Dreams Related To Floating

Flying or floating

Flying or floating in a dream carries special meaning in Islam and other Abrahamic religions. It is a symbol that alludes to a need to focus your generally positive energy into a specific purpose or individual. At the moment, most would probably regard you as a kind, thoughtful soul. However, you have yet to use those qualities to their full advantage, and therefore your life's purpose remains unfulfilled. Now is the time to take a look at where your skills and personality would be of most service to others.

Floating in water

Floating in water can have different interpretations depending on the context of your vision. For instance, floating in open, calm water could mean that there are opportunities around you but that you are not ready or able to identify them yet. Alternatively, floating down a stream or river could mean you are already pursuing some chance or opportunity but do not really feel like you have control of how the situation is developing.

Floating to the ceiling

Floating up to the ceiling suggests your lack of ambition or direction in life has led you to a dead end. The lack of effort you have put into you career, relationships and hobbies has manifested itself in this symbol. Freud would further interpret this to mean you have no choice but to either regress to a lower state or, if you can find the will power, rise above your current mediocrity.

Floating above the bed and unable to scream

I am in an old white-washed house, in the bedroom. I am floating above the bed and then do one clockwise spin and drop hard onto the bed. Then I hear a whisper of my name and it's a mans voice. I try to scream repeatedly and nothing comes out of my mouth.

Dreaming about being in a random house predicts meeting or interacting with someone you know and are probably close to, though in an unexpected or unusual way. The exact imagery of being inside a bedroom may point toward some romantic or intimate interactions, but this may not necessarily be the case. A spinning clock is often interpreted as a symbol for being very busy or confused, likely causing feeling of anxiousness, helplessness, or frustration. Finally, both whispers and lack of a voice are signs of becoming sick in the future. It may be that because you are so busy and stressed, you do not have time to properly take care of yourself and, as a result, come down with a cold or some other minor illness.