and supporting you to prevent these circumstances or events from happening or lending a helping hand after something bad happens.

Trying to follow grandfather who is deceased

My grandad who as passed away keeps calling me, I'm about 7/8. I run to him and call him and he moves further away, I run faster and he moves further. He is calling my name but I can never get to him.

To dream of seeing yourself being lured by your grandfather who is deceased now to follow him somewhere and if you agree to follow the person could be interpreted as a sign of imminent danger occurring, a sign of a serious sickness approaching, or even a sign of a tragic event which could lead to your demise. If you were not able to follow this person in a dream, this could also represent a warning to be cautious and watchful in order to prevent these events or circumstances from occurring or to avoid them.

Visiting grandfather's burial site

Hello. I need help interpreting a dream I had last night. So I dreamt I went to visit my grandfathers grave in an open sunny field, but for some reason it was above ground (slightly). So I open it (I am with someone?) And there is his skeleton inside. Upon further investigation I realize that his coffin is stacked upon hundreds of empty coffins as far as I could see. Anyone know what this may mean?

Dreaming about seeing a skeleton is usually interpreted as upcoming period in life filled with hostility or conflict with someone who is very important to you in your life. These events may come as a surprise because it was a sunny lovely day when you visited your grandfather's grave. Discovering a number of empty coffins underneath is close to dream visions of apocalypses, which usually translate a possibility of unfortunate events or experiences. You might soon experience despair and hopelessness. These feelings would be brought about by the passing away of a loved one, a difficult divorce or separation from someone who is close to you, major life changes, such as relocation, changes in occupation. etc. Nevertheless, there is something about the quiet, luminous and pleasant atmosphere that surrounded your discoveries that may speak of an ability to cope with the difficult times ahead. This atmosphere seems to suggest that these unexpected negative events will not distress you much.

Deceased grandfather giving a ring

I dreamt my late grandfather giving me his ring as a gift.

Dreaming about receiving a ring as a gift from your deceased grandfather symbolizes that all the differences or misunderstandings which you might have had in your family relationships will be successfully resolved, the conflicts and episodes of unhappiness resulting from hardships or tensions will become a thing of the past. This will pave the way to a more harmonious and successful relationship which will bring peace and understanding to family members and relatives.

Deceased grandfather in nature

My dream consisted of my deceased grandfather clearing off some land that I am in the process of purchasing. Then on the hill there was a tree where his white pickup truck was sitting and water began to flow from the tree... A soothing steady flow. It was so peaceful but confusing because he is deceased for many years and I haven't even closed on the land yet.

Seeing your grandfather who passed away in a dream vision should be seen as a comforting sign which represents always having a safe, comforting place to return to even amid a stressful situation. This may be directly related to the land you are trying to purchase, especially if you have had troubles with financing or other types of approval. This is further supported by the symbol of soothing water flowing forth from the tree, which suggests you are about to receive some long-awaited happy news.

A deceased grandfather becoming alive again

I dreamed about my grandfather who died on New Year's Eve. It was his 70th death day when I dreamed about this. I dreamed that he was on a couch, wearing a white shirt, he was lying and he was already dead, but after a few seconds, he became alive and I told my grandma that he was alive. Then, we go to a church with him and one of my relatives called us, but we ignored her. What does my dream mean sir/ma'am?

Dreaming of a dead relative is typically a sign of coping with loss. These kinds of dreams usually appear during significant events that remind you of them. Alternatively, seeing a dead relative alive and well in your dream could mean that you are going through something important in your life and you need their wisdom in handling your issues. Going to church signifies your need for spiritual guidance from someone of higher power or who has significant influence in your life, such as your grandparents. Ignoring a relative on your way out of the church implies blocking out unnecessary noise or advice which could be impeding your decision-making process.

Digging grandfather out of the house

I was at my grandpa's house, me and a cousin that I really don't see that often began digging up my grandpa for some reason. He was buried inside the home. He looked normal, we were just dusting the dirt off of him, no shovels or anything like that and he began moving around changing positions like he was just sleeping, but he was dead and we knew it, we were just crying the whole time.

If you were dreaming about your now-deceased grandfather, it is a positive sign in a dream vision. It is meant to be a reminder, either from him, another departed family member or your subconscious, that you always have a safe, loving place to return to. This could be your childhood home or a friend who always made you feel welcome. Furthermore, removing the dirt and old dust from his body can be interpreted as a sign of peace, suggesting that you do not need to wait until things are overwhelming to seek help. Those who love you are happy to help you on your journey, not just when you are in dire need.

Grandfather dying and becoming younger

A dream of my grandfather dying, but appears to be getting younger.

Seeing your grandfather die in the dream world illustrates your mixed feelings about his old age. You may have recently become aware of his mortality, and this awareness triggered the fears associated with eventually losing him. On the other hand, dying as he is aging backwards reflects the changes you may have noticed in your grandfather. Getting younger may be a reference to the regression of the human mind as one gets older.

Husband's deceased grandfather

I dreamed about my husband's grandfather that passed away a week ago and in my dream he is just looking at me, he looked like he always did.

Dreaming about your husband's recently departed grandfather is not unusual considering the recentness of this family tragedy. However, this symbol is more of a warning than a comfort. The presence of a deceased grandfather often alludes to other upcoming challenges or difficulties. More sadness, hardship or loss may be in store for you or your husband's family.