Dreams Related To Frog

Frogs on the wall and a mouse

I'm female. I had a dream of two frogs on my wall in my house. I had a bucket of water. I was trying to catch them and put them into the bucket of water. But they were moving up the wall. And then out of nowhere a little mouse pop out and put me off the frogs and my dream ended there.

The frogs in your house suggest you are searching for ways to make your life happier. Perhaps you are trying to improve certain aspects of your financial situation or living conditions, or maybe you are focusing on personal qualities, such as practicing gratitude or trying to be more patient. In either case, the bucket of water you were attempting to use to catch these frogs alludes to the idea that you already have what you need in life. You are blessed with the essentials, the basic necessities of life, family to love and support you and a purpose to get up each day. The mouse that pops out of nowhere to distract you in the vision, then, is a warning to not forget what you have in the search of what others, like false friends and the media, say you need. Do not be tempted to waste time on things that do not matter when you already have everything at your fingertips.

A frog in the kitchen sink

I brought a frog in the kitchen to wash it off and it went down the garbage disposal. I was watching for it to come out so I wouldn't chop it up when I ran the disposal. Later in the dream it hadn't come out and I was tired of waiting for it and didn't care if it got chopped up if it was that stupid.

A frog as a dream symbol is often associated with change and transformation. It can also represent a romantic prospect, someone you may already know whom you would develop feelings for. Given those associations, perhaps this means that a loved one may experience a downward spiral or get involved in questionable activities that would negatively affect your existing or future relationship. No matter how much you care for this person, it may not be reciprocated or they may not value your affection. This neglect may ultimately lead to your separation.

Killing frogs which are giving birth

I'm waking up and I went into my living room, and some of my furniture wasn't there. There was a small frog, and when it inhaled, It grew bigger, like twice its size. Then it started to leap, and when it leaped it left behind a baby frog, then it leaped again and left behind another baby frog from it. I ran in my room to grab the Raid and sprayed the last baby frog (I was scared), but it died right away. The big frog bit me, I sprayed the last two frogs, then they died, so I swept them out of the house.

Frogs in dreams generally suggest existing issues in romantic affairs. As such, you may experience heartaches, even a heartbreak, due to unrequited love or a hurtful encounter with the object of your affection. Furthermore, the smaller frogs point to the negative effects or lingering pain that you would feel long after the unsavory incident. Perhaps getting hurt would lead to your inability to commit yourself to someone for fear of getting disappointed once again. Meanwhile, the missing furniture in your living room represents more focus due to fewer obstacles in your way. At the same time, gaining focus could come at the price of isolating yourself from your loved ones and becoming too absorbed in trying to solve your personal issues or concerns.

Baby frogs being born in the closet

Hi. I am a 32 years old man. I had a dream that in one of my bedrooms under a closet cabinet there were a lot of baby frogs being produced, but I couldn't find how they are being born. I had this dream two times. Please let me know what it means. Thanks Roy.

The baby frogs in your dream vision could be a reference to tiny changes or an unexpected turn of events. In addition, a cabinet often signifies secrets or hidden aspects of yourself. The combination of those two dream symbols means that you may discover certain skills or characteristics you possess which would take you by surprise. They can be positive, negative or both. Perhaps an event or encounter could trigger or unravel these previously unknown or hidden parts of you. Fortunately, it would likely occur in tiny chunks or small incidents which would give you enough time to adjust and understand yourself better.

Interacting with a frog and killing it

Being in a construction site and saving a frog. Then making that frog sentient with a liquid I created in an egg carton. Once the frog could talk, he defied me and would no longer soak in the liquid that would keep him alive. In a rage, I hit him in the back with the carton, accidentally killing him. I felt horribly ashamed. The dream ended with me staring down at my hands and seeing the strange reddish orange liquid dripping off of them since I had used the carton to hit the frog, the liquid was also gone.

Construction sites in dreams usually represent work in progress in reality. This means that there is likely something you have been working on in the background while you deal with your daily life. The frog that you tried to save which later talked may represent the changes you see taking place in your life, most likely those you assume are for the better. However, the frog's defiance and lack of respect could predict these changes taking on a life of their own and becoming strange and foreign to you. Killing the frog and scrutinizing your hands afterwards reveals your conscientious nature. You are a born problem-solver and probably searching for a way to get your situation back on track. The reddish orange color on your hands could reveal that your passion sometimes gets the best of you, leading to instances where you lose your cool instead of relying on your intellect to get what you want.

Being attacked by a frog

It was a negative feeling dream. I had huge bites and welts on my right elbow that continued to swell larger and larger. Then a green, wet frog jumped in my right palm and bit me. It hurt and I grabbed it and pulled until it tore away and threw it. I looked down to see an open wound in my palm that was deep and bleeding. I thought I would need stitches, but decided to run it under cold water and shower. When I ran it under water there was no pain. I am female. I would consider it a nightmare.

A wounded elbow refers to your inability to perform adequately during certain situations. It can be a symbol for intimacy issues or social anxiety in general. Either way, the green frog that jumped on to your palm alludes to a passing encounter or a minor incident that could happen sometime in your future. Because it is merely a fleeting moment, you may not think much about it. However, the wound it left on your palm means that the encounter would have a lasting impression or mark. An individual who figures in that fateful moment could turn into a significant or influential personality in your life. Good or bad, this chance encounter would ultimately trigger a significant transformation in you.

Collecting frogs in a purse

I am a 52-year old woman. I dreamt about small cute frogs I gathered on the green grass. I put 3-4 green frogs in my blue purse. I felt happy doing this, and the frogs also seemed happy to let me take them and be put in the purse.

Frogs are usually a symbol for a period of transformation, both internally and externally. The frogs you collected in your dream and then put inside your purse could mean a set of changes you are undergoing, with which you are happy and that could significantly improve your life. Since the frogs also seemed to be happy, the process of change itself probably will not be painful or confusing, but rather an emancipation of sorts.

Frogs coming out from under skin

I was going to a football game with my husband and a friend and a child, but I never got in because out of nowhere my hand had a slit and frogs were coming out, and through my whole dream frogs kept coming out, but at the end they were colorful frogs.

In general, this vision seems to suggest that you have recently been disappointed by the actions, words or behavior of those around you. As a dream symbol, frogs are associated with someone you care about acting in a way that hurts or offends you. Seeing frogs coming out of your body, then, may point to your negative reaction to such a scenario. The perpetrator could be either your husband, a friend or even a group of people. It may be high time to communicate your unhappiness with them directly instead of ignoring them or giving them attitude when they do something wrong.

A frog in general

Dreaming of a frog in general pertains to being disappointed in love. You might be heart-broken and hurt by someone whom you deeply care about romantically, because he or she does not feel the same towards you. This person may not appreciate the loving gestures which you are directing towards him or her, or may not reciprocate the romantic feelings you have. This dream can also mean that you would experience rainy weather in your place of residence.

A frog in your house

A vision of having a frog in your house refers to entering a highly fulfilling chapter in your life. This chapter will be filled with much joy, happiness and contentment and it could happen sometime in the near future. Maybe you have finally realized your dream of opening a business or it could be because you are getting married to the person of your dreams. Furthermore, if the frog is croaking in your dream, it means that you will receive additional news that would be encouraging to you.

Dissecting or killing a frog

Having a dream when you see yourself dissecting or killing a frog pertains to hurting someone. You could potentially be offending a certain woman in your social circle, whether intentionally or unintentionally, through your actions or words. Your behavior would cause so much pain to this person that she would go through distress in the process. Be careful of your actions and words when you experience this dream.

What does a dream about frogs or a frog mean

A green frog

Experiencing a vision of a green frog in your dream pertains to having an event or incident in your life which might not have a significant impact on you. This experience could just be a very short encounter and it would not make any lasting impression on you. Probably it would be a party or celebration with someone close to you, a conversation with somebody you just met. Whatever the encounter is, this would be something that will not change your life in any major way.

A large frog

Seeing a large frog or catching it in your dream signifies being married to or living in with someone with extra "baggage". This person could be a widow, widower or a single parent who may be affluent or financially successful. However, he or she might also have children from previous relationship or previous marriage, and they would require much support from you. It could be young children or teenagers who would need your understanding and guidance. A lot of psychological and emotional adjustment might be required from you should you desire to pursue this relationship.

A frog in grass

Having a dream vision of a frog in grass is a promising sign. It means that someone would enter your life and eventually become a very good friend and confidant. This person would possess a good attitude and play a signifcant role in your life as an advisor. Because of his or her calm, relaxed nature, this person would be able to comfort you in times of distress or worries. You would indeed find a treasure of a friend, someone whom you can rely on for life.

A frog in a swamp

Dreaming of a frog in a swamp or seeing a group of them in a swampy area signifies undergoing a potentially problematic or stressful situation. However, you would be able to get out of this predicament and solve your problem easily if you face it with humility and kindness. Just learn to admit your weaknesses and mistakes, seek the help of those who can assist you in this problem like your family and your trusted friends. You would need the support of others to get through it, so do not hesitate to approach them.

Taking a frog in your hands

Having a vision of taking a frog in your hands predicts being involved in an activity that disgusts you or which stirs up negative emotions in you. You might be forced to engage in this activity to please your partner, such as being persuaded into performing oral sex which you might find repulsive. If you experience this vision, maybe it is time that you become more honest to your partner and open up to him or her about your feelings.

A frog in your throat

A frog in your throat is an unusual yet very telling symbol to perceive while dreaming at night. In a literal sense, it may refer to being hoarse or coughing up green phlegm. A more figurative interpretation, however, could reveal that you are missing the words or phrase necessary to correctly convey what you are thinking or feeling.

Catching a frog

Catching a frog in your dream signifies facing health issues. This is a warning that you need to pay more attention to your health and well-being, before it is too late. If you do not heed this warning, you could suffer long-time illnesses which may also cause undue stress and even suffering to your loved ones, especially to your household. Take heed if you experience this vision.

Frogs everywhere

I walked into my room and saw a small frog, so I went to get my dad so he would get rid of it but he refused to help. Eventually the frog started showing up everywhere I looked. In my room I was jumping around from my bed to a chair moving away from all the frogs. There were toads and frogs and then small frogs green and brown. They would either just stay there or move around, others would come at me. I had this dream twice the same night and every time the dream ended the same. I would look down at my chest and there be a dozen little frogs on me I started screaming and shake them off.

Apart from the possibility that you could have the phobia of amphibians and this fear follows you even into your dreams, there is also a chance that you have been lately overwhelmed with a series of news or developments in your personal life. Some connections you have recently established or friends you become acquainted with could be showering you with information or getting you involved in things you do not particularly like knowing or doing. If you are trying to break free from such involvement, your attempts may have been unsuccessful because you either feel (or being persuaded) you owe it to these individuals, or they could be exerting a lot of pressure on you. Sometimes, dream visions about frogs on your body could be pointing to your unhappiness about certain features of your appearance, which could be completely subjective and groundless.

Eating frogs

Having a vision of eating frogs means that you are about to earn some profit or gain some advantage financially. You might meet some people and continue to be in close contact with them for work or business purposes. These people will help you get ahead in your networking efforts, leading to some financial gains for you in the process. Perhaps they could help you meet the right clients or the right contacts, or you could close a good deal with them.

A great number of frogs

Seeing a great number of frogs in your dream symbolizes conflict and discord. You could be involved in a serious situation with your close relatives or friends because of some action that you committed, or due to a misunderstanding that you might have with them. This might lead to some fights and undue conflict within your circle. Try to be mindful next time so as to avoid such stressful situation in the future.

A frog jumping on you

A frog jumping on you during the course of a dream vision is a powerful image for change according to the works of Jung. It refers to both physical or internal changes, depending on your circumstances. For instance, a young person may see this dream before puberty strikes or before graduating to another stage in their life. Someone slightly older may see this symbol before a marriage or the birth of a child. In some cases, this symbol may be seen before less happy transformations though. For example, the loss of a pet or a move from a place you called home could also be a trigger.

Many frogs

Having a dream of seeing many frogs is a promising sign, especially for those who are in love. It means success and fulfullment in your personal life. This could also symbolize being in the company of wonderful, trusted and loving friends or getting the support of your loved ones. In the area of business, it could mean prosperity and outstanding achievements in all your endeavors. For those who are in the farming business or in the area of agriculture, it is a sign of good harvest and favorable conditions to raise cattle and obtain income from this activity.

Frogs in water

Dreaming of frogs in water is a very promising sign. It symbolizes success and triumph in your undertakings, both in those which you are currently having on the go and in your future endeavors. If you experience this vision and you are about to embark on a new project, maybe it is the time to pursue it. If you are presently working on a business or personal endeavor, be assured that your efforts will not be wasted.

Frogs multiplying inside the house

Small frogs jumped into my home, I welcomed them telling all not to be afraid. Then they got bigger and started multiplying. I became afraid and asked all around to help me get rid of them and we then cleared them all.

Despite the feeling of fear, dreaming of frogs inside your home is a positive sign. The jumping and multiplying frogs in your living quarters indicate a period of peace and happiness. This favorable time may be marked by certain personal and professional achievements which would bring you much joy and contentment. The fear may be coming from your anxiety that things are happening too fast and too soon. To fully take advantage of the coming opportunities, you need to become prepared to handle them.

Reptiles and frogs inside the house

I dreamt that on a windy day we had left the windows and doors open. We returned to a house full of frogs, baby frogs, colorful lizards and a snake-like reptile (the snake was mating). I take the broom and try cleaning the mess and brooming them all out of the house. I touch the snake and it becomes bigger and it blesses me. We had left some milk on the burner which was reduced to half and a vessel with oil which was burning. I wasn't scared, it was a pleasant dream.

Dreaming about a great many frogs inside your house has negative connotations. It signifies that you are about to get in some serious trouble with your relatives or those who are close to you. Such a situation could bring discord within your home. The notion of getting rid of the frogs symbolizes that you would try to resolve these conflicts on your own and may even become successful in doing so. On the other hand, a close contact with a snake is suggestive of a unique opportunity which is about to come your way. This would help you overcome all your problems and is something which you must grab with both hands. The idea of a good prospect is perhaps what puts you at ease and provides you with a pleasant feeling, thus explaining why you were not scared of the dream despite its terrifying imagery.

A frog croaking

Dreaming of a frog croaking foretells a future visit to people you are close to. They could be your close friends or relatives whom you consider to be an important part of your life. You could be eager and excited about this meeting and you would really look forward to it. However, it might not turn out the way that you planned it to be. Maybe the conversations you may have would not be as engaging or some other outside factors could affect the outcome of your visit such as bad weather.

Experiencing a vision about a single frog or a group of frogs croaking is also predictive of having an exotic or unusual sexual encounter. You could have an opportunity in the near or far future to engage in a sexual activity that is new to you. For instance, it might involve having sex with someone of a different race or nationality or perhaps a person who has an uncommon background. If you should decide to pursue this experience however, it would be best that you do it with extra caution and mutual consent with your partner.

Stepping on a frog

Stepping on a frog in your dream and crushing it in the process, refers to having issues with your health and well-being. You could face serious problems pertaining to your health which could be caused by your close relationship with someone from the opposite sex. Maybe this person could bring you illness by transferring it to you through close contact. Or maybe he or she demands so much more of your time that it might be detrimental to you already. Regardless of how it might happen, you need to take heed once you experience this vision. Not doing so could result in more dire consequences to yourself.

A frog leaping to cross the road

Dreaming of seeing a frog leaping to cross the road in your dream is a warning that you should be watchful and attentive. There are people in your immediate circle, whether at work or in your personal life, who are watching your every move and waiting for you to make a mistake. These people are after you to further their personal interests. Maybe they want to have a stake in your assets or maybe they are coveting your position at work. You need to be careful whom you trust.

Putting a frog in jar of milk

Dreaming of putting a frog in a jar of milk reflects your good qualities. It means that people see you as a reliable and trustworthy person. Others feel confident and secure to entrust you with their secrets because they know that they could count on you to keep them safe. They also look up to you for adivce and guidance because they trust your judgement. You are known not to make reckless mistakes because you are careful with your actions, possess integrity and mindfulness.

Sweeping a frog out of the house

Seeing an image of sweeping a frog out of the house in a dream is predictive of death. This symbolizes the untimely passing of someone you hold dear, maybe through natural causes or because of an accident. If you experienced this vision in your dream, try to prepare yourself for possible grief and sorrow.

A frog with a leg missing

Seeing a frog with a missing leg depicts a toxic relationship after falling in love with a deeply flawed individual. This person's problematic personality may not be noticeable on your first few dates, but when your relationship becomes official, their claws will come out. They could become possessive and jealous, possibly resorting to physical assault. Their sad back story may prevent you from leaving this person, but domestic abuse or violence should not be tolerated. You think your love can transform the frog into a prince, but sometimes a frog is just a frog.

A person and a frog morphing

It was an important vision flashing of only a frog's and a person whom I know and love very much's face and it kept flashing back and forth from the person to the frog as if they were to transform into one, and they did for a second, but the person was more distinguishable and then the frog faded away and all I saw was the person's face.

Dreaming about visual transformations which involve a person and a frog usually means that you could be witnessing some real-life changes occurring to this person, both internally and as far as the looks and overall appearance are concerned. Focusing more on the person's face in your dream could also be indicative of some major transformations or changes in the way this person communicates with you or treats you. You could be subconsciously expressing your concerns if these changes are negative, or happiness and contentment, if this is something you consider to be favorable within this relationship or interaction between the two of you.

A frog turning into a colorful fish

I felt something lodged in my throat. Once I coughed it up, I found what appeared to be a small clear frog in my hands. This worried and confused me. I began squeezing the frog and turning it, it felt plastic. I rotated it once more to find it became a fish. Still plastic in feeling and seemingly lifeless, but this time it had some color to it. An orange stripe down its back and a blue and purple fin. I squeezed it and noticed a red light from the tail, the fish began swinging its tail left to right in a swimming motion.

Touching and squeezing a frog is a highly negative sign associated with something in your life bringing up negative emotions or making you recall a past event that had left a bad taste in your mouth and put you in a bad mood. This seems especially true given the fact the frog came from within you, meaning it is the manifestation of those uncomfortable, disagreeable feelings. While this sounds bad, watching the seemingly dead, but colorful fish come back to life portends that whatever situation you may be in would be ending in your favor. Even though you may be in some discomfort and frustration now, you can look forward to a positive outcome in the end.

Avoiding stepping on frogs in the driveway

I was walking into a house with my fiance and we were in the driveway, it was damp and drizzling and I had to hop over with great effort over a frog and then I noted that there were also a lot of little tiny frogs following the larger frog, maybe 20 and it was very important for me to not step on them.

Frogs, on their own, tend to be associated with coming of age or going through some sort of transformation, either internally or superficially. This is likely because of their similar change from tadpole to full-grown amphibian. Your instinct not to step on them, then, is spot on and very important because doing so could lead to bad outcomes in the next stage of your life. This seems to be the manifestation of your shift from single to married life, meaning you should be careful about making small mistakes which could negatively affect your upcoming nuptials.

Two person-size frogs having sex

I dreamt about 2 person-size frogs and the female was facing away from us, so I could see her hoo-ha and the male mounted her and they had major sex on top of a car, it was very vivid and that was the main point of my dream. What did that mean???

The idea that the frogs in your vision were the size of humans suggests that you or someone close to you is currently going through puberty or a sexual awakening. The vivid image of the female frog's private parts supports this idea and further suggest that the individual in question is female. Watching the two frogs have sex on top of a car could represent the depth of your sexual fantasies and a desire to connect this way with someone, either by initiating intimate relations or by exploring your sexual drives in more detail.

Small frogs coming out of the nose

I dreamed that tiny frogs were jumping out of my right nostril.

The tiny frogs that plague your dream and appear to be coming out of your nose could be representative of an upcoming personal transformation. You may soon find yourself undergoing a significant change, both in the physical and spiritual sense. You may soon discover something about yourself you may not have even thought was there to begin with. This epiphany could, in turn, start a chain reaction in your life.

Colorful frogs coming out of the foot

Male. A blister grew on my foot and swelled up, opened and many green and orange frogs came out of it and filled the room. I was scared, anxious and confused, stamping with my foot trying to regain control, doing so I killed the last frog and it came out of my foot already dead.

Seeing frogs come out of your body in a dream may point toward a recent time or event where you were disappointed by the actions, words or behavior of those around you. Frogs are often associated with the idea that a particular person you care about has acted in a way that hurts or offends you. Seeing frogs coming out of your body, then, may point to your negative reaction to such a situation. The blister on your foot where the frogs came out could represent your desire to never see yourself or, by extension, anyone else you know acting this way again.

A frog and a snake coming out of an arm

In my dream a frog came out of my arm and right after that a purple colorful snake came out of my arm.

This dream has a negative connotation and seems to center around some negative feelings you are going through in reality. The frog that comes out of your arm suggests disappointment and dissatisfaction, particularly when it comes to relationships. You may have recently had a falling out with a friend or became annoyed with someone in your family group. The snake that comes out second, however, suggests that whatever upset you probably was not such a big deal. In essence, you have made a mountain out of a mole hill and are probably worried that your behavior and actions have somehow hurt your interpersonal relations, which explains why these creatures came from your arm and not other body parts. While you should not worry about long term repercussions, it may be better to express your remorse for your actions and gratitude for the friendship sooner rather than later.

Raining with frogs

If you happen to be in the forest or a house in your dream and it starts raining frogs, this indicates that you are taking big steps in your life and are soon going to make an important decision concerning an area of your career and personal life. If you have seen large numbers of frogs, then it is likely that a person or certain people in your life will try to hinder you from attaining these goals, yet you will persist. However, because of the many opportunities awaiting you, you might find it hard to balance life and work, so try to take one step at a time.

Brown frog

In general, a brown-colored frog, whether it is a light tan or a dark, rich chocolate, is a sign of transformation. This symbol alludes to both personal and spiritual rebirth or renewal. It means positive changes would be able to take place in yourself and in your life because you have reached a sort of enlightenment. Use this time wisely and you would see results in various areas of your day to day life.

Black frog

You should be careful if you perceive a pure black frog somewhere within your dream. Jungian dream interpretation sources suggest this symbol is a reflection of dark feelings, usually rejection, fear or doubt. The negative energy that surrounds you due to these emotions may harm your chances in wake life, as they could cause you to act in a way that leads to misunderstandings or conflict. Rather than hiding these issues deep inside your heart, it would be better to express them in the open so that they no longer hold power over you.