Dreams Related To Friend

A friend in good health and happy

Having a dream about a friend or friends in good health and happy predicts receiving good news. Soon you will have a chance to re-unite with someone who is dear to your heart, or will hear from your old good friend.

Old friend

Seeing an old friend from your past can mean a number of things depending on the situation and other symbols present in the vision. For example, old friends can symbolize past mistakes or old issues that are resurfacing if you were unhappy to see him or her in this dream or felt uncomfortable in their presence. A happy reunion, however, may represent upcoming joys and success in either your personal life or career.

Sex with a friend

Dreaming of having sex with a friend could be a reflection of your natural attraction to this person. Usually, this type of dream scenario manifests whenever dreamers form a unique connection with a certain individual in the waking world. Perhaps you found out a sensitive secret about your friend or you divulged intimate information about yourself. This vulnerable moment, in essence, further strengthened your bond which is what the sexual intercourse represents in your vision. Sex, therefore, need not be a sign of romantic interest, unless you are already attracted to your friend. For entirely platonic relationships, this is merely an indication of your desire to get to know your friend on a deeper level. Admiration and respect could also be at play here. For example, there may be traits or characteristics of your friend which you want to emulate.

A deceased friend

Encountering a deceased friend in your dream holds captivating and meaningful symbolism. This intriguing vision serves as a powerful sign of amazing and exciting news that is set to unfold in your waking life. Embrace this dream as an auspicious indication, suggesting that positive and thrilling developments are on the horizon. Prepare yourself for unexpected surprises and joyful revelations that will bring excitement and uplift your spirits. The presence of your deceased friend in this dream signifies their continued presence and influence in your life, even beyond the physical realm. They may be sending you a message of hope, encouragement, or guidance, as they serve as a conduit for the amazing news that is about to manifest. Let this dream inspire you to stay open and receptive to the opportunities and blessings that come your way. Keep your heart and mind open to the remarkable and thrilling experiences that lie ahead, and allow them to enrich your life in extraordinary ways.

Meeting an old friend

Meeting with an old friend or comrade from your younger years can have multiple interpretations depending on the context. For example, a happy reunion may reflect upcoming success in your personal life or career, bringing you much satisfaction and earning you the admiration of friends and family alike. Alternatively, a sour or tense meeting could mean some past mistake is about to rear its ugly head, causing you trouble and multiple inconveniences.

Death of a friend

When you dream of your friend experiencing the passing away, it may seem unsettling, but it carries a powerful and positive symbolism. This captivating dream foretells a future of well-being and remarkable success in your waking life. Embrace this vision as an auspicious sign, indicating that you are on the path towards personal growth and achievement. It signifies the potential for overcoming obstacles and reaching new heights of prosperity. Allow this dream to inspire and motivate you to pursue your goals with unwavering determination and optimism. By harnessing the energy and lessons of this dream, you can navigate through life's challenges and emerge stronger and more triumphant. Remember, within every ending lies the potential for new beginnings and incredible accomplishments.

Laughing with a friend

Experiencing a dream where you are having a good time and laughing with your friend may seem enjoyable, but it can be a sign of potential separation or growing distance from people you know well. Dreams often reflect our subconscious thoughts and emotions, and this dream could be expressing a fear or concern about losing the close connection you have with your friend or other loved ones. It might be a gentle reminder to cherish and nurture your relationships, as life's changes and circumstances can sometimes lead to drifting apart. Take this dream as an opportunity to be more attentive to your friendships, making an effort to spend quality time together and communicate openly.

Talking to a deceased friend

Dreaming about talking to a friend who is deceased by now signifies important news or announcements coming your way, whatever the message this person tries to convey to you should be considered true and relevant.

Any friend

Having a dream about a friend you know well indicates upcoming meeting with this person because they are in need of seeing you or want to get some kind of help or advice from you.

A sick friend

Observing an unwell friend in your dream can foreshadow the reception of unwelcome news or updates regarding a matter that has long instilled fear within you. This dream may symbolize the emergence of subconscious concerns or anxieties during your slumber, urging you to brace yourself for potentially challenging information or events in your waking life.

Being betrayed by a friend

Experiencing a dream about being betrayed by one of your friends may seem disheartening, but it can actually be interpreted as a positive sign of reconciliation and the potential for a stronger and more mutually beneficial relationship with this person. Dreams often mirror our subconscious feelings and unresolved emotions. In this context, the dream could be indicating that there may have been some underlying tension or misunderstandings in the friendship that need to be addressed. By confronting these issues, you have the opportunity to clear the air and rebuild trust, leading to a deeper and more meaningful connection with your friend.

A friend doing well

Dreaming about your friend doing well and living a healthy and joyful life indicates a possibility of your ties with this person growing even stronger and building on this mutual relationship to the benefit of both of you.

Leaving your friend

Seeing yourself leaving your friend in your dream is a sign that your life circumstances will dictate the need for you to part from people you know well in order to search for new experiences and more exciting things to do in your life.

A disappointed friend

Encountering a sad and disappointed friend in your dream can serve as a forewarning of potential challenges or hardships that may befall you. This dream symbolizes the possibility of sickness or financial difficulties entering your life, causing distress and disappointment. It serves as a reminder to be prepared for unexpected obstacles and to take proactive measures to safeguard your well-being. Additionally, offer support and assistance to your friend in need, as acts of kindness and compassion can bring positive energy into your own life. Remember to stay resilient and optimistic, seeking solutions and opportunities even in the face of adversity.

A friend hiding his or her face

Experiencing a dream when you see your friend trying to hide his or her face is a warning about possible deception or lost trust related to someone who is actually pretending to be your friend.

A crying friend

Witnessing a friend of yours crying in your dream is a concerning sign that indicates the presence of troubles and misfortune that may affect both of you. This unsettling vision serves as a warning, suggesting that challenges and difficulties may be on the horizon for you and your friend. It is important to approach these challenges with resilience, support, and open communication. Be prepared to offer comfort and assistance to your friend as they navigate their own struggles. Remember that in times of hardship, the strength of your friendship can provide solace and a sense of shared resilience. Together, you can face the troubles that lie ahead and emerge stronger on the other side.

An old friend turned enemy

Seeing an old friend becoming your enemy can be a metaphorical representation of a challenging experience. It evokes negative emotions and makes you feel unsettled or betrayed. To overcome this, it is suggested to engage in open and honest communication with this person, or if that is not possible, focus on forgiveness and personal growth. Exploring the spiritual aspect of the situation can provide more insights and eventual healing.

Helping a friend

Dreaming about yourself helping your friend when he or she needs you to means that you will get all kinds of help and support from people who are close to you when you need their help and advice.

A distant friend

Dreaming about a distant friend and feeling worried about their well-being can be a sign that they may be going through a challenging time or facing difficulties in their life. This dream serves as a reminder to reach out and offer support to your friend during their time of need. It is important to show compassion and lend a helping hand, whether it be through a kind gesture, a listening ear, or offering practical assistance. By extending your support and care, you can provide comfort and strength to your friend as they navigate through their struggles. Remember that small acts of kindness and genuine concern can make a significant difference in someone's life.

A true friend

Having a dream about a very dedicated and true friend can be a sign of urgency to meet with one of your close friends. It can be a case when they are having some problems or issues and need to resolve those using your help or advice.

A disgraced friend

Encountering a dream where a once esteemed friend is depicted as disgraced or disrespected reveals an intriguing symbol, offering insights into your relational dynamics. This vivid imagery functions as a mirror reflecting the intricate threads of your connections. It suggests the possibility of encountering conflicts and disputes with individuals who once held you in high regard. Similar to your dream's narrative, wherein respect has shifted, your waking life may involve clashes with those who previously admired you. By deciphering this symbol, you're prompted to tread cautiously in your interactions.

Old guy friend

Seeing an old male acquaintance from your past suggests that they have been on your mind subconsciously or consciously. For example, you may have heard an old song you listened to together, or perhaps you walked past a place that you once frequented. It is also possible that you need some information from a prior conversation with this individual, so your mind is taking you back in order to prompt your memory.

A dying friend

Seeing one of your close friends in the process of dying is an indication of his or her marriage and being less available to you because of some family obligations that they have to tackle.

Sick or helpless friend

Having a dream about a sick or helpless friend whom you lost contact with due to some life circumstances reveals your propensity to be ill-tempered and quarrelsome which can be disastrous when you deal with people around you.

A friend going away

Experiencing a dream when you see one of your close friends going away or leaving you predicts that you will be able to achieve things in life only by taking a risk of losing some of your dear and close friends.

Shaking hands with a friend you do not like

Dreaming of shaking hands with an unpleasant or disliked friend may symbolize potential challenges or conflicts in your relationships. It could indicate a need to address unresolved issues or disconnect from people you care about. This dream might serve as a reminder to assess and possibly improve your interactions with others, even if it involves navigating difficult situations.

A friend wearing black clothes

Experiencing a dream about your friend wearing dark clothes symbolizes a person close to you in your life who may have a very dark aura or bad vibrations negatively affecting your existence and well-being.

Old female friend

Seeing an old female friend from your past, particularly someone you have not met with or contacted in a number of years, suggests you are currently in need of aid or advice in reality. You are seeing this individual because she has the experience or qualities necessary for you to overcome the challenges you are going through now. If you are unable to contact this person these days, whether it is because she has already passed on or you no longer know where she is, you may need to look around and see which of your current friends could possibly help or assist you.

Dead friend

The image of a dead friend in the realm of dreams is actually considered a highly positive symbol. It predicts receiving exciting, amazing or uplifting news from an unexpected source. Your parents may suddenly support one of your endeavors, or you may finally succeed on a personal goal you have been working toward for a long time, like staying sober or learning to drive.

A very happy friend

Seeing a friend of yours happy and enjoying his or her life in your dream is a good sign of reuniting with old friends or taking your relationship with these people to a completely new level.

A stranger as your friend

Seeing someone you do not know being your friend in your dream symbolizes achieving your most wildest desires or getting wealth and income from the sources you least suspect to get it from.

A dead friend smiling

A dream where a dead loved one is smiling at you can be interpreted as a sign that you have recently done, heard or seen something that has triggered a memory of this individual. You may not have even realized it consciously. For example, you may have passed by a coffee shop you visited together. While you may not remember the exact interaction, your unconscious mind recalled the experience and brought your friend to you in your vision. Furthermore, this dream indicates you are stressed and are perhaps seeking the comfort of a familiar face. While you may still feel some grief or emptiness from their passing, your friend is always with you in your mind and heart.

Sick-looking friend

Friends looking sick and pale can be a sign of potential health problems or issues they may be going through. This dream can equally tell you about some illness or suffering you may experience in your own life.

Unattractive friend receiving attention

I and a friend of mine and were guarding someone and his girlfriend. There were also with us two women. The first woman out of the blue kissed him and I was fine with that. But moments after, the second woman kissed him also and that bothered me a little. The whole time the two women avoided me, but not my friend, not trying to be mean, who is a little fat and out of the ordinary.

Dreaming about a specific friend often indicates a recent interaction with this individual, such that their face and essence are still fresh in your mind's eye. However, watching the women pay more attention to him than to you, especially when you feel he is not especially attractive, could suggest there is some aspect of this person that you do not find trustworthy. You may even regret revealing some personal information for fear it can be used against you at some point later on. It would be wise to follow your gut feeling and be wary of this person's actions and behavior for the time being.

Unpleasant encounter with a friend

Seeing yourself having an unpleasant encounter with a friend of yours indicates potential difficulties in their life which could be related to something important and meaningful to them.

Separating from a friend

In the realm of dreams, if you find yourself distancing or disconnecting from a friend, it serves as a symbolic indication of an impending message or news from that very person. This dream holds the promise of communication and the opportunity to deepen your connection. Stay open and receptive, as this message could bring significant insights or revelations that may impact your relationship positively. Embrace the unfolding journey of discovery and anticipate the meaningful exchange that awaits you.

Arguing with an old friend

Hi, what does it mean when you have a dream that you are disagreeing with an old friend in an argument? We haven't spoken in 3 months.

Arguing with an old friend or a childhood friend in the dream world is often a reflection of inner turmoil. Perhaps the significance of your friend in your reality has something to do with the issues you are grappling with. For instance, old friends can symbolize past mistakes or old issues that are resurfacing. You may need to delve into your past to learn a valuable lesson which you can use to resolve current problems or concerns. Alternatively, your present perspective and worldview could be in conflict with your upbringing or previous beliefs.

Deceased friend showing signs of life

In my dream, I was attending a visitation for a friend Fred (who is deceased). I was looking at the body, and it was supposed to be Fred, but it didn't look like Fred. I was standing at the head of the coffin. Fred's feet furthest from me, and his head closest to me, but facing away from me. As I was standing there, the body contorted, the legs came up to the head of the coffin and his face turned toward me slowly. So, the body was scrunched up in the front half of the coffin. I froze. The eyes opened, and I was terrified. While the body didn't look like Fred's, the eyes felt like his. Others in the room didn't seem to notice, or it didn't seem out of place for them. I buried my head in to someone's shoulder and turned away. It was a mother figure, but I can't tell if it was my mother, or my mother in law (who also knew Fred very well). She ushered me back toward the coffin while comforting me, and the body began to groan, the eyes opened a bit more. The body seemed to be trying to get out of the coffin, as if to say, I am not really dead. And I just turned away and could not look, and walked away with my head buried and I refused to look up. I was saying something to the effect of "No, I can't do this, this is terrifying, I can't do this". I was walking away saying this, head buried, as the body was getting out of the coffin, but I wasn't looking because I was too afraid. No one else seemed bothered. Tiny bit of background: Fred is someone who I knew through my work at the Red Cross. He and his wife also attended church with my in-laws and they were very close. Fred was in his 80's and passed away on Thanksgiving from pancreatic cancer (from diagnosis to death it was only about 5 or 6 months max).

Dreaming of a dead friend oftentimes points to the possibility of being ridiculed by friends or colleagues. However, in the context of your dream, attending the visitation for a deceased friend could reveal unresolved issues or a natural manifestation of grief. You may still be reeling over your friend's death, so your distress is being projected into dreams by your subconscious as an extension of the process of mourning. The fact that the body did not look like him may have something to do with new information you discover or learn about your friend after he died. These pieces of information may change your overall impression or perception of him. Since the tone of the dream seems to be scary and almost like a nightmare, perhaps those secrets are negative or damaging to his reputation. Specifically, the contorted corpse of your deceased friend means his real self may be completely different to how you know him or how others know him. This truth may be hard for you to accept. It is also possible that there are secrets you know about your friend that not a lot of people know and this is making you feel guilty or it is weighing heavily on you. In addition, the mother figure symbolizes your loved ones who are privy to the depth and dynamics of your friendship with Fred. Maybe you look to them for clarity and support whenever you are feeling overwhelmed by your grief. As such, your mind could be telling you to lean on your family and friends to help you cope with your sorrow. On the other hand, Fred may be a representation of your general past and secrets that refuse to be buried. You could be dwelling too much on past mistakes that this is keeping you from fully moving forward and focusing on your future. Finally, the quick progression of his disease leading to his eventual death may have made you more aware of your own mortality and this is making you feel anxious. This is especially true if you are not in your best physical and emotional state.

Arguing with a friend

Having a dream about arguing or disagreeing with your close friend is a bad sign of their infidelity or some tricky situations you might get yourself in while being in a relationship with this person.

A deceased friend alive and playing with a child

Female. I had a dream of being at a deceased friend's house, however he was alive. He did not speak to me, but he was playing with my child, riding scooters, wrestling, etc.

Dreaming that your deceased friend is alive in the dream world can be interpreted as a sign that you would soon be on the receiving end of some very good news. You would learn something that would make you very happy and excited, perhaps something that would even change your life. Seeing your friend play with your child could shed a little more light on the type of good news you would get, as playing with children in the realm of dreams is often associated with setting and achieving goals. It is possible that a recent benchmark you set for yourself would be accomplished with ease or that one of your great ambitions would be realized much sooner than you expected.

Receiving items from a deceased friend

My friend died two years ago, and I saw her in my dream. She gave me a green necklace and a red purse, and she asked why I did not invite her to my wedding.

Dreaming about your deceased friend giving you colored personal items, especially if they were bright or shiny in color, could translate your inability to cope with their absence and let go of your feelings of loss. It could also mean that you have been or about to become disrespected, criticized and ridiculed by people around you. Their behavior can produce negative effects on your self-esteem and cause you to have a poor perception of yourself. If you indeed had a wedding recently and dreamed about your friend asking why she was not invited, you could actually be unhappy or dissatisfied with the crowd of people who had attended this event. That's why you subconsciously project into your dream the images of her wanting to attend this celebration along with other guests.

A friend dying suddenly

Seeing your friend dying or being dead in your dream is an indication of some quiet and peaceful moments you are about to live through, more rarely this can be a sign of actual death of a person you know well, not necessarily the one appearing in your dream.

Dead friend sending a message

A friend recently died in a murder-suicide. I asked his spirit to send me a message through a dream. I dreamt of silver, bronze, and gold trees, spot-lit and placed on elevated areas of my home. While beautiful, they were also dark and foreboding. Their branches and leaves formed particularly complex and metallic blade-like patterns.

This does sound like a dream sent to you by an outside source. The colors of Silver, Bronze and Gold being represented as trees is indicative of something physical and present in your life right now. Possibly an item of significance to your friendship and/or relationship, specifically due to their importance in the dream, being lit and in obviously noticeable places. The elevation seems to be a reflection of your view of this person, holding them in high regard, having a great friendship and fond memories of them. The afterlife is beautiful and also foreboding as well as dark, just as you felt in the dream. It makes sense that you would feel a bit of a haunting presence. The branches and leaves are a very good sign in this, it shows stability, toughness and creativity. This sounds like a comforting dream, a reassurance that everything is exactly as it should be and not to worry about your friend, but to be happy with and observant of the holidays and special times that you've shared together. Please be mindful of blade-like patterns and do not reveal unnecessary or irrelevant facts or recollections to others about this person, it might be damaging to your spiritual well-being.

Fighting with a friend at his workplace

My friend (or ex-friend) is a teacher at the university and I had a dream that I went to his workplace without informing him, he was in a meeting and after that he kept ignoring me as if I'm not even there, I called him in front of two guys and he had no choice but to come to me. He screamed at me saying that he doesn't want to hear me out and I screamed back at him, louder saying that why I'm here is not because of what happened between us but because of my future, and I held his arm making him listen to me... I don't remember the rest of the dream but can you please tell me what it means?

This dream has two distinct visions, namely, visiting the school where your friend works and having a heated argument with him. The first vision signifies your desire to learn more about this individual, even if it might seem to you that you know a lot about his life, personal character and habits. You could be concerned about his well-being, but unsure how you can help him out. The notion of having a verbal disagreement which was on the verge of turning into a physical fight from what you have described, could mean that there is something important in your life you are trying to achieve or attain, but you feel that you would only be able to move forward if this person is affected to a great extent. This friend could be a major road block on your way to realize your plans or intentions and you are subconsciously projecting these fears or uncertainties in order to overcome or eliminate these impediments to your personal success.

A friend and a bicycle

I had dream a while ago that my friend had boyfriend (she was a single girl, but not anymore). Her boyfriend was leaving for a bit in the dream, and took a bicycle, he was fine with us to fool around, she was naked, but I was wearing clothes, her boyfriend came back and so we didn't finish having sex. She got up, went near his side, and I saw him moving the bicycle towards my direction, but stopped moving, we made eye contact and he kind of glared at me and wrapped his arm around my friend's waist.

The symbols in the dream may look like they are telling a story, but they are actually a reflection of the subconscious process you are taking to grow as a person. For instance, the fact that you and your friend were going to be intimate with this man suggests there are two opposing feelings inside yourself. The one represented by your naked friend is bold and unafraid, while the one represented by yourself being clothed suggests shyness or shame. The fact that the bike came towards you means you would be put in a situation where you might have to compete against these two emotions in a "fight or flight" type of way. However, if you can work through these things and combine the two aspects into one whole, you may find a better third solution to overcome the challenges in your path.

A sad friend with dark face

Dreaming of a sad-looking friend with a dark face can be an indication of potential health challenges and the possibility of facing a prolonged period of illness or discomfort. This dream serves as a warning to pay attention to your well-being and take necessary steps to maintain your health. It is important to prioritize self-care, seek medical advice if needed, and make lifestyle choices that support your overall well-being. By being proactive in managing your health and seeking appropriate care, you can navigate through any health issues that may arise and work towards a healthier and happier life.

Getting away from a friend

Having a dream about trying to escape or get away from your old friend means that you are in search of some new emotions and experiences which will destroy previous relationships with people who you used to be best friends with.

Shaking hands with a sad friend

Seeing yourself shaking hands with a sad-looking friend foretells separation from a person who could otherwise provide you with a great deal of advice and valuable assistance you need in your life.

A friend wearing white clothes

If you catch a glimpse of your friend adorned in white garments within your dream, consider it a favorable indication of overall well-being and the positive influence of the spiritual values and beliefs you adhere to. This dream signifies that your commitment to these principles has a profound impact on your life, promoting a sense of harmony and contentment. Embrace this symbolism as a reminder to continue embracing your spiritual journey, as it contributes to your personal growth and happiness. By staying true to your convictions, you pave the way for continued blessings and a fulfilling existence.

Being mad when best friend leaves

I dreamed that my best friend yelled at me and left me at a restaurant and then I put down my soda bottle so hard that it broke into pieces.

Restaurants are associated with constant motion and activity in wake life and often point toward a hectic schedule in the life of the dreamer. You may find that your current schedule is jam-packed with school, work, or other social obligations which always keep you on your toes and on the go. However, because you are constantly busy, you may not have time to work on the goals and self-improvements you are really interested in. Breaking the soda bottle within your vision is a testament to this, as broken bottles often indicate having difficulty making things in your life come together fully. You may need to dedicate more time to yourself if you wish to fulfill your most important hopes and dreams.

Dumped by best friend before Halloween

I was in my room with my friends. They were discussing their Halloween costumes. I was watching my TV. Then my best friend told me I'm not a part of them anymore. Then I woke up.

Dreaming about friends discussing Halloween costumes is suggestive of people around you wearing a facade and not being what they actually appear to be. This could point to the fact that the friends you have may not be your well-wishers. Watching this and being informed by a friend about breaking off all ties with you represents a series of conflicts that you may soon have to endure, especially with those you have been very close to at some point in time before this dream.

A friend disguised as an animal

If you happen to dream of your friend appearing in the guise of an animal, it could foreshadow the possibility of encountering adversaries or individuals who harbor ill will towards you. This dream symbolizes the presence of people who may seek to create division between you and your loved ones. Remain vigilant, as such encounters may arise, and take proactive measures to protect the bonds you hold dear. By nurturing strong connections and fostering open communication, you can fortify your relationships and mitigate the potential impact of those who may try to disrupt your harmony. Stay aware, resilient, and committed to maintaining the love and support of your cherished ones.

A friend dressed in red clothes

Experiencing a dream about your friend dressed in bright red clothes which do not match the attire he or she normally wears is an indication of worries and troubles affecting people you have a close relationship with, which may have a significant impact on you as well.

A friend standing high above you

Seeing your friend standing high above you or on the pedestal in your dream indicates successful implementation of plans or projects you are working on right now and being able to reach your goals while balancing them with other demanding tasks you have to complete at the same time.

A friend standing below you

Dreaming about your friend standing somewhere below you signifies that in the situations when you try to be victorious over your own goals in life, will step over your old relationships and stop paying attention to people you once knew.

Not being visited by a friend

Dreams where a friend does not visit for a while can carry various interpretations, often influenced by personal experiences and emotions. Your interpretation relates it to recognition for your hard work and accomplishments. This suggests that your efforts may soon be acknowledged, and you may gain recognition or praise for your achievements.

Expected visit from a close friend

Dreaming of an expected visit from a close friend holds the promise of reuniting with a cherished companion, suggesting the potential for deepening bonds. This dream might also symbolize the prospect of embarking on a meaningful commitment, possibly even marriage. It indicates the opportunity to nurture significant connections and embrace new chapters in your personal relationships, fostering positivity and growth.

A friend in an unusual state

Experiencing a dream about your friend being in an unusual state means that your opponents or adversaries are ready to take action to interfere with or destroy your current relationship with someone you love.

A friend dressed in bright clothes

Seeing your friend dressed in very bright clothes in your dream is a bad sign of troubles and anxiety, which will preoccupy you for some time and affect the relationship with people who are close to you.

A friend going through major career changes

Seeing a friend of yours rapidly going through career changes or excelling in his or her workplace means that you will be able to realize your plans and ideas and be rewarded for all the hard work you have done.

A friend with a dark face

If you find yourself dreaming of a friend whose face suddenly turns dark, it may be an indication that they could encounter significant health challenges. This dream serves as a warning, urging you to pay attention to their well-being and offer support during this difficult time. By recognizing the symbolism within your dreams, you can play a crucial role in providing comfort and assistance to your friend as they navigate these potential health issues. Remember, dreams can offer valuable insights into our waking lives, guiding us to take meaningful action and extend compassion to those we care about.

A friend at the same level

Seeing a friend positioned at the same level where you are signifies that you should not count on being successful in achieving goals or aspirations in your life because of some negative interference from other people.

Friend's brother

Dreaming about your friend's brother could represent an upcoming change that is about to take place in your life. You may find that your daily schedule gets a major overhaul or that your working environment suddenly becomes much different than before. Whether the change is positive or not could possibly be tied to this man's actions or personality within the vision.

A friend you haven't seen in awhile

Running into a friend you have not seen in some time is an esoteric and mysterious symbol. Vanga suggests this symbol is related to your potential for success in a given situation. For instance, having a pleasant meeting with your old friend may reveal feeling satisfied after accomplishing something important in your personal life or at work. On the other hand, a tense, uncomfortable confrontation may mean you are about to make an embarrassing mistake or be troubled by minor inconveniences.

A friend becoming injured

I saw I met one close friend of mine after some gap in time and saw him injured.

Seeing a close friend getting injured in a dream means you may be facing a period of time in your relationship with this person when he will be desperately needing your help and support. You could be the only one capable of providing a sensible solution to problems or issues he might be experiencing. This dream is a forewarning to be watchful for signs of him needing you because he might be feeling shy or ashamed about asking you for help.

A deceased friend offering food and money

My recently departed friend appears in my dream, he visited me bringing two pieces of large bun with meat inside (pau in Chinese) and money. I told him to give the money to her daughter. Can u interpret?

Dreaming about being paid a visit by a dead friend is an indication of you focusing all your attention on something that has happened in the past to this person. It could also represent sadness, longing and grief consequent to their departure. By acting or speaking to you, they could be sending you a message, or your unconscious is expressing what it seeks to express. You may have been or might soon experience some minor hardships, professional, economical, or romantic in nature. The visions of food or money being offered by this deceased person in the same dream could represent a reassuring sign that such situation would soon change for better. These circumstances would result in positive outcomes and major improvements because you refused to accept the money offerings, and apparently kept the food. However, you should be careful and watchful. In the dream, you passed the money offerings onto the daughter. This could signify that people from your and this friend's close family or social circle may soon find themselves in a difficult situation and will need help and support.

A friend who is now dead

Having a dream about a man that I use too talk to, but now he is dead. But we weren't dating or in love just texting buddies but I liked him.

The afterlife is beautiful but could also be foreboding depending on how you felt in this particular dream. Quite naturally, you could be feeling haunted by the memories from the time you communicated with this person. Overall, it sounds like a comforting dream, a reassurance that everything is exactly as it should be and as an advice not to worry about your friend or focus on him too much, but to be happy and mindful of the times you had shared together in the past.

Being saved from a falling tree by a friend

A distant friend of mine had returned from abroad to attend his high school reunion, he has graduated and we were at the same school. He came to me and asked why didn't I join the broadcasting club. I said I would have loved to but I'm shy. He smiled at me and ruffled my hair and told me that he'd like to meet me again soon before leaving. On the same night, a lightening stroke a tree and it almost fell on me, that friend was near and pulled me in for a hug, saving my life from the falling tree. Then he walked me home and we talked along the way. When we arrived, he told me that he'd like to date me. I blushed.

The symbolic vision of being shy or reluctant to do something in a dream is a sign of receiving praise and becoming respected after completing something important in your life. But at the present moment you could be finding yourself hesitant or unsure and subconsciously looking for other people to help you with either starting or continuing with your endeavor. The image of a falling tree and being rescued from under it speaks of failures or episodes of frustrations experienced in the past, but because you were saved in your dream you can expect success this time around. However it would probably be a trade-off when you would have to give back something in return or help the other person or people with their issues and problems. You could even be considering asking a person you know very well to assist you, but afraid they might take it the wrong way.

A friend by the water

I had a dream about a very close friend of mine but I didn't see him yet in person. In my dream I saw him go down to the water wearing a blue sky shirt and I also saw his brother and a little boy that his brother got. He put the baby onto his lap and played with the baby while watching my close friend who was by the water. When I saw them, I didn't show myself to them because my feeling at that time were that if they see me, they will think I am ugly... And then I woke up...

This dream vision of watching your distant friend from a distance and trying to hide from him and his relatives reveals your inner desire to expand you social horizons. You could be having some issues with how you think others perceive you or what they think after you approach them. The symbolic vision of your friend wearing a blue shirt could indicate that you have recently made some successful attempts to befriend someone, this experience could even include romantic feelings you expressed towards them. The fact that this person's brother was watching him near the water could also signify that there is another person involved who could be standing in the way of getting to know other people you want to meet. This could be someone who does not even realize he or she is causing such inconvenience to you, or it could be the person's family or relatives who may be unknowingly preventing you from reaching out to this person you are interested in.

A friend helping through nightmares

The person I like keeps on appearing in my nightmares and when he shows up everything gets better or if it doesn't he never leaves my side and stays with me. What does that mean?

Having nightmares could be an indication of the existence of a shallow but manipulative person in your life who may be trying to bring you down or take advantage of you. The presence of the person you like in the same dreams signifies that he could have become a witness or a participant in these situations. Subconsciously, you are trying to eliminate this negative influence and perhaps seeking help or advice from the person you like.

Starting a family with a deceased friend

I am so needing advice right now. I lost a dear friend in a car accident recently and cannot get past how guilty I feel and have been an emotional wreck. 13 years ago he said he loved me and he truly did, but I did not feel the same way. We last spoke in 2012 and he was happy with his life and had moved on. Why do I feel like I am being punished... When he passed, a gust of wind came from nowhere, it was a sign. I have dreamt of him 3 times, and the last one has upset me... He came and picked me and my children up and moved me to live with his mother, I felt so uncomfortable.. Please help me I am confused.

Unfortunately, we do not provide spiritual guidance or psychic advice, but having a recurring dream where you envision this person wanting to live with you, but you felt uncomfortable with this idea, is a sign that you are hesitant if not fearful to have new encounters of romantic nature in your life for the fear that this new person could inadvertently or intentionally negatively affect your life or change its course for the worse. These feelings are most likely the result of the unfortunate events you are describing, so subconsciously you want to prevent them from happening again.

Visited by best friend's father

My best friend's dad, showed up at my house wearing a cowboy hat and coat which I've never seen her dad dress western. He had three girls with him, Weston I knew, the other two I did not. He had two boys with him and I did not know them. He seemed concerned and distressed and he drove a white full-size truck. We visited and talked as if he was giving me advice as well as him asking me for advice, but cannot remember specific questions. When it was time for him to leave he'd forgotten his coat and I ran out to give it to him. It was dark outside and he thanked me we hugged and I woke up.

This dream has quite a few complicated symbols, but there are a few worth focusing on. Seeing the image of your best friend's dad in your dream suggests he has been on your mind recently or that you have had a recent interaction with him that made a strong impact on you. In either case, this vision seems to suggest some close relationship between the two of you, or he may represent someone else whom you are currently interested in. However, seeing him dressed up in clothes completely out of his style means that there is something fundamentally wrong about this person that you wish would change. For example, in the case of romance, differences in age, religion, or life goals may be a hindrance to the relationship in the long run. The group of people you did not recognize also represents some internal fear or discord, perhaps over the opinion and reaction of others. The darkness at the end of the dream can be interpreted as a sign that your subconscious finds something inherently wrong with this situation, whatever it is. You may want to take time and think about your relationship with this person and your friend more carefully before taking any actions you may regret later.

A friend asking about babies

I was walking through a beautiful house. There was a baby girl sleeping. When she woke up, I picked her up and she was happy and smiling. A man I've known for years excitedly asked if she was his baby pointing at her. I didn't answer as I don't think I knew I was just loving her. The dream switches as he walks in a room I was in as I was noticing both my legs were hairy and my feet were bare. He asked me if I knew why he liked me and before he answered he pointed to a toddler and she was standing between an ottoman and the wall and asked if that was his baby and it was. She actually years older. Then I woke up.

Both visions in this dream (a baby girl and a lot of hair on your legs) point to missed opportunities in your life or your tendency to avoid or reluctance to welcome positive transformations. The man appearing in and following you throughout this dream represents someone who has been trying to help you with achieving more rewarding and favorable outcomes, perhaps in personal relationships, opportunities at work or spiritually. The baby looking older compared to her age in the beginning of the dream could serve as a reminder that the time is passing fast and you need to decide whether you want to accept these changes available to you before it is too late.

A friend's reverting age

I had a vision while talking with a friend. We were sitting across from each other talking when she aged about 30 years. Then she went back to normal. What does this mean?

Dreaming about visual transformations which involved your friend aging and reverting to normal could mean that you may be witnessing some real-life changes occurring to this person, both internally and as far as the looks and overall appearance are concerned. Focusing on the person's appearance in your dream could also be indicative of some major transformations or changes in the way this person communicates with you or treats you. You could be subconsciously expressing your concerns if these changes are negative, or happiness and contentment, if this is something you consider to be favorable within this relationship and interaction between the two of you.

Unable to save an entrapped friend

My dream is about my new friend for two weeks now. In my dream he was in an abandoned building trap in a hole and I can see him from above, and I am trying to give my hand to reach him but I cant. I woke up sweating even its cold now. Please help, thanks!

Dreaming about a new friend who is trapped in an old, abandoned building indicates you could find yourself in a difficult financial situation in the near future. This is probably not your friend's fault but could be the result of spending extra money with this person and not paying attention to your budget. This is supported by your inability to save your friend, which not only predicts having difficult times in your life, but also points toward increased levels of stress and frustration. You could lash out at someone, including your new friend, if you do not carefully control your emotions.

A friend put in shame

I dreamed my friend was embarrassed by me, so she stuffed me in the washing machine and then I dreamed I was hiding in a toilet because there was a shooter in the building at work.

Having a dream about a situation when your friend was ashamed or embarrassed by your behavior or conduct could be reflective of your tendency to underestimate or openly criticize their efforts and accomplishments, especially when you know that they do their best and do not deserve such a treatment coming from you. You could be deliberately trying to bring them down, even if it is done in a casual, inoffensive way. On the other hand, hiding in the restroom stall during a random shooting in a dream could serve as a warning about a possible payback because of your attitude toward others, unless you change your ways.

Refusing to befriend someone younger

I had a dream that someone younger than me wants friendship with me, he is very cute, but I am not accepting him as a friend because I am older than him.

Rejecting an offer of friendship in your dream denotes personal attributes that you are refusing to acknowledge or you want to get rid of. The notion of turning down someone's suggestion to become friends because he is younger than you points to your desire to grow up and leave behind immature behaviors and companions. Career-wise, perhaps you are looking for more stable opportunities that you think will provide you with more experience and room for growth.

A friend in an accident inside a cabin

I had a dream of my cabin blowing up with my good friend inside.

This vision has a powerful message regarding the possible end of this friendship. Seeing your cabin go up in smoke symbolically represents the sudden end of a relationship, usually with someone you were once quite close to. This is further supported by your friend's presence inside the structure when this event occurred. There are no details to explain how or why this happens, but it may be possible to prevent it from taking place, only if you can plan and proceed carefully.

A college mate perceived to be a little girl

Hi, in my dreams I played with a little girl, she is so pretty, wearing a light dress, she gets in my hands and I asked her in which class she is, she told me "I'm like your friend, I'm in college" and laughed at me.

This dream evokes a sense of nostalgia. The little girl recounts a time of innocence and being sheltered. You could be yearning for your more carefree and youthful days. However, a laughing little girl oftentimes also carries negative connotations. It sometimes represents the possibility of being displeased or disappointed by an unexpected occurrence. That is, it sometimes translates to upcoming unhappiness that would affect you or some of your close relationships to the point of leaving you or other people in tears. It is almost as if the girl was laughing at something that is about to happen.

A friend crying because of a mistake

I'm a boy. I saw my friend crying in my arms because of a mistake made by me. What does this indicate ???

This dream could be pertinent to both you and your friend. Seeing said friend crying in your arms portends troubles and misfortune that may inconvenience both of you, things like acts of indifference, insincerity or a lack of compassion. Realizing in this dream that the mistake originated from your actions or negligence could also point to your gullible, trusting nature which could make you an easy target for those who want to take advantage of this character trait that they perceive as your weakness.

Being unable to locate a friend

I was in school looking for my friend, but every time I go to the same area she was, she would disappear and I can't find her anywhere.

Looking for a missing person in a dream indicates conflict looming with the people close to you. This conflict could be anything from disagreements with a friend to a major fight with a family member. If you are presently seeing or dating someone, another possible interpretation of being unable to find a friend would be an upcoming breakup or an ending of a relationship you are in.

Expressing signs of affection to a friend

It was the last day of school and I got arrested because somehow my butterfly knife got in my backpack and most of the dream I was telling a friend that I like them more than a friend.

Confessing your feelings to a friend suggests a need for validation. In reality, you may be feeling rejected or neglected by peers and loved ones. Maybe you want some sort of approval and acceptance in order to feel valued. This need for affirmation could be bringing out feelings of anger, resentment, and frustration. The whole spectrum of these negative emotions is symbolized by the butterfly knife in your dream vision. Perhaps you need to confront yourself to understand the real reason behind all of the suppressed anger you may be harboring.

A friend getting married

A friend was getting married and I was her maid doing her laundry.

The image of your friend getting married in this dream is a wake-up call. You may soon find out that there are some issues with your health which should be addressed as soon as possible. If you feel that there is something wrong or requires your attention, it would be best to take preventive measures early on instead of waiting for something worse to happen.

Two versions of the same friend

I was with my best friend, but there was two of her. They both looked alike, but acted differently. One acted like she does now, there was no change in her personality. The other one acted like I didn't even know her. Like in the dream I was introducing myself. It was weird. I just want to know what it means. Thank you.

Seeing your friend and some sort of duplicate of her in your dream can be considered an ominous sign. It could represent the strong possibility that she may need your assistance with a tricky or difficult situation. Seeing two iterations of her represents the duality you can find in every person, the face they show in public and the hidden persona that they keep to themselves. It would be wise to approach her and see if there is anything she may need help with.

Reluctant to have a friend for a visit

I dreamed that my friend was on her way to me with a baby that was dirty and I didn't want anything to do with them. I just said that I am on my way to the police and to my lawyer. And I was not myself.

Dreaming that your friend is coming for a visit with a dirty, unclean baby is an ominous sign predicting that this woman is about to bring a lot of trouble your way. Dirty babies are often thought to be the manifestation of emerging issues in your life, and it may take precisely-calculated steps to clear matters up once the problems begin. Additionally, pretending to go to the police and see your lawyer could be interpreted as a sign that you already possess the skills and knowledge to overcome this challenge, though you may want to be careful not to invalidate your friend's feelings or push her into a corner unless you do not mind losing the friendship.

A friend trying to rebuild the house

Came home to a friend attempting to gut and rebuild inside my home, but unable to finish the job. I was stressed and was looking for somewhere to lay my head.

Dreaming about someone trying to renovate your home unsuccessfully represents the troubling situation you may find yourself in sometime soon. Renovations in dreams are often associated with the idea of improvements in your life, so seeing this take place in your dream could signify your anticipation of receiving a promotion or moving house. However, the fact that your friend was unable to finish the work they started could predict someone interfering with the outcomes you expect. Your stress in the vision reflects much the same in waking life, so it is important for you to remember to have patience and let things happen in their due time.

Sowing at friend's house

Went into my male friends' house in the dream and it was normal, except for the old cobwebby passageway with old couches. I went to the garden to bury a mug and sow a flower.

The house covered in cobwebs and old furniture in your dream represents a neglected relationship. Entering this house means that you are willing to reconnect and reconcile with long-lost friends. Burying a mug alludes to burying the hatchet. It reveals your readiness to let bygones be bygones if it means gaining back the people whom you almost forgot about and who once were an important part of your life. The flower likewise represents healing and compassion. You want to start nurturing your bond with them.

A female friend being kept on a train

I am female. In my dream me and my girlfriend when on a train fairground ride and at the end of it, the conductor refused to let her off after letting me off, no matter what I did he wouldn't let her out. She was trapped in the carriage away from me.

Trains and other vehicles are often thought to represent our journeys through life. In this way, being on a train with your girlfriend at a fair could be the manifestation of the happy times you have shared together. However, being asked to get off the train (and her inability to exit) could predict someone or something coming between the two of you. The distance between you represents the growing sadness or depression which could arise following this event, leaving you feeling isolated and lonely.

Friend's mother behaving inappropriately

I, myself, am a straight girl and my good friend's mother was being awfully friendly to me in this dream. She was kissing me and grabbing my butt and I remember her falling on top of me and kissing me as my friend was watching from afar not doing anything but standing there. It was in my middle school kind of setting. It was very unpleasant and made me feel uncomfortable.

Dreaming that you are sexually involved with your friend's mother in this dream reveals your state of confusion. Even without exhibiting homosexual tendencies, something worth noticing may have sparked some interest in you toward your friend's mom. As a result, your subconscious mind is trying to sort out your emotional reactions to this person's behavior to figure out the cause. There is a possibility that you are questioning your own sex drives and femininity because you sense a disconnect or discomfort whenever you are around her. On the other hand, if there is absolutely nothing sexual about your reactions or encounters with her in reality, then it may stem from your need to find affection or validation from the people you are attracted to.

Best friend having sex with ex boyfriend

I dream my best friend was having sex with two guys, but naked in public and one of them was my ex boyfriend.

Seeing your best friend having sex in public with two other guys, one of whom was your ex-boyfriend, could represent an ill-omen. It predicts the possibility that your current relationship, or your future relationship with someone if you are single at the moment, could be put under a lot of pressure. External factors may reveal themselves causing problems with your partner and could even cause a permanent rift between the two of you as a result.

A sick friend and being pulled under water

This dream was very much like the "Pirates of the Caribbean". However, the most disturbing that I recall is a friend who looked unhealthy with sores or scabs on his body. I felt that I had to go find something to help him. Next I was floating like a buoy in water with others laughing, really not able to steer my direction. Then from underneath I was pulled down spiraling down and down like in a water funnel to I was dropped. Woke up immediately frightened, breathing hard.

Dreaming about a sick friend has negative connotations. It presages a warning of dire consequences which you might face in the near future. This negativity could be regarding your recent endeavors, most likely about plans which did not quite culminate the way you intended. The fact that you want to reach out and help your friend is the manifestation of your subconscious desire to make things right. However, seeing yourself floating on water denotes your efforts to stay afloat despite your problems. The disturbing symbolism of people laughing at your struggles and not providing any help is related to the individuals in wake life who want you to fail. You should be wary of those who may cause you harm or would profit from your failure.

Starting a family with an ex lady friend

I dreamed about an ex lady friend and I got married and had children together. Then I dreamed we were in church together sitting next to each other. She was on the right side of me.

You may be facing a predicament at the moment or sometime in the near future because the symbol of the church means you are searching for guidance and enlightenment. In this context, the ex from your vision could represent your past mistakes that you want to correct in order to move forward with your life. Your regrets and failures may be holding you back from embracing new possibilities and exploring new opportunities.

A friend humiliating for not being married

My friend was making fun and humiliating me for being unmarried. As I see myself so hairless on the head in a circle and a snake-like worm comes out of my mouth. I am worried a lot about my condition.

Being made fun of is a neutral symbol in the dream world. It suggests there are aspects of your life that you are not pleased with or that are unfulfilled. Furthermore, losing your hair could reveal that this lacking area of your life is negatively impacting your existence, possibly your health or mental well-being. The worm that comes out of your mouth reveals how your worries could hurt others if you constantly talk about your own issues without listening to what others are going through. It would be wise to find balance between your own wants and needs and what others may be sharing with you.

Best friend getting a boyfriend

My best friend got a new boyfriend and started to treat me horribly.

Dreaming that your best friend has found someone new to be with and is now treating you poorly may allude to upcoming conflicts with someone you were quite close to. It may be the friend from your vision or someone else you know in reality. This person would find several faults with you, which would lead to multiple conflicts and heartache. While you once found great happiness in this person's company, now it would only make you tense and anxious.

A friend gone missing

I had a dream that a friend who hasn't contacted me in a while went missing. I have feelings for this same friend in the dream that went missing. I was very upset in the dream and was being consoled by his friends who I've only met briefly.

Dreaming about someone you have not spoken to or contacted for some time may reveal an upcoming event or situation in the near future. By itself it is a neutral sign, however, being upset during the dream may mean that this occurrence would cause sorrow and grief for you. The presence of your kind and understanding friends could represent much the same in wake life, namely that you could rely on their support through this difficult period.

A friend selling muddy water

A friend of mine prophesied to me that she had a dream, in the dream she sells muddy water around me. What does this mean? God bless you, I hope you can bring some light on this for me. I've talked to many pastors, all have different opinions. Is God preparing me for death?

Murky or muddy water in dreams often portends danger lurking in reality. The threat alluded to by the unclean water may depend on the dreamer's current situation, however it does have the capacity to disrupt a peaceful and happy existence. In the context of your friend's dream vision, her act of selling muddy water may be an indication of her determination to fight back or square off with her rivals. She could be tired of being passive and letting others control or manipulate her, so she is taking matters into her own hands. Alternatively, murky water can signify a disturbed consciousness, hence selling off muddy water may mean she is spreading negative vibes to her social circle. Perhaps it is wise to avoid getting entangled in situations which could paint you in a bad light.

Seeing a newly-built road with a friend

I was talking with a friend of mine and, along the conversation, asked him why is there a new road going up meters away from us. He said it was newly-constructed. The road is about 2 to 3 meters wide and it seemed infinite. It is curved and smooth, there were no bumps in the road.

Talking with a specific friend during a dream could simply be the result of time spent with this individual in reality. You probably value their opinion and like to talk through ideas with them to get a better understanding of the situation as a whole. The new road being built represents a new path opening up for you. As roads generally reflect our journey through life, a new road could mean there is an opportunity just around the corner. The absence of bumps or potholes could further suggest the happiness and comfort you would experience by taking this path.

Having good time with a friend

I dreamt about going to a friend's house for dinner with my mum, at his house also only he and his mum were there. The ladies went somewhere and we both sat down and had joyful conversations. There was no dinner scene btw. Then at the end I hugged him very affectionately maybe because it was time to go.

Your dream could mean that you are longing for a more intimate relationship with this friend you have. It does not necessarily mean that you are looking for a romantic relationship, it could simply be a more cordial one. You dreamed about your families meeting and having a joyful time together perhaps because you are looking for that kind of stability and you think this particular friend could provide you with such an opportunity. The hug at the end also means that you are searching for attention and care and you seem to equate these emotional aspects with your friend's presence in your waking life.

Helping a friend to shop

Dreams about helping a friend purchase wedding dresses, sandals and cosmetics.

Dreaming about purchasing new clothes or accessories usually means that something promising is about to happen, something that can fulfill your wants and aspirations. You may be able to finally embark on a project or venture that has been on your mind for a long period of time or you are about to receive recognition for all your hard work. Since you mentioned you were helping a friend, it probably has to do with something you are trying to accomplish together.

A deceased friend having sex with someone else

Dreamed my very close guy friend who has passed away was ignoring me and having sex with my friend who is still alive. I kept trying to get his attention and would get it for a moment then gone.

The image of your deceased friend in the dream world suggests he is on your mind. You may have recently been reminded of him for some reason, or perhaps you visited a place you went together in reality. In a sense, his presence reaffirms the strength of your attachment before his passing. However, your inability to communicate with him during he dream vision could reveal there is still a lack of closure. Maybe you have met someone who reminds you of him, and you are afraid this new individual could replace your friend in your heart. However, watching your friend have sex means this perspective is not actually helping you let go and move on. Your fear of change could be putting you in a less than desirable position in reality. It would be wise, then, to consider opening yourself up to new people and possibilities. You can have new experiences and friendships without changing or forgetting the old ones.

Unable to reconnect with a friend

Seeing a friend in a crowded party and looking to meet him real hard but couldn't be able to talk to him?

The crowd in this party represents your yearning to belong which actually makes you good at socializing. However, your inability to talk to your friend at this party reveals your tendency to befriend the wrong people. Trying to impress or gain the approval of malicious personalities will only end in despair and disappointment. These deceptive people will act nice in front of you, while spreading gossip about you behind your back. Your friendly and good nature naturally attracts different types of people into your social circle, so it is up to you to identify which ones are genuine and which ones are fake.

Dead friend trying to kill you

Being killed by someone in your dream, a dead friend during a fight, for instance, explains a hint of mistrust that you have with people in your life. This incident might be rooted in a negative experience with a specific person, making it hard for you to trust others. Furthermore, this vision might also carry messages from the past that you have already forgotten but which have resurfaced due to certain incidents presently.

Friend turning into a bird

Dreaming of transformation in a dream represents a change in waking life. In particular, perceiving someone turning into a bird and flying suggests that you are slowly moving toward your goals. In addition, the fulfillment of your desire is soon to start happening. You might be feeling a little discouraged initially because others seem to have already realized their goal. But if you try to manipulate your energy into something useful, success is waiting for you.

Reconciling with a friend

Dreaming of reconciling with a friend signifies a desire for resolution and finding answers to past conflicts. It is a fortunate dream, as it suggests the opportunity for healing and making peace with someone you once loved or had a close relationship with, like an ex-partner. Contemplate reaching out to that person in real life, as the dream is urging you to initiate the process of reconciliation and move towards a positive outcome for both parties involved.

A close friend watching you die

Dreaming of a close friend watching you die can be a distressing experience, often indicative of an underlying conflict or disagreement in your waking life. Your subconscious is attempting to bring your attention to an unsustainable situation or relationship. This dream serves as an emotional alarm, urging you to identify the source of distress. It suggests that when faced with challenging situations, your supposed friend may not provide the back up you expect. If you truly value this connection and want this individual's support you may have to compromise something.

Going to your friend's house

Dreaming of going to your friend's house signifies a desire to connect or understand your friend on a deeper level. It reflects your curiosity about their life, thoughts and experiences. Your mind is exploring the qualities or aspects of your friend that intrigue or influence you. This dream encourages you to strengthen your friendship by seeking greater understanding and empathy. It may also suggest that spending more time together will bring you valuable insights and opportunities for personal growth.