Dreams Related To Goldfish

Goldfish in a plastic cup

I had a dream I was visiting someone and they had goldfish in a carryout container. When I went to leave to go find my boyfriend I picked up a clear plastic cup and spit the two goldfish into it. At first I thought one had died but it didn't. I guess it was getting used to the water because after a few seconds it floated to the top and began swimming with the other goldfish.

Dreaming of goldfish is generally an auspicious symbol for wealth and success. The end result is fortune or recognition, but essentially goldfish refers to the ideas and insights that could lead to success. As such, spitting the goldfish into a plastic cup filled with water alludes to your efforts at crafting and implementing your plans for achieving the kind of life you want to lead. Alternatively, you may have an innovative idea or insight that could propel you to the next level or next chapter of your journey.

Looking for water for a goldfish

I am seeking water for a beautiful goldfish that I have in a brown paper bag. It needs water to stay alive. I am surrounded by beautiful lakes and streams, but cannot seem to find the right place for the fish. I search and search and wake up without finding a place. I am living awake and telling myself that the fish is alive.

The image of a goldfish or fish golden in color in your dream predicts that something you have been expecting to happen or have planned will not come true. Most likely it is because the time has now passed since you were trying to make things work in your favor, but hesitated or did not act quick enough. Another reason could also be that you chose to apply your efforts in a wrong place or while relying on someone who was pursuing their own goals and therefore took over your dreams and aspirations.