Dreams Related To Funeral

Invitation to a funeral

Many invitation cards in brown color for a funeral.

An invitation to a funeral foreshadows an end to a relationship. Someone could have blocked you or cut you out of their life without your knowledge. This could come as a surprise as someone informs you about the other person's dislike towards you. The brown color of the card can be a clue about the person's temperament. Brown is associated with earth and soil, so perhaps the person who cuts ties with you is someone worldly or possibly conservative. It is up to you whether it is worth saving this relationship or for you to simply part ways.

A deceased person alive at a funeral

Dreaming of watching another person's funeral you are attending and seeing him or her come alive may seem a bit bizarre, however it signifies something to be happy about. This person in particular who had died and come back to live in this dream could soon be sending you a wedding invitation, asking you to come celebrate with them as they become married in the near future.

Funeral for a relative

Finding yourself dreaming about being at the funeral for a close relative should not be taken lightly. This is a sign that sooner rather than later you may encounter hardships and uneasy feelings or worries which could be directly related to your family. Try to maintain close contact with your family members and relatives to make sure they are in good shape both physically and emotionally.

Funeral of stranger

Dreaming that you are attending a funeral arranged for someone you have never met in your life could predict future issues while communicating with others in your everyday social life or within a group of colleagues at work. Do not be discouraged, for miscommunication happens all the time, but be wary of what you are about to say or share to make sure that they do not take your words or suggestions the wrong way.

Funeral on a sunny day

If you were to find yourself dreaming about attending a funeral of a close friend or relative on a day full of sunshine, do not be alarmed. As scary as the dream seems, it could mean the opposite for you entirely. Good fortune will be arriving to those people instead and you may find yourself experiencing major improvements and receiving good tidings in the near future.

Witnessing a funeral

Witnessing a funeral within a dream while being perceived as a bystander has a very auspicious symbolic meaning. If you saw yourself in this dream innocently watching the burial from afar, it speaks of receiving rewards and being lucky both for you and your family. Although the event may be sad for the family and friends who lost a loved one to death in the dream, for you it signifies happy tidings.

A pompous funeral

If you happen to be dreaming about attending a funeral that is abundant with people and looks pompous, this is a very good sign that in the near future you could be seeing yourself more financially well off and potentially rich and financially-independent. The larger the crowd of people you happened to dream about, the sooner you would become wealthier and prosperous.

Your own funeral

If you happened to dream about attending your own funeral, do not be alarmed. This is a positive sign of good fortune ahead which would accompany you for the rest of your life span. Profound joy and happiness are to be present for the rest of the time you are alive making you known and remembered as someone who lived a life full of pleasant and satisfying experiences.

A funeral procession

If while dreaming you were observing a funeral procession, this may signify a lengthy period of time when you would be consumed by negative emotions. You may end up on the verge of depression or experience moments when you could become frustrated or disappointed with people who are close to you. Within the dream, the longer the procession was that you envisioned, the longer this period of depression and sadness would last for you.

Funeral of your own child

If you happen to find yourself dreaming about attending your own child's funeral, do not be alarmed. This is actually a symbolic vision predicting good fortune that your family would come upon. It could be something related to getting a promotion at a job or being accepted into college. However, this dream could have an additional meaning, and while you could be having good luck, your close friends could be struggling and having serious issues in their lives. It would be wise to check with them and make sure you lend a helping hand by whatever means necessary.

Attending a funeral

I have had several dreams in the last few weeks. Not several, 2. They involve the same person. And I am at their funeral or memorial service. What does this mean?

A dream in which you see yourself at a funeral of someone has positive connotations, and the presence of good vibes in your life somewhere in the near future. It signifies that there is a whole lot of good fortune and affluence in store for you. You might also be a recipient of a few material gifts. If it's a recurrent dream that you seem to perceive attending the funeral of a same person each time, this could signify that all your good fortune and prosperity could be coming from the help of a certain person who is close to you.

My own funeral

Despite the morbid imagery, dreaming about your own funeral actually means you will enjoy good fortune and luck which you will carry with you for the rest of your life. You will soon reach a point in your life when you will discover your purpose. This revelation will provide you with the motivation and focus to make a difference not just in your community, but likely on a larger scale. Through this calling, whether it is about pushing for equality or promoting sustainability, you are going to open up interesting opportunities for yourself. This sense of fulfillment will resonate in your circles and you will be remembered fondly for your determination to make a positive impact on the world around you.

Funeral of a famous person

Dreaming about finding yourself watching a funeral of a celebrity or a well-known person in the area where you live may signify that major changes are coming your way soon. Whether it is personal or concerns the community you live in, you should be on the lookout to see what changes or opportunities might benefit or improve your life.

Funeral of someone alive

Witnessing the funeral of a living person reveals a rift in a friendship. Traditional dream analysis associates a funeral with an ending or a closing of a chapter. You will probably have a falling out with one of your friends and you will decide to sever ties with that person for your peace of mind. It is also possible that you disapprove of this person's methods or beliefs and you do not want to be associated with their controversies.

Funeral on a rainy day

If you happened to be dreaming about attending a funeral on a rainy day, or just with bad weather, stay cautious. This sign alone could mean that some type of sickness or a bad omen could be well upon you and might affect your life tremendously. It could mean anything from negatively affecting a project you have started within your home to not being able to work as many hours or at all at your current job because of your illness.

Attending own funeral

I had a dream that I was at a funeral and everyone was standing around a casket. Mom was there and so was dad. And they were crying. None of my family was there, so I didn't know who it was. But I hugged mom, but shea wouldn't talk to me. Almost like I wasn't there. I looked ia n casket and it was me. Just laying there... Lifeless...

Being at a funeral and seeing other people mourning is usually seen as a negative sign predicting being the recipient of unfortunate news. However, seeing yourself dead indicates being released from the burdens you carry and finding internal peace. While these symbols seem to oppose each other on the surface, they make a lot of sense looking slightly deeper. You have likely been waiting to hear back on some important information, and this vision suggests the answer you receive may disappoint you. But now that you know the truth of the situation, you can relax and move forward, while making better-informed choices which would influence your life more positively.

Funeral bell

If while dreaming you happened to hear a funeral bell, this is a dismal sign of tragic news which would be coming your way. It could be something to do with a relative who is nearing death or losing the job you have had for many years now. If in this dream you happened to make a noise by using the bells, then the symbolism is predictive of your own misfortune. There could be hardships or serious health issues upon you in the coming future which would be long-lasting and unavoidable.

A modest funeral

Dreaming about being at a funeral which is very unpretentious and has very few people present as its attendees symbolizes misfortune and hardships looming ahead. The few people could signify small and time-consuming obstacles which would prevent you from achieving goals related to the project or activity you are currently working on. You could also be facing difficulties in making payments you are responsible for at the moment. 

Funeral for couples

If you happened to be dreaming about a funeral and you are currently in a relationship, this vision signifies bad news in regards to you and your partner. This dream could be a prediction that the future the two of you have been planning for awhile now would never materialize due to some unfortunate circumstances or countless obstacles which could put an end to this union.

Mourning at a funeral

If you find yourself dreaming about sobbing and grieving at someone's funeral, this is a very powerful symbolic vision you must pay attention to. Your significant other's life could be in danger of being taken away, causing you to become a widow or widower. Be wary and careful of what you do and how you act in order to protect your significant other from getting harmed in a way that could separate you two forever.

Receiving condolences at a funeral

Finding yourself dreaming about being at a funeral and receiving condolences from others attending the funeral may be a good indication for the future. Within a short period of time you could be invited to a series of parties organized by your coworkers, friends, neighbors or family members which would involve grandiose celebrations and moments worth remembering after they take place.

Deceased person coming back to life after funeral

Witnessing a dead person come back to life, especially after their funeral, is a very auspicious dream symbol suggesting a triumphant personal transformation. Someone very close to you will undergo a period of self-destruction, perhaps by getting addicted to drugs or hooking up with strangers via dating apps. This will send them spiraling into depression, self-doubt and a state of hopelessness. The good news is, someone will intervene and guide them back into a safer and fulfilling path. They could go to rehab or see a therapist which will do wonders to their state of mind.

Mother and a now dead baby at a funeral

My neighbors daughter passed away years ago, she was pregnant and aborted the baby before being sick and passed on. I had a dream in my dream there was a funeral for my cousin who is still alive, as we prepare for the funeral she was walking amongst us. I could still talk to her, but amongst the people that were helping was my neighbor's late daughter and my late grandma and there was a baby that belonged to my neighbor's late daughter and I was holding the baby while talking to both my granny and my neighbor's daughter.

Seeing dead friends or people you once knew in your dream can be an indication of being disrespected or ridiculed by people around you, and their behavior will produce negative effects on your self-esteem and cause you to have a poor perception of yourself. A baby who once belonged to the person you are describing and who is now dead can also be a warning about some serious disappointments, bothersome people or unwelcoming circumstances which might invade your life.

At a funeral while traveling

Being in the Dominican Republic and crying about somebody, but couldn't see their face, but everyone was sad and wearing all black.

Having a dream about crying together with other people who were wearing black funeral clothes or mourning about someone passing away predicts bad news, which you are about to hear, and which may greatly disappoint you. If you perceived being in the Dominican Republic in this dream as exotic travel or something you do not do on a regular basis, this vision suggests that you should not take too much responsibility or undertake too many tasks all at once. Your skills and abilities may allow you to handle the challenges, but you may be spreading yourself too thin in the process or perform poorly. Just take on what you can handle well. This interpretation does not reveal whether these two possible meanings are interconnected.

Being invited to the funeral

A dreamed of getting an invitation ticket somewhere, but when I look at the ticket it was an invitation to a funeral instead. I couldn't see the face of the person on the ticket. I hope you would be able to translate this dream and give me the knowledge to know what this means, thank you.

A funeral as a rite of passage is a way of paying respects to the dead person and a process of moving on for those of the living. The dream of being invited to an unknown person's funeral suggests a desire to put some matters behind you. There might be a need to bury certain relationships or even undesirable traits which may be holding back your personal growth. This ending is intended to make room for something or someone new that will fit perfectly in the kind of life you aspire to have. To get to where you want to be, saying goodbye is necessary. Your journey begins with an ending.

Wearing a wedding dress at own funeral

I had such a vivid dream, I had a special wedding-type dress made to wear for my own funeral that I walked to and died at! The dress was like a fairy princes with beautiful petal-type attached end, and a special head neck collar to hold my head and keep my hair perfect. As I stood at a grave I could hear people saying I was changing color and that I was nearly there? I do feel freaked by this dream. Can u sort this for me please?

While this vision may seem frightening and morbid, it actually has a positive interpretation. Dreaming of a beautiful wedding dress has much the same connotation as it does in wake life, namely that you are to meet someone you would form a deep connection with and love. While this is possibly referring to romantic love and marriage, it can also mean the start of a lifelong friendship as well. The image of your funeral suggests having good luck for much of the rest of your life, possibly due to this individual's presence. They may bring light into your life or help you easily get through the rougher patches.

Gods and spirits at a funeral

I am at a funeral wake overlooking the sea. When I look out towards the sea I can see three Gods that resemble Zeus, they are hovering above the sea. Sky is full of beautiful colors as the Sun begins to set. Then I turn to see that I'm surrounded by spirits. I didn't feel afraid it was all very calm. I didn't know whose funeral it was nor did I recognize any of the spirits.

The theme of your dream overall has to do with new beginnings. The funeral, although a sad affair, actually means the opposite in dream interpretation. It speaks of receiving rewards and being lucky both for you and your family. The figure of Zeus, in this case, alludes to control and guidance. Since the sunset points to the end of suffering and the beginning of a new cycle in which you can finally regroup and get your bearings back in order, you would need a guiding light or force to help you pull yourself back up. Whether it means faith or your general outlook on life, it would be instrumental to the rewards and good tidings awaiting you and people who matter to you the most.

Being invited to a funeral of a deceased mother

My wife dreamnt about being invited together with her sister to the burial ceremony of her late mother. But they didn't make it to the burial site.

Your wife's dream may portend some troubles coming to your relationship or family life in the near future. Being late to the funeral of a loved one is commonly associated with experiencing difficulties, particularly the type of problems that get in the way of your shared dreams as husband and wife. The source of your issues could be related to money, suggesting either a loss of income or a decrease in assets. You may have to put some big plans, like a new house or vacation, on hold while the situation sorts itself out.

Giving birth at a funeral

A friend went into labor at a funeral.

Watching someone you know go through labor in a dream suggests that they could be currently experiencing some hardships. Your friend's struggles could be related to the efforts to reach her dreams. This person may be trying to prove something or make herself happier, but it is not going to be easy. Meanwhile, funerals signify endings. It could be an ending to a phase or getting over bad habits. In that sense, the scene of giving birth happening during a funeral portends that your friend, and perhaps even yourself, would have a personal transformation as a result of overcoming the challenges and trials needed to realize the full potential.

Cleaning in church and funeral attendees

Attending a friend's son who died, I was at the church cleaning prior to the service. Went outside and saw the limos bringing in the family. In the front seat of the first limousine was the father sitting between two men wearing a white hat!

Churches in dreams are often associated with protection and support, so cleaning a church could reveal your subconscious preparation for someone entering your safe space. While you may not be consciously aware of such person, your mind seems to anticipate that such an event is inevitable. Seeing a fancy limo bringing the family to the ceremony could allude to bleeding money. You may wish to be a good host even if the other party makes you feel uncomfortable, but not sticking up for yourself could lead you to be taken advantage of if you are not careful. The person wearing a white hat also symbolizes suffering or health problems, most likely yours in the context of this vision. The stress and anxiety from letting people into your personal life and not being able to control their behavior could leave you frazzled and unwell.

Going to separate funerals with an ex

Me and my ex went to different funerals then met up afterwards and he kissed me. I am female.

Despite the somber nature of funerals, dreaming of attending a funeral actually conveys a positive message. It means you may soon experience good fortune and prosperity. Both you and your ex would be blessed in the different paths that you are taking. Perhaps the bittersweet kiss at the end of your dream vision is your subconscious telling you that everything is going to be okay. Breaking up may have been good for the both you and kissing your ex means you would receive a pleasant news some time soon. For instance, it may come as a surprise to you how easily you move on after going your separate ways.

Traveling to a funeral of someone from the past

I am male. I dreamt I traveled thousands of miles to attend the funeral of a lady I had an affair with, whom I still deeply have feelings for, even though I am now married and our affair was almost a decade ago. At the village where the funeral took place, I stayed at a hostel, with several men, some of whom I knew, and all our belongings were inspected at the reception. I was too sad to attend the church service but then paid a lot of money to attend the actual burial, many miles away. I felt very sad.

The funeral of a former lover represents your willingness to make peace with your past, tie loose ends and get rid of personal baggage. You are now ready to put your fondness and feelings for her to rest. The hostel represents a transition or a new phase in your life which you are about to enter. This is likely the reason for reminiscing and confronting past regrets as well as coming to terms with missed opportunities. You finally realize these are the things that are holding you back from living a fuller life with your wife. This also means that you are mourning the end of a chapter in your life.

Parents' funeral

I keep dreaming about when I enter the church and begin to walk down the aisle at my parents funeral. And they are deceased and I did attend both funerals.

Dreams centering around the image of being at the funeral for your parents should not be taken lightly. This vision could be a sign that you may soon encounter great hardships and discomfort, particularly in relation to your family. Just as you suffered sadness and hurt at your parents' funerals in reality, so does this vision predict more troubles befalling your immediate family members. It would be wise to check in with family members whom you are not in daily contact with to make sure they are in good shape both physically and emotionally.

Eating at the funeral of a relative

If you happen to be eating at a funeral of a relative, then this vision warns of challenges that concern your finances and family. For one, this suggests that your business or your job is at risk that might be due to your mishandling of finances or your poor attitude at work. Similarly, this also points to having troubles concerning your family members. This ranges from the possibility of having medical problems to having an argument with one of them. Thus, keeping them in check, physically and emotionally, is highly advisable.