Dreams Related To Flour

White flour

White flour, used for cooking or baking, is a highly positive symbol to perceive in the dream realm, especially under Western dream philosophies. It is often associated with prosperity and an improved financial situation, especially for those who have been struggling. There is also an essence of mystery in this portent, suggesting that the cause of the improvement is a bit unclear. Nonetheless, you are sure to be happy and content with the outcome, even if you do not understand why it happened.

Mixing flour

Mixing wheat flour, such as when preparing for baking or a meal, alludes to a situation where you would have to be flexible and perhaps creative with how you use your money. In this case, the mixing of the flour powder with water means you might have to combine money from a few different sources in order to get by. This could put a strain on your familial relationships if not everyone understands or is on board with how the finances are managed.