Dreams Related To Genitalia

Bees covering genitalia

I was standing outside my workplace. Had bees all over me. Mostly the bees were gathered on my vagina.

A dream wherein you see bees on your body is an indication of starting a new love affair or sexual relationship. Perhaps you are about to meet a new person with whom you may indulge in a passionate affair. The notion that you saw the bees gathered on your vagina represents sexual intimacy which you would experience with this particular person.

Boyfriends comparing genitalia

I am female. One of my ex's was in my bed and I saw his small penis and my other come in my house and start to argue with my other ex and my ex told him that he has a bigger penis than his and pulled down his pants and said his was bigger than his and when my second ex did, it looked like his genital areas been shaved up real bad, with sores or something.

Seeing two of your ex-partners inside your house alludes to nostalgic feelings and unresolved issues. Something in the waking world may have tugged at your sentimental strings. For instance, if you are currently single, you may be missing the feeling of having a romantic partner. This is partially illustrated by the comparison of their penis sizes. In trying to recount the good and the bad points of each ex, you are in effect trying to understand why each relationship did not work out. Knowing how and why it fell apart may help you improve future relationships.