Dreams Related To Garbage

Garbage dump

A garbage dump or a landfill that has been inundated with refuse from trash trucks represents that piling up of responsibilities in wake life. In many cases, you would consider these responsibilities a burden rather than a joy. You may experience feelings related to stress and discomfort during this period.

Garbage truck

The image of a garbage truck alludes to control over negative habits. It suggests you are subconsciously transporting bad habits from one situation to another or replacing one bad habit with another. For instance, you might try to quit smoking by treating yourself to fast food whenever you successfully avoid a cigarette. This likely stems from the fear of loneliness or loss that accompanies giving up a part of yourself.

Throwing away garbage

The act of throwing away garbage refers to getting rid of unwanted negative emotions to make room for positive feelings and other things of more value. By ridding yourself of the extra weight of the bad, you open yourself up to better relationships and opportunities in the future.

Garbage disposal

The image of a garbage disposal as a prominent portent in a vision is a clear indication that some emotion or memory is holding you back in reality. As a result, you are not able to work and live to your full potential. You should get rid of these thoughts before the trash ways you down further. Once you have eliminated the waste, you should be able to move forward with a new lightness of heart.