Dreams Related To Garden

Artificial flowers instead of real ones in the garden

In my dream I was at someone's garden (they are married couple with 2 young children). I saw 2 bunches of colorful flowers in their garden and I pulled them out from the roots and I threw them, but then I felt bad and I looked back, but then I saw those fresh flowers were artificial and I said to myself that I don't need to feel bad because they weren't real and I woke up. Thank you so much.

Pulling out flowers from someone else's garden signifies envy. A garden filled with colorful flowers represents a happy and prosperous household. A part of you feels resentful of their comfortable and seemingly well-off existence which is likely better than your own. Meanwhile, finding out that the flowers you pulled out were artificial or fake flowers means you have decided to cut ties with these people, perhaps because you no longer want to feed the spiteful feelings or negative opinions about them or you just want to avoid unpleasant encounters. Alternatively, the artificial flowers could also mean that you think their ideal life are all for show and upon closer inspection they are not as perfect as they appear to be.

A blooming garden

Dreaming about walking through a garden with blossoming trees during the spring season with someone you have feelings for or currently dating is a very auspicious symbol predicting positive developments in the relationship with this person, possibly leading to marriage or forming a harmonious union without tying the knot.

A fenced garden

Dreaming about a beautiful garden surrounded by a fence could mean that your peaceful and carefree existence is about to be interrupted by someone or a group of people who would want to bring chaos and destruction into your life. The dream therefore advises to guard yourself from these kinds of individuals to avoid possible contact with them.

Being in a garden and attacked by something

I had 3 dreams last night that somehow all intertwined with each other. What I'm mostly concerned about is the last dream. So, in the two dreams before that I was with people, with friends and all that and then I end up by myself all alone in this green house (garden house). It's dark in there but I can see the plants and then right in the middle is a statue of Mother Mary in a black cloak and something had ended up ripping it and I looked to my right and something jumps out at me, but I wake up.

A greenhouse symbolizes transformation, while Mother Mary or the Virgin Mary represents love and selfless actions. As such, there is a possibility that you would face a difficult situation in the near future which would ultimately change your perspective about the world. It may be akin to a loss of innocence and purity. Perhaps you would be betrayed by someone you have placed a lot of trust in. The darkness also points to negative emotions and cynicism, which is part of your test of character. It is up to you whether you would succumb to pessimism or continue believing in the goodness of people.

An garden with ripe fruits

Dreams containing images of a garden with ripe fruits on the tree branches are symbolic of being rewarded for sincere friendship and helping those in need. It could also predict becoming a leader or getting ahead of others in the business or venture you are presently involved in. For married women, this vision is symbolic of a happy household, loving husband and well-behaved children.

A garden with evergreen plants

Dreaming about visiting or seeing a garden with evergreen trees and shrubs is a positive symbol of peaceful and prosperous existence you are presently living. You are surrounded by true friends and people who are generous, kind and who only wish you the best in this world.

A garden in general

Dreaming about seeing or visiting a garden in general often serves as a reflection of how you view your own life. Such elements of the dream about a garden as manicured lawns or neatly pruned tree branches as opposed to the imagery of abandonment and lack of care can shed light on where your life is going at the moment. At times, a garden can be a background theme to other scenarios unraveling within a dream and the meaning should be interpreted based on additional details or characters present.

Harvesting fruits in a garden

Having dreams about harvesting ripe fruits from the tree branches in a garden has always been associated with positive outcomes in waking life. This symbolism is closely connected with acquiring wealth, prosperity and plenitude of material and intangible blessings both for you and your loved ones. The same dream vision is symbolic of respect and reverence you receive from people living or working alongside you.

Pigs in the garden

Dreaming about seeing pigs in a garden picking fallen fruits off the ground is a negative sign which portends losing a portion of your property or belongings, possibly due to theft, fraudulent activities or trusting someone who should not be trusted in the first place.

Planting a garden

Dreams with the imagery of planting a future garden are reflections of your tendency to daydream or preoccupy yourself with plans and ambitions which are most likely nonviable or have slim chances of becoming materialized. By indulging in these fantasies, you could be taking away from your real goals, plans and things to accomplish.

Cutting a garden clear

Dreaming about cutting trees in a garden with the purpose of clearing it could have two completely opposite meanings. On the one hand, it could portend upcoming period in your life characterized by poverty, inability to afford basic necessities or having a huge debt. On the other hand, the same vision could predict becoming unexpectedly wealthy, for example after winning lottery or receiving inheritance from a distant relative who passes away.

A garden on a hill

Dreaming about walking or driving by a garden which is located up on a hill, so it is elevated in relation to the surrounding area, is a sign of possible romantic affair which would be characterized by pure and platonic feelings. Regardless whether it is going to last or end soon, it is going to leave lasting memories and nostalgic feelings for many years to follow.

A hurricane impacting a garden

Dreams containing imagery of a hurricane raging inside a garden could predict soon being visited by an unexpected and most likely unwelcome guest. Their presence would require assuming more responsibilities, doing more chores or spending more money and time on them just to keep them happy.

Walking through a garden

Dreaming about taking a walk through a beautiful garden contains predictions of success and self-fulfillment. You are probably the type of person who carefully plans every step of the way and seeks purpose and meaning in everything you do. If you happen to recall gathering flowers or fruits while in the garden, it is a symbol of something pleasant and surprising soon taking place in your waking life.

Talking to a gardener

Dream that my gardener was cutting my yard, but left part as he showed me that it was covered in dog poop.

The vision of a gardener at work is usually associated with starting a relationship with someone who would be very useful and beneficial to you. The vision of dog poop on your lawn is symbolic of money being involved in your relationship with another person or people. In the context of this dream, you could be going through some questionable dealings or proceedings where money would be playing a major role. These events, after they happen, might leave you empty-handed or undermine your current relationship with other people whom you would be dealing with.

A botanical garden

Walking amongst the plants and shrubs of a lush botanical garden in the midst of a dream may reveal a lack of progress or growth in reality, especially if you seemed entranced by the different species or were there with the intent to learn something. Even though you act like you are happy or that things are fine, you likely feel like a failure because you are stuck in a rut. It may be time for a change of pace or it is the right moment to start a new hobby.

An abandoned garden

Dreams containing imagery of an abandoned garden with old fruitless trees and wild vegetation growing everywhere could reveal your internal fears and concerns about approaching old age. These worries could be especially pronounced if you are currently single or have recently gone through a divorce, breakup or separation, including death, with your significant one. It is also a sign of being afraid of disappointments and regrets following something you have said or done, recently or in the past.

Getting lost in a garden

Dreaming about being in a garden and suddenly realizing that you cannot find your way out means that soon you are about to make a very important choice. The outcomes of this decision would greatly impact the rest of your life or change it in a completely unexpected way.

Flower garden

Tending to a flower garden, with a lot of booming flowers, indicates a positive outlook on life. You will enjoy a favorable future because you have cultivated the right relationships and made a lot of good decisions. This is also an indication of a sunny personality, especially if the garden is a field of sunflowers or other yellow flowers. On other other hand, if the garden is filled with weeds and wilting flowers, then perhaps you are feeling hopeless and pessimistic.

A vegetable garden

Having dream visions about seeing vegetables instead of fruits growing in a garden is not a positive symbol which reflects poverty, misfortune or bad rumors circulating about you, either true or imagined. However, for married women this dream portends happiness and contentment in their marriage.

A garden keeper

Dreaming about meeting or seeing someone who is taking care of a garden predicts getting acquainted with a person who could turn out to be very useful in the future. Interacting with the gardener in this dream could also signify soon meeting a love of your life or, in a more general sense, a mentor or a valuable life-long companion.

A garden infested with parasites

Dreams containing images of a garden infested with parasites or some repulsive creatures is the manifestation of your current miserable existence and dissatisfaction while others seem to be doing well and enjoying their lives to the fullest.

Skipping visiting a garden

Dreaming about driving or walking by a garden, but choosing not to go in is a symbol of a major conflict or disagreement with people you know closely. It could also indicate the emergence of some envious or jealous rivals and competitors, either in your business activities or in romantic affairs.

A garden with no fruits

Dreaming about walking through a garden and noticing that the trees do not bear any fruit is symbolic of the end of your professional career. No matter how much you would try to do your best to climb higher, your efforts would remain nonviable.

A garden with leafless trees

Scenes of visiting a garden with leafless trees envisioned in a dream is a reflection of your current attitude towards life in general. You could be enjoying the present because of a seemingly uncomplicated lifestyle without ever worrying about what the future holds.

Walking toward a garden

Dream visions about walking toward a garden area, so that you could see it from a distance, means that there is a person in your waking life who is ready to help you during the times of uncertainty or self-doubt. It could equally mean having kind and generous people, such as family members or close friends who never hesitate to extend a helping hand in the time of need.

A garden with specific fruits

Envisioning a garden with specific types of fruit trees can have different interpretations. An apple tree garden could predict reuniting with distant relatives or family members. A garden with mixed types of fruit-bearing trees, such as cherry, plum or pear could be a sign of aging or approaching middle age of your waking life.

Climbing trees in a garden

Having dream visions about climbing trees while in a garden could point to your excessive vulnerability or sensitive nature. You could be feeling intimidated or out of place when faced with certain individuals or settings. This personal trait most likely impedes your ability to communicate freely or interact the way a normal person would, preventing you from achieving more in life.

Pruning trees in a garden

Finding yourself in a dream pruning trees in a garden means that you would be successful at getting ahead of your rivals, competitors or enemies because you will be able to anticipate and counteract their plans, intentions or schemes they may have against you.

A gazebo inside a garden

Dreaming about sitting inside a gazebo which is located inside a garden could predict a period of time filled with joy, excitement and happy occasions, both for you and people who are close to you, such as your partner, family members or good friends.

A greenhouse in a garden

Dreaming about being inside or near a greenhouse which is located in a garden could be symbolic of being exposed to a string or gossip, rumors or information intended to degrade and humiliate you. After experiencing this dream vision you might learn about the existence of people who could be working behind your back to ruin your reputation.

A garden shedding leaves

Dreaming about walking around or just seeing a garden which is shedding leaves, as in the autumn season, is not a very positive symbol, which predicts soon experiencing great disappointments, conflicts or misunderstandings with people who are currently a big and important part of your waking life.

The Garden of Eden

Envisioning yourself being in the Garden of Eden could point to the richness of your soul, kindness and ability to understand how nature works. It is also a metaphor for great affinity for the mother figure, either as your actual mother, or in a more general sense, like the nature or universe. Some sources associate this vision with propensity to sinful acts oftentimes triggered or provoked by other people.

Dreaming of an orchard and specifically identifying it as the biblical Garden of Eden is a neutral symbol associated with both nature lovers and kind, peaceful souls. If you see this symbol in a dream vision, you likely consider kindness and sympathy as the most important assets and probably have a green thumb as well. This symbol is also associated with the idea of mothers and motherhood, possibly bringing about memories of a mother who has passed away or has been helping you recently. Other interpretations of this symbol suggest bad behavior or reactions on the part of the dreamer, possibly due to the provocation or goading of a third party.

A cherry tree garden

Dreaming about being in a garden with cherry trees is a symbol closely connected with the idea of the family. Therefore, if you have a big family, it means you depend on the bonds among family members, if you do not have a family, it reflects your longing to start your own family to bring peace and harmony into your waking life.

An autumn garden

Envisioning a garden during the autumn season with yellow and orange leaves on tree branches could reflect the ending phase of a certain period in your life, such as childhood, adolescence or middle ages. It could also symbolize the ending of a relationship or affair, whether you want it to or not.

Walking in a green garden

My dream was about me walking in a green garden.

Walking about a lush, green garden in a dream vision is a highly auspicious sign representing your personal growth and development. You may have recently found or are about to find some wisdom which could drastically alter your perception and help you mature as a person.

Watering garden

Providing care for a garden by watering the plants or digging out the weeds among the vegetables reflects your naturally caring and thoughtful personality. While tending a garden can have motherly connotations, there is no shame seeing this symbol as a man. It generally refers to nurturing others and helping them find both the best version of themselves and the best way they can be of service to others.