Dreams Related To Giant

A giant woman and a lightning

I was sleeping in a car with a portion of the back window missing. It was raining real light, like mist. Lighting hit the car, I could see the bolts of lightning and electricity going thru the car, but in a cartoonish way. I jumped out right before the car drove itself really fast into the lake and sunk. There were two women standing there, both had gotten hit by the lightning and disappeared. I ran to get cover from the rain, and this giant lady passed me. Somehow I knew she was responsible for the lightning. She slowly turned into a statue. On her shoe the name Anastasia was writing itself in a graffiti handwriting.

This dream has a number of complicated symbols which require untangling, however, the message itself is overwhelmingly positive. Cars are usually symbolic of your life journey or a certain project you have been devoting a lot of time and energy to. Seeing this car hit by lightning indicates a sudden romance coming into the picture, whether it was part of your plan or not. Watching the electricity jump about inside the car may represent this new love integrating itself throughout your life, becoming deeper and stronger with time. Getting out of the car predicts the successful completion of your goals and being rewarded for your hard work, giving you much satisfaction and happiness. This is also supported by your witnessing of the car crash and then seeing the car sink into a lake, which suggests avoiding conflict and obstacles, most likely in relation to your goals.

A giant emerging from the sea

A giant woke up from the sea after he got up over giants smaller than him in a variety of heights came out. The skies seemed dark and cloudy with some light peeking thru. I was there with my mom and brother. I was extremely exited and felt like a kid on the inside, although I appeared my age. My mom gave me a sense of security so I wasn't scared.

Giants, when seen in a dream vision, symbolize people older or more powerful than yourself, and the dark skies overshadowing this scene can indicate that you could be facing a difficult situation with these higher-ranking people or may face such a predicament in the near future. This conflict could be either in a work or social setting. Although there is the possibility for trouble, both the small light seen in your dream and the vision of your mother indicate hope and protection, possibly against those who seek to discredit you or those who dislike your ideas or ways of doing things. This is also reflected in your youthful feelings of excitement despite your normal appearance, meaning you have a lot to bring to the table that may not be well-accepted by those who are already established.

Giants offering to stay at their house

I have seen that I am living in a house of fat giant-like humans and they are very kind, there is a heavy rainfall that stops me from going home, my husband is eating sweet dish to his full, then next day sunshine appeared and we left on a happy note.

The giants seen in this dream vision could represent people older or more powerful and experienced than yourself, whom you keep coming back to when you need advice or seek help in regards to either your relationship with your husband or your family as a whole. The notion of you staying with the giants only because a heavy rain prevented you from leaving, while your husband felt comfortable and was enjoying his stay naturally, could be symbolic of the fact that these people who sometimes help you are more closely associated with your husband. The explanation for this could be in that he introduced these people to you or they feel he needs more of their help and attention than you do.

Being controlled by a giant troll

I go outside and there is slow-motion rain and clouds falling. I look up and there is a giant troll telling me to do something or he will kill my family, I can't look away from him as if he was controlling every movement of mine.

Slow-motion rain could be a predictor of luck or good fortune, especially in a difficult situation or at the last second. Considering the second half of the vision, it seems you may be under stress or pressure from someone who has the power to make your life more difficult. This vision, then, suggests your moment to shine is coming, meaning you have a chance to get out from under your thumb and earn the recognition you deserve.