Dreams Related To Ghost

A ghost moving objects

Dreaming about a ghost rearranging objects inside your house could signify certain mistakes and omissions which you have made in your life. These mistakes will only serve to increase your problems and would have repercussions or consequences which will affect the quality of your life in the near future.

Encountering a ghost

A dream where you experience a meeting or an encounter with a ghost could be indicative of the emotional turmoil which has been raging inside you. This could be because of a petty issue or a minor circumstance only, but one which you might be thinking is way too important due to its mysterious and enigmatic nature.

Sexual assault by an unknown entity

In my dream I arrive home (it's not my home as I know it though in reality) with my husband, he stood at the other end of the room, a non-entity (we can't see anything) takes my coat off, lifts my top and bra and bites my breast. I'm screaming, unable to move and my husband can't get to me. I struggled to wake from this dream.

Dreaming that there is an intruder in your home suggests instability in your relationship with your husband or between you and someone close to you. Something may have changed in your dynamics or you have observed changes in their behavior that is causing friction between the two of you. In addition, this conflict may be wearing you down or causing you to drop your guard. Perhaps there is something wanted from you that you cannot provide. Specifically, the bite to your breast may be an allusion to dependency and motherhood. Maybe your husband wants to have a baby but you are not ready for this kind of responsibility. Alternatively, the entity may refer to someone in your social circle who is becoming too clingy or a little too privy to your personal affairs.

Running away from a ghost

Dreaming about trying to escape from a ghost or running away from one is symbolic of the problems which keep chasing you while you are unable to shake them off. Instead they keep coming back to trouble you and lead to additional problems inundating your life.

This dream indicates that you need to re-assess the way you manage your problems. It signifies that you should learn to deal with things in a manner which is dissimilar to your current way of solving problems. Changing the way you act will have a lasting impression on how you will be able to get rid of those difficult situations and moments which have been bothering you for quite some time.

A ghost in the room

I'm male. It starts with me being home alone, feeling like the day is moving slowly and starting to do stuff that I cannot remember, but then it comes to where I go into my room and close the door, the door was open when I looked back at it and I go to close it again whilst checking that I closed it and I run out, seeing cabinets and likewise floating and I scream "Jehovah" in panic, after which I "see" the ghost and it kills me.

The context of being home alone in a dream refers to a need for independence or freedom. Perhaps you are old enough to fend for yourself and move into your own place. Maybe you feel stifled by your current living situation and you are thinking of moving out. The door opening and closing suggests missed opportunities. Ask yourself why you are letting these opportunities pass you by. Are you feeling scared about pursuing your dreams? Is it self-doubt or insecurity that is holding you back? Finally, encountering a ghost indicates emotional instability. Ultimately, you are feeling stuck and you want to move forward with your life. However, your doubts and fears are keeping you from going out of your comfort zone.

Befriending a ghost of a girl

I dreamed that I was in my parent's house (where I have had paranormal experiences in the past) and I was speaking to the ghost of a young woman named Allison. I have never met her in the waking world. She told me how she died and that she was the one who had been trying to communicate with me for all these years. I saw her clearly now though. I was not frightened, but felt at peace and fulfilled, that I was finally able to see her. We bonded but she vanished when my mom walked in the room.

Meeting or having an encounter with a ghost in a dream vision could be indicative of emotional turmoil or discomfort which has been bothering you lately. It may seem like a petty issue on the surface, but it is one that you may consider to be important due to its mysterious and enigmatic nature. Given that the ghost woman Allison has attempted to contact you before, it could mean that this situation is slowly revealing itself to you or that now you are at an age when you can begin to understand the complexity of the reality. The idea that your mother triggered the sudden ending to this encounter by walking into the room may further suggest that you are the only one who can truly comprehend and deal with this situation, meaning you have some special calling or purpose in this story. You would have to focus your mind and energy to hear the message and understand what it is asking you to do.

A white ghost

Dreaming about a white ghost is an indication of happy tidings coming your way. It is a good sign that you are about to experience enjoyable circumstances which will bring you great joy and happiness and make you feel delighted.

A see-through ghost

Dreaming about encountering a ghost you can see through is symbolic of certain feelings, circumstances or influences which might be having a profound impact on your life without you being aware of their presence and possible implications.

Mischievous ghost

Dreaming about a mischievous ghost is symbolic of good vibes coming you way. It could be interpreted as a sign of prosperity, amiable relations between you and your close family members and a positive attitude which seems to envelope the people inhabiting your household.

Dream meanings and symbolism of ghosts

Hazy image of a ghost

Dreaming about a hazy appearance of a ghost which seems quite indiscernible is a reflection of the fear, discomfort and intimidation which you feel are caused by a certain individual. It also symbolizes a sudden change in weather conditions or the need for you to think about those people who had once been an important part of your life but are now resting in eternal peace.

Trying to get rid of a ghost

Dreaming about trying to exterminate a ghost or trying to get rid of one is symbolic of an array of conflicts, disagreements and scandals between you and your family. These problems have been pertaining for quite a long time and will not have a chance of being resolved in the near future.

Someone turning into a ghost

I saw a girl in college who is lost and started helping her to get down steel standing stairs and did help her going down, but suddenly I saw she slipped and then spirally, I don't know where she went, I thought she was dead. I ran after her down but then a feeling came she became a ghost. It scared me and I started running upwards as I felt now the ghost chasing me and suddenly I started running upwards. And then my eyes opened.

To dream about searching for someone who has suddenly disappeared is a sign of forgetting about something that is really important in real (wake) life. Dreaming about seeing a ghost representing someone you know, for example your close relative or friend, signifies some unsolved issues or unanswered questions you are still facing in your life. Trying to run away from or escape a ghost signifies a vicious cycle of problems which you are trying to solve, but instead face more problems inundating your life.

Pretending to be possessed by a ghost

Setting: a haunted hotel. Me talking to guests in the lobby, weird humor, pretended to get possessed by a resident ghost, awareness of actual possession, could not move in the dream, half woke, still unable to move my body.

A haunted hotel in the dream world is a mixed symbol. It portends both difficulty in making or keeping money and receiving a helping hand from those around you. In essence, you may fall on hard times yourself, but you have a strong support network you can rely on, such as your family and close friends. Your fake possession followed by your inability to move due to a real possession point toward both unclear thinking and a tendency to avoid the problem rather than addressing it. Specifically, being unable to move your body suggests you hold two opposing views. In the context of this vision, it seems to mean you want to receive this help without actually admitting that you want or need it. It is possible you could fix or even improve your situation on your own, but it may be a better idea to let others be generous and accept their assistance with thanks. It would alleviate immediate troubles and allow you to focus better on any potential troubles ahead.

Being intimate with a ghost

I was in a house, it felt like my house but it wasn't. I went and put my hand on the window because I do that a lot and this blue ghost thing (he was very nice but had psychotic undertones) came over and for some reason I kissed him? And then he gave me an animal toy and he possessed it and I carried him everywhere, and then it disappeared and he left a swirly lollipop with a note saying something. So I went and put my hand on the window again and he came over again and held my hand. I'm a boy.

Your house is often a representation of yourself in the dream realm. Not recognizing it as your house even though it felt like it was could mean that you are hiding some aspects of your personality or wearing a metaphorical mask in reality, tricking others into thinking you have certain qualities or skills. This is supported by the spirit you met through the window. This symbol suggests misunderstanding or a lack of intimacy in relationships. Kissing this male ghost also means you could soon be in conflict due to these issues. However, the toy that the spirit possessed reveals that there is a chance to correct this misunderstanding. You could soon have the opportunity to share your true self and be honest with those around you. This would allow you to relax and also let you get closer to those you care about most.

Ghost chasing me

Seeing yourself being chased and attacked by a ghost is one of the common dreams anyone from any culture can have that contains multiple meanings. To see a ghost exist in your dream could mean that you are falling into a plot devised by your enemies, who will likely succeed. Experiencing this type of sleep paralysis also implies that you are being haunted by something or someone due to your past actions. Whatever the case is, it is best to evaluate your actions to avoid having regrets.

Ghost far away

If you dream about seeing a ghost from a distance it could indicate that you are about to experience some sort of deceit and pretentiousness from people around you. This dream might also signify the fact that you are about to unravel some sort of mysterious happenings taking place around you.

Befriending a ghost

A dream in which you see yourself befriending a ghost could indicate that there is good luck coming your way. It could also mean that you will be successful in most of your endeavours and projects which you are undertaking will be completed within time. You will be able to fulfill your goals and all plans will turn in your favor.

Hunted by ghosts

Being hunted by ghosts or phantoms in the dream realm is often considered to be a reflection of your mental state in wake life. It points toward soon giving into an emotional break down of sorts. If the ghost was unable to find you during the vision, it suggests you may be able to avoid problems by seeking help or removing yourself from stressful situations. However, being noticed or caught means you would be incapacitated by your distraught state. For example, you may be unable to get out of bed or even take care of basic things like bathing or cooking.

An evil ghost switching babies

A what seemed an evil ghost kept switching my baby with an nonhuman ghost baby and I had to keep chasing him and finding my baby frantically.

An evil, menacing ghost which threatens your family is an ominous sign to perceive in a dream. It predicts inevitable changes that would negatively affect your household. Because your baby is the main victim in your dream, this could be directly related to your child, although it could also affect your family as a whole. Then again, trying to find your actual baby could also be an allusion to your quest in finding the perfect opportunity to succeed in your chosen career. Either way, you may want to be on the lookout for upcoming disruptions or threats which may make your life more difficult.

A dark ghost

Dreaming about a dark or a black ghost is a sign of bad tidings. It might be an indication of ill luck coming your way either in the form of great loss, prolonged sickness or certain unavoidable hardships. Such a dream should be taken as a warning and you must prepare yourself to face all these troubles.

Being frightened by a ghost

If you dream about having an encounter with a ghost who suddenly appears in front of you and leaves you feeling scared or frightened, it could be indicative of some bad news. It might mean that you are about to attend a funeral of someone you know or you might be receiving the news of their demise.

Unafraid of a ghost

A dream in which you see yourself being unruffled by the sight of a ghost is indicative of good news or an announcement coming you way. This news will be a sort of a pleasant surprise which will bring you some happiness as well.

A ghost talking to you

If you dream about a ghost trying to communicate with you, it could be indicative of a web of deceit which is being woven around you and must be taken as a warning that you must not accept certain kinds of information from other people because their sole intention is to only intimidate or misguide you.

A ghost making signs

Dreaming about a ghost communicating with you by making signs or gestures is a sign of bad tidings. It signifies the hardships which you'll encounter, obstacles and difficulties which you might have to face. It might also be indicative of a confrontation with an enemy or those who are trying to put you down.

A ghost following you

Dreaming about a ghost chasing you or you trying to escape from one is symbolic of the sadness which you'll feel when you partake in a conversation regarding a deceased person. It also signifies the fact that you'll remember this person and will be enveloped by a feeling of unhappiness. On the other hand it could also be a sign of you feeling nostalgic about things which cannot be brought back.

Several ghosts

Dreaming about several ghosts at once is symbolic of the past memories or recollections of a by gone time. These memories will be hard to forget and would keep coming back to haunt you because of the emotional attachment or significance which they once had in your life.

A ghost of someone you know

If you dream about a ghost representing someone close to you like a relative or a dear friend, it could signify certain unresolved issues which are still pending or a few unanswered questions which seem to trouble you and make you feel unable to move forward in life.

If this is a recurrent dream, you must strive to get as many particular facts as you can from it. Doing so will help you decipher its meaning in a more meaningful way. This in turn would help you in answering any mystery or vagueness associated with this dream's vision and answer possible questions about it which you may feel bothered by.

Angry or menacing ghost

Dreaming about having a confrontation with an angry or menacing-looking ghost could symbolize the changes which are about to occur in your life. These upcoming changes could occur either in relation to your living conditions or in the workplace. It might also mean that things are going to be inevitable.

Unmoving ghost

Dreaming about a ghost which seems immovable or frozen in motion could symbolize deception and threats from people who are envious of your good fortune. These people feel jealous of your position in life and your social status and would like to be sharing your fortune or success.

Dying and becoming a ghost

Dying and becoming a ghost suggests succumbing to your worst impulses. A challenging period in your life will make you want to escape, and as a result you will be drawn to risky behavior like taking drugs or surrounding yourself with equally reckless individuals. On the other hand, this could also signify your desire to leave behind your checkered past and be a better person. This could be as simple as quitting your bad habits, such as smoking or being a shopaholic, or something more significant like getting a job or moving to a new country.

Motionless in bed and turning into a ghost

I had a dream of me I couldn't move, I couldn't speak (it was as if I was not really asleep in my bed but turned to my side away from my lamp.) After a long struggle of movement and trying to speak I got my light on and it was as if I then could move instantly....First thing I did then was take my duvet and hovered like I was a ghost to my moms room, but with a lot of speed and when I got there I climbed into her bed and got into her face as if I challenged her. Just as she turned to look who it was...her face stricken with fear. I woke up this time for real heart was running away shock and move.

Dreaming about being physically paralyzed (seeing yourself unable to move or speak) could symbolize envy. You could be jealous, overly preoccupied with and resentful of someone's or other people's success and achievements. It could also translate the feeling of powerlessness that you currently feel in regards to some unfortunate or difficult situation (not related to being unable to possess what that other person has). Finding a way out of this stagnant dead-end situation would involve some brilliant idea or intervention. Turning into a ghost and entering your mother's bedroom is most likely your subconscious desire to confess or express these feelings of envy and inferiority to someone who is close to you. This person is not necessarily your mother, an interpretation reinforced by the changes in her facial expression upon your arrival. Your further suspect that your actions and feelings are somewhat shocking and will make others unhappy. You probably mistakenly perceive someone else's accomplishments as an indication of your own weakness or lack of integrity. However, these thoughts are groundless. This individual, who you feel is your competitor, could simply be more attuned, get more out of her or his life, be more optimistic or be an overachiever.

Mother with a ghost of a boy in the hallway

My mom was walking down the hallway with 5 high circle lights to my room with a little boy. The hallway was lit under the light but went dark in between the light shining down. I ask her "Mom, who is that?" and she replied "You see him, Diane, you see him". They walk closer to me, she is holding his hand. I repeat "Mom, who is that?", she said "You see him". The boy will smile and frown by the time they got halfway through the hallway. I ask her again, she said "You see Billy, Diane. You see him - Billy". I said "Yes" and he was at my face when she replied he is a ghost. His eyes turn white hazy...

This vision seems to be the manifestation of some negative emotions you have recently experienced in wake life. These negative experiences or situations are bringing you down, making you feel small and unimportant. Because of the prominence she plays in this vision (leading the boy to you), your mother may be the source of this frustration and sadness. This could be the result of a misunderstanding or a difference in values. Until these issues are resolved and forgiveness is exchanged, however, you are unlikely to find peace or repose.

Being a ghost and trying to be reborn

I was dead and I was a ghost and I was getting torn in two and needed to let go. And I wrote a letter but I was living in a parallel dimension, but alongside the living, they couldn't see or hear me, but two women and I needed to move on, so I could be reborn new because if I stayed around too long your spirit goes numb and you stay as presence that loses grip on normality and u geek pain. So I needed to get a message out and wrote on paper saying "Goodbye, I love you" and the two women found it an saw my name on it and held it up to the window to read it before it faded.

The ghost in your vision is actually your subconscious, and it is trying to warn you of challenges you are destined to face in your future. Specifically, the image of you as a ghost who is trying to communicate with others predicts confrontation with an enemy and a series of challenges that are in the way of your achieving your goals. The fading paper with your message also holds symbolic meaning, pointing toward some painful memories that may have held you back until now. In essence, your spirit "going numb" from staying around too long indicates not making progress and moving forward in your waking life. In this case, by letting go of the past and overcoming the challenges you can be reborn and experience a new phase in your life.

A ghost of a woman with a horse head

Don't know if it's a dream or not (I assume that it is because I don't believe in that ghost nonsense), but I have this woman standing by my bed (in the same spot every time) in some sort of wedding gown, with a see-through veil over her face. Though instead of a normal head, lies a horse skull (I think). Honestly, the dream terrifies me to no end.

As the bedroom is often associated with sexual desire or lust, the woman who enters your room could symbolize your desire to be with someone, either a lover who is far away or someone who is currently not available to you. The wedding dress, just as in waking life, is connected to marriage and relationships. This further points toward someone you are not currently seeing, but whom you could be interested in, at least physically. The horse skull that replaces the woman's head, however, is a warning from your subconscious that pursuing a relationship or getting physically involved with this person can only lead to trouble, if not tragedy. Not heeding this notice could result in a terrible period of suffering and disappointment in your life.

An evil ghost going after kids

An evil ghost was trying to hurt my children.

An evil, menacing ghost which threatens your family is an ominous sign predicting inevitable changes which would negatively affect your household. This could be directly related to your children since they were the main victims in this dream, but it could also affect the family as a whole. You may want to be on the lookout for upcoming disruptions or threats which may cause issues and try to guard against them as best you can.

Trying to follow a ghost

I was standing in a veranda (possibly my school's). Across the veranda I turn to see a white clad girl ghost-like figure who is staring at me and begins to run towards me. I run towards her too, then she turns and vanishes behind a closed door. I shout behind her like showing courage and wanting answers (I was shouting in real in my sleep). Then I woke up.

Being at school in a dream suggests you may be facing some stressful situations in wake life. However, this symbol is opposed with the image of the girl in white, which suggests a carefree lifestyle and a lack of concern. When put together in the context of this vision, it seems you may be under a lot of pressure, and while you know what your responsibilities are and what you need to do, you still feel as though the carefree innocence of childhood is slowly getting away from you making you realize the true challenges that lie ahead.

Turning into a ghost after committing suicide

I dreamt I shot myself in the head near a body of water. I died, but was looking down at my two siblings who came to the place I took my life. I could see the indent still in the sand where the impact was. I wrote in the sand I am still with you to my sisters. They couldn't see me as I was a ghost. But they did get my message. Shortly after I was stuck, I could no longer go where people I knew were. I couldn't visit my parents to look over them. I was stuck in nowhere. I felt anxiety.

The body of water represents your consciousness and committing suicide near it alludes to a troubled, anxious mindset you are trying to overcome at the moment. The dream suggests a developing distance from your support system as a result of going through a dilemma or personal crisis. Turning into a ghost reveals your inability to confront your problems and your desire to escape instead. It is possible that you choose to detach yourself from your loved ones to avoid getting them involved. Unfortunately, the more you push them away, the harder it will be to get them to understand your motivations and get them back into your life. A fresh perspective is needed to resolve your issues. Whether it is a personal problem or a matter of entering a new chapter in your life, you need not be alone on the journey.

Ghost telling maid to leave the house

I dreamt my daughter called me hysterically and woke up and then fell asleep again and I dreamt that me and my maid were sitting on the floor folding clothes and she told me she can't work for me anymore. And I asked why and offered her more money and better hours and she declined and said "No, there is a thing in the house" and "he" doesn't want her there and he will kill her. I kept asking what thing and she said the thing in the house is haunting her and will kill her if she doesn't leave and I woke up.

Dreaming about someone whom you employ is often thought to reflect your own hard work and determination, particularly in matters of business or household tasks. You are likely a disciplined person who takes pride in the work you perform. However, you maid's refusal to provide services for you (despite your efforts to persuade her to stay) suggests that you have limits to what you are willing to do, especially in how you treat others involved. This could mean you are willing to bend over backwards to support those who you feel are worthy, but tend to ignore those not worth your effort. This could cause conflict, especially among you family, if you choose not to help someone related to you. This can be seen in the idea of the haunted house, predicting conflict and discord among relatives.

Communicating with a black ghost figure

I had a dream of a black-silhouette figure following my mom around and we both sat down to talk about it. He talked to us through a YouTube video that wasn't published and told us he is here to keep us safe and told us some stuff that I don't remember. I felt calm in the dream, but my mom was getting more scared. Keep in mind I get scared when being around ghosts and stuff like that.

Perceiving a silhouette or profile of a man in a dream suggests changes are about to take place. The presence of your mom in this vision reveals that these changes would affect your family. Perhaps you would be relocating or entering a new phase in your journey that would take you out of your comfort zone. The fact that this figure appears as a silhouette means that along with the change there would be a time filled with uncertainties and unpredictable consequences. The upside is, that you do not seem too concerned about it. You may be confident in yourself in the sense that you can overcome any kind of challenges coming your way. On the other hand, expect your mom to act protective of you, as she is not yet ready to let you go.

A ghost sacrificing a little girl

A little girl holding a doll was walking up the stairs with an all-grey ghost following her. He captured her and took her to the attic that had a pool full of water directly under the full moon. He sacrificed her and the moon disappeared with her. The dream kept switching from the third-person to the ghost's perspective.

The little girl with the doll seems to be the manifestation of some negative feelings you may be carrying with you. Symbolically, a girl with a doll is usually tied to loneliness or abandonment, but it could also represent not feeling safe or not being able to trust someone. Whatever this negative feeling is, the grey ghost following and kidnapping her suggests the situation is unlikely to improve any time soon, as ghosts that are not white could point toward bad situations arising. Seeing things from the ghost's perspective could represent your hand in the worsening situation. Perhaps you are purposely holding on to the negative energy, or maybe you do not know how to move on. In either case, the direction your future could take depends highly on the reason for the sacrifice. If it seemed to be in the name of a positive higher being, like God, you may be able to find redemption and peace. However, if it was for some dark purpose, the sacrifice could represent being consumed by these dark feelings and getting involved in immoral or questionable activities.

Turning into a ghost while being attacked

We are in a messy room and there is an older man trying to hurt me. He can see me and feel me but I'm like a ghost to him, nothing I do can stop him from getting to me.

The messy room in your dream reflects your mind's disarray. You are probably going through some emotional turmoil punctuated by self-doubt and uncertainty. Consequently, being unable to save someone from the old man points to your inability to stand up for yourself during pivotal moments in your life. Your insecurities and shortcomings are manifested in this dream perhaps due to your recent efforts to increase self-awareness of these personal issues.

Being attacked by a ghost

I was attacked by a ghost.

An encounter with a ghost in the dream world alludes to your psychological state. Being attacked by this ghost could be indicative of impending emotional breakdown. Perhaps you have some pent up anger and frustration building up inside you which could lead to a complete meltdown. The cause of your anger may just be a petty issue or a minor annoyance, but your tendency to keep things to yourself may make things grow much worse.

Friendly ghosts in the bedroom

I am a male, age 54, I dreamt that I was lying in bed and saw a ghost on my right hand side on my bedroom wall and then another one walking on my right, walking past and next to my bed. They both seemed to be friendly.

Envisioning the presence of a friendly ghost in the realm of dreams could indicate you are about to experience a boost to your good luck. This means that your current endeavors and projects would be completed on time and with great success. Plans or even random events are likely to go in your favor as well. Two ghosts may reveal that there are two specific areas of your life which would benefit from this period of time.

Taking money from a ghost

I had dreamed a similar dream way back about my ex telling me if I ever dream of seeing a man coming out of a train track tunnel that that would mean I would find his hidden money on that track. Well last night I dreamed I saw that man and searched for the money as my ex had told me. I found the money after the ghost disappeared. But he wouldn't let me take it yet, I found a way to take it but went running around in search of my ex who has told me in a past dream for answers on what to do next.

Dreams that continue the narrative of a previous dream mean your subconscious is trying to help you find answers to your current problems or issues. Usually this happens when something has been bothering or nagging you, so your visions try to solve the puzzle in your reality. Your ex symbolizes your past experiences alongside all the lessons you have learned from him, which means your past mistakes or regrets could be coming back to haunt you. You are dwelling too much on your past, trying to search for guidance and motivation which you likely already possess. As such, the money represents the answers to your problems and finding the money means you will be able to find the resolution you have been looking for. You just need to enter the tunnel, so to speak, or search inside yourself for the strength and wisdom you need at the moment.

A baby stolen by a ghost

I am a 36 year old female, a mother of two. I had three dreams now that my baby is being stolen from me, the weirdest one a few nights ago was that a ghost or spirit took him, he was swaddled up in a blanket, literally floating away from me. I was trying to grab him back down I couldn't see the ghost or spirit.

Dreaming that your baby has been snatched, stolen or taken away from you reveals your anxieties about keeping your child safe and secure, especially if there are threats in your surroundings. Your maternal instinct is trying to strengthen your defenses to keep your children out of the harm's way. In particular, the ghost or spirit that took your baby provides a specific clue about your source of anxiety regarding their safety. The spirit symbolizes the unknown, so it is possible that the quickly changing world, brought about by the advancements in technology, is making you feel afraid about the kind of future your children would live in and whether or not you are capable of shielding them from the harsh realities of life.

Using salt against ghosts

I was seated outside the house with my mum and my sister, then I saw several white ghosts at a distance and a few in the yard, so I got up from where I was sitting to get salt and I splashed salt all over the yard and the ghosts started disappearing. But there was some light where they were because it looked so bright. And I later got in the house to lock up and when I locked another young ghost came to handle me with black shoes from under the door space and said sorry and left and I just stood there watching. Then I woke up.

Despite their scary appearance, white ghosts actually represent good tidings. It means you will receive blessings that would bring you much joy and excitement. Unfortunately, the circumstances surrounding these positive news may be suspicious that is why you splashed salt to keep them away. You may be too cautious about taking risks and this attitude would make you miss out on big earnings or rewards. It is also possible that your personal values and beliefs go against the proponents of these lucrative ideas. Locking out the ghosts likewise reveals your hesitations about taking a leap of faith. You can actually benefit from being a bit more open minded, so pay attention to other perspectives unfolding soon and decide for yourself.

Ghosts attacking you

Dreaming of ghosts attacking you is a common nightmare that can be influenced by cultural beliefs and the concept of spirits. It often occurs at night and may evoke feelings of fear and paralysis. Furthermore, this dream is a spiritual omen, symbolizing the need to confront unresolved fears or negative energies in your life and seek protection or guidance to overcome them.

Being dragged by a ghost

Being attacked and dragged by a ghost is a common nightmare that can occur during sleep. It symbolizes feelings of vulnerability and powerlessness in waking life, as the ghost denotes unresolved fears or past traumas haunting your mind. On the other hand, this dream is also associated with sleep paralysis, where the inability of the body to move during REM sleep translates into the sensation of being dragged by a malevolent entity.