Dreams Related To Girl

A girl dancing

Dreaming that you are observing a dancing girl often is a sign of emerging love. It usually translates the possibility of being about to fall in love or start a love affair. Both cases would involve the development of an intimate romantic relationship with an unexpected person. That is, you would become involved with someone that you had never thought you would. However unexpected, the relationship with this person would perhaps be pleasing and enjoyable.

A girl in general

Dreaming of observing or encountering a girl usually represents a positive and unexpected upcoming event. In particular, it is possible that some unexpected occurrence will please you and you would tremendously enjoy it. Alternatively, the dream could also symbolize upcoming prosperity and wealth.

A young girl

Dreaming of observing yourself encounter or of encountering a young girl often is a positive sign. It frequently predicts being about to experience emerging love feelings toward someone. That is, it is possible that you could be about to go through a period of infatuation with some old acquaintance or a person you know well.

A girl crying

Dreaming of observing a crying girl may translate the possibility of upcoming negative events. For example, your partner or lover could soon cheat on you or resort to some unfaithful actions. Moreover, such negative happening would come as a complete and utter surprise. You would not be expecting such betrayal on their behalf.

Kidnapping a girl

Dreaming about kidnapping a girl, for example with the intent of marrying her, deceiving her or forcing her into some unusual behavior foretells upcoming negative experiences. That is, it is possible that the forthcoming period will be filled with grief, disappointment, betrayal and sadness. Such negativity could perhaps result from your desire of achieving a goal at whatever cost and without respecting the process. That is, your ambition could lead you to adopt perhaps dishonest and unthoughtful behaviours and bring about a series of negative experiences.

A seductive girl

Dreaming about being involved with a seductive girl often is a bad omen. This is because it is possible that the dream represents forthcoming unhappy and difficult times. You could become greatly disappointed with someone close to you, such as a lover, a friend or a partner. Additionally, you could start dealing with the frustration by endorsing questionable lifestyles and embracing dubious activities. These unreflected actions could even bring about great disappointments money-wise, bankruptcy or financial catastrophe.

Kissing with a girl

Dreaming of observing yourself or of being in the process of exchanging kisses with a girl usually is a positive sign. It often speaks of the possibility of being positively, pleasantly and genuinely surprised by some unexpected news or situation. Such occurrence or news would have a positive, up-lifting and enjoyable impact upon you.

Healthy and attractive girl

Seeing a healthy and attractive girl in a dream symbolizes happiness and enjoyment. This emotionally positive atmosphere could currently be present at your household and be shared by all its members. The dream could also foretell that, at least for you, your future projects, activities or relationships will be successful, satisfying and meaningful.

A pretty girl

Dreaming about observing or meeting with a pretty girl often is a negative sign. It commonly represents possible upcoming and unexpected expenses. You would be spending money so that you could take care of some emerging aspect or issue in your life. Alternatively, the expenses would be associated with the resolution of some unexpected problems arisen from existing projects, business affairs, relationships or activities.

This dream may also warn you or remind you that you should engage with retributive and appreciative actions. That is, the relationship you have with someone close would benefit from the offering of gifts. These gifts would not have to be expensive. For example, a thank you note might suffice. The consequence would be that the relationship you currently have with that person would flourish and become stronger.

A girl I know

Seeing a girl you know or are familiar with in your dreamscape is not necessarily a sign of clairvoyance or knowledge of the future. Rather, it is often a reflection of your unconscious mind's attempts to consolidate information or feelings about this woman while your body rests. This is according to the research of Sigmund Freud. Depending on the frequency or situation in which you picture this girl, you may be able to glean some other information about her or yourself.

An unattractive girl

Dreams which involve seeing or meeting an unattractive girl are a loyalty sign. People close to your, friends and relatives likewise would be of value during the forthcoming period. They would manifest their fidelity by offering their support whenever you may eventually need it.

Several girls

Dreaming about seeing several girls together often foretells material growth. In particular, you could be about to receive some economic reward, see your projects turn out to be more profitable than expected or come across some unexpected wealth. Either way, it is possible that, after some unexpected occurrence, you would end up experiencing a financial and material boost.

Thin and pale girl

Dreaming about a very thin and pale girl has a negative connotation. It could be that you are about to come across or encounter someone who apparently is sick or troubled or going through some health problems. This person would belong to your immediate family circle.

A girl accompanying you

Dreaming about observing the girl who is accompanying you during an event or situation, such as holidays or vacation, may foretell the possibility of failures. It could be that you would be unable to successfully complete a plan or project. This would be an endeavor which represented a great deal of importance to you, perhaps for having so far involved a great amount of your personal, economic, and emotional investment. That is, you could soon become greatly disappointed for being unable to finish or fulfil some already ongoing activity. Such inability would result in further issues and problems in your life.

Moreover, this dream could be a warning. In which case, you could benefit from re-evaluating your personal responsibilities, plans, businesses or activities. For example, it could be advantageous to check on the state of on-going delegated duties, assess your current duties, determine which tasks may be eliminated or re-distributed and so forth. Such business-like analysis could perhaps prevent the endeavor from failure.

Trying to save a scary-looking girl

I'm driving through the thick fog when all of the sudden I hear the voice of what sounds like a little girl talking through a fan. It's choppy, but after a moment what she's saying becomes clear. She is saying "Help me, please help me. Don't leave me alone". I get out of the truck and start running into the woods where I find a little girl covered in lacerations. When I approach the girl and touch her shoulder, she turns around and has no face, it is twisted and mangled like some Silent Hill shit. Instantly, I feel as though I am being strangled and wake up not being able to breathe and panicking.

Scary dreams often manifest when you are experiencing a lot of tension or stress in your life. Perhaps you are going through a period of self-doubt or a lack of control in your current existence. The source of tension implied by the thick fog could be causing uncertainty and worries in your waking life, that is why you are unable to think clearly about how to proceed. As a result, there is a tendency to lose your sense of direction in life. The effect of your predicament on your psyche is exemplified by the disfigured girl in your vision. It may be that you fear a loss of innocence and playfulness in the process. Maybe you also feel suffocated by your current circumstances, like something or someone is holding you back or preventing you from speaking your mind. For that reason, some sort of transformation or change may be needed to resolve your problems, so you do not feel smothered and helpless.

A small-town girl

Dreaming of encountering or seeing a small-town girl often is a good sign. This is because it usually predicts the arrival of a healthy newborn child at your home. However, the arriving person would not necessarily be a baby of your own kin. That is, the dream could be about the possibility of soon gaining a new and happy household member.

Untidy girl

Dream about seeing or encountering an untidy, dirty-looking girl often is a sign of improper behavior. It is possible that you could already have or are about to commit actions which are improper, censurable, unacceptable, intolerable or obnoxious to those around you, and the society in general. That is, it is possible that you would show yourself to others as an unclean person.

A girl you never met

Psychotherapy and dream analysis reveal that all the people you see in your dreams are people you have encountered in the real world or a combination of several people. This means that seeing a girl you have not met in reality yet is someone you already know. She could be a reference to an undiscovered skill or insight. You need to dig deep to recognize this characteristic within yourself which could help you plot out a better career for yourself. Perhaps you are not progressing as you expected because you are built for a different calling.

A girl combing her hair

Dreaming of observing a girl combing her long hair often is a marriage symbol. It is possible that you could be about to marry. Alternatively, the wedding would involve someone close to you, perhaps one of your relatives or best friends. Either way, the dream often foretells that the union would be blessed. That is, it would potentially be a happy wedding, very promising, lasting and prosperous for the marrying couple.

A girl in a spring garden

Dreaming about seeing a girl taking a walk in a garden during spring time with budding trees and flowers all around usually is a very positive sign. It is possible that you could soon become successful, wealthy, happy and peaceful. These positive experience would be related to you, your family, your businesses or your financial means.

A girl preparing a dinner table

Dreaming about a girl preparing a dinner table, perhaps placing silverware and dishes on the table, usually is a negative sign. It is possible that a snowball of rumors, deceptions and scandals is about to happen. These quickly-spreading gossip and lies would be caused by others around you. Furthermore, such backstage activity would greatly and negatively affect your daily life.

A girl for a married woman

For married women, dreaming about a girl often signalizes an upcoming surprise. This would be a displeasing surprise, the cause of some considerable or even unimaginable grief. For example, you could become a widow, lose your husband to an unexpected event such as a fatal accident or a rare disease.

A strange girl and a school bus

I was getting back home, I park the car and I turn around to see a school bus behind me being driven by a woman. I get out of the car and I see a girl walking past me and going upstairs towards my house, and I look at the bus and the passengers, including the driver, look at me and point at her and I go after her. Then she meets my mom and aunt and I wanted to shake her hand, but she hugged both of them first, then she turned around and shook my hand and I felt attraction towards her. After that she kept talking to my mom and then the dream ended.

Arriving at your home at the beginning of a dream could symbolically represent your efforts to return to your roots. There have probably been many things going on in your day to day life which have distracted you from the things that define you, for example, avoiding activities you used to enjoy or dressing in clothes that reflect your cultural heritage. The school bus you see behind you represents both your daily routine and the stress that accompanies it. While you are searching for ways to feel more like yourself, your work life, friends, and society are all trying to get a piece of you. The balance between these two forces is difficult to maintain, as shaking hands with the woman you saw probably represents having to leave some part of yourself behind forever. What that part is, however, is up to you to decide.

Trying to convince a girl to marry you

Dreaming about trying to persuade a beautiful and attractive girl to marry you often is a positive sign. It could translate the possibility of having a forthcoming period that is filled with joy, success and wealth. That is, you may perhaps expect some advantageous events to soon occur. These would bring you beneficial and emotionally positive experiences.

Playing together with a girl

Dreaming that you are playing games or sports with a girl usually is a reflection of your amusement-seeking personality trait. It is possible that you could be involved in entertaining activities or company. Alternatively, it could also be that you are talented at keeping a good conversation going. You could be able to listen and attend to your company whilst they talk and to properly reply at the same level of engagement. That is, a game usually is a symbol that often speaks of collective enjoyment or any joint fun aspect of life.

A girl burning inside an oven

Saw a girl burning on my stove and she was writing down what body parts she lost when she was burning. Then I turned into her and woke up.

The girl burning in a stove in your vision could symbolize self-destruction. In relation to you, it could be a warning against your harmful or unhealthy habits or activities. The notion about the same girl writing down the lost body parts reveals your strong desire to end some kind of suffering. Perhaps you are feeling stressed and pressured in reality, so you are developing vices that you know are bad for your health, but help you cope with your situation. It would be a good idea to identify the root of your anxieties, so you can find a long-lasting solution that would improve your overall well-being by putting a stop to this destructive phase.

Being a girl for males

For men, dreaming that you are a girl usually is an ambiguous sign. Namely, it may reveal that you have some emotional disorder or imbalance. For example, you may suddenly become very sad for no apparent reason. You could also experience some extreme and unjustified periods of ecstasy or suddenly stop caring for the fulfillment of your daily duties. You could also have some odd or unusual behavioral characteristics. That is, you could have a tendency to perform some actions that seldom are performed by the men around you.

Being a girl for the talented

For talented or endowed people, dreaming about being a girl usually bears a positive meaning. In particular, the dream could foretell that you will shine in your artistic endeavors and projects. Alternatively, you could be about to become successful at anything that requires the employment of your creative skills and talents.

Getting married to a girl

Dreaming about getting married to a perhaps unfamiliar girl symbolizes the beginning of a good relationship. It could be that you are about to start a new romantic and intimate relationship with someone. This relationship would emotionally be very positive, caring and fulfilling. It would also be a very committed, promising and fruitful engagement.

Yourself as a girl combing hair

Dreaming that you are a girl combing your long hair often is a good sign. It usually means that you could be about to be offered a very luxurious and expensive gift. Additionally, it is also possible that you could be about to receive some significant or thrilling news about some long awaited occurrence. In both situations, you are the recipient of something valuable or meaningful. You would probably become happy and pleased by such a positive arrival.

A girl sledding down the hill

Dreaming about observing a girl sledding down a snowy hill slope usually translates some upcoming negative event. You could be about to experience a forced separation from someone you love and value. The separation would be brought about by unexpected news or circumstances, related to work assignments or traveling needs. Moreover, you could be the one who would leave or the one left behind. Either way, you would be spending time apart from each other.

A girl with hair growing

Dreaming about observing the speedy growth of a girl’s hair commonly signifies an upcoming negative surprise. This is because it often translates the possibility of seeing unfulfilled, unaccomplished or failed plans, aspirations, activities or businesses. The resulting failure would go against your initial expectations. That is, you would be startled by forthcoming events or news in the worst possible way.

Alternatively, this dream could also mean that you could start seeing some readily available financial input. It would arrive in small amounts. It could also be that you might encounter someone who would become a distraction. This person would devoid your attention from greater and more meaningful projects and plans and could prevent you from accomplishing important undertakings. However, such person would not necessarily be ill-intended. Rather, it could be that the created impediments to success would simply be a result of his or her ignorance or stupidity.

Seeing a girl you like

Having a vision of seeing someone you like in reality means that you are going to experience something good and positive soon. The symbol containing a likable person means that you are going to have success in future endeavors and achieve a goal which you have recently set for yourself. Observing or encountering a girl usually represents a positive and unexpected upcoming event, and it is possible that some favorable occurrence will befall you and you would tremendously enjoy it.

Being chased by a girl in a white dress

In my dream I was chased by a girl wearing white dress and I came running to my mother on the bed, but my mother didn't see this girl. She was trying to pull me from my legs.

The dream vision of a girl in a white dress chasing you could be indicative of a certain person in your life whom you know very well and who is trying to propose to you or take your relationship to the next level by marrying you. You seem to be either reluctant or averse to this proposal. Your parents could play an important part in the process of making important decisions because of their authority, and you probably always consider what they have to say before taking a next step or accepting changes which would impact your life in a serious way. Although taking parents' advice into consideration is beneficial to anyone facing tough decision, you might want to try relying on your own independent thinking and judgement when it comes to your relationships and personal choices.

A girl in a white dress at a store

I got out of my truck and across a highway and into a store and lost my shoes in the store, and while looking for them seen a girl in a white dress.

Cars and trucks are often symbolic of our journey through life, so getting out of a vehicle can indicate making a detour or getting side-tracked while pursuing your major hopes and dreams. The cause for this distraction seems to be a relationship or, more likely, the idea of a relationship with someone. You may be seriously interested in a particular person, as the girl in the white dress symbolically represents the idea of marriage and long-term commitment. However, it is unlikely she is feeling the same, as losing your shoes predicts either a rejected proposal or an inability to get close enough to start a relationship at all.

Images of a girl surrounded by light

I had 2 dreams. A golden light-shaped image like a human passed through me and I thought it is a girl. Then I had a dream of darkness all around, a girl in space (the space around is like night). Some person talking to that girl (now here it is a girl image in the second dream) about something.

The golden being that you felt was a girl in this vision can be interpreted as the manifestation of higher powers influencing your activities and behavior in wake life. While that might sound like a bad thing, this spirit has your best interests at heart and is trying to lead you out of dangerous situations or guide you toward opportunities which would enrich your life. This is followed by the symbol of night and space in the following vision which indicates you may already know or might have suspected such involvement, as the night sky suggests a predisposition toward cosmic powers or abilities. The spirit, in this case, may be trying to show you how to use your powers for good or point to you where you could serve others with your talent.

Following her a girl into the ocean

A girl was standing on a rocky cliff above the ocean. She was pale and stared me down, then she proceeded to dive into the ocean and I followed. There was a mirror at the bottom of the ocean with a pattern that I traced with a finger and then I was trapped and could not breathe and I woke up. Very Vivid.

A large body of water, such as the ocean the girl in your dream dove into, is indicative of opportunities and experiences that look very tempting or promising to you. Being challenged to follow her and jump from a great height suggests you may be easily fooled or tend to get involved with unrealistic plans or ventures which are doomed to failure from the start. The conclusion of this dream serves as a hint to carefully analyze opportunities that come along, as the image of a mirror on the bottom of the ocean implies, otherwise, you could be left helpless and devastated.

A girl shaped like a light

A dream of a light-shaped girl passing through the body.

If this light shaped like a girl that passes through the body has a ghostly presence, then the vision suggests an illuminating experience. The appearance of a transparent apparition is symbolic of certain feelings, circumstances or influences which may have a profound impact on your life without you being aware of their presence and possible implications. The incandescent likeness of the girl points to an enlightened person in your life who could impart life-changing lessons and open your mind.

A girl expressing signs of affection

I was sitting down and a girl I know came up and said "Come with me" and smiled and kissed my hand. I felt the kiss.

A kiss on the hand is an auspicious sign that means you may encounter a unique opportunity to be wealthy beyond your expectations. Although, there is a caveat to this dream. For you to get the chance at potentially gaining substantial profit, some self-awareness comes into play as certain habits or attitudes of yours could prevent you from reaching your potential. Maybe it is time to re-evaluate how you approach these situations, especially when it comes to money.

Dream scenarios about the girl in love with

I am in love with a girl for the past few months. I have seen dreams which involved her. She was sitting with someone else and as soon as she saw me, she got up, took my hand in her hand and said: "This is what you wanted". Saw her in "Bridal" with a full gown and make-up, but could not see the groom's face. She said that she does not want to speak to me when I try calling her in my dream, her phone is not reachable.

Recurring dreams about a girl you love reveal the depth of your feelings for her. In the first dream, she takes your hand and tells you what you have been thinking. This is wish fulfilment. Validation of your feelings for her. The second dream reveals your fears. You are scared that you are not meant to be and she chooses another person. The third dream scenario reflects your apprehensions about coming clean about your emotions. Maybe a part of you believes that what you are feeling is one-sided or unrequited. Perhaps your subconscious is giving you these different scenarios to process your feelings and give you enough courage to communicate your feelings in the waking world.

A girl asking to throw books away

I dream of walking with a fair girl I don't know and she gave me some books to throw into a bush.

This unfamiliar girl in your dream alludes to the possibility of falling in love. You could meet someone unexpectedly and sparks would fly immediately. This surprising meeting could turn into a romance if you play your cards right. However, the downside of falling in love is the loss of rationality and logical thinking. You could be swept away by your emotions and make some rash decisions you would eventually come to regret, as signified by the books thrown into a bush in your dream.

Being attracted to a girl for females

I'm a girl, and in my dream I was hanging out with my best friend and then I kissed her and then we went to this party or something, and then when we got home from the party we started making out and after that we talked and ended up dating.

Getting intimate with your female best friend hints at your deep bond with her. Even if you identify yourself as a heterosexual in reality, the kissing and eventual dating alludes to your strong attraction to her. This attraction may not necessarily be romantic, it could stem from kinship. You consider being best friends with her because of a variety of reasons as well as shared experiences. Kissing is a physical act of showing love and affection to this special friend, and in reality you may just really be starting to realize how much you value, respect and appreciate her.

Being warned by a girl and evil presence

Reoccurring, dream "series" I want to say. A girl who is about 9 talks with me in a flower field, and then tries to warn me about something, and I am surrounded by an angry presence, and "kicked out" of the dream, for exactly two days, then dream of a blue door with starry, asymmetrical golden patterns. It is locked, and it is also within a black city, which is another reoccurring setting in my dream. A city that is all black except for a garden on the east, and a yellow transparent "box" in the center.

Dreaming about a girl in a flower field symbolizes your yearning to achieve something important in your waking life. The notion that you saw her issuing a warning to you could signify the obstacles which might appear on your road toward success. Being occasionally kicked out of the dream could reveal some questions and doubts you may have preventing you from getting a clear picture of what you really want to do. The conflicting imagery of this dream demonstrates your struggles to get out of a sticky situation yet doubting your own abilities. Similarly, a closed door foretells conflicts with people who may subsequently become the reason for your downfall, but despite all these difficulties the yellow box is a symbol of hope and anticipation. There is definitely light at the end of the dark tunnel. You need to keep your hopes high and tread the difficult path despite the confusion and lack of clear direction.

A girl trying to murder me

I was talking to a girl, a moment after she is hitting on me and we start kissing. Then she sits on my lap continuing kissing me and then starts squeezing my neck like she wants to kill me.

A dream wherein you see a girl kissing you and trying to get close to you is a positive sign. However, this image is soon replaced by seeing yourself at the mercy of this girl who was just a while ago so much into you. This is a dire warning. Perhaps what you feel as a positive aspect in your life could actually be harmful to you. You may have invested a great deal of time and energy in an endeavor or a relationship and expect only good things out of it. Consider this vision a sign that you shouldn't be too trusting and should focus on what actually lies beneath the exterior of someone or something which looks good appearance-wise.

Another girl

The sight of another girl accompanying your boyfriend or some random woman appearing in your dream indicates a subconscious desire to embody another personality. Maybe you have repressed feelings or you suppress your personality to please other people, hence you imagine the freedom of being someone else. Maybe you also fantasize at night about being in a relationship with the same sex to explore your sexuality or perhaps attempt to embrace your sexual orientation.

Getting a girl's number

Obtaining a girl's number in a dream often represents your desire for connection and social interaction. It may indicate a longing for romantic involvement or the need to establish new relationships for the improvement of your social needs. This dream can also symbolize your confidence and assertiveness in pursuing your goals, whether they are romantic or related to personal growth. It encourages you to take initiative and seize opportunities in wake life. Additionally, it signifies the potential for positive changes and the possibility of forming meaningful connections with others. Use this dream as motivation to reach out, make connections and enhance your social life.