Dreams Related To Garage

Parking a car inside a garage

The act of parking a car inside a garage could reveal that you currently lack stability and organization in reality. It may be a good time to reevaluate your organizational systems or find someone who can help you achieve a more orderly, effective method for taking care of things in your day to day schedule.

Parking garage

Envisioning a parking garage in the dream realm has special significance according to Jungian philosophy. This particular site, especially when recurring, indicates an unwillingness ever be in a situation where you feel lost or easily distracted. You need answers that are clear. You need the protection and security of knowledge based in symbolism from the bible or other religious texts. This would bring you comfort and allow your weary soul to relax.

Being locked up in a garage

Being locked inside a garage during the course of a dream vision may be a reminder from your subconscious that you need to take a step back from the things that are causing you stress in reality and get some rest and relaxation. This personal time could include a day spent alone in quiet contemplation, a spa day spent pampering yourself or simply a day where you could catch up on chores and get your life in order. The time you take for yourself would be well spent, as it would restore your inner balance and refresh your energy levels.

Your existing garage empty

Envisioning that your current garage is empty of your personal belongings may mean that you are concerned about your property and possessions in reality. This could be due to a recent burglary elsewhere or a natural disaster. It may be wise to consider getting extra insurance or investing in a safe, as it would give you more peace of mind and reassurance.

Garage for women

For women and those who identify as female, the symbol of a garage takes on a special meaning. It suggests she desires to have a more serious, dependable partner in reality. Alternatively, she may have liked more careless, bad-boy types in the past but is now more interested in sophisticated, well-spoken types.

Garage with a car inside

A garage with a car or multiple cars inside means you would soon meet or interact with someone whose ideas and opinions would become very important to you. Your behavior would be influenced by their presence, and you would be highly agreeable to whatever they suggest, be it for better or worse in the grand scheme of things.

An empty garage

An empty garage in the dream realm is a neutral symbol that reflects your desire to take on a new project or change something in your life. For example, you may want to do some social networking, start a new career or try a different hobby. You should get started on your plans soon though, as procrastination and laziness may ruin everything before it even begins.

Buying a garage

Buying a garage in the dream world is synonymous with gains in reality and is therefore a positive symbol to behold. It means you may soon acquire something or great significance or value, which would bring you great happiness and satisfaction. Alternatively, you may be able to invest in an important piece of property in the near future.

Setting a garage on fire

I was in the garage of my childhood home with 3 of my siblings. I picked up a ladle with some type of oil in it. I dropped it and sparks came up, then a huge explosion came up. After the explosion a fire happened. My sister was badly burned. I remember saying to myself that I could put out the fire because that would make worse since the source was chemical. We all left the garage as my mom showed up.

Because garages are generally separate from the house or are not usually filled with people consistently, being in the garage at the beginning of your vision points toward a feeling that you are somehow different from or separate from the rest of your family. Perhaps you consider yourself not like the rest of your siblings due to the path you have followed or your interests in wake life. The oil in the ladle points toward a desire to smoothly fit in with the rest of your social group, and you may be willing to go to great lengths to feel like you fit in. However, the explosion suggests this is not a good idea, and conforming yourself could lead to worse outcomes than just being yourself. This vision, then, is a reminder that while being different is difficult, denying who you really are could have far worse consequences.

Garage for car owners

For those who own a car or multiple cars in reality, a garage is a negative symbol to perceive in a dream vision. It means you would soon face great disappointment and hardship, most likely due to a new set of challenges that have been thrown your way. It is also possible that you would need to travel a great distance in order to solve your problems and make things return to normal.

Selling a garage

Selling a garage, particularly if you know or use it in reality, can be interpreted as a sign that you would soon get some extra bonuses or perks that you were not originally expecting. For example, while you might expect that a promotion at work comes with a pay raise, you could also get an upgraded office or a special parking spot to sweeten the deal.

Building a garage

In the context of a dream vision, seeing yourself building a garage could mean that your current projects or efforts would be more helpful and advantageous to others than yourself. For example, if you have recently undertaken a project at work, it is possible that a boss or a co-worker would benefit from your hard work rather than yourself. This does not mean that you should slack off or give up, however. You could use the skills you gain to do something else that would more directly improve your situation.

A car repair garage

Dreaming about a garage where car repairs take place is often considered a sign that an auspicious period is on the horizon for you. You may want to carefully consider your personal and career goals, as now would be a good time to get the ball rolling on your dreams and take the first step toward making them become a reality.

Garage for those without a car

For those who do not own a car, the image of a garage in the dream world predicts soon receiving a strange or unusual offer in reality. You may get an invitation to an event you were not expecting or be asked to complete a task that seems weird or outside the normal parameters of your work. Completing or participating in the request could yield interesting results.

Unknown people in a dark garage

Hi, when I was 10 years old I had a dream of me being in this very dark place like a garage, looking at these people in black, I don't remember what they were doing. However, it was really dark and more of an underworld setting. I am now 16 and for some reason, the dream is coming back to me, I can't still pick up what the people are doing because it's a blur, however it's very scary. I wake up sweating and not able to go back to sleep.

A dream wherein you see yourself in a dark and sinister place is the manifestation of the despair which you feel in wake life. Perhaps you are encountering certain difficulties which have made things complex and confusing for you. The fact that you have had this vision before could point towards issues from your past reappearing now. This could be related to bullying, problems with schoolwork or even issues with your home life. The best course of action would be to seek the help of someone you trust and do your best to overcome these challenges.