Dreams Related To God

Angry God

Dreaming about God in wrath, anger or displeasure at your behavior or actions indicates that you would be answerable to others around you. You might be held responsible for all your misdeeds and chastised or reprimanded by people you generally deal with.

Praying to God

A dream in which you envision praying to God must be considered a forewarning. It's an indication that you need to ask forgiveness or be remorseful of your past sins by visiting a shrine or a church. This vision is an indication that you need to devote more time to the religious side of your life and following this repentance you must try to inculcate the 10 Commandments in your life in order to bring improvement in your life.

Seeing God

A dream in which you feel that you have encountered God has negative vibes. It could signify that you are about to become involved with a woman who's very despotic or who would rule you with an iron hand. Being in a relationship with her would only leave you feeling confined and miserable.

Praying God

A dream in which you envision God praying must be considered a forewarning. It indicates that you will come to greatly regret or repent your past actions. You would try your level best to undo all your misdeeds and ask forgiveness for all your misconduct.

Praising God

A dream in which you find yourself partaking in ceremonies, rituals or events praising God is a forewarning. It's an indication that the sins which you committed in the past have been haunting your subconscious mind for quite some time and perhaps you wish to eradicate these wrongdoings by reverting the consequences which were caused by your actions.

God talking to you

A dream in which you perceive yourself having a conversation with God must be considered a forewarning. It indicates that you are about to be incarcerated or condemned to a sentence in prison because of wrongdoing or misconduct on your part.

Alternatively, this dream may bear a more negative meaning. In particular, it sometimes foretells the possibility of becoming sick or sicker. This possibility may extend beyond yourself to other people with whom you have a professional relationship. That is, one of your colleagues or business partners may experience health problems, or perhaps even pass away.

God as a giant man in the sky

Dreaming about God existing as a giant man in the sky has positive connotations. It's symbolic of the good vibes in your life, an indication of your continuous success in all your undertakings and endeavors which you have been working on presently. On the other hand it indicates that you might triumph over a person or people who once were more affluent, prominent and influential than you.

Buying a statue of God

Dreaming about trying to purchase a statue of God has ominous connotations. It symbolizes the fact that you are at a disadvantage and being taken for granted by a mean and selfish person. This person is trying to benefit and further their cause because of your kind and forgiving nature. However any dealings with this person would only result in much misery and suffering for you and leave a dent in your self-esteem.

God radiating light

Envisioning God as radiating an aura of blinding light has positive connotations. It's an indication that things will work in your favor and you would experience an aura of well-being and blissful contentment in both your secular and spiritual life. Such a dream symbolizes a great deal of worthiness for the dreamer and the fact that they would always be surrounded by justice, righteousness and an abundance of joy in their life.

Watching someone praying to God

A dream in which you observe someone praying to God has negative connotations. It may indicate that disappointments tend to accompany each and every one of your endeavors. Despite your contrary expectations, such discontentment or failures would possibly be a result of your colleagues’ irresponsibility. That is, this dream often means that your co-workers may be unable to meet the necessary and required standards, accomplish their duties and promises or deliver the anticipated results.

Being graced by God

A dream in which you see yourself being graced or favored by God has positive connotations. It's an indication that you would be appreciated and given a vip treatment by an affluent and well known person. This in turn would lead you to become quite successful and this acquaintance would only help you further your cause.

God with open arms

Dreaming about God receiving you with open arms has positive connotations. It's an indication of the good things which would happen for you either in the form of great success or a good deal of respect which you would earn due to your hard work. It also signifies that you would triumph in all that you are trying to accomplish.

God as an attractive person next to art

Dreaming or envisioning God as a handsome or attractive person who's sitting next to a beautiful painting, fine art or sculpture is symbolic of your own desire to indulge the artistic side of your personality. Its an indication that you would take great pleasure in visiting art exhibitions, being present at concerts or making arrangements to visit museums to get a look at all artistic things which appeal to you.

God riding on a horse

Dreaming about God in the form of a rider journeying on a horse has positive connotations. It's an indication of the good vibes in your life and how these might help you strive for and achieve your goals, aspirations and desires. All your efforts would be met with successes and triumphs and soon you would be perceived as a hard-working individual by those around you and none of your efforts would be in vain. It will be a period of positive alterations in your life.

God giving a coin

On the day when I had a meeting with the boy for matrimonial purpose I saw a dream that God gave me a coin but it slipped from my hand. The guy with whom I had a meeting for matrimonial purpose was sitting there quietly, but did not help me to search the coin. I myself searched for the coin. And at last I found the coin given to me by the God, but the guy was neutral.

Dreaming about money as coins refers to your discontentment in your current involvement with other people, groups or certain affiliations. The presence of God in the dream could signify a woman figure exerting a lot of pressure in your current relationship with a someone you are currently dating or living with. You are probably looking for answers or solutions to improve the relationship with both of these individuals.

God counting good deeds

Dreaming God going through a calculation of all your good deeds has positive connotations. Such a vision entails a great deal of goodness in your life. You would become a recepient of good fortune and much joyous contentment. On the other hand it might portray that you are in for a pleasant surprise. For those who have had this dream while travelling, it is symbolic of a safe and sound journey which would be without any haste or nasty surprises.

Mother of God

Dreams involving seeing an image of the mother of God, that is, the holly Mary mother of Jesus for Christians, usually foretells positive happenings. This is especially the case if the mother’s image was similar to those appearing on painted icons, churches, and paintings. It often speaks of a fortunate and favorable event which could possibly happen within half a year from the time the dream occurred.

Offering things to Gods

We both went to Lord Ganapathi's temple. who is my favorite deity, where she was following me very closely as if like hugging in the said temple? We both had darshan (seen) the God in the temple and offered our prayers. The priest in the temple told me not to get close to her. Immediately, we came out of the temple and I overheard somebody (maybe God) saying that if I make a coconut offering to the Lord, my marriage with the said girl would be performed.

While temples in dreams represent meditation and growth, seeing or hearing God in dreams has an undesirable message. On the one hand, entering the temple and offering prayers denote a yearning for refuge and a place for rumination to sort out your dilemmas. On the other hand, the darshan of God implies a possible involvement with an overbearing woman who would control your actions or manipulate your behavior. This destructive relationship would inspire feelings of confinement and misery. Hence, this epiphany drives you away from oblivion and into wakefulness to guide your decisions on important matters about your relationships.

God giving a green cloth

I have seen a dream in the mid-day sleep. I seen that God has gifted me a green cloth with some flower. I want to know the meaning of this dream.

Dreaming about receiving a gift from God has positive connotations. It indicates that you would have a great deal of good fortune and things would work in your favor. This is further reinforced by the symbolism of the green cloth. The color green is a sign of auspicious tidings and is associated with joy and happiness. Expect your life becoming more pleasant and happier in the time to come.

God Shiva

According to teachings of Hinduism, to experience visiting a Hindu temple and seeing the Lord of destruction God Shiva in a dream is considered as an inauspicious sign. This is a universal indication for something adverse coming your way as a consequence to your actions in the wake life. Consider this a warning sign by the forces of nature. You must immediately introspect and repent upon any wrongdoings that you may have done not long ago, such as treating your household members indifferently, lying or deceiving a close friend.

Giving a sacrifice to God

Dreams involving the act of giving or offering a sacrifice to God usually are a positive sign. These speak of the possibility of soon having a prosperous, happy, pleasurable and successful period in life. That is, of meriting God’s blessing and thereby experiencing a period of bliss.

Sharing food with God

I dreamt of myself as a woman sharing food on the same plate with my father in the Lord.

Dreaming about sharing food with God has positive connotations. Such a vision entails a great deal of kindness in your life. You would become the recipient of good fortune and much joyous contentment. These pleasant events could come as a surprise. You also dreamt that you were sharing as a woman. This could suggest that you are or will be living your life in God's ways, following His word, be willfully submissive to His will. The sharing of food could also translate that you were being accepted into His kingdom. Rewards would follow. Note that God, for non-religious people, would still represent some ethical and moral social extra-personal code. This code should be followed for the sake of the collective to which you belong.

Hindu god

As per Hindu culture and ancient mythology, each Hindu god or idol symbolizes a spectrum of various connotations when it appears in dreams. For example, seeing Goddess Lakshmi brings wealth and seeing God Shiva brings peace, so on and so forth. Therefore, dreaming of goddesses and gods according to Jung, helps the individual to not only know about the good or bad that is going on or going to happen in their real life but also understand various aspects of his or her personality.

God gently touching your head

A dream in which you envision God gently touching your head is an indication of possible obstacles appearing in your life. It must be considered a forewarning that you might have to face a number of challenges or opposition from unexpected sources. This in turn would test your ability to face the hurdles or impediments that life throws at you.

God pointing out his enemy

Hi. So I had a dream a while ago about God. I wasn't really involved in dream I was kind of hanging around during day time, and then suddenly there was switch like I had vision or something. So God said to someone basically quizzing them "Who is my enemy?" and the guy got it as a wrong person and God points at something written in stone with someone's name that said, "Jones". God pointed at the name said, "He's my enemy." Then a flash to another vision of a bald guy I believe to be this Jones guy.

While you may not have been an active participant in the vision itself, this dream is a textbook example of your subconscious thoughts and feelings floating to the surface during the REM cycle. The day time you find yourself in at the beginning of the vision is suggestive of isolation. There is a part of you that you keep tucked away from even your closest friends and family. While God's voice may have been directed at someone else in the dream, it would be better understood as your unconscious mind speaking directly to you. This means it can be interpreted as a form of self-actualization or enlightenment. The bald man who was the enemy of God, then, represents that aspect of yourself that you are lacking in, be it a skill, a part of your personality or something else that you find embarrassing. Being able to "put a name to a face," so to speak, should allow you to either accept this part of yourself you have tried to hide or do something to improve yourself and overcome it.

God as a mighty man building a fire

A dream in which you envision God as a powerful and mighty man building a fire must be considered a forewarning. It indicates that you need to give more consideration, love and support to your family. Failing to do so might only endanger your relationship with these people and result in consequences which might lead to quarrels and disagreements.

Manifestation of God

Dreaming that you have a divine epiphany, that is when God has shown you the way, is often a very positive vision. It often translates the possibility of receiving extremely good, satisfying and enjoyable news. Moreover, such news would perhaps produce unexpected and exhilarating experiences or events. There is a further additional positive meaning. In particular, it is possible that your faith in God may be put to test as a consequence of a similarly unexpected event. That is, there is an element of surprise in both situations. One is associated with receiving positive news and the other could reveal a faith-testing opportunity.

Accused and redeemed because of God

I was being arrested for false accusation and then while taking me to the court someone shaved my hair. Then we reached the court and I cried out loud if The Almighty is a living then he will save me and then after a few minutes it was proved that I am innocent.

Your dream could mean that you are feeling conflicted about something you have recently done which you think is regarded as a sin by other people, perhaps by the members of your social circle or your family, but you firmly believe that you are not engaging in any wrongdoing. Since you seemed unable to prove it to others in the dream, you reach out to the authority of god in order to prove your innocence and rehabilitate yourself in the eyes of others. This is also a way for you to find the strength to come clean and tell everyone the truth about yourself.

Talking with God

Dreaming about having a conversation with God must be considered a forewarning. It's an indication that you must be prudent and meticulous in all your endeavors or you might suffer an accident or mishap. You might even be unsuccessful or let yourself down because of your deeds and conduct.

Your spouse or partner next to God

Dreaming about your lover or spouse standing next to God who's taken the form of a handsome man has positive connotations. It symbolizes that you would have a happy and blissful relationship with this particular person. This bond between the two of you would be a harbinger of much joy and memorable events which you would cherish for the rest of your life.

Selling a statue of God

If you have a dream about selling statues of God to other people in your vicinity it's an indication of the presence of bad vibes in your life. These are possibly present due to existence of a certain person in your social circles who is petty and selfish along with being vain as well. This person would be responsible for bringing great misery in your life because of their desire to make it their goal to make you go through agony and torture.

Unknown kind of God

Dreaming about encountering or seeing an unfamiliar, rare or unknown kind of God may have a two-sided meaning. Firstly, you may be very positively impressed with a new or recent acquaintance of yours. This person may perhaps seemingly be flawless and perfect. However, you may end up being negatively surprised along the way. That is, this person may demonstrate some habits or personality traits that you might dislike or which might irritate you.

God as an older bearded man

Dreaming about God who is represented by an elderly grey-bearded man, perhaps standing above in the skies among the clouds, often has an ambivalent connotation. That is, you would not necessarily be performing any censurable deed. However, you may be a step away from committing a dishonest action, about to fall into temptation, or delude yourself with illusions of grandeur and other elevated narcissism traits.

God as a female character

Dreaming of the representation of God as a female character brings together two symbols of wisdom: God and the feminine. God often represents an omnipresent all-knowing being. The feminine often represents the inner, subconscious and lunar wisdom. Overall, it is possible that this dream may mean that you have the desire of returning to principles and beliefs firmly established in your past.

A different kind of God

I had a dream at the start of this year. I was at a table top sale and surrounded by fundamentalist Christians. I spotted a man sitting in amongst them. He looked like any other guy, but he was trying to wind them up. He then turned around and looked right at me. From the cheeky, up-to-mischief look in his eyes, I knew that he was Loki.

Dreams about meeting Loki is a sign of being affected by allergies, especially caused by air-borne substances. Be careful and take precautionary steps when spending time outdoors, for example when exercising, camping or going to the park, try to avoid swampy or damp environments. This dream can also be related to hearing about your close relative becoming sick or not feeling well. If you happened to talk with Loki in your dream - this could be a sign that your significant one may be cheating on you.

A variety of gods

First day dream: Goddess idol moving from east to south direction. Second day dream: I am on the way to Vaishnavi Mata temple in Jammu. Climbing mountain, happily say JAI MATAJI. Third day dream: Shivlinga and multicolored Nagdevta around Linga. Nagdevta coming to me for many times but no harm. I was fearing but mother says it will not harm.

Dreaming about a goddess idol symbolizes your hopes to get help from your spirituality and faith in life situations when you cannot receive support from other sources. Climbing a mountain can be an indication of an important phase you are going through at the moment and reflects your self-confidence and firm beliefs that you can accomplish what you are planning on achieving in life. The third dream can be a reflection of your fears of uncertainties or the fact that you have very diverse spiritual needs and aspects of faith.

Taking on God's responsibilities

I was on a college campus. I was god for a day, and everyone was praying directly to me. I didn't keep up and everybody revolted when I didn't take their prayers. They all came to where I was. And I made them turn on each other. Then, after making them all leave, I had one girl take her own life. In seeing this, it destroyed me and I started to question myself and my will as a person and as a god. After being consoled by a girl who knew my secret we held hands and walked away, then I woke up. A song played in the background, something about "been here before".

The images you have experienced in this dream speak of your insecurities and reservations in relation to communicating and interacting with other people around you. It could be that you do not accept their way of living or certain aspects of their lifestyle, feel uncomfortable or apprehensive while socializing with them. Another point to make here would be is that you feel lonely because you are not treated they way you would like to be treated by the individuals you are attracted to physically or emotionally.

God represented by a child

I saw a dream about getting lost when I was back from church and found another church. When I was searching my way, I could not go to that church because the stairs were far from me, so I walked through beside the stairs and there was a grave. I jumped over it and was walking forward, I found a canal full of gold water flowing from the top and a child sitting on the top. I asked that child to come down, the child replied to me "I don't come to you people, come to me always, because I am your god".

Wandering around or near churches in dreams symbolically represents not having a safe haven to land in wake life, meaning you likely feel very much alone in the world. Churches are associated with protection and safety, so seeing a church but not entering it suggests feeling abandoned or not having someone to rely on. This situation is likely to change for the better, however, as the image of the canal with gold water indicates a future love affair that is filled with happiness and bliss. This relationship could even grow to become a satisfying and pleasurable union of two loving hearts.

Saved from the rain and Satan by God

I saw God, he turned and walked away, then there was torrential rain and I saw a man in black I knew to be Satan. I knew he was going to get me. The rain didn't touch me and then I looked up and one drop hit my forehead. I was then crouched down and God had turned into a locust-type white creature. His legs came over me and created a cage protecting me from Satan and I was saved by God.

Rain usually indicates a growing presence of depression, introversion, feelings of inferiority and dwelling on some psychological problems you may be experiencing. Thus, the presence of God during this torrential rain in your dream denotes a yearning for shelter in times of trouble. On the other hand, Satan's manifestation in the dream vision alludes to situations closely related to humiliation, shame and disgrace. You could be tempted into some kind of fraud or criminal activity, which could have serious consequences later on, including incarceration or even death. In trying to resist him, you are trying to counteract someone's negative influence over you. You could face a predicament that will tug at your conscience and challenge your values.

Being punished by God

Lord Vishnu, his snake has held me on my head and shaken me horrifically, though my god is seeing he is not helping me. I request you to help me, but he doesn't respond, he is the only one in this world for me.

A vision of a snake getting ahold of you portends falling victim to the attacks of your foes. You may miss the signs of their imminent strike and fail to protect yourself from harm. Your god's lack of interference when you expected it in this vision does not suggest the same in wake life. It merely serves as the manifestation of your need for external higher power to get you through such troubled times if they do arrive.

Asking God for help during suicide

Can't scream, a rugged knife appeared in my hand, I couldn't let it go, I tried putting it down, throwing it and I couldn't. I heard what I was watching on TV in my dream, it seemed as if I was being forced to try to stab or cut myself, but I wouldn't let myself. I tried opening up my eyes, just half-way and I could. I said "Lord, please help me, no cover me with your blood". And I dropped the knife and felt something go down my back.

The knife in your dream represents pent-up rage. All the bad things and negative events happening all around you may be causing some deep and dark emotions to pile up in your subconscious mind. You are aware of the dangers of harboring ill thoughts, this is why you try your best to suppress them. However, this could also end up destroying you as they fester in the dark recesses of your mind. Perhaps you need a productive outlet and a strong foundation for your values to avoid entertaining self-destructive behavior. You may want to consider seeking guidance from your religion to help you deal with existing issues and gain more clarity.

A God figure on fire

I dream of God's figure catching fire and I am trying to put out the fire.

Dreaming that God, or a God-like presence, is catching or gathering fire alludes to the challenges and difficulties you would have to overcome in order to find your true purpose. You could be facing turbulent times ahead as you continue pursuing your dreams and aspirations. Fortunately, your valiant efforts in trying to put out the fire reveal your determination and perseverance. It is a symbol of eventual victory. It means you have the advantage of being able to handle any upcoming issues or problems coming your way.

Seeing God during the Rapture

A dream of God that is bigger than all the buildings overlooking everything and then me looking at the time on my watch and being very anxious and afraid, but also excited (felt like it was The Rapture).

Seeing God in the dream world portends negative events. There is a possibility that you could get involved in an unhealthy bond with a controlling and manipulative individual. In addition, the watch means you could be waiting for a life-changing event as a result of your dissatisfaction or disappointment with your current existence. This yearning for something more could push you to submit to the whims of a charismatic or enticing personality in the waking world.

God and Jesus and crying

Asking God why he loved me. Him telling me because he created me. Jesus putting his arms out to me. I see his crucifixion holes and I fall to my face and cry.

This religious imagery and your interaction with God and his son could be considered a warning for any task or endeavor you are currently undertaking in wake life. In many cases, meetings with God indicate that the dreamer should be extremely cautious and careful with their words, actions and decisions lest an accident occurs or you get more than you bargained for. If you rush ahead or do something rashly, you may feel much guilt or have to ask for forgiveness both from the person you hurt and God the Father.

Being Virgin Mary and Greek gods

In my dream I'm my regular self (16 year old female), but I am the Virgin Mary, and I'm not a virgin. I never do the deed in my dream but I just know that I am not a virgin but I'm still the Virgin Mary with Jesus inside of me. It wasn't god that impregnated me though, it was the Greek god Dionysus. He just stands in front of me and says nothing. All of the sudden I sit up and say, "Wait am I Ariadne?". Then he nods. Ariadne is the human girl who Thesus left on Naxos to be wed to Dionysus in the legend of the Minotaur. Then it ends and I never actually give birth to Jesus.

Your dream seems to be riddled with symbolic images of the Western civilization. You being the Virgin Mary could mean you are admired by others because of qualities people associate with that religious figure, such as kindness or devotion. However, you seem to feel a little bit like a fraud because of your sins and when everyone expects you to give birth to Jesus you are actually anticipating to give birth from the Greek god of pleasure, the complete opposite of the Virgin Mary and you wonder whether you had been chosen for his wife. This could mean you do not relate to the angelical image you might project to other people but you actually feel much closer to your primordial desires, the kind we might call pagan. Perhaps you want to be seen as you really are and you do not wish to be taken as a fraud in case you are not able to conform to other people's expectations of you.

God, UFO and a beanstalk

I saw Jesus floating over a nearby wall and walking quite quickly over the body of water that was now there. He felt like an old friend, asked how he could walk on water when he said "I walk on them" pointing at all these fish which were rushing to the surface, so as he barely touched the water, some were very big and monstrous-looking with a dark green color. A UFO came from the same direction and all these electrical wires of various colors hung down out of the hatch, but I instinctively knew the UFO was brand new. I was up in the saucer talking to Jesus and another woman whom I didn't recognize. I became lucid while he was hugging me he noticed I was aware. I felt something pulling me backwards, way up into the air and let me go inside of an airplane which I jumped out of not long after. The fear lasted only briefly because I knew it was a dream and Jesus appeared next to me again, he gave me a big bright emerald-green jewel which was lit from the inside and was held in gold one with a long golden lowered me gently back to the ground, there was a big open field or plain with very short grass, there was some discussion here and as I got and joking around off topic they brought my attention back to the situation. There was another part here, but I cannot remember, it had something to do with clothes as I was given new clothes, but only the shirt was in my hands, as I was looking across the field towards the village about 2 miles away contemplating whatever I had been told, a big tree sprouted up out of the ground behind me, I was startled but GOD (not Jesus, maybe the father, I'm unsure but the presence felt much bigger and more authoritative in its demeanor) spoke inside me. I could feel him everywhere, he said not to be afraid that he was going to show me something that he was not going to show many others (I don't know if it was just at that time and I was being shown earlier than other people or just me and a few others were to be shown). A branch from the tree plucked me up from behind and grew with increasing speed. I was afraid and calling out for GOD but not loudly, the tree which by now was far higher than higher than the plane resembled more of a beanstalk and the branch I was on became thinner and thinner the higher we rose and I inevitably fell once the supporting branch gave way. Again the fear only lasted a short while because as I was falling I quickly noticed it was in a steady controlled manner and by now there were 4 other people sent by GOD. I was safe they were saying "We told you there's nothing to be afraid of" and I believed them wholeheartedly. Once we landed, I knew I had a job to do and I was eager to do it and after a brief talk I headed for the village. I never actually saw anything and I can only wonder if it was the trust I gained that he was actually taking about?

To envision Jesus talking to you is a symbol of wisdom and enlightenment. It can also point to the realization of your dreams. You may have been feeling lost and uncertain about where you are headed in life and this dream vision is trying to show you the way. Specifically, the school of fishes which allowed Jesus to appear like he was walking on water symbolizes insights and ideas. In combination with the manifestation of Jesus in the vision, you subconscious could be telling you that the way to finding success and fulfillment is by implementing your innovative insights and ideas. Turning theoretical plans into tangible ventures may be able to lead you closer to where you want to be. If you have no ideas of your own, you could find others who share your vision and use your combined knowledge and know-how to establish or create something valuable. Similarly, the UFO means you are looking for your purpose and vocation and jumping out of an airplane alludes to taking risks. The road to finding your true calling would not be easy and it requires courage and determination as illustrated by your fearlessness when you jumped. Jesus could also represent your faith and belief, not just in religion, but also in your own capacity to make your dreams a reality. The emerald Jesus gives you usually refers to strength and steadfastness in dream symbols. In that context, the vision is telling you to remain focused and true to your faith and personal beliefs. With those guiding principles, you would avoid straying from the path of enlightenment and fulfillment. Naturally, there would be a lot of temptations and distractions, but with your strong values and principles, you would eventually find your way. The beanstalk is also an allusion to lofty ambitions. As they say, nothing worth having comes easy. So the higher you want to go, the more time, effort and investment you need to put in in order to maintain your social standing. This also means, however, that you may fall a lot farther and harder from such a high position. On the first fall, it was voluntary. You actually jumped off the plane. So this likely means that you need to take a leap of faith to get closer to your ultimate aspiration. The second fall was not your doing. The branch broke and this made you fall. Perhaps this means that one of your collaborators or contemporaries would break your trust or betray you and this would result in your downfall. Fortunately, despite the failure that could be in your future, this may actually lead you to your true purpose. Since the fear only lasted briefly, it means you can turn your failures into a success story. Maybe you are meant to share your experiences or mentor others in order to help struggling souls in finding their purpose in life. Ultimately, your existence would be more meaningful and worthy of sharing with others because of all the obstacles and challenges that you would have to overcome along the way.

Asking God for forgiveness

There was a storm and I was in the islands and God was mad at us and he was going to take my sister and instead I told him to take me. I start praying and then a whole bunch of fruitflies start buzzing around my face. Then I keep praying in my dream and asking him to forgive us all and told him to take me instead. He touches my hands and I woke up crying, what does this mean?

Dreaming about God, especially an angry God punishing you, means you will be held accountable for your misdeeds in reality. The storm further illustrates your suffering because of your irresponsible behavior. The consequences of this strain could lead to health problems. You need to cleanse your conscience by owning up to your responsibilities. It will not be an easy task, especially if you have been in denial, but once you do this, you will feel so much better and wiser.

Helping people believe in God

Directing people in worshiping God.

Dreams related to making or motivating people to start worshiping God denotes a day of reckoning is soon to come. You have some concerns that other people's behavior may negatively affect you.