Dreams Related To Government

Unable to please the government

I dreamt that my family and I were welcoming important guests, our country president and other government officials, but after some time there was confusion, people were asking were he was and the first will sleep and people begun to argue. Even my family members as well.

The notion of important guests, including the president and other officials, could indicate that you presently are at a pivotal moment in your life. You might have to make an important decision or make the best use of what you have at your disposal. These actions could determine your future success, prosperity or achievement. The situation might hold the potential of having a rare chance to succeed. But the symbolism in your dream about people arguing carries a connotation of difficulties or obstacles you may be facing while trying to move towards your goals. These difficulties could be related to some specific details, such as logistic or organizational. Alternatively, the arguments could also represent your fear of failure, your fear of taking a risk or your hesitation to go through changes which might affect your life. Moreover, dreaming about family members who are arguing often is an indication that there are, or that you feel that there are aspects of your personal life holding you back, things like family obligations, habits or daily routines. These could prevent you from realizing your true potential and stand in the way toward a more fulfilled life.

Family persecuted by the government

I had a dream where me and my entire family moved to a different state and were living there. One day out of nowhere the government comes and begins getting ready to trap us (boarding up windows, etc.), but left the door, so we could go in and out. They were planning on killing everyone. Then I called my mom to say my last words and she told me she thought she was being followed and then she screamed and the line went dead, so I ran to her apartment complex to check on her and she wasn't there.

Dreaming about moving to a new area is often considered a sign that you are about to receive important news or suddenly travel somewhere during wake life. You may even be aware that such changes could take place, as envisioning the government watching and preparing to attack you could be the manifestation of stress slowly making its way into your dreams. This is followed by the image of going to see your mother but finding out she is not there. Mothers tend to represent happiness and good tidings, so the absence of your mother in this dream vision could suggest things going awry for you in the future.