Dreams Related To Giving birth

Giving birth in a bathtub

I had a dream that I didn't know I was pregnant but then I gave birth to twin girls. I wasn't in a hospital, I was in a bathtub in someone's home and my boyfriend and a random elderly woman were there to help me.

Giving birth to twin girls in the dream realm is a twofold symbol. On one hand, it means you would soon take part in a large social gathering that is very enjoyable and fun. Not knowing you are pregnant could reveal that this event would spring up suddenly, like a surprise birthday party or a last minute holiday gathering. On the other hand, however, someone else may be hurt or inconvenienced by this special get-together. For example, perhaps one friend would be pressured into hosting or would not be invited to join. Should you recognize the individual who hurt and reach out to them, they would be extremely grateful and probably would be loyal to you for a long time.

A man giving birth

Having a dream involving a man giving birth symbolizes the impracticality and inadequacy of your intentions or plans. This emphasizes a need to maintain your ambitions within the limitations of your strengths and capabilities. It further indicates that you need a lot of time and persistent efforts in your ongoing pursuits to achieve your goal or complete a project.

Giving birth in general

Having a dream about giving birth in general is suggestive of some major changes underway or a possibility of some important issues being resolved. It may also be related to something you have been contemplating of eliminating from your life for a long period of time now, things such as vices, bad habits or addictions.

Dreaming about giving birth could, for girls and young women, be suggestive of possible arguments or disagreements based on some common issues or concerns either between them or with other people. For women, it is an indication of upcoming nice times full of joyful and happy moments and for men who experience such a dream, it is usually associated with receiving some kind of news.

Giving birth to a baby boy when not pregnant

I dreamed that I gave birth to a baby boy on a sky-train. The baby was born too soon we didn't know I was pregnant. My boyfriend was freaking out trying to get a medic while I was holding on to the baby while I was hemorrhaging.

This dream vision of giving birth to a baby when you did not even know you were pregnant could be a prediction of some anticipated or long-desired project, activity or possession finally starting to materialize. It could be a vacation or getaway you have been planning on taking, a house renovation or buying a new household appliance. It is also possible, that such a surprise could be coming from your boyfriend himself, and this is something you had dreamed about of having for some time now.

Someone giving birth

Dreaming about someone giving birth while you are present or when you are assisting during this process of giving birth foretells your participation in something you might consider to be insignificant or trivial. However, the aftermath of this event or circumstance may subsequently result in playing a major and important role in your life.

Having a dream in which you are assisting someone giving birth indicates that you are going to meet a person in your life who will go on to become your soul mate. This partner will be a perfect half in the intimate relationship you might enter into. This person would make all possible efforts towards making the prospective union a lasting and mutually fulfilling one, which will blow away your initial reluctance to open up and accept this person.

Being pregnant and giving birth

Being pregnant and giving birth in the same dream means you want to break free from daily routines and the mundane. Just like creating a new life in reality, your subconscious visions are alerting you about an upcoming or current period of productivity, creative pursuits and the time you are going to devote to expressing yourself, either artistically or just being a wholesome person. It is probably a good time to forge some meaningful connections with the people who surround you at this time as well.

Giving birth to a beautiful baby

Having a dream in which you see yourself giving birth to a cute or beautiful baby of either gender, amounts to a prediction of difficult times approaching. There are possibilities of deterioration in your health condition, falling sick with some illness or some other issue related to health.

Giving birth to dead twins

I was at some beach party when I started to experience really bad pains and cramps and when I went to the restroom I ended up giving birth to dead twins. I wasn't sure what their gender was, all I know was that they were so small that they both fit in the palm of my hand.

Twins are usually associated with family gatherings and celebrations, however, the fact that the twins you gave birth to were dead and caused a lot of pain can be interpreted as a sign of the opposite. This could manifest in two ways. On one hand, it could indicate a cancelled event, such as a wedding that has been called off. On the other hand, this sign can also portend a gathering of family and friends under negative circumstances, for example, for a funeral or wake.

Giving birth for men

I am a man, I had a dream of giving birth to a baby.

As a man, dreaming about giving birth to a baby means you tend to make impractical plans and pursue unattainable goals. Your optimism and overconfidence may be giving you inaccurate assessment of your own skills and capabilities. To define more realistic targets, such as which job suits you or how much responsibility you can handle, you can consult a career counselor or even ask advice from your closest peers. Once you break down your goals into manageable chunks, then that ultimate target in your mind will be closer and closer to reality.

Giving birth on stage

I am a female and I hate Justin Bieber. This was my dream - I was in a play about the nativity and I was Mary, except I was the villain, and a single mother. In the play, I flirted with my best friend's brother, then gave birth on stage. After the play I ran down a corridor then nearly hooked up with Justin Bieber backstage.

Performing in a Nativity play could mean you have strong opinions regarding religion or religious policy. It is likely you can easily be pulled into debate about religious or moral topics, such as greed or the sanctity of life. However, it seems you could become too heated during these discussions, leading others to either disregard your message or become enflamed themselves. Giving birth on the stage may indicate a fruitful future, but you would need to get your temper under control. Hooking up with Bieber, even though you dislike him in reality, is only a sign of your ambition. You could truly reach great heights if you manage to maintain a calmer disposition and rely on logic rather than emotional arguments.

Giving birth to several babies

A dream in which you see several babies being born at the same time predicts that something which you are already working on or are likely to take up soon, will ultimately bring great success and a lot of satisfaction to you.

Giving birth for middle-aged women

Dreaming about giving birth to a child if you are a middle-aged or an older woman, indicates the possibilities of receiving some monetary or financial gains, incentive or allowance. Alternatively, it might imply possibilities of intestinal or urological infection or similar issues concerning your health.

Giving birth prematurely

Having a dream in which you see a premature delivery by you or by someone else, is indicative of a new project or activity that you have been dreaming of or planning to undertake for a long period of time, finally getting materialized.

Giving birth quick and easy

Having a dream about giving a fast and painless birth without any complications and ending with you feeling relieved and happy suggests that you may be able to delegate some of your duties and responsibilities to other people. This will result in your task or project being facilitated and consequently, completed more efficiently as well as much faster.

Giving birth to an alien

According to Freudian sources, giving birth to a baby that is or resembles an alien alludes to some upcoming meeting with a new individual whose presence in your life would lead to great, wonderful changes. As this individual would previously be unknown to you, it is likely you would cross paths at the party of a mutual friend or at a large-scale networking event. Further dream analysis of this symbol suggests this individual, be they a man or woman, would benefit you in some way, you may gain materially from this association, but more intangible benefits are very likely as well.

Giving birth for an unmarried woman

Having a dream about going through the process of giving birth or witnessing it contains a forewarning to those women who have never been married. It warns them to guard against any careless actions or behavior or being too naive and gullible. If they are not careful enough, there may be some serious implications including the possibilities of losing their virginity. It could also mean a likely breakup or growing distance with someone they are dating, or parting the ways with someone whom they are in an affectionate relationship at present.

Complications while giving birth

Having a dream involving a complicated process of giving birth forecasts a difficult time ahead. This period would be full of hurdles appearing on the way to achieving something. These roadblocks, however, would gradually disappear during the time when you are working to complete the tasks.

Someone dying while giving birth

Having a dream in which you see someone dying while giving birth indicates that although you are seriously committed to making the relationship between you and your near and dear ones more harmonious and meaningful by devoting a lot of time and making efforts to this end, your efforts may turn out to be futile and you may fail in achieving desired harmony and meaning in this relationship.

Yourself giving birth

Having a dream in which you observe yourself giving birth indicates that you have been thinking of remarkably changing the way in which you live your life. It further suggests that you need to look back, review and re-evaluate your goals and priorities in life. You need to search for true values and real aspirations which might help you in this transformation for the better.

Someone assisting you in giving birth

If you are a woman, having a dream in which you find someone assisting you while giving birth points to a possibility of becoming pregnant in the near future. The same dream for a man indicates a forewarning about emerging painful experiences. These undesirable, unpleasant and disturbing aftereffects may arise out of your extramarital affairs or dating someone secretly alongside your marriage.

An animal giving birth

Having a dream in which you see an animal giving birth to its offspring denotes happy possibilities of winning a lottery, enjoying a lot of luck shining upon you in the activities that you are currently pursuing or coming across a rare opportunity for acquiring something that you have been longing for in your dreams since long.

Giving birth to a toddler

Dreaming about giving birth to a toddler is a forecast for you that a very promising situation or prospects of attaining something important are awaiting you. However, these rewards could possibly materialize only after you deal with a few challenges and successfully overcome them.

Someone giving birth to you

A dream in which you see yourself being born to someone giving birth to you presents an ominous sign of your passing away soon. It may also be indicative of a state of confusion and uncertainty prevailing or approaching.

Someone giving birth to a person you know

A dream in which you see somebody giving birth to a person you know in reality, signifies a return of this person whom you saw being born, to your life. The kind of emotional frame of your mind prevailing when you experienced this dream could possibly indicate whether this person coming back to your life would be bringing along cheer or sorrow.

A woman about to give birth

A dream in which you find yourself to be near to someone who is on the verge of giving birth is a reminder to you. It attempts to bring to your attention that while you have been working on finalizing or completing something to this date, you have not completed all of the steps required for its finalization. You need to revisit your goals, review all of the steps required to attain this goal or re-assess where you stand right now and work on your tasks afresh to accomplish your plans.

Giving birth for prominent people

A dream in which a prominent person like a politician, comedian or a similar public figure envisioned themselves giving birth cautions about the possibility of a trouble at the next public appearance. The person may be ridiculed, criticized or misinterpreted by the members in the audience causing such trouble. In view of this, this cautionary message suggests avoiding the next public appearance.

Giving birth when not pregnant

Giving birth in a dream when you are not pregnant in reality means you will become engrossed in a new hobby. This new preoccupation could be as mundane as joining a book club or a pottery class, or it could turn into a new stream of income. For instance, this reading could be a prediction of your natural craftsmanship or hidden talent. Posting your homemade baked goods may attract customers, for instance. The steady interest may encourage you to create a side business.

Giving birth to a newborn baby

I keep dreaming giving birth to a newborn baby.

Dreams about newborn babies are usually an indication of a pleasant and unexpected surprise or news. You would be delighted and astonished by the events or news that you might experience in the nearest future. Since you describe it as a recurrent dream during which you are responsible for the child's birth, it may be that you are partly or completely accountable for this happy occurrence. For example, it may be that you would soon have a great idea, find a great solution, be involved in some creative and successful work, successfully renew and improve yourself or build a great relationship with someone. Either way, the dream is about promising positive changes.

Giving birth to baby who dies

I gave birth to a bloody baby, I held it in my arms as it died and turned to ash.

Seeing yourself giving birth to a baby covered in blood could predict an upcoming illness or minor disease compromising the health of a family member or a close relative. However, the notion of the baby dying and turning to ashes afterwards is also a sign of more prosperous and secure life ahead. Whether these two events are interconnected, is unknown.

Giving birth to twins who die

I dream that I was pregnant with twins, twins born healthy then twins died.

Babies, in general, indicate sudden positive experiences, with the birth of twins predicting that this is likely related to some joyous occasion within your own family, like a wedding or graduation. However, this happy situation is juxtaposed against the image of the dead twins, which represents disappointment. It may be that the happy circumstances are short-lived or that they are overshadowed by some dark, unhappy event.

Giving birth to a dog

I was in a high school setting, I am almost done with college now, and I was pregnant, but when I gave birth, a 1-2 year old golden retriever was my baby and I named it Kit-Kat.

Dreaming about being back in high school represents some negative energy in your life right now, suggesting you yearn for the simplicity of times past. This is further supported by your being pregnant within the dream, which connects this unhappiness to your relationships, most likely a partner or significant other. This person is likely causing a lot of stress and unhappiness in your life, which is symbolized in the form of the dog. You may need to consider if this person still adds value to your life and, if need be, remove yourself from this unpleasant situation before you are dragged down with them.

Giving birth with no intention to

I have a history of having premonitions, such as having a dream about a male close to me being killed, later on, my brother would be murdered. I've had various dreams in the past involving money and deceased loved ones and would, later on, come into money. Here recently I had a dream that I gave birth to a baby girl. I had my tubes tied about three years ago so I have no intention of having any more kids. Could you tell me what this means?

Symbolically, having a baby in a dream is most commonly associated with having a fruitful, prosperous life in the future. Additionally, the fact that this child was a female indicates positive changes occurring in your life, most likely brought on by the actions of someone who is close to you, like a family member, good friend, or co-worker. If you are related to the person who inspires this change, it is most likely connected to happiness within the home, meaning improved relationships and few worries for the members of your household. If this person is associated with work, it more likely predicts advancing your career or finding a better job.

Giving birth to twin baby boys

I dream that I gave birth to two brown baby boys, they were large. One after the other. One born before midnight, then the other right after midnight. My mother who was the midwife said she is going to record them for the same time so that they can have the same birthday. Then the baby father came in and said to me he's ready for us to get married and live together. I told him to talk to my mother and to also pay her the delivery fees.

This is a complicated dream with a number of interesting symbols. The first symbol, giving birth to twins, indicates a gathering of family and friends. While this may sound like a happy occasion, the next sign has a slightly darker connotation. Seeing your mother as a midwife suggests falling ill. Given the previous image's interpretation, it is likely genetic or a condition your bloodline is susceptible to. However, this unlucky situation is not likely to have a significant impact on your overall well-being, as being proposed to in the context of a dream predicts balance and changes which would influence your life in a positive way.

A chicken giving birth to live chicks

I saw a hen delivering live chicks in my dream yesterday night, and the hen belongs to my uncle's wife, thus my father's junior brother's wife. She and the husband were all there but the 7th chick, my uncle inserted his hand into the anus of the hen and removed it.

Dream visions about looking at or being near a chicken with its chicks, are a reflection of your existing concerns related to your immediate family members. Most likely, these are health issues related to the wife of your uncle, or to both of them as a couple. Since the act of giving birth to chicks needed assistance from you uncle, it could be related to their fertility problems, inability to have more or any children, or it could be a reflection of their concerns expressed and shared with you regarding someone else in your immediate or extended family, which left a lasting imprint in your subconscious mind.

Giving birth to a pumpkin

I'm a woman who dreamed that I gave birth to a large pumpkin and my daughter cut the cord.

This vision is a fairly ominous sign, especially about your financial future. The image of giving birth and your daughter helping during this process suggests you are about to experience one or a few seemingly insignificant events that turn out to be very important. The pumpkin symbolically represents financial troubles, so these events you brush off are likely related to money. This could mean constantly splurging without considering your budget or overdue notices you might put aside without addressing. In either case, you may want to pay closer attention to issues regarding your family budget and avoid frivolous spending.

Two women giving birth at the same time

Two women gave birth to babies and one was being taken care of an the other one was not.

To dream of birth indicates upcoming major changes or the resolution of significant issues. Babies represent opportunities and beginnings. Therefore, your dream suggests chances for new ventures and fresh starts, but like any prospect with limited resources, you may have to prioritize accordingly, such that one may blossom and reach its full potential, while the other wait in the wings for the right time and enough investment to start flourishing as well. Alternatively, the women could be versions of you, the attentive, industrious side and the negligent part. It is in your control whether you choose to be one or the other.

Giving birth to dead fish

I was giving birth to dead fish.. They were rugged and had sharp teeth. There were people waiting to kill me after I was done, but I was trying to convince them there was a baby and not to hurt the baby.

Dead or dying fish carries negative implications in dreams. This is usually associated with sorrow and loss. Seeing yourself giving birth to dead fish means that you could end up losing a significant portion of your material possessions and power. This unfortunate incident may end up affecting your loved ones in a negative way, and you could wind up being blamed for the disappointing turn of events, justifiable or not. Your dream also alludes to your state of mind throughout the whole affair, which is to protect your baby from harm. The baby in your dream could mean your family, or it could also be related to your business and professional ventures.

Baby coming out the wrong way during birth

My close friend dreamed we were in a delivery room, I was giving birth to a baby and the feet and legs were coming out first and she was calling for the doctor.

Being perceived by someone as giving birth, particularly if they were helping by calling a doctor, suggests your friend is about to get involved in some activity or event that, while it seems unimportant at the beginning, is likely to shape her life in a way she could never imagine, possibly with you involved in some capacity. If she opens herself up to the opportunities around her, she may find some exciting paths opening up in the future.

Giving birth with no pain

I dreamt I was pregnant twice and never experienced labor pains, I just heard the children being born.

Dreaming that you are pregnant could have contradicting meanings. Pregnancy symbolizes an unhappy life and sometimes undesirable children. On the other hand, pregnancy can also mean meeting someone new and starting a more meaningful relationship with that person. This relationship will be much better than the ones you have had in the past. If you are in a happy relationship, then this dream could be associated with personal development underway or you could be developing new ideas. The birth, in general, represents new ventures, projects and goals. So there is much to look forward to.

Giving birth after using the restroom

I was waiting to use the bathroom at home when I told my stepson "Hurry up, I have to use the bathroom". He said "OK" and I walked into my living room to pass time when I felt like I needed to push what I thought was a bowel movement. I felt something between my legs and it was a baby's feet. I took off my pants and gave birth to a baby in the middle of my living room. Yelling for someone to come help or call 911 because my fiance was at work.

The beginning of the dream where you were waiting to use the bathroom for a supposed bowel movement reveals a need to let go of negative emotions or burdens. Perhaps the scenario of giving birth in the living room reflects a reversal of your expectations. Maybe you think something bad is about to happen or that things would not go your way, instead, it turns out that your apprehensions are unfounded. You could be welcoming great news, opportunities or a lucrative business venture. This pleasant surprise may be unexpected such that you would need the support of your loved ones to see it through and properly manage the newfound responsibility.

Giving birth in front of family members

I had to climb lots of stairs to a birthing apartment, the doctor and all my family were there. The two babies came out one at a time, with no pain. I pulled them out, and they were wide-eyed and facing me when born. One was a bit smaller than the other and had really big feet. I had their names picked out, and my family was arguing with me about the names.

Dreaming of birth is an auspicious sign of upcoming blessings. Walking up the stairs to your birthing apartment complements your journey towards your dreams and aspirations. Each step represents an achievement or a fulfilled goal. Since you are climbing upwards, the dream means that you are going to get closer and closer to your victory by completing projects and plans. The scene depicting a fast and painless birth without any complications to two wide-eyed newborn babies alludes to reaping the rewards you deserve after all the effort and hard work you put into your ambitions. There would probably be little to no snags as you approach their completion, though the baby with bigger feet possibly means that you subconsciously attribute more importance to some aspect of your current endeavor, as it requires more attention and effort from you.

Giving birth to different twins

I dreamt about giving birth to twins. One of the twins was OK and started rolling over the bed and l had to rush to help not to fall from the bed. The other one was not like a real human and was just lying there.

Giving birth to twins in a dream vision is usually an auspicious sign which points to attending a happy family gathering or celebration in the future. This could be a wedding, reunion or birthday party which brings together many relatives you have not seen in a long time. The energetic baby, which almost rolls off the bed, suggests being completely surprised (in the good sense) by the presence of someone you liked or admired when you were younger. However, the baby that did not move could represent some other people invited you would rather not meet again.

Giving birth and learning skills

In my dreams I gave birth to twin girls through C S. Yet, in another dream, I was married to my boyfriend and a little cute boy looking like my boyfriend appeared somehow, but I didn't give birth to him. However, I grew fond of the child and loved him like mine. In the third one, I was going to learn bead making, catering, bridal makeup, and bag making.

Your dreams are rife with allusions to settling down and domestication. The first vision involving giving birth to twins symbolizes family celebrations. You would soon find yourself taking part in or hosting festive gatherings with family and friends in commemoration of important events. In the second vision, the marriage refers to upcoming positive or encouraging changes in your everyday existence. Finally, the housekeeping and wedding-related learning in the third vision reveals your desire to commit yourself to someone. Overall, your yearning for security and wanting a family of your own are manifesting in the dream world. This overwhelming desire could end up influencing the events and decisions in your reality.

Giving birth to a piglet

I had a dream I gave birth to a cute little piglet, he was healthy and very alive with life. Ran around the house and even though I was shocked at first, the feeling was happiness.

Young pigs in dreams are usually associated with growth in business and financial success. Because you gave birth to this piglet, it could suggest that you are the author of your own destiny, meaning the number of efforts you put in dictate the magnitude of prosperity you ultimately achieve.

Giving birth to a lot of babies

I was pregnant with about 100 babies that were reaching out of my womb as if they were reaching out of the pits of hell. And when I woke up, my stomach was bruised as if someone took a baseball bat to me in my sleep.

Despite the dark, sinister imagery this vision contains, the interpretation is fairly neutral and speaks volumes about what you can expect in your future. Being pregnant with multiple babies is often thought to be a highly auspicious sign predicting great success or victory in things expected to be accomplished. This is followed by the image of these children trying to reach out toward hell. In this case, the notion of hell suggests you could be overdoing things in an effort to get ahead. While hard work is an important factor in success, sometimes focusing on a single task or project is more likely to get better results. In other words, your future success (the unborn babies) could be wasted (image of hell) if you spread your time and energy too thin. The bruises you saw upon waking could be a physical reminder from your subconscious to take this vision seriously and focus your attention on an endeavor that stands out most prominently for you.

Giving birth to fish but not panicking

I'm pregnant right now. But in my dream, I was lying on the couch, not in pain, but I gave birth to multiple fish. It was like a shower of fish. In my dream, I wasn't frightened but calm and content. What does this mean?

For pregnant women, seeing yourself give birth to fish is a highly ominous sign. It suggests having a difficult pregnancy or giving birth to a sickly child. It would be wise to pay close attention to both your and the baby's health until you give birth and avoid any unnecessary travel or physical activities that could negatively affect your pregnancy.

Giving birth to a burnt baby

I am a 22-year-old female and I recently had a dream that I gave birth to a child, and while I was giving birth, my belly felt hot and was steaming. When my child came out, it was severely burnt, I couldn't even touch it without its skin crumbling. I woke up all sweaty and in tears. I don't have kids and I'm not pregnant, please help me figure out why I'm having dreams like this.

Being pregnant and giving birth in a dream vision is often interpreted as a neutral symbol meaning that you are about to go through a series of changes. Just as giving birth in waking life forever changes the life of a mother, so does this symbol signify the different situation you are about to find yourself in. The hotness of your belly and the burnt child suggest that these changes are not to your benefit or, more likely, could start out looking positive, but quickly spiral out of control. It would be wise to avoid any risky endeavors and play things safe until you can understand and manage what is to unfold.

Giving birth to a calf

I dreamt of giving birth to a calf and I could feel its legs pushing from my ass. I cried for help from people that were surrounding me as I groan in labor to no avail, later dropped a baby girl wrapped in feces from my ass on my own only for the same people to assist in wiping the baby. Please assist, it's very disturbing.

A calf seen in dreams typically symbolizes immaturity. As such, this dream of hard labor with a calf ripping through your body represents real-world struggles to implement an immature idea or half-baked project. You may be thinking about or are currently involved in a challenging project or venture and you could soon face a number of hurdles to keep it afloat. Eventually, as the scene in your vision of a baby girl wrapped in feces suggests, this challenging venture would eventually stabilize and open up new opportunities that would make all the sacrifices and investment well worth it, so long as you work diligently and give it the proper care it requires.

Elderly mother giving birth to a boy

I had a dream that my mom who is 90 years old gave birth to a baby boy in my unfinished home. She was tired and in pain but was still able to walk. She handed me the baby, and as soon as I held him, he threw up on me. Why did I dream that my mom who is old, gave birth, and why did the baby throw up on me even though I am great with kids? I am the mother of two teenage girls.

Witnessing your mom giving birth in the dream alludes to your inheritance. The baby represents the wealth that could be passed down to you. This wealth could either be material or something intangible like memories and the wisdom she has passed on to you in the course of raising you. Consequently, the baby's vomit hints at the unsavory aspects of this inheritance. You may end up resenting some of the things, memories, or lessons she may leave behind. Perhaps you need to work a little harder to uncover and understand the true value of her legacy.

Giving birth to a baby with head and body separated

When I had my daughter, two days after we came home had a dream that I gave birth to her and her head came out first of her body, but they were separated from each other. The head went rolling on the floor and her body was in my arms.

Dreaming about giving birth after your daughter was born in reality may have something to do with your concerns about raising her. As a mother, you may harbor certain anxieties related to taking care of the baby. This is especially true if you are a first-time mom. Parenthood can be a tricky thing to navigate. As such, the image of your daughter's body separating from the head in the dream reveals your fears about anticipating her needs and providing appropriate care. Her well-being is foremost in your mind at the moment and the vision merely serves to heighten your protective instincts during this crucial period of her development.

Giving birth to a little white dog

I dreamed I gave birth. I was so happy until I realized it was a little white dog, not a baby. The dog was sweet looking. Small and white. It immediately started biting me. Me and everyone else it came into contact with. I took it to the vet to put it down who was about to close. He wanted to wait until the next day. I told him we couldn't! The dog kept biting me and was out of control. The veterinarian agreed. I declined to witness. I asked the vet "Is that bad of me"?

Giving birth can be an allusion to a fresh start, a new beginning or new project in the near future. In your case, giving birth to a white dog illustrates your loyalty and sincerity when it comes to close relationships, especially friends and family. However, upcoming events could trigger a personal transformation. A dilemma that would stem from a job opportunity or possible promotion could force you to turn your back on friends in order to prioritize your own professional growth. As indicated by the aggressive white dog, it means that too much loyalty could hold you back from fulfilling your aspirations. Positive and negative events often come hand in hand. This dream vision is telling you that you need to sacrifice certain things or relationships if you want to inch closer to your dreams.

Giving birth to someone else's baby

I had a dream I found out I was pregnant, an acquaintance was in my life but considered a stranger to me. She said my baby girl was hers after I gave birth and took the baby. My father then told me it wasn't mine and one of her eggs were placed in me and I had no idea because she told the doctor to let it go when she got the call. The baby looked like me, not her.

This vision seems to have two meanings related to the presence of the baby girl. First, having a baby girl may point towards a missed opportunity in your life. Perhaps your acquaintance in this vision was able to accomplish something you did not, or maybe she simply is a stand-in for another character in your life who took an opportunity you were not able to take advantage of. In either case, the second interpretation of the baby girl is related to the baby's appearance, namely that she resembles you and not her mother in the dream. Resemblance in the dream world is associated with the passage of traits and characteristics. In this case, it suggests that you think you have the same talents, ability and intelligence as the person who got ahead of you. Perhaps you were not ready at that time, but now, subconsciously, you realize that you are able to move forward and make positive changes in your life. Now would be a good time to jump into new chances with both feet and take advantage of what comes your way.

Giving birth to a dead baby

I'm due next month, I haven't been able to sleep because these past nights I've been dreaming of my daughter being born dead and my mom laughing about it. Please, I want to know what it means, thank you.

Giving birth to a dead or stillborn baby usually means that a family member or a relative would contract an illness or disease. However, since you are pregnant in reality, the stillbirth can actually refer to the end of a chapter in your life. This is a straightforward message in your case because it just means that the pregnancy and labor would be over soon, and this would mark the beginning of motherhood. Your fears merely mirror your apprehensions about raising the baby.

Cutting meat and a woman giving birth

Dreamt of cutting raw meat - beef and goat meat to be cooked. The goat meat had more fats, it was all white. I also dreamt of seeing a woman giving birth, the delivery process was very smooth.

The first part of your vision contains three symbols, one of which is diametrically opposed to the other two. Specifically, cutting meat to be cooked is considered a positive symbol associated with smoothly and confidently being able to carry out your responsibilities at work or at home. However, the meats you described, the goat meat and beef, respectively allude to your perhaps unknowingly brutish behavior and how others hold a grudge against you for the way you treat them. So while you may think everything is operating smoothly, under the surface things are at a boiling point. The woman having a smooth and uncomplicated birth, however, reveals that now you know there is trouble and have the power to change the opinion of those who dislike you by giving them the power, respect or voice you denied them before.

Dog giving birth

A dog giving birth in a dream can be interpreted as a sign of new beginnings and growth. These newborn creatures symbolize fresh ideas or opportunities that are coming your way. Although, this dream could be a mystery that needs further interpretation, as the symbolism of dogs giving birth may vary based on cultural and personal associations. Nonetheless, it's a positive sign of something new and exciting entering your life.