Dreams Related To Gemstones

Finding gemstones

Envisioning yourself finding gemstones unexpectedly is a positive sign to see in a dream and indicates being successful. Just as a diamond in the rough just needs a bit of polish to shine, you are also predicted to attain greatness and excel in a task or goal you are currently pursuing. This type of dream also indicates that the achieving of victory in your endeavors will lead to a quick rise to fame and the admiration of those around you.

Gemstones in general

Dreaming about gemstones in general represents having or achieving a comfortable lifestyle. Those who see gems in a dream vision, such as rubies, turquoise, quartz, jasper or amethyst, are likely to find themselves thriving and enjoying their station in life. This type of dream can also serve as a prediction of an upcoming joyous occasion or participation in an event which will bring happiness and fulfillment to your life.

Collecting and eating gemstones

Getting gemstones from colorful beach water, collecting more gemstones in different color and eating some gemstones.

Both gemstones and images of the beach are auspicious symbols to perceive in the dream realm. Gemstones are usually associated with the comforts of home and great joy in reality, while the beach is thought to predict prosperity and general well-being for you and your loved ones. The idea that you collected these gems from the beach and ate them, then, could point toward a gradual improvement in your lifestyle and wealth. For example, you may start making more money over a certain period of time or find that your health has improved significantly over the course of a few weeks or months.

Broken or shattered gemstones

Envisioning broken, shattered gemstones in a dream is a negative symbol associated with great disappointment. Just as destroyed gems can no longer be used to create beautiful jewelry, this dream vision indicates some plan falling through or a venture not returning an expected profit, causing sadness or frustration. This type of dream may also predict being unable to receive or ask for the assistance of friends and family during a difficult period in your life. Because you will have to act alone, you may feel overwhelmed by the amount of responsibility and magnitude of tasks you must take on.

Interpret my dream about rare crystals or gemstones

Gemstones of a blue color

Dreams about seeing, touching or wearing gemstones that are blue in color predict a good position in life and the happiness and contentment which follows such a standing. Light-blue gems in particular point to financial security and a good financial situation. This might mean suddenly coming into money, but is more likely the result of careful planning and hard work being rewarded. Dark-blue jewels or gems are associated with safety, order and stability, especially in regards to social standing and your plans for the future.

Wearing gemstones

Envisioning yourself wearing gemstones in the form of jewelry predicts a rise in position. This dream vision could indicate receiving a promotion or earning company-wide recognition for a project you worked on, or it could be related to something within your community, such as an elevation in social standing or gaining the admiration of those around you. Wearing gemstones in a dream may also represent the achievement of your goals or the fulfillment of your dreams.

Although dreams about wearing jewelry containing precious gems predict a rise in position or social status, that gain may come at the price of vicious rumors or slander being spread about you, most likely related to the way in which you achieved your advancement. To prevent or minimize the damage caused by this gossip, early intervention may be needed. Therefore, this dream could serve as a warning to be on the lookout for those who would become envious of or displeased with your success.

Receiving gemstones for young females

Dreams about receiving gemstones for a young woman, particularly in the form of jewelry, are positive signs associated with a good relationship with a boyfriend or long-time partner. This dream vision often points to an upcoming engagement announcement or a wedding soon to be planned. Young women receiving gemstones in a dream vision can expect to have a beautiful, happy marriage ceremony and to enjoy the memories for many years to come.

Receiving gemstones as a gift

Dreams about receiving gemstones as a gift or token of admiration are negative in nature, pointing to sudden disruptions to your schedule or plans. These unexpected deviations are likely going to be unavoidable or impossible to prevent, such as an accident or someone stepping in to prevent you from achieving your goal. While the setbacks may not be permanent, you are likely to feel discouraged by your lack of progress and upset with the situation you are in.

Looking at gemstones

Envisioning yourself looking at gemstones, such as on display in a department store or admiring a tiara in a museum, is a positive symbol associated with gaining valuable possessions. This could be a random present from a friend or a loved one, or it could possibly be an extra allowance of money for business or personal expenses. Gazing at gemstones may also indicate acquiring something you have had your eye on for quite awhile, for example, an expensive gadget or a new car.

Clear gemstones

Seeing or being in possession of clear gemstones in a dream vision, for example diamonds, white sapphires, colorless zircon or silver topaz, is a positive symbol associated with happiness. The symbolic vision containing these images predicts a joyous occasion, such as a birth or wedding, in the near future. This event would definitely bring you pleasure and leave a lasting memory with you, whether it is directly related to you or will be about someone close to you, like a family member or dear friend.

Cut and polished gemstones

Dreaming about seeing gemstones cut and polished, such as in a workshop, is a positive omen predicting happiness. This dream could indicate being or becoming content with your situation in life or attaining some goal which satisfies your heart's desires. Because you feel fulfilled and comfortable, you may also become more hospitable and experience improvement in your relationships, particularly with close friends and family.

A single gemstone

Seeing a single, solitary gemstone in a dream vision, whether it is on its own or contained in a piece of jewelry, indicates possibly having an ambiguous, incorrect or slanderous opinion about a topic. This may be about a situation or idea, possibly ideological or political in nature, or it may concern a person, be it someone you know or not. Should you share your thoughts without showing awareness or understanding of the facts, you may face harsh repercussions in the form of criticism or condemnation.

Someone holding a gemstone

Envisioning someone holding a gemstone in the palm of their hand in a dream foretells receiving bad news regarding material possessions. These can be physical items, like a house or valuable collection, or intangible assets, such as investments or stocks. Gems in outreached hands predict a possibility of hearing some sad or disappointing news concerning what you own, including loss, theft or damage beyond repair.

An array of gemstones

Dreaming about an array of gemstones, such as in a display case, is a positive omen associated with being protected or watched over by someone. Clusters of jewels or an impressive range of glittering stones predict that events in your life or tasks you are currently involved in are being overseen by someone acting as a guardian angel. This person is likely well-respected and influential, and because of their support, you are likely to experience little difficulty in pursuing and accomplishing what you set out to do.

Gemstones turning into stones

Envisioning a sparkling gemstone turn into an ordinary rock indicates a loss of faith in something you once believed in strongly. Just as glittering jewels become worthless when transformed into stones, this idea that you once accepted as absolute truth has now become questionable in your eyes. Your shift from idealism to realism may cause some feelings of disillusionment or frustration. In addition to this, dreams about valuable gems turning into worthless pebbles may indicate a person, possibly a mother figure or other respected person, revealing some aspect of their personality which completely changes the way you view them.

Low-quality gemstones

Dreams about seeing or touching low-quality, inferior or substandard gemstones are a negative sign predicting having to face adversaries. Envisioning yourself interacting with jewels of questionable quality denotes rivals coming out of the woodworks to interfere with the aspects of your life important to you. This enemy may or may not have been someone you have had run-ins with in the past, and they plan to disable you when you want to advance your goals and move forward. Therefore, this dream also warns to follow your plans and act carefully to avoid being thwarted.

Finding gems and meeting strangers

Finding many different and special rare gems in a soft sand embankment. Other families and my partner were there, but only I found lots and all the gems. Then somebody I didn't know, sitting at a big long table with other people I didn't know, outside where I was finding the gems, started asking questions about my old job.

Dreaming about finding gemstones unexpectedly is a positive sign indicating success. Just as a diamond in the rough needs a bit of polish to shine, you are also predicted to attain greatness and excel in a task or goal you are currently pursuing. When you have achieved your objectives, you will win the admiration of everyone around you. The strangers in your dream reinforce this concept, indicating you making decisions which could have life-changing effects. These decisions could yield both positive and negative results at the same time, such as reducing your company workforce to avert a potential financial crisis. On the other hand, it could lower productivity as well as make ex-workers extremely unhappy. Another major decision that this vision could indicate is having personal space and a chance to be on your own for some time. Doing so might give you the freedom and independence you have been hoping for to excel.

Someone wearing gemstones

Dreams about watching or seeing someone wearing gemstones, either as adornment or woven into their clothing, predict that you or someone close to you will become famous in the near future. This type of dream may indicate local or international fame, such as a popular singer or upcoming politician, or it may mean lesser popularity, such as a local celebrity or community leader. Seeing someone wearing gems may also represent suddenly coming into possession of money either by winning a lottery, gambling or inheriting it.

Clothes accessorized with gemstones

Envisioning clothes accessorized with multiple gemstones is a very positive sign to experience as a dream vision. It is often associated with good luck and great fortune. This may be related to money, such as receiving an inheritance or making a profitable investment, or to work, such as successfully completing a difficult or challenging project. This fortunate experience will bring you up to a new level, in terms of either wealth or esteem, and result in great happiness present in your life.

Inheriting gemstones

Seeing yourself receive gemstones in a dream, either as part of an inheritance or the wishes stated in someone's final will and testament, predicts a sudden increase in your wealth or the value of your possessions. This could be related to actually receiving an inheritance, winning a lottery or getting a promotion that comes with a hefty raise. This newly acquired money, however, may come with a price tag in the form of disappointments or sadness in other areas of your life, such as a broken relationship or poor health.

Losing jewelry with gemstones

Dreaming about losing or misplacing jewelry with gemstones, such as rubies, turquoise or amethyst, is a negative sign predicting being the target of deceitful people. Either through disruptions or outright lying, these individuals are out to get you, targeting your goals and dreams in the pursuit of their own wants. This vision could indicate that their intentions are in direct opposition to yours, though that may not necessarily be the case. Losing gem-studded jewelry in a dream may also represent aspects of your personality related to rudeness or unchaste behavior which others find distasteful or even offensive.

Buying gemstones

Dreaming about buying gemstones, such as in the form of jewelry items or a tiara, is a positive symbol associated with great success. Most often this success is realized through your current plans, future ambitions, financial goals or work projects. Quite possibly, dreaming about purchasing gemstones can also indicate favorable outcomes in more personal matters, for example, in regards to a romantic partner or someone you are interested in pursuing a relationship with or trying to impress.

Giving gemstones to someone

Envisioning yourself giving away gemstones is a negative omen predicting a period in your waking life filled with disappointment. Gifting gems, such as rubies, quartz, or jasper, to someone within a dream symbolizes being deeply hurt or embarrassed by someone, possibly a family member or close friend, whom you trusted. This is likely to disappoint you and leave you feeling inadequate for some time after the initial incident.

Stealing gemstones

Dreaming about stealing or helping yourself to gemstones, such as from an exhibit in a museum or from a department store display, is an extremely negative sign associated with loss. This dream usually portends losing material possessions, like money or property. For example, the value of your investments may take a hit, or you could experience a fire or some other natural disaster which could damage or even destroy your home or assets.

Receiving gemstones from lover

Dreams containing scenes of receiving gemstones from a lover or romantic partner can be interpreted as a favorable sign associated with a good relationship with that person. Getting a gift of gemstones, including as jewelry items, symbolizes this person's fondness for and attachment to you. Having this dream could also predict an upcoming engagement and marriage, with the ongoing relationship continuing to grow in love and happiness.

Your lover admiring gemstones on you

Dreaming about a lover or partner admiring the gemstones you are wearing, either as part of jewelry or some other adornment, symbolizes an upcoming proposal by the person in question for a lifetime spent at your side. The following marriage and life thereafter is predicted to be one of happiness, with both partners feeling fulfilled, content and secure in their positions. This union may serve as an example to others about how married life should look.

Browsing gemstones with lover

Dreams about browsing or perusing a collection of gemstones with your lover or significant other are a positive sign predicting being blessed with children. Whether you were interested in actually purchasing the gems in your dream or not, this symbol indicates the birth of happy and healthy offspring who will reciprocate the love of the parents.

Talking about gemstones with jeweler

Envisioning yourself talking with a jeweller about his or her displayed gemstones is a negative sign to see in a dream. Discussing the contents of a gem display or collection with a professional gemmologist suggests someone deceiving you or not expressing their genuine feelings towards you. This insincere person is likely to be someone you have built a rapport with, such as a close friend you have known and trusted for a long time. A dream of this nature may be a warning to carefully consider those you surround yourself with or to not take everything you are told at face value.

Fake gemstones

Dreaming about seeing or touching fake or artificial gemstones, such as cubic zirconia, are an ill omen associated with being the victim of fraud. Just as fake gems, once recognized as substitutes, are considered inferior and worthless compared to their authentic counterparts, seeing such a symbol in a dream vision predicts being fooled or deceived by someone you were once very close to or had trusted for a long time. This person may be related to you, but is more likely a close friend or intimate companion. It would be wise to look closely at your relationships and carefully consider who can still be trusted.

Piles of gemstones

Dreaming about walking around or being surrounded by piles of sparkling gemstones is a positive sign predicting wealth. Overflowing mounds of rubies, sapphires or diamonds in a dream vision indicate growing wealth, accumulation of material possessions and the prestige and higher social status linked with it. However, dreams of this nature are also associated with more intangible benefits like respect and admiration for projects or charities you could be presently involved in or support.

Buying a ring with gemstones

Dreams about buying rings made using or created with gemstones predict a growing family. In particular, gem-studded rings in a dream vision point to the biological birth of a baby boy or welcoming an adopted child of male gender into your household.

Hiding gemstones on your body

Dreaming about trying to hide gemstones on your body, such as in a pocket or sewn into your garment, is a sinister token symbolizing upcoming difficulties. Envisioning yourself concealing precious stones, either to protect or smuggle them, indicates soon experiencing a situation or problem which could negatively affect multiple aspects of your life. These issues may either result in minor disappointment and frustration, or could gradually grow into deep sorrow or depression.

Dishes decorated with gemstones

Dreams about dinner plates or other kitchenware items decorated or encrusted with gemstones are positive signs indicating a happy, fulfilling life. Looking at or handling gem-studded china is associated with being content with your current situation either due to financial security or to harmony in your relationships. Your satisfaction and gratitude for what you presently have is likely to bring peace of mind as well. If you specifically see yourself eating from a jewel-covered dish, it indicates healthiness or overcoming some illness that could have plagued you for some time now.

Light reflected from gemstones

Envisioning light being reflected from gemstones indicates experiencing harmony. Observing illuminated gems, such as rubies, sapphires or diamonds, refracting light represents finding a happy balance within yourself, especially an inner peace acquired through religious rite or spiritual reflection. This type of dream may also show your contentment with and acceptance of yourself as a person, which exudes from you and can be recognized by those who surround you.

A gemstone inside a flower

Dreams about seeing or discovering a gemstone inside of a flower represent a synthesis or integration of two formerly opposing personal characteristics. Dreams of this nature indicate coming to peace and accepting two conflicting sides of yourself, such as more carnal desires juxtaposing strong religious beliefs or extroverted tendencies mixed with a need for isolation and tranquility. By achieving this balance, you are likely to gain confidence in yourself and create order within your life.

Wearing gemstones in excess

Envisioning yourself wearing excessive amounts of gemstones in a dream vision is a negative sign indicating misrepresenting yourself for who you truly are. Just as people wear masks, costumes and gaudy makeup to distort their real selves, adorning yourself in gratuitous amounts of jewels represents exaggerating your abilities to the point where it could be detrimental to you life. This may mean fluffing a resume and getting a job you are not actually well-suited for or behaving in such an insincere or offensive way that it puts off or angers those around you.

Unable to afford gemstones

Dreams about being unable to afford gemstones, such as in jewelry or on their own, is an ill omen predicting facing numerous difficulties in the near future. Not having enough money to purchase something valuable in a dream vision, in this case gems, is symbolic of obstacles preventing you from reaching a certain goal or achieving a dream you have recently set your heart and mind on. These interferences may be physical or ideological in nature or may be represented by a person or group of people making you being unable to pursue a chosen course of action.

Selling gemstones

Dreaming about selling gemstones you once owned is a positive sign to have as a dream vision. Receiving money in exchange for the valuable jewels you were in possession of before symbolizes alleviation of financial stress and the possibility of having extra money in the near future. With your newfound wealth you are likely to become rich enough to afford material possessions that were previously out of reach.

Glistening gemstones

Dreaming about looking at or being mesmerized by glistening, glittering gemstones can be interpreted as a warning to be cautious and careful. Large, sparkling jewels can be distracting, if not enthralling in real life, and in a dream they symbolize not paying attention to or realizing something important. Therefore, it would be wise to be watchful of those around you, particularly people you are not familiar with, and to plan your actions accordingly.

Sailing and looking for gemstones

In my dream, I'm a wanderer then a man my age asks me to follow him. Funny thing, he takes me on a boat against the waterfall, we ascent instead of falling and arrive in his home. There he said that there are many gems inside his garden. Automatically, I dig into dirt and find 3 glowing moonstones and a pink gem which I believe is a tourmaline, glowing too. Those gems are normal size for a necklace's locket... This dream was so unexpected, what does it mean? Thank you.

Going against the flow of the waterfall in a boat in this dream signifies an existing or upcoming challenging period in your life when you are or will be trying to get help from someone in order to overcome and solve your problems. Most likely, you are seeking help from those you know well, such as your friends, your family or relatives. These efforts could be time-consuming and require a lot of patience, but you cannot solve these issues on your own. Coming across an array of gemstones in the same dream indicates the existence of some powerful and capable person who would be able to help you with your quest. Shining or glowing gemstones you were discovering along the way also speak of the possibility of making mistakes or relying on a wrong person. You would probably need to talk to a few of people before you find someone who can actually understand your issues, give you the right advice and guide you in your endeavors.