Dreams Related To Game

Perceiving things around the house as a game

I dreamt I was at my house with my mum, dad and sister. My sister told me that there something in the house. All of a sudden I rose up in flying mode and started circling the coffee table. Even my mum couldn't break my hands free, then said something in a different voice, then it changed to zombie mode. I went into a safe house and then again changed to a mall, a KFC was there, then changed to me using the loo and dada walks. While walking out I saw some black guy coming towards me, I never greeted him and he turns away. That's when I woke up.

The powers you experienced, flying and zombie mode, have somewhat different meanings in the context of dream interpretation. Flying indicates experiencing freedom from the responsibilities and feelings that hold you down while being a zombie may be a manifestation of bad habits that you cannot shake off. It seems like you want to break free of some aspect of you past self that everyone else is comfortable with and accepts (represented by your house and family within it). However, without their support, you are likely to continue reverting back to your old self without making any progress toward your goals. Seeing a stranger coming towards you also represents failure, but seeing him turn and go away right before you wake up suggests you have been given another chance. You can use this opportunity to make things right and to make the positive change you have been working so hard on. In this case, you should put your full effort behind the self-improvement you seek and try to rely on those around you to help you.

Playing chess and missing pieces

I dreamt I was playing a game of chess, but I could not make out who my opponent was. As I was preparing, I realized that the king, queen and all the pawns were missing, this was the case with all the boxes of chess sets that I opened.

Dreaming about playing a game, especially one as strategic as chess, suggests you may be knowingly dabbling in activities which could have a highly negative effect on your life should you be found out. For now, you may feel confident that you have the upper hand. However, the presence of an indescribable stranger indicates that others are hot on your trail and may show up without warning any minute now. You may want to give up your underhanded dealings before it becomes too late to back out.

Winning a game and meeting celebrities

I was playing this aiming game and managed to win an iron man figurine with missing arms and then a ping pong set and another toy. I went up and met someone, apparently it was Liam Hemsworth. Then we had to go on this train, this guy was the prime minister, his name was Rupert something and I was assigned to him? To help him. Turns out the prime minister was Hugh Grant. And we hit it off really quickly, then I had to know him better on paper because he's obviously more important than I am.

Winning a game reveals your competitive nature. You like challenging yourself and focusing your energy into achieving specific goals. This also means you are going to get what you want and the figurine without the arms symbolizes a situation where you will be out of your comfort zone. For instance, you could get the job of your dreams yet you will feel out of place. It will take a lot of adjustment and learning in order for you to thrive in this environment. Meanwhile, meeting celebrities in a dream means you aspire to reach their level of success. Or perhaps you want to emulate certain characteristics of these celebrities, such as Hugh Grant's charm or Liam Hemsworth's fitness. All these symbols point to your desire for self-improvement and if you stay in your current trajectory and mindset, you can achieve more than you thought was possible.

Playing a game in an alley to win money

I had this dream where a bunch of girls and I were left in a convenient store, we had NO money. We were broke! I was forced to make a deal with this weird kid in an alley. We played a game of....um....Jackstones? Anyway, I won and was about to play round 2 when I saw his face. It was a male friend of mine.

Convenience stores or groceries in the dream world allude to choices, opportunities and new ideas. Hence, being broke while inside a convenience store likely reflects your lack of inspiration. You may be feeling stuck on a problem and are looking for some ideas or creative ways to get yourself out of this dilemma. In the dream you decided to make a deal with a stranger by playing a game. This likely reveals your fatalistic nature or your tendency to depend on others to bail you out of trouble. Perhaps it is time for you to become more proactive and take accountability for your actions.

Killing others in a game

Me and most of my grade were forced into a hunger games type situation. I vividly remember that my main way to kill people was running through the forest gaining momentum and slamming people's heads into the trees hard enough to cause lethal damage to the brain. I continued to do this until I was in the last two with my best friend, we had both remained at the top of the brightly shining leader board and in the end I had to force his knife into my chest to save him.

Dreaming that you are fighting for survival in a deadly game could reflect the chaos and violence happening around you. There could be events or situations in which your courage and resolve would be seriously tested. The killing spree, however, is more metaphorical than literal. It means that you are willing to do whatever it takes to get further in life, even if it means doing questionable acts to the detriment of others. Your sacrifice at the end to ensure your friend's victory also reveals your selfless nature. Even though you would readily fight tooth and nail to triumph over your rivals, you are also generous about sharing the fruits of your labors and opening doors for your loved ones. Alternatively, this dream vision also shows that your ultimate weakness is family, including the friends you may treat as family. If you are to fail, it is likely because you would choose to give in to the whims and desires of the people you love.