Dreams Related To Fly

Getting flies off the bed

I dreamt so many flies on my bed, so many that I would touch them and hit them onto the ground.

A swarm of flies means some malicious individuals in your social circle would spread rumors about your personal life. The bed symbolizes safety, comfort and privacy, which means your own privacy would be invaded by gossip insinuating your involvement in some controversy. You would have to deal with people questioning your integrity or even those who are actively seeking to discredit you and tarnish your reputation.

Flies in food

Dreaming that there are flies in your food or your beverage means there could be a shocking event in your future. This significant occurrence has the potential of changing the course of your entire life. It would certainly take you by surprise because you have never encountered or experienced anything quite like it. It could either have positive or negative effects in your life, whichever it turns out to be, this vision ultimately tells you that this would have lasting impact in either your personal or career path.

Turning into a fly

A surreal dream wherein you find yourself turning into a fly means someone is not being honest with you. A friend or colleague may be putting on a facade of kindness and generosity when the truth is that this individual probably hates your guts. Perhaps you have crossed paths before which turned this person against you or you have fundamentally different beliefs in life. Unfortunately, your ignorance of this person's animosity means you may not even think about clearing the air or have the opportunity to find out the root of this aversion.

Dreaming about flies or other insects meaning

A fly up close

Inspecting or observing a fly up close could be a dream symbol for people who are too exacting or picky. Perhaps you are expecting visitors or guests, whether it is in a professional capacity or in a more personal sense. Either way, you may need to be more patient than usual especially if they end up making a lot of demands. Be careful not to cater to their every whim, however, because you could find yourself on the losing end. By accommodating all their needs, even the unreasonable ones, they may be more and more inclined to abuse your generosity.

Flies following everywhere

To dream that flies are following you everywhere indicates a threat or a sinister event that could unfold in the near future. In a sense, the flies represent negative energy and malice in your surroundings. Meanwhile, the fact that they are following you in this dream vision reveals your sensitive nature and tendency to pick up abnormal energy or bad vibes in your environment. Knowing the overall mood or tone of an area may help you get your guards up or counteract the bad energy with positive attitude or behavior.

Many flies

Dreaming of many flies, such as a swarm of flies circling garbage, could be an indication of your tendency to misjudge others. In particular, while you may like surrounding yourself with friends, you fail to realize that some of the friends you keep may not be as sincere or trustworthy as they appear to be. As such, this dream vision is likely your mind's way of telling you not to be too trusting because there is a chance that you may figure in malicious gossips being spread by backstabbing friends who could be acting out of envy.

Killing many flies

Killing a lot of flies in your dream is a positive symbol for romance. This is especially auspicious if you have recently experienced a rocky period in your relationship. This means that things would be better than ever with your significant other. Mending your bond or improving your overall relationship would happen after you use your creativity or out-of-the-box thinking to make things better. Perhaps this would be the grand gesture your partner has been waiting for or an impressive illustration of how much you can anticipate your partner's needs.

A pesky fly circling around

Dreaming that there is a pesky fly circling you, especially if it is buzzing into your ear, means someone may misinterpret your actions in reality. In this dream scenario, the pesky fly symbolizes someone's impression of you because of a combination of miscommunication and bad timing. This individual may find you annoying, immature or foolish whenever your paths cross. To avoid unnecessary conflicts or possible confrontations, you may need to explain your intentions or your lack of motives just to clear the air.

A gigantic fly

A huge or gigantic fly is a dream symbol for an impossible task. However, there is a caveat to this dream vision. Perhaps the reason why you cannot seem to succeed at completing this task or project is the fact that you are trying to do everything on your own. In that context, the size of the fly actually symbolizes the complexity and weight of this endeavor which means you need others to help you carry the load. You could delegate some of the more tedious and monotonous tasks to someone else so you can focus on more important details.

Flies swarming around

Dreaming that flies are swarming the area around you means you may catch wind of malicious rumors or gossip about someone you care about in reality. The controversial nature of the piece of news or information may easily get your interest, perhaps even tempt you to dig deeper or find out more information about it. You may even find yourself spreading the information to others. Unfortunately, if you allow yourself to be party to gossip-mongering, you risk losing this trusted friend and confidante.

Eradicating flies

Eradicating flies in your dream points to your overwhelming desire to get rid of toxic or destructive people in your life. Maybe you would have an opportunity to evaluate your relationships which would lead to a realization that at the core of your failures and recurring problems are people who cannot be trusted or are not genuinely interested in supporting your growth. Some of them may even be hoping that you would fail and putting on a facade of friendship. Fortunately, it seems this vision is telling you that you would successfully distance yourself from these sorts of people.

A single fly

Seeing a single fly in a dream is generally a negative sign often associated with grief and misery. You may be approaching a particularly difficult period because so many things could be mishandled by yourself and the people around you. In a sense, the fly symbolizes the problems or issues that would not seem to go away, and maybe those problems are not going away because you unwittingly draw them to you because of wrong decisions, careless actions or being generally shortsighted.

Hearing but not seeing flies

To dream that you hear the buzzing of flies without actually seeing them most likely reveals your clairvoyance or supernatural capabilities. In the waking world, you may be too distracted or overwhelmed by external factors in your environment, however when you are sleeping, that is when your senses are heightened which is perhaps the reason this dream symbol appeared in your vision. This could be your subconscious showing you your talent at fortune-telling and similar psychic powers so you can further explore this skill.

Spitting black flies

I was spitting little black flies out of my mouth.

When you dream about having black flies inside your mouth, it could be a negative omen either directly related to your oral health, like some problem affecting your tongue or teeth, or it could be related to your personality or behavior, for example things you may or may not have said, and now you are worried about the consequences. You could be inadvertently spreading hatred or are excessively concerned about the views you want to defend and the flies are the symbolic representation of this tendency.

Catching flies

Catching flies in a dream, like trapping them with a fly paper or swatting them, points to the possibility that you would become involved in other people's problems or get entangled in heated issues because of your thoughtless actions or careless decisions. Maybe you tend not to think about the consequences of your actions and usually follow your gut instinct. While this tactic may have worked in your favor before, this time you would not be so fortunate.

A fly for young women

For young women, dreaming about a fly may refer to serious, perhaps even damning, allegations about your character. You could be the subject of a malicious campaign to smear your reputation and damage your credibility. There would likely be long-term effects on your career as well as your psychological state. However, if you managed to kill the fly in the vision then it means you can turn it around and triumph in regaining your good name. It all depends on whether you choose to fight or avoid the issue altogether.

Flies during winter

Dreaming of flies during winter season denotes a frustrating encounter in reality. The flies symbolize an individual or a group of people whom you dislike. Meanwhile, the winter season likely represents the tone of the encounter you would experience with someone you do not like. Maybe you would have no choice but to spend time with them because it is work-related or you get stuck in an event or area. Hence, you would have to endure this individual's boring stories and whiny personality without coming across as impolite.

Unclean house and flies

In my dream I was at a function where I saw lots of houseflies at the place where food was cooking. And the house was very messy.

This dream could be a warning about troubles or issues that may affect your personal life or possible conflicts you are about to get into in order to get your point across. This could also signify upcoming minor hindrances and obstacles preventing you from achieving the plans you may currently be having in mind.

Trying to kill a fly

Trying to kill a fly in a dream, whether by swatting it or spraying a pesticide, means you may be using the wrong approach to solving your current problem. There could be a better, simpler or more direct course of action you can take instead of pushing through with your present strategy. What you are doing now could be overkill and may cause other problems to pop up. Perhaps some of your friends or colleagues have expressed dissent yet you chose to ignore them. It may be in your best interest to seek out other opinions.

Unable to eliminate flies around you

Doing everything to eliminate flies, like swatting away or spraying insecticide, and yet failing to get rid of them in your dream suggests fatigue. This is not just the normal exhaustion you get from your daily routine but something that extends to your emotional state. You could burn out if you keep going despite the physical and mental manifestations of this weakness. You may end up committing serious errors in your duties and responsibilities which puts a lot of people at risk. Perhaps your mind and body are urging you to rest and reboot.

Brushing a fly off your arm

Brushing a fly off your arm in a dream represents getting rid of an annoyance. Specifically, the fly could be a metaphor of an individual who likes meddling in your affairs. While the motivation is unclear, it may end up rocking your relationship with a romantic partner even if there are no problems at all. The mere fact that this individual seems to be highly interested in your affairs and constantly prodding you about the details or giving unsolicited advice may rattle your contentment and satisfaction.

Sticky paper to catch flies

A dream about seeing sticky paper used to catch flies is usually an indication of a minor problem. Specifically, it could be a minor health issue which you would quickly recover from or a petty quarrel with a loved one. In a sense, just as the effectiveness of the sticky paper dwindles as time passes, the same can be said for your real-world problem. There is no need to worry as your issue or concern would go away soon enough so long as you do the necessary work to resolve it.

Flies landing on you

Dreaming that flies landed on you points to the possibility that you would either transmit an infectious disease or contract an infectious disease from others. This is a general warning about vigilance when it comes to your health. Perhaps you are frequenting areas that could compromise your health or participating in risky or unhealthy activities. Alternatively, the flies may represent enemies and rivals who are circling you and just waiting for the perfect time to strike.

Flies on the bed

Female. I was eating a TV dinner in bed with my husband and there were flies all over the bed. They didn't seem to bother him, but I was telling him to get rid of them. They weren't flying around, just staying still on the bed.

Dreaming about flies has negative connotations as they generally represent ill health and disease. The notion of you being bothered by the flies signifies that you could be the one who might face health issues in your waking life. Since your husband remained unperturbed, it means that he wouldn't be the one afflicted by any illness. It would be better to take care of your physical and mental well being. Try to take it easy and pay special attention to your health.

A fly stuck in jam

Dreaming of a fly that is stuck in jam or honey could be an indication of your own character or someone in your social circle. It may be a reference to your tendency to suck up to others who you know would be useful for your personal gain. You could even resort to using deception in order to get your way. On the other hand, this may also be referring to a personality in your social group who could be quite good at sweet talking, brown nosing and using charm in general to get what he or she wants.

Food covered with flies

Seeing food covered with flies is a dream symbol for the dreamer's pushy nature. At the start, your ability to be able to ask for help when you need it may earn the admiration of both your contemporaries and other superiors. However, if you keep imposing your problems on others and constantly seeking advice or asking for help from your bosses or supervisors, they may think you are just a helpless person who cannot stand on your own two feet. Some of them may even distance themselves from you to avoid being seen as unfair to others.

Eating flies

Eating flies in a dream vision spells trouble in reality. This is not just the everyday type of problems or dilemmas. This time, there could be a bigger incident or issue in which you would become entangled. For example, you may be tricked or unknowingly participate in a shady deal or commit an unethical act that could potentially ruin your career. Alternatively, you may become addicted to self-destructive habits or behavior which would not only tarnish your reputation, but could also have negative effects on your overall well-being.

Flies escaping through a chimney

Dreaming that flies are escaping through the chimney means there is a possibility that your house could catch fire. Some fire hazards may be present in your apartment or home which would increase the likelihood that an accident may occur. As such, your mind may be alerting you to certain safety precautions you need to adhere to in order to avoid tragic incidents. Perhaps reminding everyone in your household to do safety checks before going to bed or leaving the house monitored would help ease your anxiety.

Flies in the mouth and a raped daughter

I had a dream I had flies in my mouth and I woke up as if I was spitting them out. My girlfriend keeps having a dream that her daughter is getting or got sexually molested. It is horrible. Please interpret both our dreams. Thanks.

Looking at your relationship and the content of the dreams, it seems as though there is a strong connection between them, especially if they occurred the same night or close together. As flies are generally associated with disease and pain, your vision likely predicts a current or future issue with your oral health. Your girlfriend's vision about her daughter being molested indicates an upcoming situation in which she may need to comfort someone going through a painful, difficult situation. You should be vigilant about your oral hygiene and consider a check-up with a dentist to prevent or fix any potential issues.

Being bitten by flies

Being bitten by flies in a dream could be indicative of abusive forces surrounding you. The abuse is likely more emotional and psychological rather than physical. Perhaps you have loved ones who demand too much from you, whether it is financial in nature or otherwise. While you may be happy to help out, eventually your energy, time and resources would run out. You can only do so much. However, if you keep coddling them and catering to their needs all the time, they may become too dependent on you and abuse you generosity.

A fly from far away

Dreaming of seeing a fly from far away, just far enough so you can still glimpse its movement, may be an indication of upcoming travels. This could either be for business or leisure. It could be a trip you have been looking forward to because you need a change of pace. Alternatively, it can be an opportunity for you to once and for all get rid of an annoying problem that has been weighing on you for a while now. The resolution could come to you on moments when you are most relaxed and unbothered.

Flies on your clothes

Getting flies on your clothes in a dream means you may have to deal with rumors or gossips being spread around about you. While there may be parts of them that are true, other aspects could be grossly exaggerated as the information gets passed on to different people. It is up to you to clear your name and perhaps find out the origin of this nasty gossip so you can take proper steps not only to rebuild your reputation, but also to stem the malicious rumor straight from the source.

Flies during summer

To dream of seeing flies during summer portends upcoming problems. The summer season denotes happiness and carefree days which means the appearance of flies signifies the element of surprise. You may be caught by surprise as an issue arises just when you are feeling unguarded or content about your life. Hence, it would be extra difficult to get back to your fighting mode when you have been complacent during that time. This would ultimately challenge you to be prepared all the time in case anything goes wrong.

Black flies mating

I was babysitting two big black flies that were mating. This was for my oldest son and his wife. I was in a room alone. Before I woke up there were more little flies.

Large black flies represent disease and sickness. The image of them mating, then, can be extrapolated to mean the spread of a contagious disease. You are likely seeing a spike in illnesses in your area or have perhaps recently seen those close to you fall ill due to the current pandemic. The multiplication of flies could reveal that more would become ill if you do not do your part, as you were alone in the room and not doing anything to stop the flies. This vision is a warning to take precautions and help those who need support in their time of need.

A white fly

As a dream symbol, a white fly is a negative sign often associated with your character or reputation. You may suffer from a malicious rumor or false information going around tarnishing your good name and credibility. This defamation of your character may be coming from someone who is envious of your stature or personal achievements. They could be angling to bring you down in order to take your place or steal opportunities from you. So perhaps your subconscious is in fight mode, gearing you up for the challenges ahead.

Being eaten by a giant fly

A huge fly getting us into a sticky thing and then cooking us and then eating us.

Modern dream interpreters suggest that a giant fly could be a reflection of the dreamer's tendency to be pesky or picky. You probably are fairly particular about how you like things and get upset when your schedule gets altered unnecessarily. Being stuck in something sticky, however, may reveal that this trait could exact some positive changes in your life. For example, being insistent about wanting to do something the right way could show others, like teachers or a boss, that you are dedicated and conscientious. Furthermore, being cooked and eaten in this sense could show your willingness to carry through and finish even the most challenging of tasks.

A fly swatter

A fly swatter is a warning in dreams. It usually portends some plot or hidden agenda against you by the people who may appear trustworthy or friendly. These rivals or enemies may be waiting for you to drop your defenses so they can pounce or take advantage of your weakness. They would most likely attack when you are most vulnerable, so perhaps this is your mind's way of telling you to keep your guards up in case someone somewhere is waiting to strike and ruin your good reputation.

Red or yellow flies

The image of red or yellow flies in dream visions generally means there is an energy vampire in your midst. This person may be consciously or unknowingly sucking the life out of you, so to speak, just by interacting with you in the waking world. Maybe this is because he likes to talk about negative issues all the time which is why it becomes toxic when you are around this person. This dream symbol could also indicate a volatile encounter with someone who dislikes you. You could get cursed during or as a result of this altercation.

Tearing off fly's wings

To dream of tearing off a fly's wing could reveal your vindictive ways. There is a chance that you are giving someone a hard time even though he or she may not necessarily deserve it. Even if it turns out that you are right, your excessive strictness and harsh criticisms could seriously deflate and demotivate this person. Instead of making someone feel worthless, you can choose to be more constructive when giving out criticism. After all, you may find yourself on the other side of a tongue-lashing and you may not take it too well yourself.

Brushing off a fly from your partner's arm

Dreaming of brushing off a fly from your partner's arm could be an indication of your weakening bond with this person. It could be your romantic partner or a partner in your career. After years of going through a lot of ups and downs together, you may be starting to get irritated by little mannerisms or patterns of behavior. Despite the annoyance, you may not have enough courage to tell them the truth, probably because you are afraid of losing whatever benefits or advantages you gain from the relationship.

A fly on the ceiling

A fly on the ceiling in a dream signifies a toxic relationship in reality. There could be someone close to you who is not fully honest about their motives or intentions especially when it comes to your relationship. Maybe this person is manipulating you in order to use your skills or resources to their advantage. If this is a co-worker, he or she may be trying to pass off tasks to you and then take the credit. Or this unscrupulous personality may be using your knowledge to further their own career.

A flycatcher

Dreaming of a flycatcher or a flytrap is an auspicious dream symbol related to wealth acquisition. It may not be a significant boost in your finances, but you would definitely feel happy and fulfilled about this upcoming gain. Perhaps you are getting a bonus or profits sometime soon as a result of your commendable performance at work. Or you could also get a bit lucky on the returns of some of your investments or gambles. This may be enough for you to loosen up your budget or splurge a little.

To see a flycatcher full of trapped flies symbolizes your triumph over a big problem you may have been agonizing over for the past few weeks or months. The problem may also be on your horizon, hence you are dreaming this as a kind of premonition. Fortunately, this also means that you would eventually overcome this major issue. It also means that you have to act now, otherwise it could turn into a more complicated and challenging crisis with a lot at stake.

Getting flies out of the house

Dreaming of getting flies out of the house portends a period of depression or a general feeling of sadness. This feeling of being unwell and a lack of energy would linger especially when you are alone or away from the distractions of work and other commitments. You may feel like something is missing in your life. Alternatively, you may also be spending a lot of time and effort on household chores and projects. They may be too tedious that it would take far longer than you initially planned.