Dreams Related To Goddess

A goddess in a cave

Amaterasu The Shinto Goddess speaking to me in a cave.

The most prominent symbol of your dream is having a discussion with God or goddess. This is an indication of an upcoming negative event. It may indicate that you are going to be imprisoned or punished for misbehavior in a figurative manner. Envisioning a cave in a dream could express a desire of the dreamer to prevent some concern or bothersome perspective of life. The image of the cave can represent a protective place for you where you are trying to hide. You might be aware of your wrongdoing and want to avoid suffering the consequences in reality.

Goddess Lakshmi

To see Goddess Lakshmi appear in a dream and showering blessings upon your hands and feet is a highly auspicious interpretation in the dream realm. Goddess Lakshmi is one of the principal goddesses in Hinduism, she is the goddess of prosperity, richness, wealth, fortune, power, beauty and fertility. This means that the divine forces are pleased with your spiritual condition and you would be rewarded accordingly, it could be a bonus or promotion in your current job, or a success in a newly started business.