Dreams Related To Gold

Receiving gold from someone

Dreaming about receiving gold in any form from someone often is a negatively charged symbol. Namely, you could have, or soon lend money to someone. However, you would be unable to retrieve or get your money back. Alternatively, the dream could represent some present or forthcoming financial investments in some business, activity or possession. However, this application of your money would prove itself to be unfruitful, unfavorable or a failure. That is, you might lose some or all of the invested money. Such lack of success could result from some unexpected events or unfavorable changes.

Stealing gold

Dreaming about stealing gold from someone or somewhere often is a negatively charged symbol. It could represent the present or future loss of respect, esteem ad admiration of those who know you.

Giving gold away

Dreaming about giving gold to another person or of giving gold away often is a positively charged symbol. In particular, you could be about to receive a valuable, cherished or significant gift. This offer would be delivered by one of your acquaintances.

Dream meaning of wearing gold jewelry or accessories

Wearing gold jewelry

Dreaming about observing yourself wearing gold jewelry often is a negatively charged symbol. Namely, you could be about to be robbed, fooled or used. That is, you would soon be the victim of a violent or ill-intended offense. This act would be performed by someone who would currently be getting ready to strike.

Receiving gold as a gift for a female

For women, dreaming about receiving gold, as jewelry or coins, often is an ambivalent symbol. For one, it could be that you would soon get married or start a serious relationship with a wealthy, powerful or famous individual. However, this person would be very greedy, mean or selfish.

A gold chain

Seeing a gold chain in a dream could be a forewarning. You near future could hold deceptions, lies and disappointments. You could become the victim of some ill-intended person. Alternatively, such negative experiences would come about as a consequence of your own unrealistic illusions, hopes or beliefs. In both circumstances, the disenchantment would affect one or some of your present main interests, plans or activities.

Gold coins

Dreaming about handling or looking at gold coins often is a positively charged symbol. Namely, you could be about to be rewarded or compensated for one of your recent accomplishments or endeavors. Such recognition would be non-material, such as being praised for your actions.

Liquid gold pouring from the ceiling

I dreamt that liquid gold was pouring out of my ceiling and falling around me.

Liquid gold that pours down from above is a highly ominous symbol in the realm of dreams. It suggests that your significant other, either your spouse or romantic partner, would soon have an affair of some kind. This could be a brief fling characterized by suggestive jokes and subtle looks, or it could be a serious act of adultery on the part of your partner. If you are unmarried, this could also be equally true of a friend you thought you could trust. You would know in your heart whom your dream is referring to, as you probably have been suspicious for some time. It may not be too late, however, to repair your relationship with this individual and fix the issues that have pushed your lover or friend to seek comfort elsewhere. A long, heartfelt conversation or some counseling before a real issue appears would save a lot of time, energy and heartache down the road.

Fake gold

Dreaming about seeing or handling fake gold, while being fully aware that it is fake, could translate forthcoming news. That is, you could be about to make some significant and important discovery for yourself. Alternatively, such favorable and valuable news would be verbally transmitted to you by someone else.

Holding gold in your hands

Dreaming about holding gold in your hands often is a positively charged symbol. In particular, you could presently or soon be projecting plans, activities and businesses. These plans would be successfully accomplished. Their completion would be extremely favorable and profitable for you

A gold crucifix

Dreaming about seeing a crucifix made of gold often is a positively charged sign. It is possible that you could be about to receive pleasant, welcomed and enjoyable news. This could regard the renewal, upgrade or positive transformation of one of your present interests, activities or projects.

Color of gold

Dreaming about seeing gold-colored items or objects often is a symbol of deception. That is, you could be about to be fooled or deceived by someone close to you. They would try to seduce or trick you into a particular action or project, while concealing their true intentions.

A gold crown

Dreaming about seeing yourself or someone else wearing a gold crown often is a symbol of forthcoming changes. Namely, your work or household environment could be about to undergo critical, significant and life-changing modifications.

Staring at gold

Dreaming about staring at gold often is a negatively charged symbol. In particular, it could symbolize some present or forthcoming financial difficulties. You could soon go bankrupt, loss a significant amount of money and see your current economic state downgraded. That is, you could be about to become poorer than you currently are.

A gold dust raining down

Dreaming about gold dust falling or raining down on me.

Dreaming about being showered with gold dust portends a situation when you could become the focus of other people's attention and criticism due to some questionable behavior either on your part or committed by your lover, partner, or spouse. In most cases, these circumstances would involve cheating, committing adultery, or becoming entangled in a romantic affair outside your existing relationship, such as marriage.

Shining gold

Dreaming about seeing a shiny item made of gold, glowing under the sunlight is often a negatively charged sign. It could represent your forthcoming exposure to lies, deceit and falsehoods. Moreover, it could be someone close to you that would subject you to such disappointing treatment or attitude.

Gold jewellery

Gold jewels, whether on display or worn, is a bad omen in dream analysis. You could get robbed or scammed because of your conspicuous consumption habits and lavish lifestyle. On the other hand, Islamic dream interpretation associates gold jewellery with good fortune. Wearing glittering gold accessories depicts successful projects and satisfying relationships. It also suggests triumph over difficult challenges.

Making gold

Dreaming about observing yourself trying to make gold often is a negatively charged symbol. Namely, it is suggestive that you would be, or about to dedicate your attention, efforts and time to a particular project, activity, endeavor or business. However, you would never succeed no matter how hard you tried. That is, such task would prove itself to be unworthy of your commitment.

Having too much gold

Dreaming about observing yourself in the possession of an excessive amount of gold could be a symbol of your responsibilities. In particular, it is possible that you have, or would soon have the duty of fulfilling the most basic needs of many people. That is, there would be a great amount of people whose welfare and survival depended on you.

Finding gold

A dream about finding gold often bears a positive charge. Namely, it could represent the upcoming successful outcome of your current projects, businesses, endeavors or plans. Such favorable result would be a result of your patience, perseverance and outstanding abilities.

Giving gold to someone for safekeeping

Dreaming about having gold and giving it to someone for safekeeping often is a forewarning. You could be about to be deceived, tricked or misled by someone. The possible offender is not necessarily the person in the dream. However, for you, they would bear subconscious resemblance to one another.

Coming home with a lot of gold

Dreaming about observing yourself coming back home with a lot of gold in your hands, pockets or bag often is a favorable sign. In particular, it could translate present or upcoming financial security and stability. Such economic state of affairs would be a result of your efforts and hard work. It would allow you to attain freedom and independence.

Losing gold

Dreaming about losing gold or gold jewelry often symbolizes lost opportunities. Specifically, you could be presented with some rare possibility of succeeding. However, you would make a great mistake or adopt an inadequate approach. As a consequence, you would be unable to take advantage of the situation or benefit from it.

Discovering a gold mine

Dreaming about stumbling upon a gold mine could represent forthcoming responsibilities. In particular, you could be about to be trusted with a new project, business or endeavor. This would be a worthy, respected but tough task that would involve a great amount of personal energy, effort and time.

Working in a gold mine

Dreaming about observing yourself working in a gold mine often is a negatively charged symbol. It could reveal that you may be tempted to commit fraud or inappropriately use other people’s rights and identity. Alternatively, it could be that you would lose the respect and esteem of those around you. Such loss would be consequent of existing gossip and unfavorable commentary about you, behind your back.

Acquiring gold

Dreaming about acquiring gold in any form and by any method could symbolize your current social status. Specifically, it could reveal that you are a wealthy, powerful, influent or famous person. Moreover, you would feel very satisfied with your own success. That is, you would be particularly proud of your status quo.

A lot of gold belonging to fiance

For those who are engaged to be married, dreaming about having a lot of gold often is a negatively charged symbol. It portends irresolvable conflicts, disagreements or divergences. Both parties would be reluctant to compromise, find a middle ground or let the other party win. That is, the dream could represent a failed, unsuccessful and disastrous marriage.

Picking gold nuggets

Dreaming about observing yourself picking chunks or nuggets of gold often is a negatively charged symbol. Namely, it is possible that you could soon experience losses or be the victim of deceitful and ill-intended behavior. These actions would be performed by those who currently surround you.

Surveying for gold

Dreaming about observing yourself in a role of a gold deposits surveyor, while being in the course of trying to locate a gold mine, could be a symbol of your worries. Namely, you might presenetly be preoccupied with being rewarded or benefiting from the work that you are currently doing, or soon would do. These dealings and rewards would be sought at the expense of other people. You could end up losing their respect, esteem and support. That is, as soon as your ill intentions are discovered, your target victims would stop assisting you in your endeavors.

Coming across a gold item

Dreaming about finding or coming across a gold item could be a symbol of deception. Namely, you could be deluding yourself and personally nurturing illusions and false hopes about the occurrence of a strike of luck. You would be waiting for your lucky chance to happen, instead of working for the accomplishment and success of your plans and projects. Therefore, the dream works as a forewarning. It suggests that you should act, rather than wait for good things to happen.

Kitchenware made of gold

Dreaming about seeing your kitchenware made of gold is a favorable sign. It could foretell that you would soon be promoted at work, start a new business venture, or embrace a new activity or occupation. This forthcoming potential professional upgrade and change would prove to be positive, enjoyable, rewarding and interesting.

Swallowing gold

Dreaming about swallowing gold often is a favorable symbol. It could translate a special aptitudes, skills, endowments or mastery regarding the scientific or artistic areas. That is, it could translate creativity and ingenuity. There would be some advantage in starting to exhibit and express such talents.

A belt made of gold

Dreaming about wearing a gold belt could be a very auspicious sign. In particular, it could represent an upcoming and significant increase in your financial assets. That is, you could soon become wealthier, and accumulate a considerable amount of material possessions.

Items made of gold scattered on the ground

Dreaming about scattering, watching someone scatter or observing scattered gold items all over the ground usually is a negatively charged sign. Namely, you could soon experience some misfortune which could seriously endanger or threaten your survival or existence.

Trying to melt gold

Dreaming about trying to melt gold items could symbolize prejudicial gossip. In particular, there could be people spreading unfair, negative or unfounded gossip and rumors about you, behind your back. You would then suffer the consequences of such unfavorable talks. For example, you could be humiliated, fall into disgrace or suffer social exclusion and censorship.

Eating gold

Dreaming about eating gold as if it was food could symbolize upcoming selfless actions. That is, it is possible that you could be about to serve and tend to every single desire and need of someone close to you. You could find yourself in a position of entertaining altruistic behaviours and satisfying needs of your lover or marital partner.

Meeting with a gold jeweler

Dreaming about planning a meeting or meeting with a gold jeweler often is a negative sign. It could be a symbol for present dealings or upcoming encounters with dubious people. That is, with people who would try to trick, scam or deceive you. Therefore, the dream also serves as a forewarning. You should be exercising caution when interacting with recent acquaintances and strangers.

Finding gold on the road

Find gold locket from road and left silver one there in my dream.

Having a dream about finding gold or gold items means you could be very successful in something you are currently working on because of your perseverance and outstanding abilities. Seeing silver in a dream could portend troubles or unfortunate circumstances, but since you left a silver item behind in this dream, this could be an indication of avoiding them or being successful in overcoming potential issues. Overall, this dream carries a positive connotation.

Wearing a gold ring and gold jewelry

Last night I saw a dream about that gold ring. I wear a gold ring on my finger and was wearing jewelry on my neck. What is the meaning of that?

Dreaming about wearing a gold ring on your finger can be viewed as a positive sign. It symbolizes help, support and kindness you will receive from those who are quite close to you, like your family and good friends. However, seeing yourself wearing a lot of gold jewelry means you are may be taken advantage of by someone whom you personally know.

Being paid with black gold

Someone pays me with black gold.

Dreams containing images of receiving or being paid by gold of any type are indications that the money you had lent to someone would never be re-paid to you. The same meaning can be applied to situations related to investment decisions, either personal or on a business scale. Do not expect to receive any returns and be careful not to lose the entire fortune after experiencing this vision. Even if you think you can control the situation and trust your decisions, some unexpected turns and circumstances may emerge and prove you wrong. Symbolically, being paid by someone with black gold, could also reflect your current state of mind when you feel like you have been taken advantage by someone or some people after helping them. This unfair treatment could be a source of frustration and disappointment and make you think twice next time around when somebody asks you for a favor or help.

Picking up fake gold

In my dream a man performed magic gold on the floor and asked us to pick it. I did but the gold seems like a fake gold.

Dreaming about gold scattered on the floor around you has negative connotations. It could mean that someone may be trying to cause problems for you, which could actually result in you suffering great misfortune. Such an event could actually put your happiness and peace of mind into jeopardy. The right thing would be to beware of all individuals who could potentially create trouble for you. Perhaps you are lured to follow certain things which in actuality are harmful to you, but are polished like gold, only to entice you. Make sure you remain vigilant and be prepared.

Gold and money falling from the sky

I saw many golden masks in a tin-white line from heaven, money started falling from the sky and people started packing it into cartons, and shiny pieces of gold on my hands.

The golden masks at the beginning of the vision represent seeing some positive and unexpected changes in your life and well-being, such as that you do not recognize your previous self. The source of this change is very likely money and wealth, as money falling from the sky is commonly interpreted as a positive sign associated with financial gains in real life. This is supported by the image of you holding gold in your hands, which suggests you would be able to fund and successfully complete the plans you have laid out for yourself.

Wearing golden clothes

My dream was about wearing a golden shiny color dress and shiny golden belly shoes.

Envisioning yourself wearing a golden dress and shoes may represent a completely opposite situation in wake life. This symbol actually suggests that you are about to experience a period of financial insecurity, meaning you would lack the money to purchase such nice clothes and shoes. In essence, you may have enough cash or savings to get through, but you would not be able to waste money on extravagances. If you plan carefully and pick up a side job, you may be able to make this a very short-term situation.

A gold ring with a stripe

I was wearing a gold wedding ring with a white horizontal line.

If you are in a relationship, the gold wedding ring is a sign of a happy and satisfying partnership. If you are single, then you can expect to meet a romantic prospect which could lead to a long-term commitment. This could also be a projection of your desire to settle down. Fortunately, fate is on your side as you finally find the right person to spend your life with. In addition, lines represent limits. So, perhaps the white, horizontal line engraving or design could be the subconscious reminding you to set personal boundaries. Falling in love does not mean being consumed by the relationship. You have to retain your identity even within a marriage or partnership.