Dreams Related To Fishing

Fishing with someone

The act of fishing with someone else in a dream vision has different interpretations depending on whom you were with and whether or not you were able to catch any fish. Having a good relationship or conversation with the person you were fishing with, for example, means you may have noticed yourself getting more attention from someone in wake life, even if you did not recognize the individual in the vision specifically. A tense or quiet time spent more in contemplation or just the activity of fishing means that you are focusing on someone who you feel is moving away from you emotionally. Catching many fish means you can expect a closer emotional or spiritual connection to the person you are with, while a bare chest with no biting fish suggests that both of you are determined to stand your ground to the detriment of the relationship.

Fishing with boyfriend and late husband

I was dreaming that the guy I'm currently dating and I were on the river bank and he was casting in a line and catching a big fish. Every cast, caught a big fish. We were so excited. Oddly, my deceased husband was also there. Just kind of watching. The guy caught 3 fishes, I asked if he could cast out the line and let my husband reel one in, because I don't think he ever had the experience of catching a fish that big. When he looked at my husband, he kinda shook his head "No" and then I woke up.

Catching big fish symbolizes an important life event. Most times this means it will have a positive effect on your life and the lives of people close to you. Fishing also conveys positive interpretations relating to triumph over adversity or tough situations. While this may be a cause for celebration, the presence of your deceased husband is a type of warning. Usually it means you need to improve your social skills. Shaking his head also suggests disapproval. It is possible he is telling you not to become arrogant or gloat about your blessings or accomplishment. Other people could become jealous and start resenting you.

Fishing with rotten meat

My ex-husband was fishing using meat as bait. I threw the meat into a dirty river. He was angry at me. I went and bought another piece of meat, but it was dark and rancid and not like the piece I threw into the river. Then I woke up.

Watching someone fishing in your dream is a subconscious reflection of your motivation to succeed and overcome existing or anticipated hurdles in your life. However, the image of dark, rancid or rotting meat represents an upcoming dark period or challenges. It could also signify health issues and hardships. Maybe someone from the past will enter your life and either help you recover or drag you deeper into difficulty. Only in trying times can you find out who your true friends are.

Fishing and using meat as bait

I was fishing and had slices of meatloaf. I tied meat loaf loosely to a string and let it SLOWLY sink and once you feel a tug you know the fish took it and you mark that depth. Then you set your line for that deep. Then I was at the dock but wanted the big fish. So I laid down on the side of the dock and dropped another piece of meatloaf in. Only the big fish can eat it so one big catfish that was hiding under the dock came out and snagged it up. Then it came up to the surface and started to tug on my hair hanging down! Then it was trying to get to my nose!

The dream you had about fishing using meatloaf as bait could be indicative of your outstanding ability to handle some tough or challenging life experiences appearing in your waking life from time to time. Since you are describing in great detail the process of preparing for and fishing itself, you must have a personal quality of solving and successfully overcoming what life throws at you while handling things expeditiously, effectively, and with great attention. The vision of catching a big fish is also an indication of your popularity among the opposite gender and a great deal of interest expressed by them toward your persona. It could probably be a reflection of some recent encounters when you had to purposefully avoid a certain person just to get away from all of the attention you did not need.

Fishing and catching a pig instead of fish

I have had several dreams of hooking a fish badly and them swimming away still hooked and in pain. But once I dreamed I caught something big that wasn't a fish at all. I swear I think it was a pig, but am not entirely sure. Go ahead and tell me if you think I am just plain crazy.

Seeing yourself fishing, but unable to catch any fish in a dream tells you about the vain and pointless desires you are trying to entertain, which will not yield any significant outcomes you were hoping to get while pursuing them. Your business projects may not be as successful as you thought they would be when you first started working on them, but there is a chance of good luck and fortunate developments as the business progresses, as the image of catching a pig instead of fish signifies. The same could be true about your insecure or timid nature when it comes to intimate relationships, most likely because someone in the past had made you feel uncomfortable or hurt you emotionally.

Dressed strangely while hunting and fishing

I was going hunting with my crush (which neither of us has ever done) and an old guy chased us off the road because he was mad at us. And then for some reason, we were on a large fishing boat and I went into the basement of the boat and saw myself in the mirror and saw that my hair was combed like a nerd and I was wearing tight Corduroy pants with my school mascot painted on the front. I was super embarrassed and woke myself up trying to change.

Seeing yourself hunting in your dream indicates the pursuit of personal aspirations. This goal can be associated with your physical or emotional needs. You could be yearning for intimacy and sexual satisfaction. An old man usually symbolizes positive outcomes, warmth and joy. Alternatively, an old person can allude to wisdom and maturity. Perhaps the old man represents your traditional values and old-fashioned beliefs that are holding you back from pursuing worldly desires. The final part of the dream involving a fishing boat is indicative of your survival instincts and adaptability. If you face major changes in your personal life in the future, they may take you outside of your comfort zone. True to your nature, you are likely to sail through any rough patches of your upcoming journey with ease.