Dreams Related To Fish Tank

Large fish tank with variety of fish

Observing a large fish tank filled with a diverse array of fish in a dream signifies forthcoming prosperity. This could manifest as heightened success in your business endeavors, a substantial lottery win, or even an unexpected financial inheritance. The dream suggests that abundance and financial gains are on the horizon, bringing a positive and lucrative turn to your circumstances. This emphasizes the theme of financial prosperity associated with the imagery of a thriving fish tank in your dream.

Cleaning fish tank

Cleaning a fish tank in a dream means that you may become involved with an acquaintance or get involved in a relationship with someone that will result in that person having a very powerful but highly negative influence in your life.

You have to be especially careful when searching for the right support network among the people surrounding you in your business affairs. If you become dismissive of this looming danger or act careless in response to it, your competitors or rivals will gain an advantage in being able to harm your business.

Fishing out fish from the tank

If you see someone fishing out fish from the fish tank, then this is a warning for you to be aware of your behaviors and avoid engaging in careless behaviors that will eventually lead to a series of complicated problems in the future.

New fish tank in your house

Seeing a brand new fish tank in your house is a sign that you will either find yourself doing things that will get you into a lot of trouble, or you will find yourself needing to apologize for a recently committed act of injustice and needing to repair the damage caused by the act.

Fish too big for a fish tank

I dreamt I was at a house and walked in the den and saw a large fish tank with a couple of large fish in it. I said to my living grandmother the fish are getting too big to be in that tank. All of a sudden one grew extremely large and flopped out of the tank. It was wiggling and gasping for breath. She was just standing over it and I screamed to go and get my ex-boyfriend to help put it back. Instead he came, looked and walked away. Angry, because I left him. So we picked it up and put it back. It started to breathe but water was low. It looked at me to help it and said get more water, and I did.

A dream about watching fish swimming inside a large aquarium means that your personal position you have adopted to avoid or not to interfere with other people's issues or problems is a good strategy to deal with these particular situations. However, keeping neutrality to avoid getting involved in other people's business and personal issues they try to impose on you could be starting to take a toll on you emotionally (the symbol of the fish growing larger). Things may soon turn worrisome and annoying, but you will be successful by setting your mind straight and not responding to every small request for favors or help coming from these people. The image of a trembling and jumping fish of a large size gasping for air is also an indication of becoming admired and receiving a lot of respect and praise from people in your life for your personal integrity and ability to handle things appropriately to everyone's advantage. When you saw your ex-boyfriend ignoring your calls to put the fish back into the water, this is a sign that the two of you would never get back together again, even though one of you might be making attempts or showing willingness to give the relationship a second chance. Alternatively, the situation with your ex could be revealing that there are some obvious tensions between the two of you which sometimes remain unresolved. This is reinforced by the dream vision you had of water spilling over and the fish being on the floor. There was the need of more water for the tank. Since water partly symbolizes emotions, this could mean that sustaining positive emotions may be beneficial for you and your relationships.

Feeding fish in a fish tank

To see yourself feeding fish in a fish tank is a sign that you will have to tolerate performing a task that is not very interesting to you, and you will have to have the patience to see the project through to the end.

This dream usually pertains to tedious work activities that start out being boring and time-consuming but end up bringing a lot of success. Your work will be successful as long as you remember that the work is not in vain and will yield positive results in the end.

Someone's face through fish tank

If you see someone's face through the fish tank while looking at the fish, it could possibly mean that you will encounter a person who wants to leave a good impression on you, although the attempt will actually leave you unimpressed with the person.

Although this is an unpleasant encounter, looking at it from a different perspective might help you see this person in a different light. Instead of being repulsed by what you already know, try reassessing the person's qualities when you meet.

Empty fish tank

Dreaming of an empty fish tank can symbolize feelings of frustration or lack of support from certain family members. However, it's essential not to view this as a permanent situation, but rather a temporary one that can be improved with communication and understanding. Just like an empty fish tank can be refilled, relationships can evolve and become more nurturing over time. Take this dream as an opportunity to reflect on your expectations and have open conversations with your relatives to foster a more supportive and caring environment in the future.

Buying large fish tank

If you see yourself buying a large fish tank, then this can be a hint that you are having difficulties in money management and are having a hard time controlling impulsive spending habits.

Buying small spherical fish tank

Buying a small spherical fish tank could mean that you will need to delay a current project or activity. This delay will be based on your findings after a careful analysis of what accomplishments you are making in the project or activity.

This can also be an early warning to postpone something that you have recently started. At this point in time, you'll be much better off letting it stall rather than continue working on it because continuing to work on it will start to cause big disappointments down the road. This does not mean that you have to throw out all your progress thus far. It just means you need to wait for the proper timing to resume the project or activity.

Fish tank broken in pieces

If you discover a fish tank broken in pieces, it could be a warning that your method of communicating with people and your attitude towards them may encourage fighting or quarrelling.

You have to watch what you say before you dip your feet into a real conflict and be more tolerant of other people's mistakes or deficiencies. Otherwise, you will experience unpleasant reactions from them if you try to confront them about their flaws. Try focusing on the positive traits they may have, so they will see that you are not trying to come across as being overly negative.

Dismantling fish tank

If you are dismantling a fish tank in your dreams then you may be having a problem with dealing with time constraints, or you may be having a problem with exercising time management in your work activities.

If you are experiencing difficulties in performing your tasks because of time constraints, try focusing on the most important task first and then prioritize the remaining steps you need to take while completing your project or endeavor. That way, you will be able to exercise good time management and enjoy more of your free time.

Fish tank with water but no fish

To see a fish tank filled with water but has no fish in it is a warning to beware of deception and to evaluate whether the people whom you may be dependent on to get things done are worthy of being trusted.

Yourself swimming in fish tank

To see yourself swimming in a fish tank could be a sign of possible losses due to theft. It could also mean you will experience losses due to your lack of control over situations in which you were expected to be watchful towards the unexpected.

Tropical fish in fish tank

To place or to see tropical fish in a fish tank means you will either experience a short decline in business activities or you will experience a period of peace in your life that will allow you to relax.

A dead person cleaning a fish tank

A person who has already died, but in the dream, she is alive and jumping in a water tank to make it clean.

Cleaning a fish or water tank in a dream vision suggests you are about to fall under the spell of some romantic partner. This person is likely to greatly influence you but in a negative way. Your other relationships, such as with your family and friends, may suffer because of your involvement with this person. Seeing someone who has already died come back to life is a warning which means you should think very carefully about the decisions you make and rely on your past experience and knowledge to make a good decision. Acting wisely could help you to avoid becoming the puppet in this relationship and save your connection with those you love.

Changing filter of a fish tank

I was changing filter in a fish tank and fish started to jump out of the tank. I thought it was all of them, but my mother told me it was plenty left. When I looked inside of the tank again it was plenty left. I changed filter and put lid back on.

Changing the filter of a fish tank denotes becoming entangled in a relationship that could have negative repercussions in your life. An empty fish tank in a dream typically signifies a growing frustration towards relatives, hence your dream showing the opposite of this and pointing to a strengthening bond with your kin, possibly after receiving guidance and wisdom in whatever challenges you may encounter in your life.

Plants growing through a fish tank

The dream started with a gold fish, I saw it out of water, so I brought it to a huge fish tank which covered the entire wall. When I put it into the fish tank, I noticed plants were starting to grow out of it through the glass. But if I tried to remove the plants, it would start to crack and leak. So I kept them, but by doing so my ex-lover fell into the tank and got chocked by an eel. But, I was still conflicted to crack the glass by pulling the plants because I knew the water would kill me if released.

Using a large fish tank in order to house a fish suggests you are having difficulty managing your finances at the present. You may be a bit short on savings which could cause serious hardship for you if an accident happens or if something requires repairs. The plants which seem to sprout from the tank and cause more problems during removal predict just such a catastrophe occurring, most likely at an inopportune moment. Seeing your ex-lover attacked and killed by an eel in that tank, however, suggests while dealing with this serious predicament you could meet someone special and form a lasting bond with them.

Exotic fish in a fish tank

I have seen large black expensive unique fishes, in my stream-like water tank in which a little far dirty water is mixed in. They jumped and more tourist-like people, most of them were my karate classmates, go between the stream-type tank. And meanwhile I am also busy in my karate.

This vision is a fairly ominous sign warning of potential storms in your area. The black fish represents rain in literal form, indicating you are about to be affected by stormy weather, possibly a typhoon or hurricane. This is also supported by the image of the dirty water that has been mixed in with the regular water, which points toward the commotion and damage caused by natural disasters. You may want to take precautions with both your valuables and your escape plans lest you may be caught unprepared.

Children following and a broken fish tank

I was having a cute dream about three little Chinese girls playing around outside. They were on their scooters with their tutus and occasionally following me and as I was going inside my house, they followed and my fish tank was on the table almost empty because it had a crack on the bottom and I was all rushing to fill it up with more water because the fishes were about to die and they were just close giggling at me.

This dream vision has two opposing symbols which seem to be connected on some level. Dreaming about observing children playing nearby predicts a period of excitement and good spirits in anticipation of something nice and pleasant to happen. You may have recently been invited to a family reunion, a coworker's surprise birthday party or a barbecue get-together. However, the image of a broken fish tank with dying fish portends these plans or expectations being seriously impacted because of some difficulties or complications appearing in your future. The dying fish is also a negative symbol, indicating health issues or an accident which would hamper your ability to fully enjoy yourself in the company of other people.

Fish tank with large dead fish

In dreams, a fish tank containing large dead fish can carry several symbolic meanings. In general, encountering dead fish floating in water carries ominous undertones, possibly indicating a seemingly hopeless situation. If you take live fish from water and they later die in the dream, it signifies potential profits or a future high-ranking appointment after some difficult or unsavory situation. However, if a sick or traveling person dreams of finding a fish tank with dead fish in it, it may portend illness, suffering, or even a drowning risk due to their precarious condition or unfamiliar environment.