Dreams Related To Flood

Trying to escape a flood

Dreaming of seeing yourself desperately trying to escape a flood by running away is a sign of discovering a new passion or hobby which will bring a lot of joy and happiness into your life. You will also start seeing your life from a totally different perspective and will have a lot of motivation to try out this new hobby or passion.

Flooded land

Seeing or traveling through flooded land in your dreams is a sign of tranquility. It means you will acquire peace of mind and calmness after spending a considerable amount of time coping with conflicts and not being able to experience success in life.

A flood with muddy water

Dreaming of a flood with muddy water suggests the possibility of finding yourself in unfamiliar or challenging circumstances. The muddy water symbolizes the unclear and turbulent aspects of the situation you may encounter. This dream may reflect a sense of being overwhelmed or surrounded by confusion. Pay attention to the details in the dream, as they could provide insights into the specific challenges or changes you might face. It's essential to navigate these muddy waters with caution, using your intuition and adaptability to overcome any obstacles that arise.

A flood with clear water

Dreaming of a flood with clear water can indicate that your plans or projects may face temporary delays or obstacles that are currently beyond your control. The clarity of the water suggests that these challenges might be transparent or easily identifiable. This dream could be a reflection of real-life situations where external factors or unforeseen circumstances are impeding the smooth progress of your endeavors. It's a signal to reassess your strategies, navigate through the challenges wisely, and be patient until the obstacles subside. Consider adapting to the current circumstances while keeping your long-term goals in mind.

Successfully escaping flood

Seeing yourself successfully escaping from flood water and managing to find a safe place on land in your dreams means you are occupying yourself with feelings of remorse and regret about something you have done in the past that was the wrong thing to do.

Water flooding outside of your house

The water flooding outside of your house, especially if the flood water has not yet reached the inside of your dwelling, represents strong emotions that threaten your well-being. Being surrounded by flood also means you are probably engaging in excessive or impulsive activities or ways of behavior. You are losing control of the situation because you allow your impulses and feelings to dictate your actions instead of using logic to make sound decisions.

Being swept by flood

Dreaming of seeing yourself being swept by a flood and floating along in the water with debris is a sign of looming illness. It can also mean your business activities and progress are getting ready to come to a standstill.

Completely surrounded by flood water

Dreaming of being entirely encompassed by floodwaters signifies an extravagant and opulent lifestyle within a remarkably prosperous and affluent environment. This dream image illustrates your immersion in abundance and affluence, symbolizing the luxurious circumstances and opportunities that surround you. However, it's essential to be mindful of the potential challenges associated with such abundance, as floods can also bring unexpected disruptions and the need for careful management. This dream serves as a reminder to appreciate your current state of wealth and success while remaining vigilant in maintaining balance and stability.

Flooded roads

Flooded roads can mean a few different things, depending on your situation in reality. In essence, it reflects your perception of a certain impediment or roadblock affecting your life. A flooded road metaphorically means something is preventing you from crossing safely to where you need or want to go. Perhaps you want a new job, but the current reality of the economy is preventing you from finding something better. Alternatively, you may want to improve your connection with a special someone but find that basic differences in thinking are preventing you from bridging the current gap.

A flood swallowing a town

Dreaming of seeing a flood swallow an entire town is a warning about some disastrous event which will soon occur in your life. This event will also create bouts of misery and despair in your life.

A flood carrying people

Dreaming of seeing a flood carrying people down a current after being swept away means significant losses which will cause your life to become unsatisfying, hopeless, and without purpose.

Water flooding a room

Envisioning water flooding a particular room in your house reveals a raging battle between the light and dark forces inside you. Although you want nothing more than to be a positive and optimistic force in the world, the events and tragedies in your community are affecting your outlook on the world. The type of room can provide further interpretations. For example, if the water is flooding your kitchen, then it means you are thinking twice about raising your own children. You have doubts about your own capability to become a good parent. It also means you do not think it is a good idea to bring a child into a world with an uncertain future.

Witnessing a flood

Witnessing a flood with all its destruction and damage in your dreams means you may experience a feeling of panic and hopelessness because of an event or a situation occurring beyond your control.

Flood in progress

Observing a dangerous flood in progress and witnessing all the damage it is causing is a sign of misfortune. It could mean an upcoming illness, a defamation of character coming from people who dislike you, or a long and useless court proceeding.

Escaping a flood

Successfully escaping from a flood while you are in REM sleep suggests that a new hobby or way to pass the time would become a source of income for you in the future. For instance, if you have recently taken up an artistic skill, like painting or sewing, friends or family may pay you for custom work. You may even have the opportunity to open an online shop to gain a wider customer base. You would find a lot of fulfillment in this new passion work, giving you a great sense of creative freedom and contentment.

Car accident because of flooding

I dreamed I was driving home, it was raining. There was a lot of water on the road, as I was driving I saw the water was getting deep, but cars were still able to move. As I went through the deep water, the car started to go airborne, then started flipping. I could hear the glass shattering and feel the car flipping. After it stopped, the car was totaled, but I was ok, not hurt.

Driving in the rainy weather means your life recently has had a lot of up and downs, you could be going through periods of fun and excitement just to be faced with sadness and disappointment later on. The flipping car in the dream also signifies emotional turmoil, but most likely about something insignificant in its nature or not deserving the anguish. You could occupy your time with more productive pursuits in order to take your mind off the things that keep bothering you.

Being a victim of a flood

Dreaming of seeing yourself being a flood victim means your personality will heavily depend on your instincts and will tend to create a lot of suffering for the people who are closest to you.

Refrain from focusing on what your instincts demand of you and try not to heavily depend on what you call your inner voice. Instead, try gearing your impulses towards more acceptable and logical ways of dealing with reality.


Floods are neither good nor bad symbols to perceive in a dream vision. Rather, such an image predicts a large amount of something in reality. While it is rarely an actual flood, this symbol may predict an increase in work, number of friends, money, time, challenges, annoyances or confusion. The actual nature of the increase in reality may depend on your situation and the other symbols within the dream.

Cars being washed away with a flood

My husband was mad that I won my daughter back. And, at first, he was trying to take my car, so I was crying. And then a big flood came by and took my car and my friend's VW van she had always wanted.

Cars in dreams represent plans or social mobility. Your husband's threat of taking away your car as well as the big flood that swept you and your friend's car may have something to do with your fear of retribution. Perhaps getting your daughter back gave you a sense of satisfaction, yet there remains a nagging fear that something else could be taken away from you in exchange for your good fortune. This dream is a manifestation of your fears and anxiety. This may not necessarily happen in real life and your husband might not be out to get you, however, it is still better to remain on the side of caution.

Drowning in a flood

Dreaming of seeing yourself drowning in a flood, but not to the point of death, is a sign of positive transformation. It means that you are getting ready to acquire new found wealth and significantly improve your financial well-being.

Fast approaching flood

Dreaming of not being able to escape the path of a fast approaching flood is a sign of your lack of ability to quickly adjust to changing circumstances in your life.This may place you in a state of limbo for a while until you learn how to adjust to change.

Having this type of dream is an indication that you need to stop wasting time and start doing more productive things in order to succeed in life. If you insist on being hesitant to do things, then you may miss out on a valuable opportunity to change your life for the better.

Flood happening in a downtown area

In this dream I am watching myself. I am standing in the middle of a downtown square. Large tall buildings on each side of the square. All of a sudden huge tidal waves appear to be coming over the North and East side of the tall buildings. Everyone begins to run. I am standing there alone, noticing the flood of waters coming towards me. I turn to run towards the buildings on the South and West side and tidal waves come over them and I am now watching myself drown. I wake up before I die.

This bleak dream suggests challenges looming in your future. Having to face strong sea waves in a dream is a bad sign of being exposed to losses and sadness caused by negative circumstances or experiences while living through some perilous times. The buildings represent your dreams and the coming floods are the obstacles you have to overcome to achieve your dreams. Drowning also alludes to being resistant to change. It is possible that the more you resist, the tougher it will be to move closer to achieving your goals. Perhaps it is high time to acknowledge your shortcomings and begin personal development.

House flooded

I dreamt that I arrived home to find my kitchen faucet running. I turned off the water to find that the first floor was flooded, but the flood did not damage the furniture only the floor and while I was dreaming I realized I was just dreaming and that my house in real life was not flooded. I started to clean away the water.

The water flooding your house in your dream signifies there is a battle going on between good and evil in your life, whether in you internally or around you. Receding flood water symbolizes you could lose in the fight against a powerful, dangerous influence or an undesirable circumstance. Cleaning the water after this event could represent the fact that you are already struggling to overcome these undesirable circumstances or occurrences.

Flood carrying debris

Dreaming of seeing a flood carrying debris down the street is a warning to you that someone is attempting to slander your name, or someone is instigating rumors and information about you that will cause damage to your reputation and social status.

Powerful flood

Dreaming of seeing a very strong and powerful flood devastating your house is a sign that the unity and solidarity of your family will be tested by some major events or situations that you and your family will have to face.

This dream is alerting you to the importance of staying focused in order to secure your family's stability and to solve the immediate problems. This may also require you to take your attention off other things while you are trying to solve these immediate issues. If you are single, you may need to examine the people around you and reevaluate your relationship with them.

Flood inside the house

Envisioning a flood inside your place of residence is a prominent symbol associated with clairvoyance and self-awareness. This dream symbol typically surfaces in the dreaming mind when some great distortion is taking place inside the household. In many cases, it is a battle between good and evil forces looking to call your soul to their service. If the water continued to rise, you may fall victim to the temptations of evil. However, if the water receded, you may yet overcome your human tendencies and save your immortal soul.

Escaping flood in a forest

Dreams about walking in a forest, then, all of a sudden, the ground got wet and I heard a sound of water. It was loud and we ran by swimming and the place was fenced. We also had to jump the fence to escape the water.

Walking in the forest and feeling that the ground is getting wet and water starting to surround you in this dream is a symbol of your hesitation or indecisiveness while trying to manage or solve issues which are of importance to you. You are simply afraid that dealing with these issues may bring negative outcomes or impact you in a bad way. Trying to escape the approaching water by jumping the fence in this dream also warns you to postpone any major plans or actions you may have at the moment because they will either be unavailing or can have negative outcomes if you rush things without paying attention.

Flood outside house

Flooding outside your home indicates an upcoming catastrophe. In Biblical dream analysis, flood refers to an attack or danger. Since the flood has not entered your home yet, it means you still have time to identify threats and prevent them from happening. Nosy neighbors may be trying to uncover skeletons in your closet or members of your family may be succumbing to dark thoughts and being driven into self-destruction. Your subconscious is giving you time to intervene before things get worse.

Heavy rain and flood

The combination of heavy rain and flooding in the dream world convey a very strong message about a life-changing event. Heavy rain is a prophetic indication of troubling times. You might endure a very public vilification of your mistakes or someone you love could denounce you. Meanwhile, the Biblical implication of a flood has to do with cleansing and purification. This tough time will reveal who your real friends are, for better or worse. Once the wreckage clears, you can start again with full knowledge of who you can trust and use the valuable lessons you learned while going through a traumatic event.

Knee-deep in flood water

Dreaming of seeing yourself standing knee-deep in flood water while the flood is still going on means you are about to experience some problems and issues very soon. These circumstances are probably related to your material possessions or real estate.

Surrounded by flood and a house collapsing

I keep having dreams about water rising up and overtaking the place that I'm in. In one dream I was in a department store, a big display in the shape of a house began to break down and crumble and water began to come up from the floor and fill the building. I can't swim so I just did my best to stay afloat. Another dream had me in a fast food restaurant and all of a sudden it was filled with water.

Dreaming of being completely surrounded by flood water under various circumstances could be a sign that you could be living a somewhat extravagant lifestyle or in a very wealthy environment. This vision could also indicate your tendency to spend money (or contemplating to spend) on things you do not really need to have. Seeing a house being destroyed or collapsing in your dream could indicate the presence of an adversary or competitor who is obsessively striving to make sure your plans and goals are sabotaged which could prevent you from completing them.

Towns and villages affected by flood

Dreaming of seeing whole towns or villages affected by flood waters is a sign that catastrophic events may be threatening these dreamed about locations. The damage caused from these events will create much grief and sadness.

A lemon tree growing during a flood

I was dreaming about a flood surrounding my house but I realized it has stopped and is receding and that the water will soak into the ground which will help grow a lemon tree that is already growing big lemons on it.

Dreaming about a flood around your home indicates you may be having an internal struggle between doing what you want and what is right. It is difficult to make decisions which could negatively affect us, but we also have a moral obligation to care for the welfare of others and be compassionate. The lemon tree which benefited from the flood waters predicts finding a mentor or counselor who can help guide you in the right direction.

Washed away by flood water

I was on a mountain with another kids and people. Suddenly, a muddy water flood came and everything flows with it. But at the end of the flood, all are saved and no damage due to that flood.

Dreaming that muddy water causes a flood while you are on a mountain represents the possibility of soon finding yourself in a very complicated situation. Certain circumstances could force you into a strange or unfamiliar environment where you would have to learn to adapt fairly quickly to come out ahead, although surviving this event suggests you already have luck on your side and would be able to overcome these adversities, either on your own or with the help and support of those who care for your well-being.

You in bed carried by a flood

Dreaming of being in bed and seeing yourself being carried away by flood water means you are about to discover something that will prove to provide a very beneficial increase in your material assets.

Watching a flood from afar

Dreaming of seeing yourself watching a flood from afar and calculating all of its damage indicates that an important event is about to happen in your life that will ignite and inspire principles and innovative methods of doing things.

Hearing about a possible flood

Hearing news about a possible flood in your local area in your dreams is a positive sign for those who conduct sales or are in the trading business. For others, this dream can indicate health issues or represent complicated situations they will have to cope with.

Avoiding a flood on the roof

Elder sister came and told me that flood is going to come to our area up to our roofs, she looked very calm and told me that it happened once before also with new technology from USA. I got scared for my two boys and myself also coz I can't swim, my sisters said that water won't stay more than 2 minutes. We all were on the top of the roof suddenly one of my gold bangle fell down but I picked it up. One old man from our neighbors said we can stay on the top of the roof of his house where water can't reach, so me and my sons stayed there safe. I saw some fast grey water approaching fast.

Water flooding your house in your dream signifies there is a battle going on between good and evil, whether in you internally or around you. Dreaming of seeing a flood with muddy water means you may find yourself in a strange circumstance, or you may end up being surrounded by an unfamiliar or strange environment. A visions of fast approaching flood your experienced is a sign of your inability to quickly adjust to changing circumstances in your life. This may place you in a state of limbo for a while until you learn how to adjust to change. Having this type of dream is an indication that you need to stop wasting time and start doing more productive things in order to succeed in life. If you insist on being hesitant to do things, then you may miss out on a valuable opportunity to change your life for the better.

Surviving a flood through tunnels

A massive flood took over the city that I was living in and I was driving a boat and my immediate family was there. Some other people telling stories that couldn't fit in the boat included my dead great-grandpa my living grandma and others I don't remember. People were everywhere in boats in a panic, trying to get into these tunnels. These tunnels had human-like creatures in them and the tunnels were dark. There were also massive holes with water in them that we got stuck in once but managed to escape. Looked like a sewer.

Being in a massive flood is actually a very positive sign to see in a dream vision because it represents a period of happiness sweeping into your life much like the overflowing waters of a real flood. However, being in a boat suggests you have a journey of self-discovery to go on before you can experience true happiness. This journey might even include some elements of danger, which is symbolized by the dark tunnels you pass through and the sewer holes. You should look for opportunities to explore different aspects of your personality, as they may open a path that leads to future joy and success.

Frogs during flood

I was dreaming about a lot of water and many frogs.

Dreaming of frogs in water is a very positive sign. It symbolizes success and triumph in your undertakings, both for those which you are currently involved in and also your future endeavors. If you are thinking about embarking on a new project, maybe it is the right time. However, a great number of frogs in your dream could also symbolize conflict and discord. You could be involved in a feud with your close relatives or friends because of some action that you committed, or due to a misunderstanding that you might have with them. This might lead to some fights and undue conflict within your circle. Try to be mindful to avoid such stressful situations in the future.

Unafraid of a flood

I was in a flood of clear calm water, not afraid.

A flood with clear water in the dreamscape represents delayed projects or cancelled plans due to factors that are out of your control. Floods also allude to overwhelming emotion which could result from all the delays and cancellations. The future is not promised, so the amount of uncertainty will naturally cause anxiety. However, your lack of fear in this dream scenario gives you insight about your current mindset. You have probably moved past the constant worrying and taken a much more pragmatic approach to the situation. Instead of fighting it and feeding into your frustrations, you allow yourself to view everything with a clearer mind and focus on things you can control.

Being carried by flood

Seeing yourself being carried away by flood waters and being unable to find your way to safe place means your health condition could unfavorably change unless you take the time to pay more attention to taking care of your personal wellness.

If this dream continues with you being unable to secure a safe place and possibly drown in the flood, then it could mean your health is deteriorating quickly. This dream can also be a sign that your business is suffering from great failures, and there are not many options available on how to improve your business situation.

Flood with rain and strong wind

Dreaming of seeing a flood with rain and strong winds accompanying it is a sign to be mindful about spending excessive amounts of money on things you know you really do not need because pretty soon you may find yourself needing those same funds for emergency situations.

This dream can also mean you may have to take a very unpleasant trip in order to visit one of your close relatives and help them resolve some family problems.

Spring flood

Dreaming of seeing a massive flood in the spring is a sign of good luck. It means you will have favorable changes in the overall improvement of your life which will also cause you to obtain significant achievements in business and other more personal affairs.

Flood threatening your life

Dreaming of having the feeling a flood is threatening your life is a sign of loss. It means you are about to encounter cycles of suffering, losses and undesired changes in your life real soon.

Great suffering from a flood

Witnessing people experiencing great suffering from the damages caused by a flood in your dreams means you have intentions on depending upon your primary instincts which may have a negative influence and effect on you and the people who are closest to you.

This dream is telling you to be careful about relying on your instincts and emotions and never succumbing to their destructive force. You are going to be better off if you start focusing your energy on finding peaceful ways of dealing with others.

Water flooding a stranger's house

Some stranger's home flooded because of heavy rain and I am trying to save someone in the unknown house and sometimes I try to escape too. I am going downstairs and upstairs, but water is there everywhere and it is increasing with time. Water level is in between my ankle and knee around 1 foot. But water is coming from everywhere.

A house in dreams often represents who you are or your current disposition. To see a house being flooded because of heavy rain is a warning of coming troubles and sorrows within your household. Perhaps you are becoming overwhelmed by your emotions and trying to find yourself or your inner balance in the process. Feelings of being trapped by the downpour could pertain to your tendency to close yourself off. Maybe it is high time to reflect and get to the root of your troubles.

House swept away by flood

My wife had a dream of my house swept away in a dream. Also, there was a large fish or creature in the water. Also, two nights ago I dreamt she cheated on me two different times and I never dream, crazy.

The dream in which your house was swept away is a good omen. It is a sign of change, of you, trying different things to improve your life and achieving some measure of happiness in the process. The same can be said of the large fish or aquatic creature your wife saw in the water. It could indicate an important event which may take place shortly and which could positively impact your life. As long as you remain determined to achieve your goals, things could start working out in your favor.

Being flooded with red water

I'm female! I was in a computer room with two other people and it suddenly flooded with red water! I turned from my workstation to see if they would help drain the water, but they told me to do it myself. I look around and see large plastic tubing (like the tubing Will Smith falls onto in Men In Black II). Then I go outside, it's raining and the market streets are flooded (not red). Someone said something about 10th avenue and then out of nowhere drops a white disk with the letter "J" in red.

The surge of red-tinted water you experienced in this dream, together with the imagery of the office environment, suggests you are a diligent, hard-working individual who is good at managing whatever life gets on your collective plate. Seeing the town flooded later in the vision, however, suggests that even you can be overwhelmed under extreme circumstances and that such an occurrence may soon be underway. This seems, again, most likely to be related to your work situation or business endeavors. It might be wise to create some backup plans or recruit extra help to minimize potential losses.

Cleaning after a flood with siblings

In a foreign house, my mom and my 4 sisters were in a house where there was clean water gushing. My siblings were wiping the water and my mom was watching. When I got in I saw this clean water and I did not see where it came from. I also took a towel to help, but before I could even wipe the floor, the water seized and I wondered what happened. My other sister had passed on, but she was also in this dream.

Seeing water pouring or splashing inside the house signifies compassion and understanding. The water reflects your and your family's enormous capacity for generosity and kindness. It is probably an unwritten rule within the household to help family members in dire need of resources, assistance and support. Clean water also symbolizes the ongoing process of cleansing and healing. If your family is going through some problems, including recovering after the passing of your sister, this dream vision alludes to healing and moving forward after dealing with losses and challenges.

People dying during a flood event

My dream started out with the news and them telling people the water was gonna cover the earth. Then went to people went mad and tried to harm others, the waves started coming in and people started dying. Then the waves would slack off only to come right back again. In my dream, I lost my 3-month-old baby in the wave and couldn't find her. Please help with this interpretation.

This apocalyptic flood that you witnessed together with other people who were going mad in your dream could be considered an ominous sign for you and those around you. The symbols in your dream point to a looming illness or affliction which may end up befalling you or someone close to you. The dream could also portend financial issues, ones most likely related to a failed investment or money problems tied to your place of employment, which may directly affect your life.

Flooded closets and floors

I was at my sister's house. I opened the closet, it was flooded with clear water and I was trying to stop it. I looked up at the ceiling and I saw heart-shaped white paint I looked back down the rug under my feet was soaking wet and I quickly left the room.

The closet symbolizes secrets, particularly those that are embarrassing or shameful. As such, the flooding reflects the serious nature of the secret you may be hiding and you are struggling to manage your emotions to prevent from divulging this information. It could be an issue of strong attraction to someone, as indicated by the heart shape and the long-term suppression of your desires is starting to overwhelm you. Ultimately, this vision foretells the inevitable release of this long-held secret as a way of preparing you for the possible repercussions you would have to face.

Escaping a flooding river in a car

Swift opposite-direction currents in a river. Watching the river from the rooftop and realizing it's about to flood. Escaping in a car at high speed over a bridge on the river itself. Threatening waves lashed the sides. The town has already evacuated in anticipation. Just crossed the bridge and sped over when finally the river started overflowing causing a flood. I was awestruck by the mighty river. We are ahead of the flood speeding to safety. Somehow I was assured in a dream about being safe.

Dreaming about a flood wherein you can witness the fast currents of the river has negative connotations. It presages the arrival of some negativity in your life. The waves lashing out further reinforce this symbolism of gloom and destruction. Things may take a turn for the worse and would be beyond your control to fix. However, the constant feeling of being safe from the flood shows that you may not be impacted as deeply as those around you. It would be wise to remain alert to any mishaps so that you are better prepared to face any calamity which befalls you.

Flooded street and electrical wire

Hi, I'm a female. I had a dream that I was outside on a residential street corner with some family members. It started to storm and the streets were filling with water and flooding. There was chaos around us. My brother was trying to do something to stop things from getting worse. I noticed a live electrical wire falling down a pole and we all became aware of it almost reaching the waters. A dog was saved from pulling it and my brother, cousin and others fell in the water. I woke up.

This dream contains multiple negative images and should be considered a warning to be careful and cautious in reality. The flood that sweeps down a street represents some major disaster taking place in your life. In some cases this refers to an event that only affects you, however, seeing others being pulled into the water suggests the effects of this particular event may be far-reaching. Furthermore, the electrical wire that almost touches the water suggests distress and pain. Because it did not have a chance to hit the water, it is possible that the event will cause this despair in an indirect way rather than originate from your own actions or lack of attention.

House flooded because of a broken washing machine

My friend was over at my house, he used the washing machine but he used it wrong. It exploded and flooded the entire house with waves and waves of water.

When you dream about water flooding your house, it could mean that there is some kind of battle going on between good and evil inside you or around you. Your friend coming over to use the washing machine in this dream could signify someone you know closely who may end up causing issues which you may have no control over and which could directly affect your life. A sequence of events similar to envisioned in this dream could be about to happen in your life, so be wary of any ill intentions coming from those around you.

Being inside a flooded store

I was in a store on a boat. The whole store had water in it, couldn't walk. A friend of mine offered me a hamburger with anchovies, also I was out of state.

Being in a store may allude to some financial success in wake life. Others perceive you as being put-together and capable, and they rely on your advice and example when their path is unclear. However, the flooded floor and the fact that you were in a boat suggest that things are not as they appear to those on the outside. The water that prevented you from moving means you are hiding some shameful or embarrassing secret. That secret is probably that you are not as secure as you seem. You likely get bored easily like everyone else or have the same pitfalls like daily coffee or a lack of motivation to workout. The hamburger with anchovies on it portends good things coming your way, so perhaps you would be able to achieve some of what others expect of you.