Dreams Related To Forehead

Bleeding from the forehead

I am a female and my dream was about me looking at my forehead in the mirror and then when I touched my forehead with my fingers blood hit the mirror and covered it. Then my hands and my whole body was covered in blood.

The forehead is associated with intellect and rationality. This symbol in your dream may reveal your level-headed nature. However, the presence of blood means your subconscious is warning you of a threat or danger lurking ahead. While you may see yourself as calm and pragmatic, a particularly difficult event or period could occur which may bring out your more turbulent and emotional side. Since your whole body was covered in blood in this vision, it means that this troubling time may leave you physically and emotionally drained. Perhaps you need to strengthen your social connections so you would have trusted individuals who can help you out when you are too weak to carry on.