Dreams Related To Friends

Friends from the past

Reuniting with old friends or acquaintances from the past during the course of a dream vision is actually a very ominous symbol predicting an upcoming separation between you and someone you love. Just as these old connections withered and died, so does this vision portend growing distance between you and a family member, friend or lover. While this could be due to a fight or change in ideals, this sign more commonly indicates a physical, practical reason for the split, such as a job transfer or long-term travel.

Receiving mail from friends

Receiving mail, letters or other written correspondence from friends in a dream vision reflects the regret and sadness you feel over a lost connection in wake life. In a sense, your subconscious wishes that this individual would seek you out first because you have no way to contact them or not enough courage to re-establish communication yourself. Your past friend was likely someone very important to you who helped you tackle some difficult problems. The loss of their friendship has weighed heavily on your mind, leading to this vision. This is especially true if you have received mail over the course of multiple dreams.

Shaking hands with friends

Shaking hands with your best friends and noticing that they are not in a good mood could portend this individuals' sudden departure from your day to day life. Your subconscious is likely picking up on some small change in demeanor, possibly before your friend has given any indication they would go or even before they know it themself. This symbol can predict both the obvious types of separation, such as moving house or changing jobs, as well as more permanent and tragic ones, specifically death.

Making new friends

Attempting to make new friends or acquaintances during the course of a dream vision is actually a reflection of your desire to have children in wake life. You may be at a point in your life where you are seriously considering becoming a parent or you may have recently come to admire other parents who are caring for their offspring. For those who already have a child or two, this vision may be the manifestation of your desire to add to the brood because you miss having young children running around.

Leaving your friends

Leaving your best friends in a permanent sense during a dream vision, such as severing all ties or burning the metaphorical bridge, may be the manifestation of a desire to break with your normal, complacent lifestyle. In essence, your subconscious wants you to do something new and exciting, like traveling to a distant land or trying extreme sports. As your friends represent your being tied to one place or way of life, leaving them would point toward wanting to do something that no one in your circle has done before.

Ex friends

The imagery of former friends who appear in your REM sleep reveals your desire to reconnect with the past. Your nocturnal states usually bring out your unspoken wishes and longings. In this case, you want to go back to your former glory. Perhaps your life did not turn out the way you expected and you want a fresh start after taking many wrong turns. Past friends also symbolize old relationships and aspirations you have discarded along the way. Perhaps it is time to revisit your neglected hobbies and reconnect with old friends.

Best friends abandoning

A dream in which your best friend abandons you in your time of need or leaves you for an unexplained reason may predict an upcoming conflict with someone you once considered a close friend. This is not likely to be an isolated incident. Rather, this symbol suggests this would be a series of fights or confrontations which would drastically alter your perception of yourself and the relationship. At one time this friendship may have brought great joy, but now it would only cause pain and heartache.

Friends in general

Dreaming about your friends in general often reflects experiences and incidents that have taken place in the waking world. For example, you subconscious may be trying to work out the meaning behind some recent interactions or piecing together events from the past to make sense of the present. While not a negative symbol in and of itself, dreaming about a particular individual in your group of friends may suggest something lacking in your connection with this man or woman. In a sense, your subconscious is trying to point you in a direction that would help you improve this relationship.

Nightly dreams about the same group of friends, whether you see them on a daily basis in reality or not, suggest a need for more interaction with acquaintances, friends and family. In some cases, you may be lonely due to a lack of connections or you may not spend enough time with the friends you have. This vision could be the manifestation or the result of these negative emotions. However, by focusing on the important aspects of your friends in the dream vision, you could determine the areas of your social life that need improvement or find the root of your loneliness.

Friends turning into dwarfs

Dreaming that your friends become dwarfs is a rare symbol to perceive in a dream vision. It is a relatively auspicious symbol which suggests you are in good health or would soon improve your physical condition through training or dieting. You are also likely to have sharp cognitive function and be emotionally stable. This situation would persist for many years, making others a little jealous of your good shape and mental health.

Friends betraying you

A dream in which those you consider your friends betray you, either by stabbing you in the back directly or giving away some information which others could use against you, is often attributed an exact opposite meaning. Such a vision alludes to the fact that your friends think very highly of you, suggesting they enjoy the time you spend together and admire your work and accomplishments. If you are currently in a relationship at the time of this dream, deceitful friends may also portend reaching new high points of love and adoration for each other.

Friends spreading rumors

A dream in which those you consider to be your friends spread ugly, unflattering rumors about you is an ill omen predicting difficulty and hardship in your life. You could soon experience conflicts originating from people you have direct contact with on a daily basis, especially your family, neighbors or co-workers. This situation would cause much mental strain and make every day feel like a struggle. You may need to step away from the situation and let the individual you are fighting with cool down before engaging them in a rational conversation.

Friends fighting

Seeing your friends engage in a verbal or physical fight before your eyes can be interpreted as a sign you would soon act as a mediator between two quarreling parties in wake life. Just as you stepped back and observed your friends fighting in this vision, so does it portend having to act as judge and moderator for friends or family in reality. You would have to calm down those involved and get them to come to a mutually beneficial agreement so that they can move on and hopefully be reconciled.

Getting advice from friends

Was visiting friends... They told me I would be safe if I lived in the mountains.

Dreaming about paying a visit to see and socialize with your friends is usually interpreted as a positive sign of upcoming favorable events and circumstances. This symbol becomes much more negative if you happened to notice in this dream that your friends looked tired or seemed to be irritated and bothered by your visit. The same meaning holds if you saw them dressed in black or white clothes. Their advice was given to you in this same dream, however, seems to indicate that you could be trying to establish connections or network with others to succeed in your undertakings. Some of your friends could be making you realize that you would be much better off if you had a mentor or some other kind of influential and powerful figure on your side.

Traveling with friends

Traveling with a friend or close companion is often thought to be a positive portent in the context of dreams. This symbol predicts you would be successful in creating a happy, loving family unit, especially if during the vision you felt relaxed and at ease with your fellow travelers. Your familial relations are likely to be strong and fulfilling, making it easy to share your worries and celebrate your victories together. In essence, this sign suggests the connection between you and your partner and you and your children would be filled with love and joy.

A complicated triangle with best friend and her crush

To make this easier I will use names. My best friend is Sally. My best friend's crush is Steve. Steve and I got along really well. You could say we had a bond. Then Sally came along. Sally and Steve had an even stronger bond. Steve started to push me aside and after a while Sally did too. She didn't seem like my best friend anymore. I wasn't mad because Sally pushed me away, but actually because Steve pushed me away. The meaning could be simple, but I would like to hear from someone else.

Having a dream wherein your friends suddenly begin to shun you may reveal some subconscious fears you have about the future of your relations with others. Whether the friends or situation you experienced in your vision are from real life or not, the meaning of this vision is that you are concerned that others do not find you interesting or no longer wish to associate for some reason. Your partial reaction to the abandonment shows that you are generally not a jealous person. However, you could be worried that your friends would rather hang out with each other than you. It would be wise to share your concerns with your friends and make an effort to hang out with them both as a group and individually.

Happy friends

If your friends looked especially happy or seemed in good spirits when you met in a dream, it could be interpreted as a sign of soon being on the receiving end of some very auspicious news. You may soon be surprised with a message or announcement that brings great joy to your heart or lifts your spirits. Meeting friends when they are in a good mood may also predict an upcoming reunion with someone who lives far away from you now.

Lying for your friends

Lying for the sake of your friends or companions in a dream vision, even though you feel guilty or morally ambiguous about doing so, may predict falling under scrutiny for past actions or behavior. In a sense, your actions in the dream suggest that even though you do not want to dirty your hands, you know it is the right thing to do. In wake life, it is possible your prosecutors would make things difficult for you, but your integrity and high moral standards would keep you from caving in under their pressure.

Befriending someone while away

In my dream I am in another city. Chicago I think. I am visiting someone and it is time to leave. I am given a mannequin which I take into the garden and begin drumming on it like its a drum. A hummingbird is there. I try to attract it but it flies away I find a necklace made of beautiful Malachite beads. It is beautiful but slightly damaged. I put it on I go into a store nearby and befriend the cashier. She is a well dressed older black lady. I feel a deep connection with her and tell her I wish I didn't have to leave the city. She is kind to me. My heart aches to leave her.

Although there are several interconnected elements in this dream which could complicate the true meaning of this dream story, there are several moments which are worth mentioning here, and they closely relate to your personality and how you deal with other people around you. Being away and realizing it is time to go back where you came from in this dream speaks of the current situation in your life when you could be analyzing your past and your relationships with others. The vision of beating on a dummy, as if it were a drum, indicates that you currently need more attention, affection or that you could be getting tired of your existing relationship with someone. A growing apathy or indifference toward each other could be among the causes of these feelings. The image of a humming bird flying away symbolizes the possibility that you are ignoring some obvious signs of deep affection or even true love coming from someone new in your life, and there could be many reasons for that, such as preserving your current relationship status or being afraid of changes. Lastly, the part about befriending an older lady, the cashier, points to you personality trait when you constantly try to be a people pleaser and you leave no stone unturned in your efforts to show that you are a caring and kind individual, even though sometimes it can really hurt your own happiness and peace of mind.

Being left behind by friends

In a dream, being left behind by your current or past friends reflects a fear of abandonment or loneliness in your waking life. This dream vision is a telltale sign signaling that you may be feeling isolated, alone or disconnected from others, and these visions are highlighting these feelings. In essence, you need stronger connections with people around you in order to bring yourself into a more socially active milieu.

Unhappy or sad friends

Coming across your friends during the course of a dream vision and realizing they are sad or in poor spirits could be the manifestation of your own loneliness and suffering in wake life. In a sense, this vision reflects your desire to not be alone in your troubles, meaning you want someone to share in your sorrow and misfortune. Beyond predicting unhappiness and isolation, this vision can occasionally portend becoming ill as well.

Being left out by friends

Being abandoned by your friends in the dreamscape suggests recently feeling disconnected from your social circle. You find it difficult to express yourself these days and no one truly understands how you feel. You are constantly plagued with the anxiety of being excluded as a result. This vision also points to your tendency to attach yourself to things that lack importance, and you fail to notice that you are slowly missing out and losing some things in your life.

Friends being punished

Watching your friends being punished in a dream vision often points toward an upcoming decision you would have to make which is weighing heavily on your mind right now. Whether the punishment was deserved or unwarranted, such a symbol suggests you are worried about the consequences of your choice or are concerned there would be complications. While you should try to solve this issue with as little disruption or agitation as possible, the current situation may make that impossible or unlikely.

Friends dressed in a strange way

If you friends are dressed strangely or unfashionably in a dream vision, it may reveal your current concern with their well-being. For example, they may have had a recent health scare or you could be worried about their mental health after a particularly stressful period of time they have just gone through. In a sense, your current state of anxiety about their physical condition or mental state is being manifested in the unusual manner in which the friends were dressed.

Friends standing way below

Observing that your friends are standing below you in a dream vision, whether they are standing at the bottom of a flight of stairs or in some deep pit, suggests you are in danger of giving up or discarding habits which may have been beneficial to you up until this point. You may see certain areas of your life crumble without your strong moral backbone or habitual upkeep helping to protect them. In essence, this vision warns that you may stagnate or even become less successful due to your lack of attention to the mindset, daily rituals and behavior which have served you well thus far.

Being ashamed of friends

Being ashamed of your friends' actions or behavior in a dream vision can be interpreted as a sign that your plans to accomplish something important to you would compeltely fall through. While you may have exerted much effort or spent a lot of money on supplies, it would all be in vain. This unfortunate outcome would come as a blow to your self-confidence and possibly affect your future endeavors.

Friends attacking

I see in my dreams that some of my friends hit me.

This dream vision of your friends hitting you could be symbolic of a surprise or unexpected news soon to be shared with you. This piece of information could be positive or negative in its nature, but it would surely make you jump out of your seat. If you felt in this dream as if the hitting was an act of aggression or hate in relation to you, you could expect having a confrontation or conflict with one of your close friends or several friends at the same time.

Old friends ignoring you

Seeing old friends ignoring you in a dream represents the subtle aspects of your life that you have been trying to suppress. Perhaps, your insecurities and differing views on multiple topics are the unfortunate causes of making you feel left out in most social gatherings. Your self-doubt is probably hurting your intellectual capabilities as well. Alternatively, the dream can be considered a metaphor for negative emotions and feelings of disassociation being shown by your old friends in waking life.

Having no friends

According to modern interpretations, having no friends in a dream is actually a reflection of your perception of social dynamics and your emotional state in reality. Despite probably having friends in waking life, the dream suggests that you feel unable to be your true authentic self around them, resulting in a deep sense of loneliness. You may also be facing a problem of self-expression and struggle to build genuine connections. This dream reflects a lack of confidence in sharing your true thoughts and emotions, leading to a perceived isolation even in social settings. This best course of action is to explore self-acceptance and fostering relationships where you can express your feelings openly and without shame.

Paralyzed friends

Dreaming that your friends have become paralyzed for some reason is the manifestation of some hesitation you feel when dealing with these individuals in waking life. More specifically, this symbol suggests you are afraid to say or do certain things which may cause your friends to snap. Despite your efforts to keep your friends happy and pacified, this limiting of your words and behavior may be putting a strain on you which in turn would negatively affect your friendship with them.

Friends standing way above

Envisioning your friends above you in a dream vision, whether they are standing at the top of a flight of stairs or a high tower, predicts success for your ventures and plans, particularly those that have just begun. Beyond simply accomplishing what you have set out to do, this vision further suggests you would do so with the highest standards of integrity and justice, meaning you would engage in moral behavior, treat others with fairness and respect, and work for the benefit of others, not just yourself. These traits would extend not only to your allies but to your competitors as well.

Your friends taming a snake

Watching your best friends tame a snake, either by use of music or magic, suggests that a large, powerful organization may soon be on your side in personal or legal matters. This could be a company you work for or one that has taken on your cause as an act of charity. This group would manage the difficult situation you are in with the best of intentions, meaning you would not need to be concerned about their motives. With their help, you could make much progress and find yourself in a much better situation, both physically and mentally, in the future.

Sitting in a cave with your friends

Sitting in a cave with your friends is often interpreted as an ill omen. It suggests that you would soon fall in with the wrong crowd, leading to morally ambiguous situations and a disregard for the people who have cared for and loved you thus far. You may even lose these friendships altogether due to your lack of upkeep on the relationships. This would cause you disappointment and sadness for many months and years to come.

Watching close friends reconcile

I got these two friends who have a crush on each other. A while ago I had this dream about the two. My two friends were on a beach on beach chairs sitting side by side, looking out to sea. I was sitting a fair distance behind them, but they knew I was there. So the boy was upset about something. The girl must have said something right cause then the boy stood up and hugged her, letting a few tears down her shoulder. I told the girl who was in the dream the next day, but not the boy.

Seeing two close friends getting along in a dream vision is often considered the manifestation of the goodwill and friendship that exists between all of you. In this case, it seems you can rely on them fully and that they trust you as well, meaning you have a strong relationship that is likely to last for a long time. The distance you perceived in this dream between you and them could also be reflective of either a recent experience when your friendship was tested or some upcoming developments or circumstances when all of you would be involved in an event or occurrence when you would have to prove to each other your ability to support and rely on each other.

Eating food with friends

Dreaming of eating food with friends symbolizes a sense of community and connection in one's life. Food represents nourishment and sustenance, and the act of eating with others can indicate a need for social interaction and support. The friends in the dream represent family members, close true friends, or even strangers, and it shows that one feels a sense of belonging and connection with these people. Moreover, it is a sign that the dreamer is seeking the wisdom and guidance of others to help them navigate through their life. The dream can be seen as a reminder to invest in relationships and live a happy life ahead.

Friends dying

Watching your friends die before your eyes, either due to some terrible accident or a terminal illness, actually has a positive connotation in the context of dreams. It alludes to having a healthy, mutually beneficial relationship with your friends, specifically the one you saw in your vision. This vision can also predict this particular friend receiving a gift or opportunity that they have desired for a long time but have, until now, been unable to procure.

Stepping over someone important

I dreamt I stepped over someone in the dark. He was lying down. This person is very important to me. Then he got up and said "No fear, you will step over me".

Trying to step over someone and being noticed in this dream suggests your efforts to advance your agenda would be ineffective or extremely costly. This is especially true given the fact you talked to the person during this process. Others are likely aware of your desires and are either disinclined to help or actively getting in your way. It may be better to pursue goals that benefit more than just yourself.

Friends turning against you

In the dream realm, friends tend to represent the best of ourselves, according to dream workers like Jung. They can indicate a wide variety of traits from harmony and conflict resolution skills to talents for pleasing or connecting with others. Your friends turning against you, then, carries an ominous interpretation. It suggests that you are losing the fight against your inner demons. You are afraid of showing up for yourself, which is causing conflicts with most everyone around you. Maybe you are concerned about being betrayed if you are not perfect or if you do not fit into a certain mold. You may be subconsciously projecting your fears into your dreams, leading to this vision.

Being friends with an unknown creature

You should be wary if you befriend a strange, mysterious creature during a dream vision, as it often portends becoming ill or infirm. This ill omen can be interpreted as a sign that you would need medical attention in the near future, leading to a loss in happiness and quality of life. Additionally, this affliction could be transmittable, meaning others could suffer the same fate if you are reckless and spread germs carelessly.

Your friends as animals

Seeing your friends in the form of various animals instead of their normal human selves suggests a situation may soon arise which would put up a barrier or create distance between you and your loved ones. The cause of this separation is likely to be outside of your control, and the exact extent of the effects on your relationships would be hard to see for some time to come.

Visiting your friends

Visiting your friends during the course of a dream vision, whether they are at home or work, generally alludes to positive events taking place in your future. This is especially true if your friends seemed happy or in good spirits when you saw them. If they seemed tired or upset by you dropping by, it may suggest negative or unfortunate circumstances which would make your daily existence more difficult. If your comrades were wearing black or white clothes, it may specifically point to a single event which would change your life for the worse.

Friends with someone you dislike

Being friends with someone you cannot stand in reality is a highly ominous symbol regarding your social status or position in your group of friends. Specifically, this vision predicts your friends and associates would turn on you, mocking, bullying and generally humilitating you. This would have a tremendous negative effect on your relations with these individuals and possibly prevent you from finishing any projects you are currently collaborating on.

Being chased by dead friends

I just woke from a horrible dream. In my dream I had seen faces of old friends that are currently alive, someone evil killed them, before I woke up from my dream, I was being chased by someone who I seemed to have known, but did not recognize. This person was or felt like a friend of mine that had passed years ago, but I didn't recognize the dead friend, she was chasing me, trying to hurt me as she screamed "We will always be friends". I was running from her trying to get to my parents home for safety, it was really sunny and when I crossed a certain point she couldn't touch me, but it was cloudy on my side.

Symbolically, this dream contains two interconnected visions, the notion of your friends dying and someone who seemed unfamiliar chasing you. Being chased generally points towards the rise of some powerful rival or contender inside your circles of friends. This person may be a complete stranger or newcomer to your social circle, or they might be someone who you thought very little of before this change in the situation. You may soon be overwhelmed and intimidated by this person's presence. However, as the second vision of your friends dying implies, you may be able to avoid direct confrontations or serious negative consequences. Seeing your friends dying because of someone's actions, is actually a positive sign or healthy relationship with your friends in waking life. The cloudy atmosphere around you in the end points to some aspects of this friendship which still need to be worked on, both on your and your friends' part in order to keep any unwanted changes at bay.

Meeting bad friends from the past while traveling

I had a dream of 2 of my old friends that I no longer talk to, the guy was the worst influence of my life and the girl was just around at the time. Then I was passing my grandparents' graves, with the Russian crosses and all, and then I ended up at the beach.

Seeing particular people in a dream vision does not usually mean much in and of itself. It usually points to having seen or been reminded of that person in wake life, whether you consciously recognized it or not. However the rest of the dream is a bit more telling. Walking by the graves of your grandparents could indicate some difficulty in your current relationships, especially if you are currently seeking to improve your relationship with someone. Ending up at the beach suggests being reunited with someone from the past, possibly with people seen earlier in the vision. This could be a chance to lay some ghosts to rest which, in turn, could enhance the quality of your current relationships.

Befriending someone you do not like

I had a dream last year of hanging out with a guy I knew of and I was happy. I wasn't a huge fan of his personality, but in my dream we were friends, and having fun laughing together.

A dream in which you hang out with someone you could consider a friend and having fun together is an ill omen. You may end up distancing yourself from people close to you due to unexpected circumstances. Although your reasons could be logical and sensible to you, such a separation would bring you feelings of sorrow and regret.

Friends ignoring when being sick

With friends, many from childhood had a stroke or some sort of serious medical situation. Wouldn't help me, all criticized me. All said they were calling my ex-husband because I didn't need to have my kids. Except for one friend who took me to a specialist, woke up on way to the specialist.

Your dream reflects real-world struggles. The stroke alludes to your frustrations during trying situations in the waking world. You may be feeling neglected or rejected by peers and loved ones. The criticisms hurled at you in the dream are a projection of the possible lack of support from your social circle whenever you find yourself in a pinch. This resentment is seeping into your subconscious and conjuring this scenario in your dream vision. Perhaps reaching out or communicating your issues to your friends and family would help them see things from your point of view.

A farewell to friends

I was trying to get my friends to leave and I was saying "Goodbye forever" because even if they are not perfect, I still love them and I want to be around them and spend time with them.

Dreaming about letting your friends leave could be a sign of the discontent which you face in waking life. Perhaps it is your dire wish to break free from the mundane routine and do something more exciting. It seems that you desire to see the world and try new and exciting things which you know is not quite possible at the given time. The notion that you were sad to see your friends go denotes that although you care about your loved ones, you would rather live a life of adventure.

Being forced to eat friends

I am female. I was tied to a chair in front of a dining table. In another room, separated from me by a glass wall, two of my friends would be tied up. I had thirty seconds to choose one. After that I would choose how they were killed and cooked. The people forced me to watch all of it, and then fed me the fully cooked person and forced me to vomit when I was too full. It started with people I didn't know and moved up to my best friends. If I didn't choose, I'd be forced to eat both.

Cannibalism in dreams is often an allusion to destructive relationships and power play. There may be a part of your attitude or personality that is causing some strain in your interactions with friends and loved ones. Perhaps you have unreasonable expectations towards your loved ones and they may be starting to resent this side of you. At the same time, the imagery of being tied to a chair suggests powerlessness and involuntary actions. In that case, there is a likelihood that the stress you are projecting in your social circles is a byproduct of an unhealthy work environment. Alternatively, some influential personalities in your life may be forcing your hand on some issues at the expense of your friends or family by placing you into difficult situations.

Friends you don't know

Being friends with strangers in a dream vision might give answers to some things happening in your life. It represents something or someone new that will soon enter your waking world. These unknown friends symbolize happiness that will come to you together with this new encounter. It is also possible that this vision suggests your wanting more passion in your life. You seek thrill and adventure from the mundaneness of your every day.