Dreams Related To Fur

Wearing fur suits

I was in a house, I saw four furries. They were really nice. I wanted to be one too. They told me that there was two fur suits in the upstairs bedroom on the right. There was a tiger fur suit and another one that I do not remember. I put on the tiger fur suit. Me and the furries had some fun and talked. Then I woke up. I thought that I had it two days in a row because there was two parts. I didn't have it for two days though. It was the best dream I ever had and I tried to have it again but I couldn't.

Fursuits symbolize warmth and comfort. As such, the furries in your dream refer to people, likely friends or family members, who make you feel loved and accepted. They are your source of strength whenever you feel insecure or whenever you doubt yourself. Meanwhile, putting on the tiger fursuit represents your duality. On one hand, you are a very caring and friendly person. On the other hand, you can also become fierce and aggressive, especially when your rights are being violated. Ultimately, this dream lets you know that you have good people around you whom you can rely on whenever things get rough. You just have to look out for each other to keep negative energies at bay.