Dreams Related To Force

Being pulled by invisible force

Traditional sources of dream interpretation suggest that being pulled by an invisible force or power is a sign of being under the influence of someone who does not have your best interests at heart. In essence, this symbol means a trusted mentor, guardian or older friend may be using your companionship for reasons that are not obvious or clear to you yet. Be wary of those around you who may have ulterior motives.

People killed by a strange force

I am a young female. It was an unpleasant dream where people in groups were walking and trying to save their lives, looking dirty and bloody and the roads were covered with black thick liquid and with red human flesh. It was done by some unnatural force. It started raining after prolonged rainy weather. There were huge blades in some places for killing people.

This vision has highly negative connotations and should be considered carefully. The people walking down the road in an attempt to save their lives literally refers to trying to find a way out of a difficult situation in wake life. The dirty roads covered in mud and human flesh refer to something getting in the way of your ability to learn something. It's possible that stress, the situation in your country, or your own internal biology are negatively affecting how you absorb new information. However, there is something important you need to understand in order to succeed at your current goals. The rain suggests that this threat may have a ripple effect, leading to more difficulties down the line if you do not take care of things now.

Held down by unknown force, son and bees

I was initially held down by an unseen force, couldn't move or speak, and went outside to find my son who was running, hiding, being awful and 1000's bees were flowing out of the ground.

The swarm of bees in your dream alludes to your frenzied pace. Maybe you have a lot of things to attend to on a daily basis and you sometimes feel trapped in a cycle of tedious tasks. The downside of being busy is that you may find yourself losing sight of your priorities. In the dream, for example, your son was hiding from you. In reality, this scenario could mean that you may be losing or missing out on opportunities to bond with your son because of your many responsibilities.