Dreams Related To Flying

Feeling you are flying

Having a feeling you are flying in your dream indicates that you are a positive person. You possess a very positive outlook in life, regardless of any situation you are in, and you are able to uplift yourself and others who might be in dire circumstances. You also have an independent and free spirit that will stay with you throughout your life.

Seeing yourself flying

Seeing yourself flying is a promising sign and indicates obtaining the freedom you desire. It shows that you long to be free and independent and finally, you would be able to achieve your wish. It can happen sooner than you think.

Flying effortlessly

Flying effortlessly in your dream or being supported by some mysterious force in the air, indicates that you are considering going away on vacation for some time. It can also mean that you feel some possible danger around you which you have the power to eliminate from your life by making the right decisions to avoid it altogether.

Flying without wings

Flying without wings in a dream represents a strong desire for freedom and independence, and a willingness to take action toward achieving it. In a spiritual sense, this dream suggests a sense of elevation or higher consciousness. Something in the dreamer's life is causing them to feel restricted or limited, and aspire to break free from those constraints. The interpretation of this dream may vary based on the specific circumstances and the person experiencing it. However, it is common for people to feel empowered and uplifted after having a dream of flying without wings.

Flying to the moon or a planet

Dreaming of flying to the moon or another planet without a spaceship or any other equipment means you may experience some significant life changing events. These life changing events could come in the form of civil or social issues, epidemics, or some other type of negative events that will affect your life.

Flying in the sky

Flying in the sky can refer to either good or unpleasant events in your life. If you are currently in good health and in a sound financial situation, it can mean having even more happiness in your life. However, if you are having health problems at the moment, it can mean that your situation might worsen even further.

To dream that you are flying in the sky surrounded by mythical characters could be indicative of your tendency to be jealous. You relationship with someone may soon undergo certain challenges that will cause hurt feelings between the two of you due to accusations of infidelity and cheating. Your loyalty to each other may be tested as temptations present themselves during times of weakness. Whether or not each of you succumbs to the temptation will make or break the trust you have built to this point in time.

Observing ground while flying

Observing ground while flying or watching trees and enjoying the landscape from up above, reflects being faced with obstacles in life. However, these road bumps are just temporary and you will be able to overcome them in no time. You will be back on track towards fulfilling your plans and aspirations.

Taking off the ground to fly

Dreaming of taking off the ground to fly is a promising sign. It reflects your continued efforts to change your life for the better and to find ways to live more meaningfully. You will be able to accomplish this but you might need to change your outlook in life first.

Flying in outer space

Flying in outer space without a spaceship or any equipment means that you are too preoccupied with your own fantasies, that your time is being wasted away in dreamland. You tend to lose touch with what's going on in your actual life, some of which are really essential to you.

Flying over water

Flying over water signifies the need of putting a little more time to your business. It is a warning that you need to devote more effort to your venture. Not doing so might put you at a disadvantage among your competitors and they might use this as a leverage to win over you.

Flying alone escaping from someone

Flying alone is usually associated with a sense of freedom and independence. However, flying alone to escape or avoid someone denotes a tendency to avoid conflict. For example, you may dream of taking flight while looking behind you to check that no one is following you. This kind of attitude is two-pronged. It can be a positive thing because it prevents the escalation of anger and disagreements. However, avoidance can also stunt personal growth and keep you from becoming more adept at handling more serious issues and coping with high-stress situations.

Flying over long distances

Flying over long distances foretells that you will be faced with a period of emotional highs and lows in the course of your relationship with your partner or significant other. It could also refer to something that you have been waiting for for a very long time to happen. It can possibly be an event, a development in your life or an opportunity that you have been longing for.

Flying together with someone

Dreaming of seeing yourself flying together with someone and holding their hands indicates you will meet someone and have a very passionate, steamy, and romantic love affair that will only last for a brief moment in time.

Flying in the air happy

Flying in the air while feeling happy is a common dream experience that symbolizes liberation and spiritual connectedness. This activity represents a desire for freedom and the keen expression of one's true self. The dreamer is free from the constraints of daily life and can fully embrace the world around them. Overall, dreaming of flying in the air happily is a positive sign that the dreamer is on the path to fulfilling their deepest desires and experiencing true bliss.

Breathtaking flying experience

Dreaming of having a breathtaking flying experience is a sign of changes in your physical appearance, which means you are seeing an increase in your physical growth by getting taller or increasing in muscle bulk.

Flying while sitting in a chair

Dreaming of flying through the air while sitting in a chair is a sign of a possible layoff due to corporate downsizing or losing your job because the position has become obsolete. It can also mean you are about to receive mind blowing advanced career opportunities that you never thought you would be able to receive.

Enjoying flying over rooftops

I was under anesthetic during surgery. I dreamed I was flying over dozens of brightly-colored rooftops with my niece and nephew, who I am not particularly close to. It was a beautiful feeling. I am female. What does this mean? Thank you.

This vision that you saw while you were under the influence of anesthetic during surgery has many symbols that could reflect your life thus far and where you could be headed in the future. For instance, flying is often thought to indicate a continuation of your present condition. Since you have just come from surgery, it is possible you would have more minor complications over the coming weeks. These may be related to your health, but could also just be an inconvenience from being on bed rest. The colorful rooftops you flew over also represent the ups and downs you would go through, including both periods of great happiness and disappointment. Perhaps the presence of your niece and nephew reveal regret over the lack of closeness. The beautiful feeling that accompanied your vision, however, means that you are generally a positive woman who can make the best of any situation, no matter how challenging it seems at first.

Flying very close to the ground

Dreaming of flying very close to the ground is a reminder to avoid taking advice or suggestions from dear friends or close family members and follow the promptings of your heart when it comes to making important life decisions.

Propelling yourself into the sky

To dream of taking off fast and propelling yourself into the sky is a sign of misfortune. It means the projects or dreams you are planning to implement right now will not be successful regardless of how much energy and time you put in trying to accomplish them.

It is highly recommended you focus all your efforts and energy on something you know you are highly skilled at doing and leave other things you desire to achieve alone for the moment. Then, when it's time to resume these projects, you will be more able to handle them.

Flying on air balloon

In the realm of dreams, envisioning yourself soaring high aboard an air balloon serves as an imperative cautionary message, urging you to embrace the profound significance of the attention and compassion bestowed upon you by others. Ignoring or dismissing these genuine gestures could have far-reaching implications, both in your dream state and waking life. Such visions in your slumber hold invaluable insights, urging you to acknowledge and reciprocate the heartfelt efforts made by those around you.

Flying in a car

Dreaming of flying in a car instead of driving it is a sign that any plan or project you try to implement will be successful. You will also gain much satisfaction and experience personal fulfillment while accomplishing your goal.

Flying in a saucer

Flying in a saucer on earth or in outer space is a warning about unpleasant times. It can be in the form of general unrest, worrying over things beyond your control, or having personal conflicts about issues or problems you are trying to cope with.

Flying and wearing white clothes

Perceiving yourself to be flying or being in a plane reflects the feeling of anxiety you might be experiencing at the moment. This dream suggests your yearning for freedom and to escape your stressors in the actual world. In addition, seeing yourself in a white dress symbolizes new beginnings. At present, you might be looking for answers to some aspects of your life, and this dream is a signal that you might soon find them if you let go of your inhibitions and start to explore life more.

Flying over ruins

Flying over ruins signifies rearing to go on new adventures. It is a reflection of your boredom and your earnest desire to do more exciting things in life. Maybe it is high time you do something about trying out new sports, going on that trip you've always wanted or changing jobs or residences.

Flying in the sky while following landmarks

I was flying to specific places in the sky, as per the direction of someone below on the ground, that were marked by balloons with numbers on them (I don't remember the exact numbers). And then I would look down and feel uncomfortable about my height and fly lower to feel more at ease.

Traveling to specific locations indicates new and exciting changes taking place in your life. It is a positive sign associated with moving up in the world, either at home or at work. However, being afraid of flying too high represents some insecurities or lack of ambition on your part, meaning you are either too afraid to take a chance or too lazy to change your current way of life. The last symbol, flying itself, is what makes the specific interpretation of the dream. If you are currently in a good place in your life and you are willing to face new challenges to improve yourself as a person, this vision is overwhelmingly positive, predicting a good outcome for your efforts. However, if you remain in an unchanged state, being unmotivated to do anything to better yourself, you may find your standard of living decreasing and that you have a more difficult life than before.

A flying building

A dream about being in a flying building and looking for people in that building.

A building is a representation of yourself as a whole. It symbolizes the state of your mind, body and soul. So dreaming of a flying building means you are in a state of flux. You have the freedom to choose and decide which way to go and which path to take, both in terms of your profession as well as your personal life. As such, looking for other people in the building means you are looking for guidance. You are not used to having this much freedom, so you search both within yourself for guiding principles as well as outside yourself for advice from friends and family who you trust would give you their honest opinions.

Flying in the darkness

I am male, I dreamed of flying and I see some people below me, I continue to fly up to where I could see some darkness and towards the forest. Then something tells me it's not a safe place, then I flew a long distance, then I saw bright moon light, and I began to fly towards it, but I couldn't reach it. Then I got back and met some people. They gave me food but I refused to eat it. Please help me with both bible interpretation and normal interpretation. Thank you.

This vision seems to be related to your situation in life and how you feel about it. For instance, the darkness around the forest reveals that a transformation is in progress within you, however, the process is incomplete. This transformation may have been caused by an experience that provided you with a chance to radically alter the circumstances that hinder you or to create the best version of yourself. Flying over the forest, then, is seen as positive in the sense that you are longing to be free and to act independently regardless of the circumstances and darkness in your life. Moreover, trying to reach the moon shows that there are bigger and better things yet to come, including changes in your social status, personal issues and relationships with other people.

Flying in your bed

Dreaming about flying while in your own bed suggests that positive and unexpected changes are on the horizon, bringing new and enriching experiences into your life. This dream symbolizes a shift toward exciting opportunities and a sense of freedom. It may indicate that you are ready to explore uncharted territories or embrace novel aspects of your personal and professional life. Flying in dreams often represents a desire for liberation and a break from routine, hinting at the potential for personal growth and fulfillment. Keep an open mind and be receptive to the positive transformations coming your way.

Flying with an angel

I had a dream, it felt real. I was flying with an angel who was holding me, I could feel the angel putting me back in bed. It was then that I woke up and saw the back of the angel going out of my bedroom door. I felt so calm.

Flying with an angel is a highly auspicious symbol to perceive in a dream vision. It predicts receiving a great honor or earning the admiration of those around you in waking life, such as co-workers or members of your community. Additionally, if you do some noteworthy action, it is very likely to be well-received and garner high praise from local critics and reviewers. The happiness and peace you felt in this vision represent much the same emotions in your waking life, suggesting your success and admiration earned would bring you great joy and contentment.

Long flying

Dreaming of having a long flight shows your latent disposition in life. This dream is telling you that you possess hidden feelings of doubt and insecurity about making changes that will improve your life for the better.

Being afraid of flying too high

Being afraid of flying too high and falling in your dreams is a sign of being indifferent and indecisive when it comes to your status in life. It could also represent years your dreams went unsupported, or it could mean your present plans or intentions are about to be met with unpleasant results.

Flying on an animal

Dreaming of flying on top of an animal means you are becoming consumed by your emotions in your love affairs, which means you are either allowing yourself to succumb to needless or self-destructive behaviors or you are losing your inner peace.

Flying in a stroller

Dreams about speeding in a runaway stroller down a mountain and then flying in space in a stroller and landing back safely on earth in a park. Being discovered by human-like cats until my mother found me.

Rolling down a mountain in a stroller is probably a warning that your goals could be disrupted due to pitfalls and hidden traps, especially those that could have been avoided with better planning or preparation. The time you put into plotting out your career path, or the lack thereof, could put you in a downward spiral of financial instability and rising debt. Consequently, these unfortunate circumstances may trigger your habit of indulging in fantasies as a way to escape real-world problems.

Falling down after flying

Having a vision of falling down after flying is a good sign. You will be able to find solution to problems that are hounding your life at the moment. You will also be able to hurdle obstacles along the way to achieving your goals.

Flying while using devices

Flying while using mechanical devices to keep you up in the air, such as wings or propeller and the like, is an indication that you could soon acquire new personal items. It can be a new car, boat, refrigerator or a television set.

A quick flight

Going on a quick flight in your dream refers to having an easy time removing an obstacle in your life. It could be a roadblock in your career, a possible hindrance to a relationship, or a change in your current situation. Whatever it is, you will be able to eliminate this impediment in your life without much effort or time spent.

Desperately trying to fly

Desperately trying to fly in your dream and tediously working on making it happen is an indication that your efforts to achieve a higher status in life could be futile. For a long time, you could be working on improving your position in life, maybe through your job or other means. But these efforts might yield no significant outcomes in the end.

The status you are desiring in life or the rank you covet in your work may not be achievable because it requires more qualifications which you do not currently possess. It could be better to work on your skills first or acquire additional knowledge in order for you to be more qualified in the future.

A fall interrupting flying

If you wake up with the feeling you were falling while flying, then this represents good fortune. It means you will be successful in handling problems or issues that arise in your personal life or career.

Flying like a bird

Flying like a bird in a dream vision, such as flapping your arms and alighting upon a tree branch, is traditionally considered symbolic of maintaining the status quo in reality with minor shifts in either the positive or negative direction. Generally speaking, if you are already in a good mood, your positive aura would attract more good energy into your life. The exact opposite is true, however. If you are already suffering from some minor inconveniences, you are likely to see more difficulties in the near future.

Flying over snowy land

I was dreaming that I was flying barefoot in a nightgown over snow-covered trees and ground and I felt very powerful like I was possessed by something. Then I landed slowly on my feet and walked a little bit, and then I lied in the snow and then I rubbed my face with the snow and it felt cold on my cheek which felt so good.

Dreaming that you are flying over vast land completely or partially covered in snow is a vision of success in partnership. You and your spouse or partner may have complementary traits, skills and talents, and your relationship could be bringing out the best in both of you. As a result of working in great harmony and perfect unison, you would find more happiness and success. The same meaning could be attributed to cases when you are thinking of starting a new relationship, either personal, professional or social.

Flying and realizing it was learnt from birds

I saw a dream that I was flying while holding a car from the backside in the air. Then I saw myself on earth and saying "That's how the birds fly, we must fly by knowing how the birds fly." My gender is male.

While the vision itself gives some clues for interpretation, the rest depends on your situation in life and how you feel about the information given. Cars are often symbolic of our journeys through life, and flying through the sky and looking down on the earth below similarly refers to the good and bad events which have taken place thus far. If you have recently been in good spirits and have experienced positive situations, this trend may likely continue, bringing more happiness and joy. However, if things have been going downhill or spiralling out of control recently, there may be more troubles on the horizon.

Flying and feeling nervous about falling down

Start a short distance run, flying. Jumping straight up (like on a Pogo stick). With each bounce, the height increased. Fun at the beginning. As the height increases, nervousness begins downward action. When near the clouds, extreme fear of crashing or more (possibly), fear is not knowing how to control or regulate. The outcome...result...? Reaction time decreases?

Jumping in dreams suggests taking risks. The higher you jump, the bigger the risk you take. Naturally, as depicted in your dream, your anxiety builds up the higher you jump. Such that the nearer you get to the clouds, the bigger the fear of crashing to the ground. This fear of falling reflects a fear of failing in reality. The greater your achievements, the more pressure you have to contend with to perform your duties and responsibilities. Are you perhaps due for a promotion? If so, this dream reflects your reservations about taking on a bigger role for fear of ineptitude. This dream vision reminds you to take control of your fears instead of letting them get the better of you because the more you allow your fears to dominate you, the less effective you would be in performing your tasks.

Flying and ending up in the childhood home

I was trying to fly with my own arms as wings, no feathers, and I would at first get as far as up into the trees then back to the ground then I noticed my hands and tried harder and got further. Then I noticed people coming after me and I took off in the sky to a place I once knew as a child. There were a house and a barn or shed. I landed near the back door of the house and then I went in, it was a kitchen and there was a girl on her knees next to a bedroom door. I went to help, but couldn't - it was me.

Trying to fly in your dream is an indication that your efforts to make a better life for yourself could be futile. You may be trying to achieve this success through the obvious and available means, such as working hard at your job in hopes of receiving a raise or promotion, with little to nothing in return for your efforts at present. After all this disappointment, flying to a place from your childhood makes sense, as this symbol may be the manifestation of your desire to find comfort and to be sheltered from the troubles you face in reality. However, going into the kitchen and seeing a younger version of yourself at the end of the vision is a symbolic image associated with stress, perhaps showing how even in the place you should be able to relax, you feel no sense of restfulness and peace of mind.

Being unable to fly high

I was flying towards a forest but in that forest everything was dry and dead. Also I couldn't fly too high. I was going up for a while but then always gliding down. Then I was in a playground, I could still fly. There were some kids making fun of me (I am 17 years old) and I was trying to fly away but they kept chasing me. Again, I couldn't fly high. That's the dream. I'm a girl.

Dreams about flying portend gaining independence and freedom from your troubles. The symbols in your dream are complex yet interconnected. When you saw yourself flying above a dead forest it denotes that you have undertaken certain endeavors which did not culminate the way you wanted them to. However, flying above it means that they will not hold you down and you would eventually find a way to free yourself from trouble. The playground in your dream alludes to a time in your past, perhaps you, as an individual, have always felt inadequate, yet you try to rise above the situation. Just make sure that you keep yourself focused and do not let disappointments weigh you down.

Flying and being chased

Flying in dreams is often associated with a sense of freedom and liberation while being chased represents feelings of anxiety and pressure in waking life. In this context, the dream can be interpreted as a message from the subconscious mind that the dreamer needs to address their common fears and anxieties. On the other hand, running away from the pursuer suggests a desire to escape from a challenging situation while seeking answers to their needs. In some cases, the news of being chased demonstrates a fear of being judged or criticized by others. Spiritually, this dream is reminding a need for the dreamer to explore more esoteric and metaphysical aspects of their life.

Flying through air on a chair

Dreaming of flying through the air on a chair is a remarkable and surreal experience. It signifies a sense of freedom, adventure, and empowerment in your life. This dream suggests that you are embracing new perspectives and rising above challenges with ease and grace. The flying chair symbolizes your ability to navigate through life's obstacles effortlessly. It may also indicate a desire for escape or a need to break free from limitations. Embrace this dream as a metaphor for taking control of your life's direction, exploring new horizons, and feeling a sense of exhilaration in your journey.