Dreams Related To Frozen

Children frozen solid

I dreamed I was in someone's house. We opened up a freezer lid, and inside was a frozen child girl. Then I remembered they had 2 kids, so went outside, it was snowing, frozen ground. There was a couple of older cars. I found a boy child, frozen with ice all over him. Someone was with me, not sure where I was or who any of them were. Just an old freezer, the lid had to be lifted off. Seeing the girl and boy totally frozen, more ice on the one outside.

Your dream about the frozen children represents your desire to freeze young people in time and preserve their innocence. Perhaps the increasingly chaotic world is making you worry about the youth and the protective part of you wants to shield them from the ugly parts of humanity. It is also possible that the children represent a part of you which is pure and innocent, and you want to hold on to this naive worldview which is devoid of problems. Similarly, the snow and frozen ground means you are witnessing a lot of suffering from people around you and you feel conflicted about joining them in their struggle or staying in your bubble where you are safe. Even the fact that you find yourself in someone else's house is significant to your current mindset. It means you are finally stepping outside of your comfort zone and ready to view the world from an outside perspective. This will help you gain a much broader understanding of society and empathize with people who may have vastly different life experiences than yours.

Being frozen in time

I dreamt me and my husband going to cryogenics or about to get frozen. We are in bed in some sort of lab with other couples, we hugged as we were being put to sleep. Then we removed the tubes and decided to get up.

This vision is likely the reflection of such a conversation or idea brought in from wake life, which your subconscious has latched onto for some reason. The idea of willingly being frozen to preserve life could point toward fascination with the possibility of eternal life. However, removing the tubes and intending to leave before the process is complete could symbolize an internal battle between the desire to live forever and the rational knowledge that humans are not meant to be ever-lasting beings.

Someone being frozen

Seeing someone being frozen in water in your dream symbolizes the feelings of fear or anxiety about your relationships. It also represents a sense of being stuck or unable to move forward in a relationship. Furthermore, the frozen person indicates a part of yourself that is feeling cold or distant. Perhaps, deep down your heart you feel the need to keep the relationship flowing and think of ideas as to how to make it happen. In essence, the dream is a stern reminder to pay attention to your relationships and make earnest efforts to keep the sincere ones alive.